Why you would like to apply for a degree in

Why you would wish to use for a grade in English?

The mean pupil excessively frequently contemplates the pickings of an English class or the reading of a piece of English literature with about similar enthusiasm one would hold prior to undergoing hours of dental work under faulty anaesthesia. The novels, verse forms, and short narratives of yore frequently seem to pupils to be dry, dull, exanimate, and mostly irrelevant to the experience of modern life. However, rather the antonym is true. With a small forbearance, a small enthusiasm, and a instructor who understands English literature to be more than a mechanism of anguish to be regurgitated, both the English linguistic communication and the organic structure of literary work constructed from it can be a powerful beacon that uses the past to light both present and future. The work of the dead can go the most powerful tool of those who are still alive and battle to happen significance in life. As writer Cyril Connolly notes in his bookThe Unquiet Grave:“While idea exists, words are alive and literature becomes an flight, non from, but into living.” ( Connolly, 1944, platinum. 4 )

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It is exactly for this ground that a grade in English is non merely valuable but contains the possibility of being both intriguing and enlightening. It is a grade in life, in the survey of populating non a grade in the survey of defunct and dust-covered books. We learn that the greatest and most powerful human experiences – love, decease, war, the elevation of kids, growing, loss, etc. – are in fact universal throughout both humanity and human history. Simply because these experiences may blossom slightly otherwise in practical footings now versus two hundred old ages ago does non alter the fact that love, merely as one illustration, continues to hold the same power to convey both the uttermost ecstatic joy and the extreme catastrophic desperation upon the human spirit. For a immature individual fighting to understand the power of his or her first love, and the intolerable heartache of the ( about inevitable ) loss of this first love, there may be great consolation, comfort, and counsel to be found in the written records that illustrate that other human existences have wrestled with the same experience for 1000s of old ages. The simple reference of the name ‘Shakespeare’ may direct many pupils flying, but the Bard in his literature anticipated something every immature individual learns, which is that music is the soundtrack of love affair, both gained and lost: “If music be the nutrient of love, drama on, and give me excess of it…” ( Shakespeare,Twelfth Night, p. 1 ) While true that some literature provides readers an flight into an alternate world –Twelfth Nightbeing merely such an illustration — it is besides by and large true that literature provides a roadmap to populate good within this world.

Analyzing the English linguistic communication and English literature non merely helps us detect what is human about us, and gives us a usher to how to get by with the cosmopolitan human rites of transition, but it besides enables us to keep and foster the nobler parts of what makes us human. In every epoch there have been exterior forces that draw human existences, as if by undertow, towards the more basal elements of their possible. Poverty, greed, greed, engineering, philistinism, etc. , frequently distract human existences from seeing and making their best potency as human existences. If we study literature, it serves as a disciplinary mechanism, a reminder that we can and should draw a bead on to better than merely acquiring by, merely responding to our environments, lasting daily. As professor of English Literature William Henry Hudson observes,

… many work forces allow themselves to be drawn bit by bit into the modus operandi of money-making, the devastation of their freedom, their manhood, their felicity, merely because they have ne’er learned to care for anything outside of this modus operandi, — have ne’er had their eyes opened, for case, to the enjoyment and inspiration that are to be found in the artistic and literary chef-d’oeuvres of the universe. ( Hudson, 1898, p.17-18 )

In chase of a grade in English, the pupil can see first-hand grounds of the sufferings caused by an inordinate love of money or the slavish chase of material things, and possibly hence save him or herself the problem of falling into this trap. In literature, the pupil can lay eyes on narratives of human existences who have sought to happen significance in their lives greater than the amount of the playthings that they own and the prestigiousness of their postal codification. In literature, the pupil can see the breathtaking narratives of people who decided to actively populate their lives as they wanted them to be, non simply passively accept their lives as they were – once more, supplying a possible roadmap for the hereafter.

It is deserving observing here that there is nil needfully incorrect with prosecuting a grade in, say, accounting or economic sciences. But these are narrowcast topics, which are abstractions, and merely cover tangentially in the material that make up the substance of human life. They are by-products of human life, if you will. The English grade is a comprehensive study of the huge landscape of the kernel of human being – experiences, emotions, wisdom, sorrows, and joys.

Most significantly, possibly, is the fact that the chase of an English grade will harvest wagess far beyond the few short old ages that the pupil spends in college. Once literature has unlocked the keys to the student’s geographic expedition of others’ imaginativenesss, and so ideally his or her ain, it frequently ignites a passion for reading and contemplating one’s world – and so perchance bettering it – that lives on far past the confines of academic life. Something that Scots philosopher William Carlyle observed over 200 old ages ago continues to keep true today, which is that literature itself is a better and longer-lasting instruction than an English grade itself: “What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a aggregation of books.” The chase of an English grade, so, is to ship upon a journey that enables us to go on larning and being to the full human for all our lives.


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