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This study is an history of the quandary of a little administration seeking a solution. Some fact-finding work has been undertaken by the Safety Adviser in order to research the job faced and to propose some possible solutions.

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To understand the background of this study one must see the environment in which it is set and the jobs that have been experienced within this scene. The environment is one of a local authorization funded advice Centre geared towards supplying members of the populace with the latest information on local council related issues such as lodging and environmental wellness.

Members of staff working in the advice Centre have been endured aggressive and violent behavior from sing members of the populace which has in bend caused a high grade of absenteeism due to staff repeatedly covering with nerve-racking state of affairss.


This study has four chief purposes:

  1. To discourse the factors act uponing the hazards, foremost of emphasis and secondly of force to the advice centre staff in the context of a local authorities service provided for the general populace.
  2. To suggest a practical ploy garnered from current counsel that will:
    1. Reduce or extinguish force and aggressive behavior in the advice Centre
    2. Thereby cut down or extinguish the stress-related absenteeism
  3. To measure this proposal by agencies of a cost benefit action program in order to seek and do an nonsubjective analysis of the likeliness of success of run intoing the two ends mentioned above.
  4. Finally, to do recommendations for farther action.


The method employed to bring forth this study has been one of probe into the assorted hazard factors associated with the causes of emphasis and the related policies and counsel from the Health & A ; Safety Executive and other relevant organic structures to exemplify some possible solutions to the job of aggressive behavior and the subsequent absenteeism.

A more analytical attack is so adopted to analyze the possible solutions found for the benefits they could convey to the advice Centre and their possible costs.

The methods employed here have been chosen to do optimum usage of the wealth of information available on the topic of wellness and safety, but are used with the specific demands of the advice Centre borne in head.

Pull offing Stress in Public Services

Causes of Stress

There are several factors impacting an employee’s ability to get by with a nerve-racking state of affairs and thereby to bring on emphasis [ 1 ] :

  • Organizational factors such as long hours, unequal clip for interruptions
  • Environmental factors such as overmastering lighting, over/under-heating

These more generalized factors are non every bit utile as sing those refering to this study, i.e. the causes of emphasis that have arisen from staff covering with aggression and force. Factors impacting the emphasis of the employees here are:

  • Inexperience of covering with that peculiar nerve-racking state of affairs
  • Handiness of farther aid should the state of affairs become overpowering, for illustration, the presence of a security guard or other trained forces

Hazards to Staff

Frequent and repeated nerve-racking societal state of affairss of the sort faced by the advice centre staff can take to ‘staff burnout’ which can impact their motive to work and bring forth a psychological backdown from work in response to the inordinate emphasis or dissatisfaction with their on the job conditions [ 2 ] .


The job in the advice Centre is that the nerve-racking state of affairss they face consequence in work-related ailment wellness and many yearss of sickness absence.

It is logical to infer that a decrease in the degree of emphasis experienced by the staff members will hold a relative decrease in the degree of absenteeism.

Pull offing Violence

Definition of Violence

The HSE ( Health & A ; Safety Executive ) defines force as:

“Any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted in fortunes related to their work. [ 3 ] ”

This definition includes force perpetrated by members of the populace but non by other co-workers ( which comes under the header of intimidation or torment and the associated disciplinary processs ) .

Hazards to Staff

It is good noted in the current literature on undertaking force behavior that people working with the populace are at greatest hazard of being capable to force. Harmonizing to the self-reported work-related unwellness study commissioned by the HSE in 1995-6, one in five workers have been physically attacked or threatened [ 4 ] .

One could surmise that the consequence of this would be a distinguishable lessening in feelings of well-being, a deficiency of motive to work hard which could take to surrenders.

Management of Violence in the Advice Centre

The bar of unsafe state of affairss and the publicity of wellness and safety within an administration could be achieved by good direction pattern.

The direction of force in the advice Centre could be achieved by implementing the followers: affecting staff in the direction procedure, measuring the hazards to staff and the Centre posed by violent behavior, presenting a policy of incident coverage, affecting Occupational Health in covering with the staff’s mental well-being, presenting steps to protect the employees’ physical safety and in conclusion supplying the appropriate preparation to authorise the employees with practical processs to transport out in order to cover with each hard state of affairs as it arises.

Staff Involvement

Because the job confronting the advice Centre nowadayss at the ‘coalface’ , i.e. is experienced by the frontline staff covering with the populace, their input into placing the hazards and making a feasible preventive program is indispensable. Whilst this study will travel some manner to analyzing the job and showing practical solutions, the world is that these solutions may be tempered by other as yet unknown factors ( for illustration, staff accomplishment mix, handiness of preparation and so on ) . But so this farther high spots the demand for direct staff engagement in bring forthing the program of action.

