What Is Impression Management Children And Young People Essay

In this chapter, we will be discoursing about the historical background of feeling direction, followed by the definition and range of feeling direction. There are different metaphors that used to depict people that use impression direction tactics. Harmonizing to Shakespeare ‘s As You Like It: “ All the universe is a phase, and all the work forces and adult females simply participants “ , he compares the the universe to a phase and life to a drama, literally means that our life is merely a play merely. However, Shakespeare merely interpreted it as a theatrical analogy but non a sociology theory.

The term was foremost adapted into sociology from the theater byA Erving Goffman, who developed most of the related nomenclature and thoughts in his 1959 book, A ” The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life ” .A Thus, the theatrical analogy was being transformed into dramatic art, a method of analysing societal interaction as if the participants were executing on a phase. DramaturgyA is aA sociologicalA position get downing fromA symbolic interactionism, and normally used in microsociologicalA histories of societal interaction in mundane life.

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Erving Goffman ( 1922-1982 ) , arguably the most original American theoretician of the 2nd half of the twentieth century, the metaphor of life as theatre is rich in significance. He saw all human interaction as, in some ways, really much like a expansive drama. He was non, nevertheless, as concerned with sweeping generalisations about the human status as he is much more concerned with the specifics of day-to-day life-the micro-level interactions between persons that, when taken together, represent the human experience. At this micro degree, he argues, the universe is much more like a phase than we normally realize.

Goffman stated that it is impossible to discourse people ‘s egos abstracted from their societal state of affairss. He writes,

“ This ego itself does non deduce from its owner, but from the whole scene of his action. . . this ego is a merchandise of a scene that comes away, and non a cause of it. The ego, so, as a performed character, is non an organic thing that has specific location. . . [ the person and his organic structure ] simply provide the nog on which something of collaborative industry will be hung for a clip. And the agencies for bring forthing and keeping egos do non shack inside the nog. ( Goffman, 1959, pp. 252-253 ) ”

Therefore, the cardinal unit of societal analysis is non the person but instead as the “ squad ” , which is responsible for the creative activity of perceptual experiences of world in societal set-tings. A people ‘s action is ever depending upon the state of affairs and the people, yet we could non truly observe or even happen out the deeper bosom of a individual.

While Goffman ( 1959 ) applied dramatic art as a tool for smooth interactions, the theory so changes into a more application signifiers. Some societal psychologists like Edward Jones labeled dramatic art as functioning more specific intents for feeling direction. Impression direction is instead a applied sociology theory that accent on the strategic such as deriving power and act uponing others. During the 1970s, the feeling direction position became really popular among laboratory-oriented experimental societal psychologists and in the mid 1980s, more organisational surveies emerged to utilize the feeling direction model. Most empirical surveies on feeling direction dressed ore on the situational or single factors that influence a certain feeling direction behavior or tactics that affect results like publicities, public presentation assessment evaluations, and calling success.

What is impression direction? Impression direction is defined as the procedure by which people attempt to act upon the images that others have of them ( Rosenfeld, Giacalone & A ; Riordan, 1995 ) .

Harmonizing to sociologist Erving Goffman, work forces and adult females are like histrions, which perform in forepart of everyone ( audience ) to pull their attentions.They use their experiences as a book, to cover with day-to-day activities. Normally a book contains of basic information that people stored in their head like the individuals involved, the state of affairss and the significance of a scene. Without a book, the state of affairs might go pandemonium, and the histrions ‘ behavious might go helter-skelter as well.When people engage in societal intereactions, it is known as public presentations. The public presentation consists of a combination of verbal and non verbal behavior, influenced by histrion ‘s interaction motivations. In the following chapter, we will be discoursing more about feeling direction behaviour.

Impression direction behavior

In this chapter, we will discourse about different types of feeling direction that exist, followed by Jones and Pittman ‘s ( 1982 ) feeling direction taxonomy.

Harmonizing to Leary and Kowalski ( 1990 ) there are two types of feeling direction behavior: verbal feeling direction behavior and non verbal feeling direction behaviour.Non verbal behavior contains looks like smiling, oscitances, and etc that can reflect the feeling of the histrions without the usage of words. Whereas for verbal feeling direction behavior, it is defined as the antonym of non verbal behavior because it involves the action of the histrions to act upon the others.

