What was corporate governances role in Enrons collapse

This paper explores the autumn of Enron Corporation in early 2000s. It besides sees to what extent the corporate administration has its function to play in the prostration of Enron.

There are defects in the corporate administration and the same clip cringle holes in the accounting criterions besides gave manner to the use of fiscal statements that had caused Enron and other corporate to fall in. Besides that, independent of managers and hearers have besides been identified as one of the chief ground to the autumn of Enron.

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Changes were made to heighten the corporate administration and besides the related Torahs. Many of these alterations were made to avoid houses pull stringsing histories, go againsting regulations and at the terminal destructing investor ‘s assurance. The importance of independency was besides enhanced.


Enron Corporation was one of the universe ‘s largest corporations in its premier clip. It was awarded the most advanced company by Fortune Magazine six times. Enron ‘s portion rose by 311 % from early 1990s to the terminal of 1998 ( Healy and Palepu, 2003 ) . It continued to increase by 56 % in 1999 and another 87 % in 2000. Its portion monetary value reached UD $ 83.13 and market capitalization was about US $ 80 billion by 31 December 2000.

However, all this came crumpling down by the terminal of 2001. It started when Enron announced that it was repeating its ‘ fiscal statements, cut downing after revenue enhancement net income by US $ 544 million and its stockholders ‘ equity by US $ 1.2 billion. Enron restated it ‘s antecedently reported income from 1997-2000 ( Benston and Hartgraves, 2002 ) . By the terminal of 2001, Enron ‘s portion was downgraded to debris bond position by Standard and Poor ‘s and the portion monetary value was valued for less than US $ 1.

On 2 December 2001, Enron eventually filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 of United States Bankruptcy Code. This was the largest US corporate bankruptcy at that clip, which was later surpassed by Worldcom. Many investors say their assets worth of 1000000s of dollars to about nil.

Many people conducted surveies on the ground of the prostration of Enron. For illustration Gillian, S. I. and Martin, J. D. ( 2007 ) , Benston, G.J. and Hartgraves, I. J. ( 2002 ) , Chartterjee, S. ( 2003 ) and many other. Most of these surveies saw a common land of failure of corporate administration and misdemeanor of regulations by Enron and its hearer Arthur Anderson. This lead to many reforms in corporate administration including the Sarbanes – Oxley Act of 2002 ( SOX ) .


The amalgamation of 2 natural gas grapevine companies in 1985, Houston Natural Gas and Internorth created a new company called Enron. It owned intrastate and interstate grapevines to transport natural gas and public-service corporations. It stated trading in trade goods where it buys and sells sweeping energy contracts. At that clip most contracts between gas manufacturer and grapevines were “ take-or-pay ” contracts with a prearranged monetary value by and large fixed over the life of the contract or increased with rising prices. Changes in ordinance in the natural gas market lead to deregulating of monetary values which gave more flexibleness in set uping contracts. The usage of topographic point monetary values did non offer the long-run natural gas supply and monetary value stableness which was present before the deregulating ( Healy and Palepu, 2003 ) .

Deregulation led to take down monetary values and increased supply, taking to increase in volatility of gas monetary values. This coupled with the fact that the criterion contracts allowed break in supply of gas without any punishments lead to the creative activity of “ Gas Bank ” . This is where Enron would purchase gas from webs of providers and sell it to clients bear downing them dealing fees and presuming the hazard associated with it. It would move merely as a fiscal banking establishment with the exclusion that it would be go-betweens between provider and purchasers of natural gas. Enron dominated the market for natural gas contracts.

In 1990 a new division was created. Kenneth Lay the CEO than hired Jeffery Skilling as the caput of this division. He was antecedently a adviser with McKinsey & A ; Co who helped Enron develop its “ Gas Bank ” thought. Enron entered into long-run contract with manufacturers to guarantee bringing and to cut down exposure originating from the fluctuation of topographic point rates. They besides used fiscal derived functions like barters, forwards and hereafters contract to cut down this exposure. This brought in a new construct to the industry, the energy derived functions ( Hearly and Palepu, 2003 and Thomas, 2002 ) .

