What Is Enterprise Application Integration Information Technology Essay

We are populating in a universe of rapid technological alteration. Organizations are demanding more functionality from incorporate applications ; new calculating techniques to recycle and repurpose bequest informations, and quicker deployment of engineering to accommodate quickly altering constructions and concern focal point. And some of these drivers really contain contradictions which must be simpler, but it has to be compliant with a raft of complex demands ; organisations want it rapidly. They want it designed to run into the hereafter to be competitory in the market, but with taking into consideration valuable informations that have been accumulated in the yesteryear. Some basically new ways of believing about engineering are emerging to pull off this complex set of demands utilizing bing engineerings but seting them together rather otherwise. There is a high competition between organisations worldwide, engineering and concern procedure together must be integrated so as to vie in such a market. ( Thomas Gulledge, 2006 )

This paper will discourse the difference between Enterprise Application Integration and Service Oriented Architecture. And will clear up many misconceptions between them. This paper is compromised of three chief subdivisions. The first subdivision gives an overview of endeavor application integrating. The 2nd subdivision gives an overview on service oriented architecture and web-services. Finally the last subdivision discoursing the relationship between endeavor application integrating and service oriented architecture.

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Enterprise Application Integration ( EAI ) :

What is EAI?

Supply concatenation direction applications ( for pull offing stock list and transportation ) , client relationship direction applications ( for pull offing current and possible clients ) , concern intelligence applications ( for happening forms from bing informations from operations ) , and other types of applications ( for pull offing informations such as human resources informations, wellness attention, internal communications, etc ) typically can non pass on with one another in order to portion informations or concern regulations throughout a company. Enterprise application integrating ( EAI ) is the procedure of associating such applications within a individual organisation together in order to simplify and automatize concern procedures to the greatest extent possible, while at the same clip avoiding holding to do sweeping alterations to the bing applications or informations constructions ( Wilfried Limahieu, et al. , 2003 ) .

Enterprise application integrating ( EAI ) is defined by Linthicum ( 1999 ) “ EAI is the unrestricted sharing of informations and concern procedures among any connected applications and informations beginning in the endeavor ” , However research workers have different position on specifying it as some suggested inter-organizational Application Integration as the highest degree of EAI and others suggested it as a portion of external and internal Application Integration, so It can be considered as two types intra and inter-organizational AI. It is considered as a model that is formed of a aggregation of engineerings and services organizing a middleware leting the integrating of different systems across the endeavor such as bequest systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and best-of-breed concern. It is considered as a concern calculating term for the programs, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and organizing the computing machine applications in an endeavor ( Bouchaib Bahli and Fei Ji, 2007 ) . It normally comes in the signifier of middleware linking such sort of applications that are normally running on different systems and databases doing a trouble of pass oning and sharing information within the endeavor. One big challenge of EAI is that the assorted systems that need to be linked together frequently reside on different runing systems, use different database solutions and different computing machine linguistic communications, and in some instances are legacy systems that are no longer supported by the seller who originally created them ( Mrinos Themistocleous, et al. , 2001 )

EAI utilizations and intents:

EAI serves different intents throughout an endeavor that allows organisations to be more flexible and antiphonal to market demands bettering their efficiency, some of these utilizations are data integrating, seller independency and common frontage. ( Mrinos Themistocleous, et al. , 2001 )

2.2.1. Data integrating:

Data Integration is besides good known as Enterprise Information Integration ( EII ) which is considered as the integrating of information used for sing all the informations within the organisation and stand foring them. Its end is to acquire informations from assorted informations beginnings to look to a system user as a individual incorporate informations beginning. It ensures that information in multiple systems is unbroken consistent. It works by supplying homogeneous informations representations to a scope of broad information beginnings, By supplying a ‘front terminal ‘ tool by which users can entree informations from many different databases, the package can greatly increase the efficiency of concern procedures that rely on these disparate databases.

2.2.2. Procedure Integration:

Full benefit will be extracted from computing machine systems, merely by doing resources available to every individual procedure and user within an endeavor. Unfortunately, the development of section specific systems has encouraged applications going more stray and available merely to a little part of the endeavor ; this sort of isolation is called ‘islands of mechanization ‘ .

