Why Do Companies Use Sap Netweaver Information Technology Essay

In this study we are chiefly traveling to discourse about how integrating is of import in a company whilst utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. ERP Systems is fundamentally an integrating of concern direction, patterns and current engineering. The three chief of import constituents of an ERP are Business Management Practices, Information Technology and Specific Business Objectives. In other words, an ERP system manages and supports the restructuring of all the concern procedure in a concern system ( Top spots tech community 2010 ) .

SAP ‘s NetWeaver is an SAP ‘s integrated engineering platform and is the proficient base for all SAP applications since the SAP concern suite. It enables the promotion and executing environment for all the SAP applications. SAP ‘s NetWeaver can besides be employed for assorted trim patterned advance and incorporation with a scope of systems and applications. There are no rigorous boundaries whilst constructing an SAP NetWeaver engineering platform as it is built in such a manner that many other engineerings such as the Microsoft.NET, JAVA and IBM ‘s Webshpere engineerings can be incorporated into it. It is an unfastened beginning engineering platform ( Wikipedia 2010 ) .

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The SAP NetWeaver engineering has become a fantastic invention in the universe of SAP as it can help with concerns to run on a exclusive platform which comprises of both engineering and applications. These yearss many of corporate companies are be aftering to put in SAP for their concern procedures and operations. The ground for this is merely because of its competitory advantage over many other applications in the market. The chief purpose of an SAP NetWeaver engineering is to incorporate SAP and non-SAP systems ( SAP Global 2010 ) .

One of the challenges for a company can be to pull off its maestro informations. Any company of any sought will hold maestro informations to make its concern procedure as maestro informations is the information which helps companies perform and procedure its concern procedures. The SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering has a specific characteristic of managing and synchronizing the maestro informations with the maestro informations of varied systems at different locations, the synergistic distribution channel of an SAP NetWeaver engineering enables consistence in information direction.

Due to the procedures and the applications turning beyond an ERP System ‘s range, the demand for incorporating those procedures and applications is needed. To make so, companies need to do usage of the SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering to achieve that added integrating. The demand for an SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering comes into demand when companies are non able to do concern with the traditional ways to accomplish concern aims and ends. This is when a procedure alteration is needed or the manner procedures are dealt with comes into the image. SAP ‘s NetWeaver Technology enables companies to near procedures in a new and better manner by organizing terminal to stop procedures that farther facilitate efficient execution, mechanise work flow, decrease operational costs and hike competitory addition in a company.


In today ‘s universe of concern, there is a demand to develop an end-to-end concern procedure to achieve competitory concern purposes and ends. Since there is so much competition between different companies, the company which comes up with the most efficient procedure will hold a competitory advantage about its merchandises over its rival companies. Streamlining the procedures is one of the most of import facets of companies which are in the competent market. For the concern processes to be executed in a structured mode, companies will necessitate to hold the appropriate engineering to execute the same. SAP ‘s NetWeaver supports it all.

With the aid of SAP ‘s nature to incorporate procedures, concerns can entree informations at the right clip, rush up the procedure of the bringing of a merchandise to the existent market and ease services towards the merchandise. Besides due to the high competence in the market, this engineering would assist a merchandise familiarise itself and react to the timely behavior of the market in assorted changing market fortunes. This besides helps the supply concatenation value system by synchronizing the relationship between the providers and the consumer. The SAP NetWeaver engineering acts as a cosmopolitan cardinal depository for interfaces, shows support for concern procedure direction by incorporating the procedures at a cardinal point and this engineering besides acts as an incorporate tool set for houses to build their ain integrating developments by basically depicting the suited messaging interfaces, functions and routing regulations.

The SAP NetWeaver engineering besides manages information runing from the company ‘s maestro informations to the company ‘s lifecycle direction. The integrating in an ERP Systems chiefly comprises of three factors. They are Information, Process and People. Information is the primary informations about any merchandise etc. Every merchandise has a maestro information and this information is maintained by an information systems. So, in order to unify the information systems into the maestro informations, there needs to be a batch of integrating involved. Due to the Net weaver ‘s integrating technique, this becomes possible. Second, a procedure besides plays a critical function in an ERP system. A procedure is a manner in which concern is performed to derive an efficient result or a merchandise. Due to a batch of procedures involved in a concern patterned advance, it is difficult to unify or incorporate all the procedure for greater efficiency. NetWeaver can make it all easy. And Last, Peoples were one of the chief concerns as good. NetWeaver would let users to hold a individual interface to their information demands.

With the aid of SAP ‘s NetWeaver, there would be merely one portal onto which all the users could log in and seek their hand-on the applications involved within. This is like a cardinal hub for the applications and the systems. There is merely one incorporate position of information about the full company ‘s information in one topographic point. This information can be delivered to the employees as and when they need it and how they need it. All the concern procedures are mend together into one streamlined concern procedure that are dispersed into little fragments across many applications.

