Why MYOB Retail Manager Enterprise Information Technology Essay

The past twelvemonth showed gross revenues have been bettering and the concern has been deriving loyal patronages. With this development, our bing package system can non maintain up with the demands of the trade.

The size and range of our retail concern has now outgrown the bing package, MYOB Standard Account Right. It now takes us more clip to pull off, procedure gross revenues and stock list. The excess clip we spend on these can be better exhausted signifier selling and concern development.

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We need to upgrade our bing system in order to maximize efficiency and productiveness, and prolong this growing. We need package that would automatize the procedure of tracking gross revenues, stock list, net income, orders and which stocks are more in demand – with truth.

We besides need package that would enable us to pull off and enter our turning patronages and stock list, and enable us to roll up adequate informations that would assist in making a trueness programme to maintain clients.

We need package that will assist us garner and treat all informations to see how our concern is making.

Why MYOB Retail Manager Enterprise?

Since we already have the MYOB Standard Account Right, it is but logical to upgrade through incorporating MYOB Retail Manager Enterprise. This will salvage us clip and fiscal resources as our employees are already familiar with MYOB. Any preparation demand will be minimum and concentrated on the integrating.

It is besides much cost efficient as we do non necessitate to hold specialised package customized for us. It is another commercial-of-the-shelf system that is priced really moderately.


Wellington, New Zealand

MYOB Retail ManagerA integrates and provides studies for gross revenues, stock list and client service in one advanced package system.A A

MYOB Retail Manager is designed, developed and tested in coaction with 1000s of bing Kiwi and Aussie retail merchants. We can custom-make gross revenues screens, payment types, and even jump Fieldss to do come ining a sale fast and intuitive

MYOB Retail Manager takes stock of the full concern. Organise stock list by section and set up three of our ain classs ( such as manner, coloring material and size ) for ultimate control. ItA besides allows puting up stock degree warnings and making automatic purchase orders to refill any low measures.

It makes it easier to treat gross revenues easier from hard currency to recognition card, ballad by to return and covers price reductions and returns

Most of all, MYOB Retail Manager connects with most POS hardware including our EFTPOS Payment system ( EFTPOS NZ ) . A

When we do our books, we merely reassign all our gross revenues, GST and purchase information to ourA MYOB accounting package, which makes it simple, convenient and a existent timesaver at GST describing clip.

With MYOB Retail Manager, we can bring forth comprehensive studies that would demo how we are making in concern. There are over 70 on demand studies that would demo us. Reports include:

stock degrees


net incomes


fast and decelerate merchandising points,

countries where we make money ( borders ) ,

efficiency of the gross revenues procedure,

points we ‘ve marked down and their day of the months

All the above would be in easy to bring forth and understand studies will ease concern cardinal maps in our concern operation. This is what we need now, so we can maintain up with the demands of our turning concern. ( MYOB, 2010 )

System Requirements

We do non necessitate to upgrade our bing computing machine system. It is compatible with the MYOB system demands of MYOB Retail Manager Enterprise which are:

1.5 GHz PentiumA® 4 processor ( or faster ) with 1GB RAM or more

WindowsA® 7, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista, Business or Windows XP Professional ( Service Pack 2 )

15GB or more of free disc infinite

16-bit coloring material, 1024×768 screen declaration


Wellington, New Zealand

Backup solution such as a Cadmium or DVD author, or USB storage device, a local or web pressman to publish dockets, studies, etc.

For publishing saloon codification labels, a high-quality optical maser pressman is recommended for best consequences

Windows-compatible mouse and keyboard.

Our system has:

Personal computer with Pentium processor ( or equivalent ) @ 2.2Ghz with at least 2.87GB Random-access memory

Difficult disc is 232 GB/200Gb FREE

Windows XP Professional version 2002 ( Service Pack 3 )

16-bit coloring material, 1024×768 screen declaration

Backup solution such as a Cadmium or DVD author, or USB storage device, local or web pressman to publish dockets, studies, etc.

A high-quality optical maser pressman

Windows-compatible mouse and keyboard.

