Write a critical reflection and evaluation of

Write a critical contemplation and rating of your public presentation as a wise man in workplace acquisition and assessing.


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This essay shall concentrate on my function as wise man for pre-registration pupils on an acute orthopedic injury ward. The essay will center on critical contemplation and rating of my mentoring function, along with treatment about my overall public presentation as a wise man.

It is my belief that in order to carry through a constructive and successful mentoring function a wise man must be to the full committed to the duty, and besides able to link easy with pupils and header with the challenges faced when set abouting the function. As Neary ( 2001 ) believes a mentoring relationship exists when two people are committed to bettering the profession and criterion of attention, and in making so it is indispensable that both pupil and wise man agree this degree of committedness during the initial acquisition contract meeting. A acquisition contract helps guarantee that both parties in the clinical acquisition environment take an active function in the acquisition that takes topographic point ( Quinn, 2000 ) . As the Royal College of Nursing high spots, wise mans must be officially prepared for their function, and the NMC

‘standards for back uping acquisition and appraisal in practice’ ( NMC, 2006 ) gives elaborate and structured counsel on the exact standards a registered nurse must carry through and continue in order to move as an effectual wise man.

In the country of orthopedicss where I work, the ward is a busy one and embraces the presence of pupils within the acquisition environment, and it is one where pupils can derive a valuable and wide sweep of nursing accomplishments. Whereas I am cognizant that pupils are assessed strictly on written and academic cognition I have strong beliefs that clinical accomplishments excessively must be of a really high criterion. I work strongly in line with the ethic projected by the NMC whereby it is indispensable that at the point of measure uping and deriving the position of registered nurse, station enrollment nurses are competent and they “possess the accomplishments and abilities required for lawful, safe and effectual professional pattern with direct supervision” ( NMC, 2004 ) .


There has been much treatment and argument within the nursing profession sing studies by Duffy who identified that wise mans are ‘failing to fail’ within the clinical acquisition environment, and she believes one ground for this is due to miss of cognition of the appraisal procedure. It is besides stated that wise mans need more support from co-workers and instruction staff to neglect those pupils deemed unqualified ( Duffy, 2004 ) .

As an experient wise man I am aware that any pupil I actively take part in mentoring and back uping from a clinical position, is a possible future member of qualified staff on my ward, hence the criterions required of me as a wise man are highly high and I harbour this ethic when set abouting appraisal and rating of pupil competences. Duffy ( 2004 ) echoes the demand for appraisal of clinical accomplishments and suggests that go throughing a pupil who fails to run into needed appraisal criterions, in the hope they will better puts patients at hazard. In a study by the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ) published in May 2004 it was identified that if pupils are good supervised and supported they are able to develop safe patient attention competences, nevertheless this is compromised by the high figure of pupils needed to run into the NHS work force marks which are puting greater force per unit areas on wise mans ( BBC, 2004 ) , and it is sentiments and positions such as these which need to be challenged by the NHS by supplying high standard preparation and support to enable good quality wise mans.

I take full duty as a registered nurse and wise man, guaranting that I offer the highest criterion of instruction and support to pupils under my attention. As the RCN ( 2002 ) suggests, pupils need aid deriving the most out of clinical arrangements, and arrangement practicians play a major function in offering this. I have chosen to familiarize myself with and use the SWOT theory to my methods as a wise man, and in relation to this taking into history the strengths, failings, chances and menaces in relation to my function. By using this analysis model I have been able to fix myself in a structured manner for the function of wise man to pre-registration pupils. As Adams ( 2005 ) suggests besides, the usage of SWOT analysis can protect an administration ( such as the NHS ) as a whole by maximizing strengths and chances and protecting against failings and menaces, and in the instance of effectual and honest mentoring by guaranting that good quality nurses are acknowledged and rewarded for their attempts, and others are non given the privilege of come oning within the nursing profession as a consequence of hapless public presentation and failure within pattern arrangements, issues such as those highlighted by Duffy would hence be challenged.

In my pattern as a wise man I actively involve myself with my pupils from twenty-four hours one of their clinical arrangement on the orthopedic ward. It is indispensable to guarantee that one’s ain presence as a wise man will be consistent for the interest of the pupils larning experience in peculiar given the fact that acute orthopedicss can be complex and overpowering for some pupils yet enormously interesting and a topographic point to larn comprehensive nursing accomplishments.

