Woodrow Wilson’s War Message Essay

Woodrow Wilson was a adult male of neutrality when World War I foremost broke out. despite of the force per unit area America was under to fall in the war. Wilson’s battle for neutrality during German pigboat onslaughts on ships easy deteriorated when eventually he came to believe that war was a necessary action to support America and it’s people. After a German onslaught that sank the American ship Lusitania. despite Americans indignation. Wilson said. “ There is such a thing as a adult male being excessively proud to contend.

There is such a thing as a state being right that it does non necessitate to convert other by force that it is right. ( Wilson ; Tindall and Shi. Ch. 25 ) Woodrow Wilson urged for neutrality. but all the while the United States was fixing for their engagement in the war by beef uping its Navy. In the election of 1916. the Democratic Party chose Wilson as their campaigner. the Democrat’s chief statement was that Wilson had kept America out of war. and would go on to maintain them out of the war. In the terminal. it was this promise to maintain out of the war that won the election for Wilson. While America still continued to show neutrality. that did non halt Wilson from seeking to stop the war with his peace program.

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Despite his best attempts. the United States ended up in war with Germany. In his war message to Congress Wilson stated. “The wrongs against which we now array ourselves are no common wrongs ; they cut to the really roots of human life. ” Wilson had fought for neutrality and peace throughout his first term and although it was difficult for him to do a declaration of war. he believed that when it came to protecting lives. particularly those of the United States. traveling to war was a necessary action.

With a solemn and even tragical character of the measure I am taking and of the grave responsibilities it involves. but in resolute obeisance to what I deem myself constitutional duty…” Woodrow Wilson wanted nil more than peace among the states. but being the Presidesnt had to politically and constitutionally do the determination to come in and stop the war. Despite Woodrow Wilson’s personal beliefs on neutrality. he had a responsibility as President to protect the people and beliefs of the United States.

This led him to holding to do the determination for Declaration of War. But Wilson tried everything he could to be a neutrality state and seek to convey peace among the states without war action. Although this is the instance. when it was clip for him to declare war. he took a strong belief in that everything that could hold been done for peace had been tried and failed. He believed it was the right thing to make so every bit much as he believed in remaining out of the war before manus.

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