Because we do non hold to purchase a new hardware system to incorporate and run MYOB Retail Manager Enterprise, there will be no assets to dispose off after procurance. This acquisition is great value for investing.


In the event that we might be in demand of a adviser to finish installing and supply preparation, below is a list of MYOB spouses we can confer with with.


Business Name

Region Serviced


Ms Christine Young

Certified Consultant

Beenz and Bytes



Ms. Jane McLean

Certified Consultant

BDO Wellington Ltd



Mr. Tristan Will

Certified Consultant

BDO Wellington Ltd



Mr. Warwick Eves

Certified Consultant

ABS Accounting



Mr Simon Richardson

Certified Consultant

Miller Dean Chartered Accountants




Wellington, New Zealand

Cost benefit analysis

Our initial investing for our bing system ( MYOB Standard Account Right ) , had served us good in the last three old ages. We were able to retrieve that Investing in less than a twelvemonth and hold proven to be dependable anchor for our concern operations – really instrumental to our success today.

If we desire to maintain our concern growth, the investing required for the MYOB retail endeavor of $ 2449.00 is great value for money. With respect to adviser fees, they charge from $ 65 to $ 85 per hr. We can prosecute a adviser on a per need footing or by consideration. We will be able to find the exact budget for the adviser once their proposals are in.

Funding beginning will come from the 2011 budget as portion of our operational disbursals. We might necessitate to conservatively assign a budget of about $ 8,000 for the new system, all inclusive of the package, installing and consulting fees.

We can easy retrieve our investing in a few months based in the addition in efficiency that would certainly assist manage more gross revenues and net income. Conservatively, a fixed sum over our normal monthly border will present a return on our investing in a twelvemonth ‘s clip or two at the most.

Procurement handiness and lead clip

There are MYOB spouses that can supply installing and preparation. MYOB Retail Manager Enterprise is readily available, in clip for our mid-year enlargement.

December will be utilized to discourse ( between us ) with MYOB ( spouses ) the extent of how MYOB Retail Manager will lend to our bing system and hold them subject their proposals.

January will be for us to discourse, with advice from our attorney and comptroller which MYOB spouse to prosecute. By mid-January we will press out demands for both parties ( us and MYOB spouse ) and discourse the contract/agreement.

February will be the clip to prove the new system which is ideal when there is less gross revenues volume, since it is after the vacations.

March will see us finalising the contract and implement preparation faculties to staff.

If everything works harmonizing to program, we will be to the full operational with the new system and trained staff by April 2011.

We need to do certain that the MYOB spouse we choose and the 24 hr MYOB customer/service support are dependable all the clip, most particularly during the passage and the months of accommodation following that, to the new system.


Wellington, New Zealand

Contractual Duties

We need to see contractual duties between MYOB, the MYOB spouse supplier we will prosecute and XYZ Retail Company. We require turn toing the undermentioned specifics to hold lucidity and avoid misinterpretations and/or misunderstanding, such as:

Definitions of footings in the contract

Credence of the footings and conditions

Monetary value and payment

Delivery of goods

Service and Performance criterion




Tax returns

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Care and support

Default & A ; Consequences Of Default

Intellectual Property / Software License Agreement

Privacy Act

Restrictions of Liability


We need to confer with our attorney and comptroller before the concluding understanding is signed, to do certain we are non overlooking anything that could take to any signifier of liability and/or loss for the concern.

Ethical Considerations

We have been covering with procurances and acquisitions in the past three old ages and ever had high respect for ethical concerns when making concern. In stating this, there is less likelihood that we would make something different this clip. In any instance, merely as reminder we must ever see the followers:

We need to guarantee that MYOB and its spouse supplier are steadfastly committed to ethical concern patterns, a safe workplace and conformity with all applicable Torahs.

In taking the supplier, we must take by virtue and non by any favours pecuniary or otherwise. We must see his/her expertness, dependability, mentions and fees. We must take the best value for money with respect to the services and warrants rendered.

We need to inform unsuccessful suppliers who submitted proposals about how we came up with our determination and supply them feedback.

During proving we need to inform and affect cardinal forces so we can turn to issues sing runing the new system, the preparation they would necessitate and how the new system would impact employees in executing their functions.

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