Women In Medieval Europe History Essay

I chose the subject of ‘Women in Medieval Europe ” to compose my essay about. I will try to supply some basic cognition about how the lives of adult females were really hard during this clip. Some things that will be discussed are the entries adult females had to give to work forces. To get down this essay I ask a figure of inquiries, the first 1 is as follows:

What type of work did adult females make during this period?

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Womans that were from poorness stricken places would hold to travel out and work with their hubbies to convey in more income because his alone was non plenty to back up their family due to adult females holding multiple kids. Women would assist their hubbies hale hay or plow Fieldss. Poor adult females did non hold places to have on so they walked about barefooted and during the winter they would non hold any winter apparels to maintain them warm so they would wrap themselves in sheets to protect them from the cold. They besides took their kids to work with them because they could non afford nursemaids like the affluent category could.

How was life different for affluent adult females during this clip?

As with any civilization holding money ever gives you more advantages. Although affluent adult females had to obey the same things, such as non talking unless you were spoken to or merely if it was approved by a adult male foremost and obey the work forces. Womans of higher categories had occupations to make every bit good some would hold to assist run their concerns and if their multiple concerns or belongingss that the household owned so she would hold to assist her hubby over see them excessively. Of class they could afford to engage workers but there were something ‘s that had to be handled by them personally. If the adult females ‘s hubby passed off, so everything was left wholly up to her to take attention of. Affluent adult females had more advantages even when it came to caring for their kids. They had the luxury of engaging nursemaids for this occupation. The nursemaids would even breast-feed their babes for them.

Why would adult females in this clip go a Nun?

Womans became nuns in this clip because this was a manner they could acquire an instruction and derive some rights. This was particularly popular for the lower category adult females because this was their lone hope of acquiring a proper instruction. Becoming a nun meant that she would hold to be continent and the opportunity of holding kids would be lost. By going a nun adult females grew their ain harvests and had their ain house. With the instruction that was provided, they were besides able to prosecute callings. Many of the hapless households that had multiple girls would do their girl go a nun because they could non afford to raise them and to guarantee that they would acquire an instruction. The bad side of this was that one time you became a nun it was forbidden for you to go forth or hold kids. Back in this clip it was said that “ a adult female that could non or would non bear a adult male ‘s kid was of no usage at all ” .

What happened to unwed adult females during this clip?

Unmarried adult females that owned land or multiple belongingss were considered to hold the same rights as work forces. But if and or when she did acquire married, so she was forced to give her hubby all of her belongingss and she gave up her rights.

Womans that were non married could have on their hair down but the adult females that were married had to have on their hair in a linen wimple to cover her hair up because this showed mark of modestness.

Womans were non able to pick their hubbies. Work force were able to pick their married womans at times. Marriages were really carefully arranged by household members. Marriages were non based on love or emotions. Families would seek and set up matrimonies between their girls and boies based on economic factors. These factors would be if they had their ain land, if they owned their concern or if they come from a affluent household. So one time once more money had a great trade to make with influences with other people. It was truly a matrimony of belongings and money that the church unified and the households would hold a really big crowd of good known people to witness this juncture. This was normally between the affluent people but what about matrimonies between the hapless adult females? The poorness afflicted adult females and work forces usually married who they pleased because they had nil to derive or lose. The legal age to acquire married in the mediaeval yearss was 12 for misss and 14 for male childs. This was a common age to be married back so because of the expected life span. Due to miss of medical attention and medical specialty, people died at a much younger age than they do today. There were really few grounds that the twosome could acquire divorced. Some of the grounds they could acquire divorced were if they were non Christians, they were non of legal age, if they had old promises to another individual or the adult female could non execute sexual dealingss. Womans had to subject to their hubbies whenever he desired for her to.

Were there any powerful adult females during this clip?

One individual could sum this inquiry up and that is Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was considered a epic figure in France. She disguised herself as a male child to fall in the ground forces and became one of the most celebrated leaders. Womans were non allowed to fall in the ground forces and that is the ground she disguised herself as a male child. Joan had said that she had visions from God and he was naming her to be a warrior. There were other celebrated adult females such as Hildegard of Bingen who was considered to be a really celebrated author of sacred music in the in-between ages, Christine de Pizan was a celebrated author and feminist one of her more popular books were “ The Book of the City of Ladies ” and last but non least there was Lady Godiva, she was the adult female celebrated for siting nude on a Equus caballus through the town of Coventry. She wanted to turn out that the towns ‘ people were honest and would non look at her being bare. There were a figure of much respected Queens during this clip, every bit good as a figure of princesses.

Concluding inquiry that runs through my head is “ was it truly that bad for adult females ” ?

My reply would be yes it was highly bad for adult females. Womans had perfectly no rights at all. Any adult male in the household could state her to make something and she had to make it. If she did non make what she was asked to make so she was severely beaten. It was said that a adult female that did non obey was “ disobeying God ” .

A adult female had to give up her land and rights to the adult male she married. Besides adult females were non even allowed to pick the individual they were to get married. Imagine if it was the same manner today! So many adult females are so vocal and really independent that we could n’t even believe about a adult male running our full lives. Not merely non being able to talk or make what we want to make but to be severely beaten merely because we choose non to. Womans were besides really frequently accused of making really atrocious things. Some of the accusals were practising witchcraft ; adult females would be burn at the interest for this.


The decision for my essay is that with all of the research that I have done to see what the lives were like for adult females during the Medieval Period, I have found that their lives did look highly difficult and unjust. To warrant why this may hold been, many would state Christianity. Eve was perceived as the problem shaper and so there was the dross that many work forces thought adult females had because of catamenial rhythms. While Christian religion might hold played a function as to why work forces thought they could handle adult females this manner, it besides provided protection for adult females every bit good. It did non let divorce for any given ground ( as it is today ) . It besides did non let the work forces to kill their married womans. Certain they were able to crush them within an inch of their life but at least they did acquire to maintain their life. There were some male monarchs that treated adult females reasonably and had a great trade of regard for them but there were non a batch of them.

But this was good over a thousand old ages ago and a batch of things have changed since that clip. I am personally, really thankful that they have changed!

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