EAI package offers the chance to do a connexion and taking the spread between these applications. Whereas information integrating standardizes informations across an endeavor, procedure integrating standardizes entree to the engineering and resources. It is eventually considered as the linking of concern procedures across applications.

2.2.3 Vendor independency:

As mentioned EAI package is designed for leting integrating of new applications. By pull outing regulations and concern policies from current informations and applications and implementing them in the EAI system, it becomes possible to use these regulations to new applications added in the hereafter with small break, that even if one of the concern applications is replaced with a different seller ‘s application, the concern regulations do non hold to be re-implemented.

2.2.4 Common frontage:

An EAI system offers a complete front-end solution, a front-end for a bunch of applications, supplying a individual consistent entree interface to these applications. Single interface helps in cut downing the complexness of many concern procedures throughout and enterprise, Furthermore will take the necessity of developing users to run a scope of different applications, so a little basic preparation can be sufficient for leting users to run the EAI interface in a professional mode.

Barriers to effectual EAI and execution booby traps:

EAI undertakings suffers from a about 70 % of failure. These failures was non due to a package job nor a proficient one, nevertheless about were due to direction issues. Harmonizing to EAI Industry Consortium workshop there are seven chief booby traps that were taken by companies utilizing EAI systems explicating solutions to each job. ( Gian Trotta, ebizQ, 2003 ; Marinos Themistocleous, 2004 )

Change is changeless:

EAI require alterations often in different constituents, distributing across value ironss into companies as an incorporate concern procedure. Budgeting in the terminal of a peculiar undertaking gets companies into problem when service degree and many demands increase after deployment, that ‘s the ground companies should make a station undertaking investing that allows more than for basic care.

EAI accomplishments are rare:

The market suffers from a deficiency in individuals that have accomplishments sing EAI complex analogue processing and information combinations which can deflect coders and other staff who are used to a consecutive line attack. Furthermore organisations that prefer the 3rd party vendor path must be cognizant of its drawbacks. In add-on, local linguistic communication, Knowledge transportation and issue eventualities should be considered.

Standards are ne’er cosmopolitan:

Sometimes sellers deviate from inconsistent specifications and from different criterions organic structures such as those for Web services. On top of that, these criterions organic structures frequently have rather a heavy engagement from sellers, and sellers might be make up one’s minding to prosecute their ain dockets. Since criterions ca n’t vouch interoperability, companies should budget for proving and proof, though trusting on criterions.

Thinking of EAI as a tool as opposed to a system:

Other critical organisational issue which was non realized boulder clay companies experienced it was a failure to recognize that EAI can sometimes be hard to command and sometimes affects other undertakings and service degrees throughout and beyond the endeavor. It requires a set of tools and some processs to cover with things such as security, capacity, alteration direction and monitoring. Here comes functions and duties, in which concern analysts are responsible for specifying the flows, IT people are the 1s responsible for the existent executing and EAI decision makers who interface with both concern and IT staff, and eventually Competence Centers are extremely recommended.

Treating interfaces as a scientific discipline as opposed to an art:

IT staff prefers work outing jobs utilizing analytic solutions and inaccurate definitions to work out concern unit demands ; nevertheless EAI is about associating those concern constituents together while keeping the value of concern informations. That ‘s the ground why edifice some sort of dialogue procedure that everybody agrees with would be a asset. That will assist in deciding issues with the concern sections. Without taking that into history clip will be lost, deadlines will be exceeded and eventually the service delivered will miss in quality sing concern demands.

Discarding inside informations along the manner:

Within an organisation as its EAI system expands, information that may look unimportant today may go of import. As an illustration operational demands frequently differ beyond the undertaking development phase. Keeping a record of definitions, constructions, interfaces and flows, and garnering statistics would diminish tonss of attempt subsequently on when it is needed. Companies must look at such sort of information at a much higher degree, that one twenty-four hours they might necessitate it. EAI execution should be extensile and modular to be flexible for future alterations.

