Women Offenders Offenses Punishment and Treatment

The population of adult females wrongdoers seem to be increasing by the twenty-four hours. Harmonizing to Lowa Department of Corrections ( 2006 ) , adult females wrongdoers in this prison were less than 5 per centum in the lat two decennaries. This is nevertheless, non the instance today as the figure has grown by springs and bounds. Approximately 10 per centum of the entire prison population in Lowa is composed of female wrongdoers. It is imperative to observe that this is non an stray instance to Lowa Correction Centre since the rise in offenses committed by females is a planetary phenomenon. In any instance, there is a general crisp rise in female wrongdoers than male 1s when a random sample is taken.

Females who are victims of mental wellness have a higher chance of prosecuting in condemnable activities than their opposite numbers who have non been diagnosed of such ( Arrigo, 2005 ) . On the same note, those who are substance and drug maltreaters may happen it cumbersome to hedge Acts of the Apostless of offense which finally land them in prisons. This paper explores adult females wrongdoers in by and large but specifically investigates the nature of offenses committed by this class of jurisprudence surfs in add-on to how they are punished and treated in order to avoid Acts of the Apostless of offense.

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The population of the female wrongdoers

As before noted, the population of female wrongdoers has been turning at a really high rate. This has called for intercession steps to be taken in order to change by reversal the tendency. One of the chief steps being taken right from the grass root degree is the community based rectification plans which aims at rehabilitating those females who have already been convicted of condemnable offenses ( Cook & A ; Davies, 1999 ) . In fact, the adult male ground of making this is to alter the perceptual experience and attitude of the wrongdoers so that they do non perpetrate offense once more. Besides, the community based correctional plans is capable of making out the bulk of female wrongdoers who are undergoing their penalty at a community degree. Additionally, the sum of prison infinite occupied by female wrongdoers will go on to lift and accordingly demand for more resource allotment for the prison section. It is hence of import that plans which target a rapid execution on behavior on adult females wrongdoers be put in topographic point and made more strict.


Drug remains to be the chief cause why most females find their manner behind bars. The prisons every bit good as community based rectification Centres have recorded a higher figure of female wrongdoers who have been harmful drug animal trainers and consumers. Although a myriad of jurisprudence enforcement machineries have been put in topographic point to turn to the turning challenge of substance and drug maltreatment, non much positive consequences has been realised. The population of female drug wrongdoers is endlessly traveling up notwithstanding anti-drug runs. Drug wrongdoers are more likely to be sent in prison within the current province of statute law after drug related Torahs were made more self-asserting in the 1980s. Wrongdoers may besides remain longer in prison walls as they wait to be sentenced or punished. Examples of difficult drugs which have been in the spotlight include Methedrines and cocaine although the former is rather recent. In general, most first clip wrongdoers are frequently charged with drug offenses and the worst portion of it is that the figure has been traveling up.

Correction and Punishment plan

There are a assortment of schemes which can be used to non merely buttocks but besides advance intervention to female wrongdoers who have been admitted as first clip or multiple clip felons in prison. It is deserving observing that the chief intent of collaring these wrongdoers is to rectify them. There is that full demand of behavioral alteration so that the wrongdoer does non perpetrate the offense once more even after being acquitted holding served a peculiar sentence. Hence, criminogenic is the cardinal issue while crafting plans to rectify the female wrongdoers.

To get down with, adult females who have committed Acts of the Apostless of offense are frequently subjected to an appraisal which attempts to set up their demands every bit good as the hazards environing them. These two characteristics have a really close relationship. When demands and hazards are adequately assessed and evaluated, wrongdoers are less likely to perpetrate the offense once more because the scheme acts as a full intervention therapy. Nevertheless, the system which seeks to rectify wrongdoers has other underlying schemes which must be adhered to. The first scheme is a plan which takes attention of the female felons on the footing of their daily well being. In malice of their Acts of the Apostless of offense, female wrongdoers have to be cared for as a show of love and concern so that they do non harbor the feeling of rejection and favoritism from the community. This is a really important phase in the procedure of handling mental or attitude instability of the wrongdoers.

