Why A Concurrent Engineering Approach Information Technology Essay

For the intent of this undertaking I will be presuming the function of Project Leader ( Functional Manager ) within Rolls Royce for their aero-propulsion sector. The aim I have been given is to put up a squad, using concurrent technology doctrines to plan and bring forth a new gas turbine engine for the modern air power market. The engine is to be produced every bit quickly as possible without doing farther cost through mistake, so to vie with other air power propulsion houses and their merchandises ; one such house is said to be straight equaling the design of this new power works.

As bow mentioned, the squad will follow a concurrent technology attack to accomplish volume industry, whereas the rival is reported to be implementing a traditional doctrine.

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Why a concurrent technology attack?

Within modern twenty-four hours technology, merchandise market tendencies have significantly deviated from the standard form present throughout most of the twentieth century. Components have an increasing use of printed circuit board constituents which require big degrees of input in their merchandise design stage. Furthermore, with the rise of multiple rivals, the merchandise life clip is forcibly reduced, ensuing in less clip spent on the market and more clip being designed. This is a detrimental concern theoretical account for any company which can consequentially do them to lose big degrees of investing and assurance.

Concurrent technology and its tools allow for companies to cut down bring forth design clip by interrupting phases down and pull offing them in specific cardinal countries. This therefore allows the merchandise to come in the market before, winning the purchaser ‘s assurance and therefore gaining advantage over rivals. The disadvantage of this attack, nevertheless, is the increased development costs of the design procedure. This is due to increased employment of more experts, buying licenses for cardinal design package bundles and geting suitably sized installations to suit them. Although a consecutive, ‘traditional ‘ , technology attack would be less in the set up, the absence of legion experts and design package is more likely to take to mistakes which are merely discovered during the fabrication stage, when they are much more hard and dearly-won to rectify. Problems at this phase may necessitate redesign, which non merely costs big amounts of money but later delays the merchandise ‘s entry into the market topographic point.

The extra expertness and tools used in coincident technology for the design stages hence improves the quality of the merchandise. This is where I believe we will hold the advantage over the rival house in costs incurred, production clip and merchandise assurance with prospective purchasers.

A concurrent technology doctrine requires three cardinal political orientations:


Tools and Thought Process


Although consecutive technology consider most of the above, they do non see specific schemes for single merchandises, therefore blowing labour clip and resources while non working clearly and efficaciously. Concurrent technology bomber divides companies into countries of expertness, puting the squads under the counsel of undertaking leaders who they channel their design ideas through, increasing productiveness and cut downing clip taken to do dependable and informed determinations.


Team Work is a really common construct in the western concern universe. Be it Banks, Governments, Schools or Universities, squad work is the common construct that is used to advance communicating and uniformity in running of operations. Engineering is no different and coincident technology methods suggest different operating processs to advance effectual working depending on the demands of the merchandise. For the gas turbine engine I have been asked to plan, I will put up a squad which will run under a light weight merchandise director construction. The construction of such a squad consists of different sections within Rolls Royce join forcesing with each other in design squads. This will let cross subject coaction in the design and conceptual stages in which different solutions can be produced by different squads. Each squad is headed by a merchandise director who is to describe to the undertaking leader, which in this instance is myself. Bing a light weight construction, the undertaking leader holds duty for the direction of the squads and ensures marks within their sphere are achieved.

Consecutive technology methods normally stick to the traditional western attack of squad workings, which is a functional group construction. Each specializer section is responsible for a sub constituent of the concluding merchandise which is lead by a Department Manager. The section director in bend studies to the Project Leader who sets ends and guarantee the undertaking is completed to clip and budget. Here transverse departmental communicating can go an issue and conceptual design stage can be slippery, as sections do non interact with each other and work entirely on their portion, taking to the hazard of jobs in the fabrication phase.

Tools and Thought Process:

Runing your administration in sections where the work is distributed through squads, as I have chosen, is an improbably valuable method, particularly if each squad is working on the same merchandise but different constituents. Some points of the concluding merchandise make non necessitate the same though procedures and characteristic analysis whilst being designed. Concurrent technology allows for this much more flexible attack, where squads are given a separate piece to work upon, nevertheless besides maintain a unvarying focal point of the overall design of the merchandise in head. A squad building the outer shell of the engine may be given the political orientation of planing with safety in head, whereas the squad responsible for the shafts and cogwheel box which interconnect all the traveling parts of the engine are requested to plan with assembly and fabrication in head. This allows the groups to concentrate on a cardinal thought, leting them to hone a higher degree of item and hence accomplishing a better coating with higher client satisfaction.

Consecutive Engineering following a functional group construction can non utilize such flexibleness due to the figure of sections involved and their deficiency of carbon monoxide operation with other squads during the scheming stage. This uneffective research and design accent therefore can ensue in slow patterned advance of the design, finally contracting the merchandise ‘s life on the market.


Technology is the key to concurrent technology and through engineering has been able to set up itself as a superior design doctrine. 3D computing machine aided design will let my squad to bring forth full working theoretical accounts of the concluding merchandise with every system and assembly fitted as though it had really been manufactured. This allows for true visual image of the portion and can place possible jobs which would otherwise merely be discovered during industry, which as aforementioned would be clip and money. The usage of computing machine aided design true takes more clip and has a higher disbursal during the design phases, but due to the advantages antecedently mentioned, the clip and money spent here are regained during the faster completion of the fabrication stage, should everything be produced as it had been modelled.

Technology besides provides critical links for other countries of this technology method, for points such as electronic mail, conferencing, computing machine aided industry e.c.t.

Although consecutive technology does utilize engineering, companies tend to prefer the more solid paradigm theoretical accounts which provide a ocular agency of inspecting prospective designs prior to industry. However, all right inside informations such as colliding hydraulic pipes, may be missed by the absence of 3D computing machine aided modeling, therefore doing jobs in the last phases of making the merchandise.


I do believe that by following a concurrent technology attack when explicating a concern program, structuring my squad, using focal points to those squads and utilising modern twenty-four hours engineering such as computing machine aided design, calculation and fabrication, our merchandise will be produced in first-class clip and quality, therefore deriving a heavy advantage over a consecutive technology rival merchandise. Coincident technology does look to be the hereafter for technology houses as the demand for speedy production, yet safe design procedure and superior quality, is turning quickly by the twenty-four hours.

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