What is innovation and why is it considered

What is invention and why is it considered to be an of import determiner of economic growing? How has the UK performed in footings of invention over recent old ages? [ 1750 ]

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Economic efficiency suggests that resources are allocated expeditiously and the optimum package of goods is produced in the economic system. Diagrammatically speech production, the economic system would be a point on the production possibility curve. Historically following the growing and development of economic systems have suggested that it has been possible to accomplish higher degree of end product by using the same degree of input or likely less. This has been made possible due to invention, technological promotion, better techniques of production, developing labors through preparation. Thus invention is a cardinal constituent in guaranting that economic growing is achieved and sustained by every economic system. The undermentioned paragraphs will discourse the function of invention in advancing economic growing. Furthermore, it would be discussed in context of UK.

Prior to get downing the treatment on invention or economic growing, it is of import to acquire an apprehension of the footings invention and economic growing. Assorted accounts and theories have been put frontward to explicate the two footings. Harmonizing to Meier and Rauch ( 2000 ) ,

“Economic growing refers to the increasing ability of a state to bring forth more goods and services.”

Roemer, Gillis et al. , ( 2001 ) province that economic growing refers to a rise in national or per capita income and merchandise, hence connoting that one of the cardinal determiners of the rate of growing in an economic system is the high degree of end product. They further province that empirical grounds suggests that states reflecting a high degree of economic growing tend to hold a larger capital stock like more roads, Bridgess, power generators, mills etc. In other words they have a more developed and organized substructure. Economic theory suggests that end product depends on labour productiveness, which farther depends on degree of instruction and general wellness of the population. Natural resources like crude oil are of import for a state every bit good. However, states that adapt and develop new engineerings grow at a faster rate. The function of authorities within an economic system besides is an of import factor with respects to how the resources will be allocated in an economic system and how liberalised the attack is. Therefore, history, civilization of a state would besides hold an impact on the economic growing.

Harmonizing to Abramovitx, Professor at Stanford, In the most cardinal sense, there are merely two ways of increasing the end product of the economic system: ( 1 ) you can increase the figure of inputs that go into the productive procedure, or ( 2 ) if you are cagey, you can believe of new ways in which you can acquire more end product from the same figure of inputs.

Therefore, it is cardinal to an apprehension of the nature of invention to recognize that uncertainnesss are still at the bosom of advanced activities. The basic fact of life here is that it is highly hard to calculate how the market will react to the debut of some new engineering. One obvious ground is that, in societies that have become every bit flush as most of the OECD member states, it is hard in the extreme to expect how certain new merchandises ( or services ) will suit in with consumer penchants and precedences.

Innovation drives concern fight, quality and productiveness betterments and finally, economic growing. Business invention can besides assist authorities accomplish its ends like meeting challenges posed by clime alteration and in presenting long term economic stableness as traditional industries and markets evolve in response to globalisation. Service invention and advanced usage of engineering besides offer important chance to better the efficiency and effectivity of public services.

Invention has been regarded as a virtuous circle, whereby investing leads to growing and efficiency and generates and releases gross that can be used to accomplish farther alteration and support for invention. Outgo on invention should be regarded as growth-enhancing outgo. Innovation requires long term investing in peculiar if extremist instead than incremental betterments are sought. With invention comes a great grade of hazard that many houses may happen it hard to warrant.

Invention in simple footings is geting at a new manner of making things. In an economic sense it would be a new technique which uses the same degree of inputs and produces a higher degree of end product thereby switching the production possibility frontier.

In the earlier paragraphs it was said that economic growing is when end product in the economic system increases. The consequence of invention is to increase productiveness and end product. Therefore doubtless there is a positive correlativity between invention and productiveness. For case if there was no invention, human existences would still populate in caves, rub wood to do fire and likely would run with old fashioned lances and arms. Invention in engineering and labor has made it possible to work the factors of production to acquire a higher degree of end product. For case with the coming of industrialisation end product and productiveness improved significantly to better the criterion of life of people in the industrialised economic systems. As economic systems evolve from agricultural based to industrialise to serve based industries, they do so by following advanced techniques.