Verbal feeling direction can divide into 2 classs, self-asserting feeling direction and defensive feeling management.. Assertive feeling direction is a tactic that to uncover a favorable image on the other. It besides further divide into 2 sub-categories, that is other-focused ( doing certainly that the mark experience good about himself ) and self-focused ( aim to himself to do it seems that he has a possible accomplishment and posses a good qualities on others ) . For defensive feeling direction, it is largely used to mend or protect one ‘s image.

Jones and Pittman Taxonomy

E.E Jones was the first sociologist who investigate the societal behavior. He believed that the Ingratiation has the largest power to act upon other people in order to increase their attraction of themselves. Jones and Pittman subsequently developed another 4 categories of self-presentation schemes that will chiefly prosecute in our day-to-day life in order to act upon the others. There are: Bullying, Self-promotion, Exemplification and Supplication.


The most common and most studied feeling direction maneuver is insinuation. It is besides known as “ attractive force direction “ . Harmonizing to Jones, insinuation is a procedure where the ingratiator happen out what the audience finds attractive in an person and so supply it to them. It is widely used by everyone in our day-to-day activities.People engage in insinuation to heighten their ain existent power in a relationship. Ingratiation can be a successful manner of act uponing others if it is used sagely.


Peoples who engage in bullying attempt to derive societal power by being feared. The intimidator attempt to convert his mark that he is unsafe. By making so, he will derive regard from his marks. Intimidation is most likely to take topographic point in working field, household, school and etc.


Unlike insinuation who want to be liked, self promotion focus more on being competent.The histrion normally focus more on specific accomplishments that they have, such as playing a musical instrument to pull other people. The self-promoter wants to convert others and portray an image of competency among everyone.The purpose when utilizing this scheme is normally an immediate one such as acquiring admitted into university or acquiring a new occupation.


The ingratiator wants to be liked, the ego booster wants to be seen as competent, the intimidator wants to be feared, and the exemplifier wants to be admired and respected.He wants to be seen as disciplined and honest Normally the exemplifier ever come early at work or takes work place everyday.They want everyone knows that they work hard and prosecute in ego sacrifice.By making so, the others will experience guilty because they are non the same as the exemplifier. The mark will somehow back up the exemplifier by making the same thing Oklahoman or subsequently.


The last ego presentation scheme would be invocation. It is a scheme where person exploits their weaknesses.The supplicator tend to seek aid or understanding from others. Usually it is used by those disabled people, who cant perform day-to-day activities usually. Invocation is the antonym of ego publicity.

Based on day-to-day worlds, critically discourse how talks, parents, politicians and artistes engage in feeling direction.

In this chapter, we will discourse in inside informations about the inquiry of this assignment ( which is stated above ) .


As we mentioned in old chapters, everyone engage in feeling direction in their day-to-day lifes, particularly the artistes.There are three types of schemes artistes use to pull off their feelings, they are ingratiation, self publicity, and invocation.

Most of the artistes use insinuation maneuver to pull their fans. Artistes do it through do up, have oning provocative apparels, expensive jewelleries to portray a healthy expression. This gives a bogus image towards the populace on the attraction of the famous persons. For illustration, Nicole Kidman will non step out from her house without any do up. Imagine if the fans see their graven image ‘s existent expression without any brand up, they might experience surprise and defeated, and this might do them to back up another creative person alternatively of the original 1. That ‘s why we ever see the artistes in heavy make up or beautiful apparels, but ne’er see them in normal expressions.

Besides insinuation, artistes besides use self publicity scheme when prosecuting in feeling direction. Artistes do it by advancing themselves and portray an image of competency among them. This will demo the difference between the famous persons. They want the audience to acknowledge them for the accomplishments, non merely their physical visual aspect. For case, Tom Cruise is one of the most good known male histrion in Hollywood. He might non be every bit fine-looking as Brad Pitt, but his alone moving accomplishments made him as the best male histrion in the past 10 old ages. This proves that physical visual aspect is non the lone tool to last in the artistes ‘ universe, but besides the unique accomplishment that each creative person possesses.

In add-on, artistes besides use invocation scheme to pull off their feeling. As we all know, Michael Jackson was found addicted to drugs during the 1990s.He admitted taking Valium, Xanax and Ativan to cover with the emphasis of the kid sexual maltreatment allegations made against him, and analgesics really were prescribed to comfort tormenting hurting that he was enduring after recent rehabilitative surgery on his scalp. All the fans were shocked and upset when they found out about that. They ca n’t accept the fact that their graven image has been on drugs for so long. Some fans were defeated and refused to back up him any longer. However, he admitted the errors and acknowledge that should be punished. He pleaded the fans to forgive him for his cockamamie mistakes.In the terminal, the fans forgive him for drugs maltreatment and go on to back up him.If he did non apologise to his fans, the state of affairs might alter.