Why do companies utilize SAP NetWeaver?

There are assorted grounds why companies use SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering. A few of them are mentioned below:

Different companies use SAP NetWeaver to make gateways that conveying different functionality from many different plans and put them in one consistent plan which is an easy-to-use interface.

A company has information in assorted applications within the company. So, what NetWeaver does is it collects information from all the applications and puts it into a cardinal hub which can so be accessible by all the users from one chief topographic point.

If there is a procedure already running in one application and the company wants it to be united with another procedure in another application, so a user-interface is provided by the first user and it continues through other applications or even through other company systems.

Many times companies tend to lose informations by different agencies. Datas can be lost by the mistake made by a individual, or by composing down information physically by manus. This manner, mistakes are more prone to go on. This is when mechanization comes into history and is the clip when these mistakes are to be handles by an information system. This is why SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering would assist company manage, construction and procure an administrations maestro informations ( Woods 2004 ) .

The ground why companies upgrade their SAP systems with a NetWeaver tool is merely because of its added characteristics of pull offing SAP applications, content and procedure coaction. A batch of IT operational costs come down with the execution of a NetWeaver in an SAP system. This farther allows company to heighten their maps, operations and procedures. On the contrary, concerns and IT companies need to aline their functionalities and get down to see more fruitfully in footings of important procedure promotion. SAP NetWeaver offers maps to ease a user to do and manage coaction profiles and understandings centrally between concern procedures. Besides with the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise hunt application, companies will do improved determination devising. The manner it works is that companies would ever hold a control on the information they are interested in and will besides utilize this information to do efficient determination. This engineering besides allows concern users to seek and look for information where the existent information resides.

The whole thought is to automatize the concern processes to ensue in greater efficiency and attain market competence with structured procedures enabled by SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering ( SAP NetWeaver 2007 ) .The ground why companies have started to put in the SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering is because administrations have started to look out for efficient end-to-end procedure integrating. This engineering of SAP besides solves integrating issues, and besides serves as the structural footing for possible application services. There would be process centric-collaboration non merely between procedures with a company but besides between the procedures between a company and another company.


The manner this engineering works is by suitably maneuvering and altering messages and makes possible end-to-end procedures into a system that the receiving system recognises. It ‘s all about the assurance that concerns need to take into history for when they enable SAP ‘s NetWeaver for their end-to-end procedures that they would be presented first-class public presentation and consistence. In today ‘s universe of concern, IT plays a major function. Although it plays a major function, the IT environment has become excessively complex for concerns to cover with their ain concern operations. Just with an IT environment, an administration is non able to work together and link with all the systems and applications in its endeavor, nor do they desire to acquire rid of their bing systems ( SAP NetWeaver 2007 ) .

With SAP NetWeaver, there will be a control on the resources which in bend maximises return of investing for a company ( ROI ) . ROI can be any signifiers of return of investing for illustration: return of IT investing. An administration can take full advantage of the information assets it owns. The maps of SAP NetWeaver include the followers:

Portal-infrastructure direction: With the execution of SAP ‘s NetWeaver, there would be a customised protected interface that helps unify the applications, information and processes from assorted beginnings into a cardinal portal. With this characteristic, there will be added security, scalability and public presentation that client in SAP look frontward to along with effortless user and content direction.

Collaboration: SAP ‘s NetWeaver portal allows users to derive and portion information and different applications in a shared environment. This characteristic is called as a ‘collaborative characteristic ‘ . There are practical coaction suites which allow different users work jointly in a adept mode. This helps the users gain the advantage of being on any portal in any portion of the universe every bit long as they are on the portal. This farther allows users to discourse efficaciously and portion information across any organizational bounds with added security. NetWeaver besides enables users to execute web-conferencing & A ; messaging.

Knowledge Management: Knowledge direction is the manner in which the company ‘s and the users knowledge is shared within the company between different users to hold a better understanding about the company and besides approximately different users. SAP ‘s NetWeaver portal helps users track information stored in many other informations warehouses within and outside the company and besides gives the installation to entree unstructured informations stored in those informations warehouses. Different types of synchronism tools help the information to acquire organised. Experts who are skilled in different topics and content directors can go around different types of information on the portal so that other users can hold a expression at it and can larn from it. This is enabled through web-based sharing systems where different users can print about different ideas and topics for the other users to larn from it ( SAP Global 2010 ) .


SAP ‘s NetWeaver helps align people, procedures and information. It has a batch of benefits every bit good. A few of the benefits are discussed below:

Flexible Business Schemes: With the execution of NetWeaver, a user would hold the power to successfully supervise, execute and procedure concern schemes. The better the concern schemes, the better the results for the concern.

Modern concern procedures: This platform allows users to contrive, industry precise package and allows users to re-organise systems that are already existing to prolong invention procedure.