I involve where possible the students’ personal coach as this provides an effectual three-way relationship embracing both the clinical and academic demands of the pupil. Stuart ( 2007 ) suggests that enlisting the aid of a 3rd party is a good thought peculiarly when postulating with an angry pupil. In some instances pupils do go disquieted and emotional peculiarly when possible weaknesss are brought to their attending and by affecting a coach from the school of nursing these issues can be challenged in an effort to salvage the pupil from neglecting and destructing any hopes they had of a calling in nursing.

To suitably back up a pupil nurse on clinical arrangement it is indispensable that the construction of the acquisition environment is planned with expressed attending being paid to the larning demands of the pupil. This is an ethos mirrored by Eraut and du Boulay ( 2003 ) who believe that a displacement in focal point from ‘provider-centred’ to ‘learner-centred’ professional instruction is bit by bit taking topographic point, therefore bettering the overall experience of the pupil. Before the yearss of pre-registration pupils those who were involved in pupil nurse preparation were present on the wards and counted in the work force Numberss. It is possible to propose that the act of mentoring, albeit carried out in a less structured manner, was less rigorous and more of a natural procedure as pupils worked alongside their wise man without the demand for strategic observation, appraisal, and certification of abilities. As a wise man on a ward with the outlooks as they now stand it is less easy to ‘buddy’ with a pupil due to their supernumary position and as protected clip is required to transport out both clinical instruction, advancement interviews and terminal of placement ratings. On contemplation it is so debatable at times to offer the degree of contact, instruction and support that pupil nurses require, peculiarly when employed as a senior member of nursing staff on a busy orthopedic injury ward. As Wilkes ( 2006 ) suggests troubles originate when mentoring struggles with other professional and operational demands and outlooks, yet as a registered nurse it has now become an built-in portion of my function to present this ‘bolt-on’ service to pupils without any formal preparation in the capacity of a instructor. As a wise man I enjoy the experience of back uping scholars nevertheless accept that non every registered nurse has an built-in accomplishment or cognition to make this efficaciously. As Gray and Smith ( 2000 ) suggest wise mans feel a echt concern for pupils and want to offer good support nevertheless unlike my clinical country some wards and clinical environments are less equipt to offer structured and good organized pattern arrangements for pupils and this increases the force per unit area already upon busy nursing staff, and as Andrews and Wallis ( 1999 ) found among their survey of mentorship experiences, wise mans can experience unequal and sick prepared for their mentoring functions.


On contemplation my ain experiences as a wise man and my over all public presentation in back uping pupils has been enhanced by extra attempt and administration on my portion. I do non experience unequal as a nurse and wise man because I do non possess a formal instruction making and as Andrews and Chilton ( 2000 ) suggest, pupils want their arrangements to be exciting and do non believe a instruction making will needfully heighten the accomplishments of their wise man. From a personal point of view I had experienced several awkward and ill organized practical arrangements in my clip as a pupil nurse, and have learned valuable lessons from these when I myself became a wise man. I believe it is of import to do a pupil feel welcome and at easiness and set clear boundaries during the initial arrangement interview. Over-familiarity can be every bit awkward as a student-mentor relationship that does non ‘gel’ and as Bennett ( 2002 ) commented, from a student’s position a good wise man is both a nurturing instructor and knowing friend, and as Cahill ( 1996 ) suggests, a good student-mentor relationship should be based on partnership, consistence and common regard, and I believe I have honed an ideal balance of these properties.

In order to ease a productive student-mentor relationship communicating and most significantly honesty must be maintained at a high degree. Equally much as a wise man may hold concerns and issues about the capablenesss of a pupil, the pupil excessively may be concerned about the criterion of support being delivered by the wise man. Any jobs within the relationship demand to be reflected upon, and necessary action taken to forestall negative behavior and hapless pattern being learned, and the appraisal going invalid and undependable ( Charters, 2000 ) . Supplying a nurse-mentor patterns within the confines of clinical competences laid down by the NMC, so the executing of the wise man function will be every bit good a criterion as the acquisition environment allows. The function of nurses as wise mans will merely better with continuance and betterment of compulsory preparation and updates of enhanced nursing functions, nevertheless outcomes for pupils will ever depend on interpersonal relationships with wise mans, and the demand for honestness and openness about advancement and larning demands will ever stay the key to a successful student-mentor relationship, and finally guarantee appropriate pupil nurse campaigners go on to go successful registered nurses.


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