Ill-defined answerability and protectionism:

Tonss of companies suffers from ill-defined answerability as concern driven integrating has a demand to traverse corporate boundaries, engage spouses, and even touch clients. As an illustration when there is a run clip issue, it has to be addressed in some sort of co-ordinated manner uniting both concern and IT skills. Furthermore applications whose informations is being integrated sometimes belong to different sections that have cultural, proficient and political grounds for forestalling their informations to be shared with other sections. It makes it so hard sing internal corporate political relations which could take months seeking to decide simple inquiries like “ Where does the aid desk study? ”

Benefits and advantages of EAI:

Imagine a company holding many systems each functioning a certain section and non connected nor integrated together, such a company will fall apart and will non be able to vie in the concern any more as deficiency of communicating leads to inefficiencies, EAI is the soluble gum needed for modular relationships that allow organisations to be flexible and antiphonal to market demands, that ‘s the ground an integrating is required ( Thomas Pushmann and Rainer Alt, 2004 ) .

EAI benefits can be categorized into four groups operational, managerial, strategic, and proficient. The operational benefit is that it increases productiveness, improves be aftering in supply concatenation direction and speedy response to alter. Switching to the managerial benefit it consequences into more organized concern procedure, increases the public presentation, improves informations quality, and supports determination devising. EAI strategic benefit would be that it increases coaction between spouses, achieves return on investing ( ROI ) and client satisfaction. And eventually the Forth and last class which is the proficient benefits in which it reduces the redundancy of undertakings and informations, holding an incorporate procedure, increases flexibleness, and reduces development hazards. It besides allows organisations to make concern more efficaciously. ( Marinos Themistocleous, 2004 )

It allows diverse systems to link with one another rapidly to portion informations, communicate, and processes the information silos that plague many concerns. EAI solutions provide a manner to link the systems of confederates, spouses, and others for every bit long as necessary, uncoupling when the relationship ends. EAI is the soluble gum for the modular corporation. It non merely integrate assorted endeavor applications it besides provides better clients and supplier services applications, and assistance in advancing organisational ends. There are many cited advantages of implementing EAI, including an increased operational public presentation, a higher client satisfaction. Furthermore, EAI is non merely about an ad hoc response to concern demands, but besides about deriving competitory advantage and strategic usage of information engineering ( Themistocleous and Irani,

2002 ) .

Finally EAI is the unrestricted sharing of informations and concern procedures throughout the networked applications or informations beginnings in an organisation. It provides existent clip information entree among systems, helps raise organisational efficiency, and maintains information unity across multiple systems. It is facilitates the integrating jobs that ERP systems failed to work out and facilitates market and economical growing. ( Bouchaib Bahli and Fei Ji, 2007 )

Drawbacks and disadvantages of EAI:

However, given all the benefits of EAI, many companies hesitate to follow

EAI engineering. High initial development costs, particularly for little and mid-sized concerns, require a just sum of up front concern design, which many directors are non able to visualize or non willing to put in.

One drawback of EAI is that the assorted systems that need to be linked together frequently reside on different runing systems, use different database solutions and different computing machine linguistic communications, and sometimes there are legacy systems that are outdated and no longer supported by the seller. In some instances, such systems are dubbed because they consist of constituents that have been jammed together in a manner that makes it really hard to modify them in any manner. In add-on that EAI costs a batch, it introduces alterations to organisations and the manner of making their concern. Furthermore it is more likely to be implemented in big organisations than in companies. Finally most EAI undertakings normally start off every bit point to indicate attempts, rapidly going unwieldy as the figure of applications addition. . ( Marinos Themistocleous, 2004 ) .

Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) :

.What is SOA? :

Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) can be decomposed as follows ; an architecture manner as a combination of typical characteristics in which architecture is performed, back uping service orientation which is a manner of believing in footings of services and its results. In which a service in SOA is a reclaimable constituent for utilizing in a concern procedure, it is a logical representation of a quotable concern activity that has a specified result and may be composed of other services. ( Mark Colan, 2004 ; Barbara Reed, 2008 )

SOA is defined otherwise, nevertheless the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards ( OASIS ) an IT industry criterions organic structure defined as follows: ” A paradigm for forming and utilizing distributed capablenesss that may be under the control of different ownership spheres. It provides a unvarying means to offer, discover, interact with and utilize capablenesss to bring forth coveted effects consistent with mensurable stipulations and outlooks ” . Others defined SOA as “ An architectural design rule that describes a set of guidelines, rules and techniques by which concern procedures, information and engineering assets can be efficaciously ( rhenium ) organized and ( rhenium ) deployed to back up and enable strategic programs and productiveness degrees that are required by competitory concern environments. ( Rense M. Balk, 2006,2008 ) .

It is a set of design rules used during the stages of systems development and integrating in calculating. A system that is a SOA based will be integrated and can be used within multiple systems across many concern spheres. It is considered as a type of architecture that integrates different disparate applications for a web based environment utilizing multiple execution platforms. Service-orientation requires loose yoke of services with runing systems, and other engineerings that underlie applications. SOA separates maps into distinguishable units, or services, which developers make accessible over a web in order to let users to unite and recycle them in the production of applications. It is an architectural construct in which all maps, or services, are defined utilizing a description linguistic communication normally Extensible Markup Language ( XML ) and where their interfaces are ascertainable over a web. The interface is defined in a impersonal mode that is independent of the hardware platform, the operating system, and the scheduling linguistic communication in which the service is implemented. These services communicate together utilizing loose matching without set uping other 1s. ( Jean-Louis Marechaux,2006 )

Properties and rules of a Service Oriented Architecture:

A Service Oriented Architecture is a manner of architecture that embodies the undermentioned rules and elements:

Servicess loose yoke:

Servicess should be able to interact without the demand for tight dependences, in which a service petitioner should be slackly coupled to a service supplier. This means that the service petitioner has no cognition of the proficient inside informations of the supplier ‘s execution, such as the scheduling linguistic communication and deployment platform. The service petitioner operates by directing a petition message and a response one. The loose yoke allows the internal construction of petitioner or supplier constituents to alter, without impacting the other, provided that the message scheme stays the same. ( Sefan Linders, 2008 ; Mark Colan 2004 ; Rense M. Balk, 2006-2008 )

Servicess are independent:

Servicess have control over the logic they encapsulate and do non depend on other services. Leting the service to take attention of its processing doing it independent from other 1s. Service liberty is a primary consideration when make up one’s minding how application logic should be divided up into services ( Rense M. Balk, 2006-2008 ; Sefan Linders, 2008 )


Standardized and chiseled Service Contract:

Servicess adhere to a communications understanding, as defined jointly by one or more service-description paperss it provides information on the service terminal point, the operations of the service, and the messages supported by each operation. This information is needed for a service petitioner to link to a service supplier and invoke the service. A service should hold a chiseled interface that is mentioned and described in a service contract or its service definition. ( Sefan Linders, 2008 ; Rense M. Balk, 2006-2008 )

Servicess internal construction is hidden:

The lone portion of a service that is seeable to the users is what is merely needed. The underlying logic of the service is unseeable and irrelevant to service petitioners. Components utilizing the service should non cognize or care about the execution logic of a service, but merely desire the expected consequence to be returned. ( Sefan Linders, 2008 )

SOA Requirements:

In order to expeditiously utilize a Service Oriented Architecture and to get the better of jobs, the architecture must run into the undermentioned demands: ( Edward Tuggle, Jr. , et al,2003 )

Analyzing and sing the bing assets. Some times the bing systems are wholly neglected ; nevertheless it still has a great value. Existing system must be integrated and taken into consideration, in which overtime they will be replaced

Support all required types of integrating including User Interaction supplying a individual and synergistic user experience, Application Connectivity easing communications, Information Integration for sharing endeavor informations, being able to add new applications and services, and Process Integration.

Interoperability among different systems and programming linguistic communications that provides the footing for integrating between applications on different platforms through a communicating protocol.