It is recommended that regular meetings are held with all staff members and that all are encouraged to follow a peculiar function during an incident ( see Procedures below ) .

Hazard Appraisal

The hazard appraisal exercising should be carried out by a competent individual, that is one who has sufficient cognition of the administration and the jobs it is confronting in order to measure the state of affairs efficaciously.

The hazard appraisal should ideally integrate the undermentioned factors [ 5 ] :

  • How likely the job is to happen
    • Document how frequently the force occurs, which peculiar times of twenty-four hours and which members of staff are effected to see if there is a form.
  • How serious are the effects
    • Supply an analysis of the results of each incident
  • Incident coverage
    • Promote employees to speak to senior direction about the troubles they face and designate one cardinal individual ( sooner senior ) to cover with the issues raised
  • What are the long term effects?
    • This is already known to some extent – the major long term consequence is a disgruntled work force and stress-related absences

Occupational Health

It is self apparent that a healthy work force is a productive work force and a mental wellness is a cardinal issue in guaranting that employees stay healthy and hence are productive.

It is advisable to intercede with Occupational Health professionals to find the demand for reding for employees holding problem covering with the nerve-racking state of affairss they face and to assist supply them with schemes to get the better of the emphasis they experience.

Physical Measures

Employees’ physical safety from violent onslaught could be helped by the usage of a security screen as a physical barrier against violent members of the populace. The presence of a security guard would besides be a utile resource during a violent brush and may besides by his or her really presence aid forestall such an brush occurring.


Staff should be trained to follow an exigency process should be put into topographic point to guarantee employees have appropriate counsel to follow when an incident arises. This process should clearly province:

  • Who is in charge
  • Each employee’s function and what they can make to assist relieve emphasis
  • Techniques for reacting to violent or endangering behavior
    • How to talk to the individual being aggressive in a composure yet self-asserting manner
    • Techniques to cover with people who are going aggressive to assist defuse the state of affairs in order to forestall any force occurring
    • The usage of sensible force and when it is appropriate to utilize it


Potential jobs with this Management Plan that could originate include:

  • A deficiency of enthusiasm for transporting out the program originating from the position that the sensed troubles are presently unsurmountable and that a great trade of attempt must be expended in order to get the better of them
  • A deficiency of support: this is a local authorization funded administration and there may be deficient financess to cover the costs of implementing any or all of the direction tools described above

Further analysis of the possible jobs is described in the Cost Benefit Plan below.

Cost Benefit Plan

As the name implies the Cost Benefit Plan provides an overview of the costs and benefits or advantages and disadvantages of the program. Benefits are defined as parts towards the undertaking aims and costs as petty criticisms from it. [ 6 ]


High security enforced by agencies of a security screen and the presence of a security guard could potentially impact the general ambiance of the Centre to do it look a less friendly and unfastened topographic point. Consequently this may act upon the grade to which it was accessible and conformable to the populace and since to be effectual the Centre should be as unfastened and accessible as possible these steps may come at a high monetary value.


Reducing staff emphasis degrees could convey tremendous benefits to the administration as there will be less wastage through retraining of staff covering absent employee’s stations and greater productiveness.

But possibly most significantly the benefits that the successful execution of such a direction program could convey are those that would be felt by the staff themselves. Greater contentment and occupation satisfaction would result together with a pronounced bead in the degree of absenteeism.


To summarize the Southern Cross of the job: the effect of the aggressive brushs faced by the advice Centre staff has been the emphasis related absenteeism.

What this study has sought to make is specify a program of action that will undertake the hard issues confronting the staff of the Centre – the purpose being to enable each employee to cover with these nerve-racking state of affairss by supplying them with the tools, techniques and cognition to manage each such state of affairs as it originating, moreover to take stairss to assist forestall them happening in the first topographic point.

It is hoped that the suggestions made here will be of existent benefit to the advice Centre and convey about a touchable and positive alteration to the on the job conditions encountered by the staff. And with a more relaxed, secure and contented work force it can be expected to enable those staff to supply an improved and more effectual service to the populace as a whole.


Utility of study

The job faced by the advice Centre is a people-centred job and as such a complex 1. As mentioned before, all staff members need to be involved to formalize the thoughts put frontward in this study.

Further work

It is recommended that farther treatment take topographic point around the emergent thoughts of the study in order to corroborate the likely success of the action program.


1HELA Annual Report, 2002

2 Staff Burnout, Job Stress in the Human Services, Cherniss C, 1980, Sage Publications

3 HSE web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //

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