In this assignment, we have a clearer image about the background of feeling direction and the definition of it. We besides understand that there are different types of feeling direction schemes that we use in our day-to-day activities.

The chief intent for this assignment is to analyze about the different ways to prosecute in feeling direction by different persons with different functions. Artistes, politicians, talks, and parents are the marks for this assignment. By utilizing Jones and Pittman Taxonomy, we can understand how the marks manage their feelings in day-to-day activities. Different people will utilize different scheme to pull off their feeling, but their end is the same: attract attending.

To reason, feeling direction is really of import to all of us. We need it in our day-to-day activities. Everyone wants to do a good feeling when we are pass oning with other people. A good feeling is really of import because we will ne’er acquire a 2nd opportunity to do a first feeling.


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Parents normally are the 1 who holding most of the clip acquire in touch with their kids. Hence, it is non curious that parents normally use some sort of feeling direction on their kids. Children, on the other manus, will be influenced by their parents, in order to be disciplined or going a well-bred individual in the hereafter. Therefore, demoing that feeling direction is the of import portion in this field for educating kids.

Parents normally use 3 types of feeling direction on them, there are Ingratiation, Intimidation and Exemplification. In footings of Ingratiation, parents normally behave friendly in forepart of their kid. Even though they are working at outpost, go forthing them entirely or directing them to the guardinator to take good attention of their kid, they call them one time a hebdomad in order to acquire in touch with them, constructing a good resonance with them, no affair how far is it. Some parents even buy some stuff material to their childs as their compensation of clip. They shower their kids with love and harmoniousness, presenting them by taking them to fun-fair whenever they done something right or hiting a good consequences. Besides, when the kids feel unhappy to a certain sort of things, like experiencing non happy with their instructor in day-to-day school experiences, parents will go a good hearer, listen to their narrative or experiences and happen a solution for them. All in all, parents will be able to “ win ” their kids bosom, and in return, kids will handle his/her parents back nicely. Ingratiation shows that parents use their positive side of themselves to act upon the kids perceptual experience in the front phase.

The following feeling direction is Intimidation. This sort of feeling is merely regarded as the opposite action of the Ingratiation. As we known, Ingratiation is type of the feeling in order to acquire people attractiveness, whereas for Intimidation, it is sort of the feeling that make the environing feel chilling and unsafe. Parents besides utilizing this type of feeling towards their childs. Parents, normally father uses his air of authorization to educate their kids in those yearss and presents every bit good. This state of affairs has made the environing really chilling and kids will experience the sense of danger towards him. Consequently, kids dare non against to their parents in the hereafter. Even though when kids come to the rebellious phase, they besides dare non tone aloud against their parents. This seems much effectual than Ingratiation in order to educate their kids. Bullying shows that parents utilizing their negative side of themselves to influence/fear the kids in the front phase but at the back phase, they are really caring for their kids.

The undermentioned feeling direction is Exemplification. This is a sort of feeling that a individual sacrifices himself in order to act upon the other people so that the mark will experience guilty and tends to altering his/her bad behavior. This normally happen on parents in educating their kids as good. For case, when parents saw their kids throw trash in the populace without deliberately, they will pick up the trash and throw it into a proper thrash in forepart of their kids, or whenever the parents saw others making so, besides picking up the trash and throw it in a proper manner, in forepart of kids of class. This has made kids guilty that littering is a bad behavior and they start to alter themselves, by non reiterating the same error once more. This shows that parents puting a good illustration in forepart of their kids in order to instil a good morale values on them. In China, most parents are really hapless. They normally work as a husbandman and yet they want their kids to hold a farther surveies on overseas to acquire a proper grade. Therefore, in order to fund the instruction fees, they worked really difficult and even sell off their valuable things like the land or their house as good to allow their kids to analyze. This is besides a sort of feeling direction in parents prosecuting to their kids, giving themselves and doing their kids to experience guilty if they do non analyze hard to acquire a proper grade.


Impression direction refers to the single deliberately or accidentally influence and control others formed their ain feeling. Appropriate feeling direction helps persons and others to set up good interpersonal relationships, even pulling the attending of others, and so draw about the distance between. Therefore, if lecturer can hold on of learning feeling direction schemes, will assist to pull the attending of pupils and larning focused, straight or indirectly, to heighten the pupils ‘ larning motive and effectivity. Goffman said that “ Everyone has their ain public presentation to others ; everyone is ever seeking to maintain a proper feeling in societal contexts, in order to acquire a positive evaluation. Everyone has a set of face-saving or face – salvaging scheme that “ face work ” .