Second, the hazard is diagnosed and subsequently managed. Although day-to-day attention of the female wrongdoers has a great impact on attitude alteration, cut downing the hazard amounts it all. It has been found that when hazards are suitably identified and so schemes put in topographic point to cut down the same, the results are astonishing and the resources spent on rectification plan will non travel to blow. If proper intervention processs are followed, recidivism can be lowered by one tierce. A instance expression at the Lowa corrections plan takes about a similar attack of handling female wrongdoers ( Wormer, 2010 ) . At this topographic point, the rectification system begins by giving attending to the diagnosing of offenderaa‚¬a„?s demand. Thereafter, necessary intervention plans are instituted to the wrongdoers including all the intercession steps which may be deemed necessary. Finally, this rectification Centre evaluates the intercession and intervention methods which are effectual and efficient. Over and above, the low hazard wrongdoers are known to be less likely to re-offend unlike the high hazard wrongdoers. Hence, resources such as clip and fundss are non dedicated so much to low hazard wrongdoers owing to the fact that their opportunities of perpetrating offense once more is minimum. Such policies are so feasible if proper and fruitful intervention is to be advanced to the female wrongdoers.

Correctionss at the Community degree

Female wrongdoers have a higher prevalence rate of drug and substance maltreatment than males. The community rectification Centres are good placed in turn toing the demands of females who are chronic and intoxicant dependent wrongdoer ( Purcell & A ; Arrigo, 2006 ) . The community can get down by placing those wrongdoers who are at high hazard and so strategising ways and agencies of relieving their drug dependance. The community rectification Centre can besides measure the demands of the female wrongdoers more efficaciously and so offer appropriate intervention on the victims. In malice of the community scheme being in operation, drug and substance is still the chief cause of concern every bit far as female wrongdoers are concerned. In add-on, intercession programmes, if good crafted, can be existent clip solution to the challenge of drug and substance maltreatment.

Treatment Plan

Female wrongdoers need to undergo a thorough intervention plan. This is because they have a assortment of issues which face them over and above their male inmates. In many cases, adult females tend to cover with intense minutes of injury, household sufferings coupled with domestic force, psychological unwellnesss every bit good as low ego regard caused by hassling males particularly in relationships. A successful intervention plan should non merely concentrate on unfastened and common issues confronting such wrongdoers like drugs. Their experiences should be given thorough attending. The National GAINS Centre has been on the bow forepart in jointing and seeking feasible solutions on the challenges confronting high hazard female wrongdoers ( Wormer, 2010 ) . Regardless of the nature of offense committed by female wrongdoers, intervention of the latter should be more comprehensive, in the sense that the intervention profile should concentrate on the all round demands of the females. Besides, the cause and development of injury which is rather frequently one of the most dominant factors before an offense is committed should be established.

The chief ground why intervention of female wrongdoers should be given a particular attack to intervention is because gender makes the whole differentiation whenever offense is committed. After gaining that there is a clear cut difference between the male and female gender, it will be possible to offer the right and most effectual intervention therapy on the wrongdoers.

Another of import psychological facet when giving curative intervention is that the female wrongdoer demands to experience safe honoured and besides valued in malice of her violative record. Once the female wrongdoer notices that she is being dignified in the intervention procedure, she is more likely to transform her attitude and position towards life and encompass a more realistic and positive attitude.

The female wrongdoers should besides be connected to their dealingss like household members and friends and other loved 1s. This may non be possible if relevant plans and policy paperss are non developed and exercised. This will travel along off rehabilitating and intervention their mental wellness. Furthermore, facets of injury and abuse of drugs should be harmonised in the intervention plan. These intervention schemes should be carried out in a well supervised environment to guarantee the success of the intervention procedure. The intervention services offered should every bit be tailored down to suit the cultural demands of the female wrongdoer ( Purcell & A ; Arrigo, 2006 ) . The cultural facets of the wrongdoer may imply such factors like their societal and economic well being. They ought to happen ways and agencies of pull offing themselves economically so that they do non develop new signifiers of injury. Finally, the intervention of female wrongdoers should set in topographic point a system which will show in the wrongdoers back into the community in a more consistent mode so that they feel portion and package of the integrated community.


In summing up this paper, it is imperative to repeat that there has been a turning population of female wrongdoers on a planetary graduated table which has been chiefly attributed to drug related offenses. Although there are other grounds why females find themselves on the incorrect side of the jurisprudence, drug and substance maltreatment remains to be the chief cause of concern.

Prison sections and community rectification Centres serve the exclusive intent of rehabilitating the wrongdoers. However, intervention signifiers the footing of their rectification plans because wrongdoers are eventually supposed to be ploughed back into the community and good integrated with the remainder of the population. In accomplishing the right intervention procedure for the female wrongdoers, gender is a really of import index because female wrongdoers do confront a myriad of issues runing from personal to household degree and which must be dealt resolutely before any discovery can be achieved.


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