Leting the execution of new calculating theoretical accounts such as Grid calculating and on-demand computer science.

Leting the migration of assets and incremental executions for the production of incremental ROI. Lots of integrating undertakings have failed due to be and unwieldy execution agendas.

Include a development environment that will be built around a standard constituent model, promote better reuse of faculties and systems, let bequest assets to be migrated to the model, and let for the timely execution of new engineerings.

Understanding web services:

A misconception is that web services is a equivalent word of SOA ; nevertheless web services are based on unfastened criterions that are independent from any execution platform, it is a set of engineerings including The Simple Object Access Protocol ( SOAP ) , The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration ( UDDI ) and Extensile Markup Language ( XML ) ( Mark Colan, 2004 ) . A suited engineering is needed for the execution of a SOA that can back up the rules of service-orientation and there is no engineering has been more suited and successful in implementing SOA than web services. Other engineerings can be employed as good for implementing an SOA, All major seller platforms presently support the creative activity of service-oriented solutions with the apprehension that the SOA support provided is based on the usage of web services. The web services model consists of a aggregation of engineerings that apply to the usage of services. ( A.D. Phippen, et al.,2004 ; Sefan Linders, 2008 ) . SOA presents the large image of what can be made with Web services. Web services specifications define the inside informations needed to implement services and interact with them ( Mark Colan, 2004 ) .

In a web service attack, each SOA block can play one or both of two regulations a service supplier which creates a web service and perchance print its interface and entree information to the service register. Second a service consumer or web service client which locates entries in the agent register utilizing assorted find operations and so binds to the service supplier in order to raise one of its web services ( Edward Tuggle, Jr. et al. , 2003 )

SOA Benefits:

A inquiry may originate for the ground of utilizing SOA? Some of the cardinal benefits are as follows:

3.5.1. Reusability:

The rules that were discussed thrust the chances for reuse of services. As an illustration liberty and loose yoke of services consequences in independence of services, this broadens the pertinence of its reclaimable functionality ; concealing underlying logic adapts reusability, because service petitioners are presented a generic public interface ; A chiseled service promotes reuse besides, because it allows service requestors to seek and detect reclaimable services.Service orientation promotes the design of reclaimable services ; Making a library of services that support reuse, provides increased chances for leveraging bing application logic. When new application logic is built, the clip for planing, developing, proving, and deploying the application can be reduced when the needed logic is available in bing services, enabling composing of services, instead than developing all application logic from abrasion ( Sefan Linders, 2008 ) .

Efficient integrating:

Using communicating criterions such as web services on the design of services it can ensue in the creative activity of solutions that consist of inherently interoperable services in which the functionality of services becomes independent of the execution platform. Meaning that services can pass on utilizing the same protocol even though it resides on different platforms. Theoretically, when all services are designed harmonizing to the same criterions, an entree to any service is applicable from a service petitioner from any device, utilizing any operating system, in any programming linguistic communication. When application logic is represented by standardised services, making interaction between them requires less attempt since the communicating returns utilizing the same protocol. SOA can therefore significantly cut down the attempts of application integrating over other methods. The benefit of interoperability does non merely use to services that are built from abrasion, but besides applies to legacy systems ( Apostolos Malatras, et Al. 2008 ; Sefan Linders, 2008 ) .

Agility and adaptability:

Agility of an organisation is the velocity to which an organisation copes to alterations in an environment. Through the chances for both reusability and integrating, SOA can increase the ability of the organisation to get by with alterations. Agility of an organisation depends in portion on the legerity of the application logic that supports the concern procedures of the organisation. An IT environment that is standardized, interoperable and reclaimable services establishes a more adaptative organisation, in which mechanization solutions can be delivered faster, with less attempt involved ( Sefan Linders, 2008 ) .