Improved concern public presentation: With the aid of NetWeaver, the information across the administration would be analysed and collected so that there would be one cardinal entree to all the information if any alterations might be required.

Business value promotion: With the aid of SAP ‘s NetWeaver, there would be a uninterrupted betterment in the procedures involved. It besides minimises the cost involved in establishing new procedures and besides the hazard is reduced every bit good to establish a procedure. New alterations are merely made to the new systems as the bing systems remain unaffected.

User- experience: In SAP Net weaver ‘s engineering, there would be a right communicating between the clients, providers and employees. There would be a cardinal hub through with all the stakeholders in a company could see an efficient user acquaintance. All this is possible as this platform is a role-based portal interface where users and procedures can congregate.


Company name: MANITOBA HYDRO

Manitoba Hydro is the lone company in the Canadian territory of Manitoba. This company provides natural gas and electricity for the people in this state. It besides designs and operates power coevals services in Canada. This company had started to confront the job of integrating in its internal systems. There was besides a panic of an external rival for this company due to miss of unity within the procedures in this company. But after it realised what the job country was, it invested in SAP NetWeaver engineering and used SAP EP as a presentation bed into their R/3 fiscal studies. Alternatively, they have started to utilize SAP XI for all their SAP related interfaces and incorporation into a non-SAP power trading application. Looking at the turning demands in this company Manitoba Hydro farther saw the demand for acquiring rid of its bequest systems and implement SAP NetWeaver for improved integrating in concern procedures. This company has started to recognize that SAP NetWeaver components were finely placed in the market harmonizing to the industry analysts and SAP has proved to this company what it can offer every bit long as the company can pull off its resources. Some of the advantages this company faced are mentioned below:

Company could execute concern in an easy manner.

With the aid of finance coverage, user satisfaction had increased quickly

There were lesser jobs in relation to incorporating informations from corporate acquisitions.

With the aid of NetWeaver, the pay-roll section saw an efficient promotion in the pay-roll processing.

So, above points were a few advantages what this company had faced after the execution of an SAP NetWeaver engineering ( Meta Group 2005 ) .

Company name SASOL based in South Africa.

Sasol is an incorporate energy and chemicals company based in South Africa. With the aid of alone engineerings, this company enhances the coal, oil and gas militias with the aid of feedstock ‘s to bring forth liquid energy, fuel constituents and assorted other chemicals. It has its fabrication and selling operations all across the America ‘s, Asia and Europe. One of the chief grounds why Sasol decided to implement in SAP ‘s NetWeaver engineering is because it showed importance on a confident decisive factor whilst choosing the seller. Some of the grounds why Sasol wanted to implement this engineering are mentioned below:

First, it wanted to incorporate valuable, appropriate and convincing information.

Sasol besides wanted to better the efficiency with a quicker, concerted and concentrating workplace.

It besides wanted to do possible the cooperation required for linking people.

Its chief purpose was to convey together all the information to a cardinal depository from all its sections.

The demand for customisation came into concern where the demand was to ease user-specified information.

Enable security within the procedures by giving entree to mandates and hallmarks.

The whole thought was to implement SAP NetWeaver in an easy manner.

In whole the manner SAP NetWeaver helped Sasol in its concern operations is: There has been a better work coaction and communicating amongst employees in the administration now. There have besides been some promotions in cognition sharing in this company since the engineering has been implemented. It ‘s able to offer a more efficient medium to convey out concern vision and information. There has been a subsequent betterment in the IT systems every bit good since so onwards. Furthermore, there has already been a diminution in organisational head count and substructure. Adding to this engineering has made possible assorted groups within the administration to in a group with integrity by in collaborating and presenting dependable and synchronised information to the staff, workers and the supervisors. So, in this manner Sasol has been benefited by the execution of SAP Net weaver ‘s engineering ( Wang 2003 ) .


Finally we conclude this study by adverting the significance of implementing an SAP NetWeaver engineering. To assist companies surmount the costs involved with integrating, SAP has invested expertness for many old ages to come up with a platform which manages and combines all the integrating involved in assorted concern procedures in a company. All these concern processes country collaborated and managed by this engineering platform called SAP NetWeaver. SAP has besides taken the endeavor services structural design to a new tallness with an industry-leading unfastened merger and application platform.

On a day-to-day footing, line-managers and concern directors attempt to do and keep development for their companies. While making so, these directors are obligated to modulate with company ‘s processs and policies. This type of realization by the directors is really important and would besides assist the company to thrive. When a company is looking for its hereafter success, the concern procedure should be dealt by itself carefully and should non be outsourced due to operational cost restraints. Corporations should set up resourceful concern procedures along with their bing systems and constituents. These pioneering procedures are delivered package merchandises managed by SAP NetWeaver ( SAP & A ; Partners 2004 ) .

TOTAL WORD COUNT OF REPORT: 3012 Words. ( This word counts excludes tabular array of contents, screen page and bibliography ) .

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