The benefits of invention are manifold. Technological invention in recent times has been the most important factor in recent times to better end product and productiveness. For case, in the banking sector, earlier when 1 had to personally see the bank to retreat hard currency, reassign money between histories or pay measures, now with ATM machines, cyberspace banking the same procedure has become quicker, cheaper and bank staff can be utilized for other more sophisticated operations. Second, cyberspace has transformed the manner concern is being conducted. Many companies are set online to purchase and sell services, illustrations are e-bay, Amazon, lastminute.com that provide the cardinal services of purchasing virtually any merchandise without holding to go forth the comfort of one’s place and even better to acquire them delivered at no cost or a little sum. These were impossible developments. Products and services that are covered scope from simple merchandises like tooth brush toothpaste to more sophisticated merchandises like purchasing and selling portions and trading in other fiscal instruments.

This has all been made possible as a consequence of invention. Technological invention is merely one facet ; the drive force behind technological invention is that human development. Merely when human capableness and endowments are utilised and provided equal preparation that invention in other Fieldss is possible.

Department of Trade and Industry ( DTI ) in the UK have set up a web to advance and promote invention in companies in the UK. It is strongly believed that invention must be a cardinal policy issue for the authorities. It has been suggested that UK companies should be offered aid in puting in invention, paradigm and managing hazard.

From the predating paragraphs it can be said that productiveness is the index of economic growing and besides that an addition in productiveness can be brought about by increasing labour productiveness. Labour productiveness ensures that invention occurs on a uninterrupted footing. A survey published by the Economic and Social Research council indicated that there is a productiveness spread between the UK and European economic systems. This has been attributed to the fact that UK invests less, comparatively talking, in human capital than other prima economic systems. Furthermore, the spread in productiveness between US and UK exists due to different ways of working, how houses are organised and how they utilise engineering.

Invention in the economic system can be brought approximately by investing in Research and development activities. Research indicates that despite the fact that UK’s quality in scientific research is high, though there are troubles in change overing scientific accomplishment into productiveness. Academically, it is a known fact that research and development is of import non merely to introduce but besides to absorb inventions from elsewhere which would besides do it easier for engineering transportation. A cardinal point that must be highlighted that invention is non merely approximately technological development, it is besides reflected in the mode in which new thoughts are developed assimilated and used to heighten productiveness in the economic system.

( Beginning: ESRC Seminar Series, Maping the Public Policy Image, The UK’s productiveness spread )

The above graph indicates the productiveness spread between UK and other developed economic systems. In comparing it can be seen that UK ranks lowest. Despite the assorted statements for UK productiveness being slow and non at par with the remainder of the developed economic systems, it is of import to province that UK is on the right way of guaranting economic growing. It is much better to hold some signifier of funding instead than no support. A solution towards decreasing the productiveness spread can come about by the authorities holding a engineering policy which can understate the hazard and uncertainness posed by advanced activities.


From the predating paragraphs it can be concluded that invention and economic growing are strongly correlated. The cardinal thought is economic growing is of import for an economic system to last and prolong itself in the long tally. One of the ways of mensurating economic growing is to see the degree of labour productiveness. Innovation is making a new manner of making things which optimised the usage of resources and particularly labour. Since labour resources can introduce hence it is of import that there is investing in research and development in labor to optimize their public-service corporation. Whilst UK and other European states have been puting in human capital nevertheless research indicates that UK is comparatively speech production is behind many other developed states like US, Germany and France. Innovation helps the economic system move frontward and besides enables the economic system to absorb developments from other economic systems. Therefore, for economic growing to go on over a longer period of clip it is of import that authoritiess integrated invention as a major constituent in their economic policy. It achieves the major macroeconomic aims of take downing unemployment, along with micro aims of effectual and efficient allotment of resources. Invention should be encouraged. While certain steps have been taken in the UK by Department of Trade and Industry ; there is a demand for more investing. Thus in decision it can be said that invention and economic growing go manus in manus invention plays a important function in economic growing. Thus for economic growing to prolong and go on UK authorities has to take stronger steps to better productiveness and hence facilitate invention for economic growing.


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