EAI and SOA Relationship:

4.1. Development or revolution:

Some misbelieves is that EAI is a thing of past and SOA is the new thing that is replacing it, this is merely like if a individual says “ transit is a thing of past now route is here ” . SOA is more like EAI than a batch of package sellers would hold believe. In fact, in many sellers ‘ offerings, particularly the 1s labeled ESB ( Enterprise Service Bus ) have changed really small from their EAI roots. Simply adding web services support to a merchandise that already supports multiple protocols is non a extremist betterment. SOA most likely includes messaging peculiarly for bequest integrating. EAI besides implements loose matching though message waiting lines and or publish subscribe messaging ( Greg Deller, 2008 ) .

Many of the best patterns of EAI apply straight to SOA. EAI construct of interfaces is a message publishing house and endorser. There are four types of EAI where integrating undertakings fall ; information portals, informations reproduction, shared concern map and service-oriented architecture ; in which when there are plenty utile services available in a company, new applications can be built by recycling already bing services merely ( Robert Thullner, 2008 ; P. Joshi, H.Singh and A.D. Phippen 2004 ) .

Companies that were making a good occupation with EAI will hold an easier clip with SOA. They have untangled the spaghetti bowl of interfaces and now service enabling them will be much simpler. Those who struggled or failed with EAI now have another opportunity with our freshly relabeled engineering. But merely slapping a web service in forepart of a tangle of interfaces and decennaries worth of dirty informations will non recognize the promise of SOA. There is still a batch of heavy lifting to make and a demand for a well defined attack and a set of best patterns. ( Robert Thullner, 2008 )

A SOA web services and EAI:

An premise that web services are the tools for edifice EAI could be made.. Integration can be done with web services, but it is a really heavyweight attack. There are many criterions that is developed which should construct the basis for a widespread credence and use of web services. The criterions are UDDI for the register constituent, WSDL for depicting interfaces of services, and SOAP protocol communicating between services. Many other criterions have been developed around these rules back uping web services growing, they are normally referred as WS- criterions. A WS- criterion could be messaging ( SOAP, WS-Addressing ) , description and find ( UDDI, WSDL ) , dependability ( WSReliable Messaging ) , minutess ( WS Coordination ) , security ( WS-Security ) , concern procedures ( BPEL ) and direction ( WSManageability ) . Those WS-* criterions would cover all subjects which are needed for an EAI solution, BPEL can be used to construct concern procedures and for direction of the EAI solution direction criterions can be used. SOAP can be used for messaging and can be extended by WS-Reliably Messaging to guarantee that a message gets delivered. Web services criterions are all based on XML and when implementing an EAI solution a batch of XML constellation files have to be written to acquire a on the job solution. The three chief criterions SOAP, WSDL and UDDI have been accepted by all sellers. All other criterions have been developed to work out a particular job in the web services sphere. Equally shortly as criterions are loosely accepted by all major sellers of EAI solutions the web service engineering can be a sensible and effectual attack for EAI solutions ( Greg Deller, 2008 ; Robert Thullner, 2008 ) .

Research Gap:

While traveling through the literature there are to many restrictions and spreads. This is chiefly because researches do non concentrate on EAI and SOA, in which there are tonss of misconceptions present due to the deficiency of research on them.

Some of the restrictions are that SOA is a confusing term to directors, because engineers do non portion a common apprehension of service-oriented constructs. If engineers present the constructs from different positions, so confusion persists. In fact, SOA is non good understood by directors, and the concern benefits are even less understood. For that ground, companies are easy puting in SOA mitigating hazard through pilot undertakings and being really cautious. Furthermore experience in SOA and EAI is rare and as a consequence the academic research on them. Furthermore harmonizing to Sefan Linders ( 2008 ) , none of the identified benefits of SOA were based on empirical findings.


In this paper, we examined the difference between endeavor application integrating and service oriented architecture. In the first subdivision of the paper, Enterprise application integrating is by and large discussed with its benefits, drawbacks to an organisation, and its barriers including the rare accomplishments and thought of EAI as a tool opposed to a system. In the 2nd subdivision service oriented architecture was examined discoursing its rules and demands for forestalling future jobs. Afterwards the construct of web services was explained followed by SOA benefits. Finally the relationship between both EAI and SOA was discussed explicating how can both work together.

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