The feeling direction tactics of lector usage is insinuation, bullying and illustration. Ingratiation is the scheme usage to influence others, in order to increase their ain personal attraction. How do we take to demo ourselves, by increase our personal visual aspect? By apparels, darker apparels to convey authorization and igniter apparels is produce a friendly image. Make non have on the inordinate jewelry and open-toed places. Besides, most of the lector uses determining good instruction in order to heighten instructors ‘ societal position and importance enhance communicating between schools and parents. Lecturer emphasis the influence of their background behaviour, seek to understand pupil subcultures, set up a positive self-identity, in order to shorten the spacial distance between instructors and pupils. Lecturer unauthorised usage of insinuation schemes to heighten pupils ‘ involvement in larning, to make a sound and stable self-identity of pupils.

Bullying, the usage of coercion is to demo the behaviour itself is a unsafe adult male, and caused a atrocious feeling to others, to accept each other for fright of control, so as to accomplish their ain terminals. Most of lector given quizzes and pattern in the category to oversee pupils concentrate in category, understand pupils ‘ acquisition. Students feel afraid to take quizzes and pattern in the instance of an unpredictable. This state of affairs helps pupils to increase their concentration. For those their attending rate is lower than 80 % in each topic, scrutiny non let as their penalty. Students will go to their category and do non absence indiscriminately. For those who full attending, fillip Markss will give as their wagess.

Exemplification, theoretical account scheme usage refers to behavior for those who show outstanding moral behaviour, designed to entice followings model. The nucleus of the scheme is to do others hold with the behaviour, in order to win the regard of others, and to increase its ain influence to the exalted feeling of unity and behaviour. If lector is just and just, pupils were more likely to swear the instructors, actively take part in classs. “ Score is in your manus, nevertheless you decide, non for me to make up one’s mind ” , allow pupils cognize the mark in their custodies, and openness their consequence. Respect is of import, if instructors respect the pupils, the pupils besides felt earnestly under common regard with the instructors, the pupils learn the consequence will be better. Make non quibble over or any disdain and crumbs attitude, if you give him a face embarrassment, may be the following clip he non come to category any longer or kip at at that place, what of all time you talk, he non listen besides. If pupils can experience the enthusiasm and sense of duty of the instructor, pupils take the enterprise go to category and take portion of actively in category.

In decision, the instructor can straight or indirectly affect the pupils, but besides has the duty to do good net income to the hereafter with a assortment of ways to heighten pupils ‘ larning motive and effectivity. Therefore, as a instructor if the proper usage of feeling direction can advance human interaction of instructors and pupils to better the pupils ‘ attending and involvement of talks, with the love of larning contexts, and therefore efficaciously better larning results.


Make you of all time inquire yourself why the politician is ever full of cheers of support from the audiences in his or her political address? Recently in 6 November 2012 of the United States President Election, Barack Obama managed to win the election and be able to function for his state for four old ages more. It is partially due to the high support from the people of United States. However, we may detect that an election is ever full of political negotiations. Therefore, politician will take their chance to give their point of positions in order to acquire their supports and construct up their repute.

Without uncertainty, the phenomenon of dramatic art and the application of feeling direction can be easy seen in political relations. Many of the politicians have their ain household and of class they perform otherwise in different state of affairss. For illustration, a politician will execute as an ambitious and divine leader in forepart of the mass people. On the other manus, politicians will act to be average and aggressive to the member of the opposite party. Furthermore, they would non act what they are in politic towards their household members and their beloved. It is so obvious that the behaviours of politicians are dependent to the state of affairss, and the application of feeling direction is enormously of import to the politicians.

Most significantly, what schemes should politicians follow in prosecuting feeling direction?