In order to derive farther growing, Enron went into variegation. Mid 1990s Skilling wanted to widen this gas trading theoretical account into other markets and become fiscal bargainer. It ventured into electricity power, coal, steel, paper and mush and broadband fiber ocular overseas telegram markets. By 2000, Enron become a pudding stone owning and operating gas grapevines, electricity workss, broadband assets and H2O workss internationally.


Enron had an intricate concern theoretical account that comprised of many merchandises and across boundary line. This stretched the bounds of accounting. They took full advantage of accounting restriction to portray healthy net incomes and to look profitable in the fiscal statements. Benston and Hartgraves ( 2002 ) , identified six accounting and scrutinizing issues as follows:

The accounting policy of non consolidating Particular Purpose Entities ( SPEs ) appear to hold permitted Enron to conceal losingss and debt from investors

The accounting interventions of gross revenues of Enron ‘s merchandiser investings to unconsolidated SPEs as if these were arm ‘s length dealing.

The income acknowledgment pattern of entering gross from gross revenues of forward contracts, which were really cloaked loans,

Fair-value accounting ensuing in restatements of merchandiser investings that were based on estimations.

Accounting for stocks that were issued and held by SPEs

Inadequate revelation of related party minutess and struggles of involvement.

Enron relied to a great extent on SPEs that they set up. To avoid consolidation with the SPEs, Enron made usage of US GAAP at that clip. Consolidation was non necessary if independent 3rd party had a controlling and “ significant ” equity involvement in the SPE, where “ significant ” was defined as at least 3 % of the SPEs assets ( Benston and Hartgraves, 2002 ) . Enron took SPE into new highs of complexness. Fiscal traffics were made more complicated when the SPEs were used to “ park ” debatable assets.

The marked-to-market accounting was used to recognize income which resulted direction to calculate energy monetary values in future. Companies need to set their balance sheet if they had any outstanding derivative contracts to the market value at the terminal of the period and the accomplished additions or losingss are booked to the income statement. The job here was that, contracts on trade goods like gas does non hold quoted monetary values on which rating can be based on. Therefore, this led to companies utilizing their discretion to gauge the hereafter value utilizing their ain premises and methods. This gives an chance for the directors to pull strings the net income.

The transparence of Enron ‘s revelations had been of concern to many. They merely provided minimum revelation in their fiscal studies. There were no equal revelations of the related party dealing of the house. Minutess with the SPE were non disclosed when they should hold been. Andrew Fastow the CFO of Enron was the managing spouse for some of the SPEs and that these SPEs had debts that were guaranteed by Enron. This increases the liabilities of Enron. However, none of these were disclosed.


There were a few failure in the administration identified from the autumn of Enron. There are three major administration alterations ( Gillian and Martin, 2007 ) that were made. They are independent sweetening of the board, beef uping the internal control system and limitation on the proviso of non-audit services to their audit clients by the audit houses. The administration failure can be divided into internal and external administration.

Internal Governance Failure

Internal administration chiefly refers to the board of managers of Enron and their top direction. Enron ‘s board of managers ( BOD ) may look to be independent. Out of the 14 board members there were merely 2 executives ( Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling ) . The audit, nomination and compensations commissions comprised of all outside managers. However, with autumn of Enron the independency of the board and the cardinal monitoring commission were questioned ( Gillian and Martin, 2007 ) . The board should non merely be seen as independent but it ‘s besides of import to demo it through actions.

Based on the probes conducted on the managers of Enron, it was proved that the managers that seemed independent were really non and faced struggle of involvement. This can be seen through the concern agreement between them, charitable part grosss and confer withing fees. The non-employee managers received a compensation bundle of US $ 350,000 in 2000. This is high comparing to its rivals whose managers ‘ fees do non transcend US $ 200,000 ( Gillian and Martin, 2007 ) .

Cardinal to all this, Enron ‘s board failed to understand the inherent hazard associated with their concern scheme. Furthermore, the Audit and Compliance Committee has besides failed to understand, reappraisal and supervise the SPEs created by Fastor and Enron ‘s fiscal coverage patterns ( Benston and Heartgraves, 2002 ) . This concludes that the managers did non execute the fiducial responsibility assigned to them.

Merely like the other houses, Enron besides compensated their direction utilizing portion option. This motivated the direction to increase earning and the company ‘s portion monetary value. As mentioned above, use of the fiscal histories helped them accomplish this.

In response to this the SOX has added on demands for the audit commission where at least one member is to hold fiscal expert. Besides that SOX besides tighten the coverage demand for the insider traffics and forbidden corporate loans to insiders and a few others that relates to direction compensation. At the same clip, The Federal Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) imposed a demand on expensing of the option based compensation. To farther enhance this, the Securities Exchange Commission ( SEC ) made a regulation on direction compensation revelations ( Benston and Hartgraves, 2002 and Healy and Palepu, 2003 ) .

External Governance Failure

The external administration includes market force per unit area, oversight by authorities regulators and inadvertence by private entities including hearers, equity analysts and recognition evaluation bureaus.

Government Regulators

Enron ‘s chief concern revolved around the energy related trade goods and derived functions trading. This falls under the boundary of Commodities and Future Trading Commission ( CFTC ) and the Federal Regulatory Commission ( FERC ) . Based on the surveies conducted by Gillian and Martin 2007, the deficiency of inadvertence from them is besides one of the grounds for its autumn. CFTC gave freedom to Enron from the Commodity Exchange Act ( CEA ) for derived functions on energy merchandises in April 1993. This gives chance to avoid conformity with the CEA. CFTC was chaired by Wendy who joined the board of Enron in 1993.

On the other manus, FERC regulators had sufficient information in several juncture to raise uncertainty on Enron ‘s activity but they failed to make so. If the FERC has taken more precautional and aggressive methods, they would hold been able to restrict the abuse occurred particularly in the monetary value use. Besides that, they had a complicated relationship where Enron was the ground tackle in transporting out the deregulating of energy concern which fell under the attention of FERC.

Role of Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC )

The SEC plays a really of import function in the corporate administration in the United States. First it establishes the demand on types of information for public companies to unwrap and works to guarantee conformity with ordinance and reappraisal company make fulling. Following it takes legal action against companies and persons who it believes that have committed fiscal fraud. However, at that clip due to short-handed and under resourced faced by SEC, they were unable to observe the jobs with Enron ‘s filling. SEC permitted Enron alleviation from following with Investment Company Act and Public Utility Company Holding Act. Due to the freedom given, Enron was non subjected to regulator security associating to the house ‘s public-service corporation and investing activities. ( Gillian and Martin, 2007 ) .

Share Brokers and Credit Rating Agencies.

The fees derived from their clients maintain the investing banking concern traveling. The analyst would be compensated based on the figure of concern it helped to do. However, they failed to supply an indifferent analysis of Enron portion monetary value as even in November 2001, they recommended Enron ‘s portions. While the recognition evaluation bureaus did non exert their diligence decently in observing job in Enron until it was excessively late. This lead to a alteration in regulative environment where analyst compensation was de-coupled from the investing banking concern.


The hearer of Enron at that clip was Author Anderson. Hearers are expected to be independent of their clients. However, Anderson ‘s independency was questioned based on three evidences ( Gillian and Martin, 2007 ) as follows.

Hearers rely on repetition concern. Therefore, hearers may compromise their objectiveness in prosecuting a client.

Author Anderson served as both external and internal hearers of Enron. They were really reexamining their ain work. Besides that, they besides provided consulting services where they advised on the construction of the SPEs of Enron.