First, most of the politicians use insinuation maneuver as their strategic in politic. The Tactic of “ insinuation ” is to do one politician more liked and attractive by the others. So politician will sometime happen out something that attract the people ‘s attending and supply them something that people truly want. They will be considered as lovingness, responsible and considerate. The intent of this tactics is to give the good feeling to the people and therefore the people will back up him as a politician. Dato ‘ SriA Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul RazakA ( born 23 July 1953 ) is aA MalaysianA politician who has been the sixthA Prime Minister of MalaysiaA since 2009. Recent clip, our Prime Minister Najib have set up many policies that benefit all Malaysian. As Malaysia is a multicultural state, 1Malaysia Political campaign was established by the Prime Minister on 16 September 2008. 1Malaysia Campaign put accent on cultural harmoniousness, national integrity, and efficient administration. Furthermore, Najib besides introduced the Government Transformation Program ( GTP ) to increase quality, accomplishment and transparence in public service and the authorities. Specific steps include the usage of Cardinal Performance Indicators to mensurate the public presentation of functionaries and bureaus and National Key Result Areas to specify ends for specific countries of public policy. Najib besides develop aA New Economic ModelA that will rush Malaysia ‘s passage to a high income state. The program will underscore ways to increase the income and productiveness of workers by promoting cognition industries and increasing investing from abroad.

Furthermore, politicians besides engage bullying tactic towards their political enemy such as the representative of opposite member, terrorists and others. Sometimes the politician stands their point of position really much and they hope that thing can treat harmonizing to what he says. So they will utilize this strategic to fear the people and therefore accomplishing what he want. It may be unusual to see in a democratic state because the politician will decidedly make n’t desire to lose his supports, but this can be widely seen in the some dictators of developing states such as the last dictator of Libya- Muammar Gaddafi. In some how they want to frighten the people from forestalling them to subvert his thought and regulation. One illustration that can explicate this maneuver is the celebrated Munich Agreement that happened in 30 September 1938. Munich Agreement, A ( September 30, 1938 ) , colony reached byA Germany, GreatA Britain, A France, andA ItalyA that permitted German appropriation of the SudetenlandA in westernA Czechoslovakia.A As Hitler continued to do inflammatory addresss demanding that Germans in Czechoslovakia be reunited with their fatherland, war seemed at hand. Neither France nor Britain felt prepared to support Czechoslovakia, nevertheless, and both were dying to avoid a military confrontation with Germany at about any cost. With tonss of attempt, the Britain and France were able to carry Hitler to hold a meeting. However, Two Czech representatives were merely allowed to sit in the room following door. Afterward, Czechoslovakia was informed by Britain and France that it could either defy Germany entirely or subject to the prescribed appropriations. Finally, the German ground forces was able to suppress Czech without holding a war. It is clear to demo that Hitler applied tactic of bullying and ferocious feeling towards his enemies made him able to accomplish his end.

Furthermore, self-promotion is critical for politician because they want to demo the capableness in making this. From this, they will acquire support and so go on in doing part to the society. During the election, we can ever see many politicians go to their election country to agitate manus with the electors and even giving a political address. The chief intent of these moves is to advance oneself and derive ballot from the people. One of the illustrations of this feeling direction is the fireside confabs of Former PresidentA Franklin Roosevelt. They were called fireside confabs because hearth confabs because when you chat by the fire, you feel unagitated and relaxed, merely like what the fireside confabs were intended to be like. Peoples could sit at place and listen to the president speak.A President Roosevelt talked the state on the wireless about assorted issues during his presidential term. On that clip, fireside confabs were broadcast every Sunday dark. He spoke of programs such as making occupations for the unemployed. He gave hope when people needed hope.A Consequently, he gained great support from the people of The United States that made him elected more than two times.

Self presentation/ Showing the Self

In self presentation, we are the histrions and the others are the audience and frailty versa on other people perceptual experience. By and large, all of us will seek to expose the positive side of us and conceal the bad images of us. This can be chiefly seen in our day-to-day life experience. For case, we would dress up nicely when we dating with person else, express joying with other people although it was a bad gag, and seek to feign a good hearer although cognizing that it was a deadening narrative. So, merely inquire ourselves, does this scenario has destroy our true individuality on feigning the others although cognizing that something is non traveling good. The reply is NO because all of us are using the Goffman ‘s rule of function distance, the separation of outward public presentation every bit good as inward public presentations. Therefore, we may externally execute a nice, smiling face but inside scolding and cussing them alternatively. Outward public presentation is similar to the histrion does onstage and the inward feeling is comparable to what the histrion does on the wing. Goffman hence uses this phases to his theory in analyzing the self-presentation, spliting into frontstage and wing. In front phase, people present their egos in ways expected for the others, like audience. On the other manus ( wing ) , starts to uncover their true individuality, demoing no concern for the audience. Frontstage public presentation is non necessary consider as dishonest or doing sap on the others ( audience ) , but it can be execute better if we apply the Jones and Pittman Taxonomy on the forepart phase and hide our true individuality in the back phase in our day-to-day, it can seems much interesting in order can act upon other people perceptual experience as good.

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