As the audit houses besides earned income from confer withing rendered, they may compromise in their audit unity to keep the income flow.

In entire Anderson earned US $ 52 million from the services rendered to Enron. This made Enron one of the chief client of Author Anderson and the largest client of the Houston office. The steadfast spouses made a determination to keep this client despite cognizing the high hazard involved. There were many serious issues that were identified by Anderson ‘s employees but it was non conveyed to the audit commission of Enron. Besides, Enron was rated every bit high hazard under Anderson ‘s hazard portfolio analysis ( Gillian and Martin, 2007 ) . The big fees received from Enron had possible struggle of involvement and continued to publish unqualified study. Anderson had violated GAAP and GAAS patterns as the allowed Enron to enter non hard currency issue of portion as addition in equity. Above all Author Anderson has failed to exert sound opinion as an hearer in reexamining the fiscal statements.

The failure of Anderson as an hearer has lead to stricter and tighter regulations and ordinance to be enforced. SOX reinforced SEC proposition that external hearer is to be appointed by and study to the audit commission. Audit houses can no longer supply audience services to their audit client. This was implemented in order to extenuate struggle of involvement. Furthermore SOX 404 stated that it is the responsibility of the hearer to look into and attest the internal control system of the house and vitamin D to describe any material misstatement. If this was done likely the relationship between Andrew Foster and the SPEs he set up would hold been flagged out and disclosed earlier. The new regulation enforced besides enhances the revelation for related party minutess, SPEs and internal control system.


Besides Enron, there were many other corporate failures that occurred. Companies like Worldcom, Tyco, Global Crossing and even audit house like Author Anderson collapsed one after another. All these companies collapse were related to similar failures. They failed in the country of corporate administration, maltreatment of accounting rules and outright greed. For illustration Worldcom which was a larger prostration compared to Enron was one time the favorite of Wall Street. One of the major grounds that caused the autumn was the maltreatment of accounting regulations and use of the fiscal statement. Worldcom booked in operating disbursals as capital disbursals which was spread over a figure of old ages. This gave a fitter position of their net incomes. Besides that there was besides the issue of independency. This includes the independency of board of managers, analysts, agents and besides the hearers.

Besides that, the extended usage of derived functions besides is one of the grounds that lead to corporate prostration. In the ground twelvemonth, Lehman Brothers that collapsed in 2008 was due to the extended usage of derived functions or fiscal instrument in mortgages. Accounting for fiscal instruments is complex by nature. Therefore, opportunities for use are high. Which finally fall back to the misdemeanor and maltreatment of accounting rules.


Based on the reappraisal above, it can be safely said that most corporate prostration were someway related to the failure of corporate administration and maltreatment of regulations and ordinance. Many reforms have been made in the corporate administration codification of behavior both in he USA and internationally. However, there is no confidence that these deceitful activity can be wiped out wholly. Besides that, importance of independency can be enhanced but the application of it still lies with the board. Like in the instance of Enron, the BOD seems to hold been independent but they were infect non. This goes back to the basic unity of an person as a whole. As a member of the board, it is ever hard to be independent as most of them are normally appointed by the CEO.

In add-on to that, hearers who are known as the gate keeper of the house besides violated their fiducial responsibility towards the investors. As seen above, the misdemeanor of best patterns and regulations by the hearers besides portion of the ground for the corporate prostrations that has occurred. Hearers are expected to give a better quality of audit study produced for the investors are the consequences expected from the sweetening in Torahs. However, as mentioned to for the managers, independency may still be an issue. Good relationship between the spouse, managers and top direction of a house could endanger their independency. This is done in order to keep the client.

Therefore, sweetening of criterions, regulations and ordinance entirely would non be able to halt deceitful activities. The demand to heighten a individual ‘s moral values and unity is besides needed to cut down and avoid farther corporate prostrations.

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