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This paper foremost gives a briefA ideaA about Use of Solar & A ; other Alternative Energy Sources for smart grid. This paper foremost gives an thought behind grid & A ; smart grid. It besides includes features of smart grid, history of smart grid, smart grid map & A ; types of engineering in usage for smart grid. It besides includes thought about smart energy metres, moreover it besides shows about governmental policies sing smart metre. This paper besides gives a brief thought sing future range of smart grid in India. Which shows why India needs smart grid? It besides includes end, range & A ; advantages of smart grid over normal grid.

What is a Smart Grid?

An energy grid that uses beforehand digital engineerings, which will increase the energy dependability, salvage energy and cost, and will let greater consumer engagement. The grid will alter from its present centralized theoretical account to decentralized theoretical account in which consumer can be energy receiving system, provider, and producer.A Smart Grid is an umbrella term, which is used for combination of engineerings, attacks, and procedures. Harmonizing to Department of Energy ( DOE ) , USA, the grid will hold following features: –

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features of a smart grid:

“ Informed, involved, and active consumers – demand response and distributed energy resources. ”

“ Many distributed energy resources with plug-and-play convenience focal point on renewable ”

“ Mature, well-integrated wholesale markets, growing of new electricity markets for consumers ”

“ Power quality is a precedence with a assortment of quality/price options – rapid declaration of issues ”

“ Greatly expanded informations acquisition of grid parametric quantities – focal point on bar, minimising impact to consumers ”

“ Automatically detects and responds to jobs – focal point on bar, minimising impact to consumer ”

“ Resilient to assail and natural catastrophes with rapid Restoration capablenesss ” . A

Smart Grid Functions

Before analyzing peculiar engineerings, a proposal can be understood in footings of what it is being required to make. The authoritiess and public-service corporations funding development of grid modernisation have defined the maps required for smart grids.

Motivate consumers to actively take part in operations of the grid

Resist onslaught

Supply higher quality power that will salvage money wasted from outages

Accommodate all coevals and storage options

Enable electricity markets to boom

Run more expeditiously


Existing and planned executions of smart grids provide a broad scope of characteristics to execute the needed maps.

Load accommodation

The entire burden connected to the power grid can change significantly over clip. Although the entire burden is the amount of many single picks of the clients, the overall burden is non a stable, slow varying, mean power ingestion. Imagine the increase of the burden if a popular telecasting plan starts and 1000000s of telecastings will pull current immediately. Traditionally, to react to a rapid addition in power ingestion, faster than the start-up clip of a big generator, some trim generators are put on a dissipative standby manner. A smart grid may warn all single telecasting sets, or another larger client, to cut down the burden temporarily ( to let clip to get down up a larger generator ) or continuously ( in the instance of limited resources ) . Using mathematical anticipation algorithms it is possible to foretell how many standby generators need to be used, to make a certain failure rate. In the traditional grid, the failure rate can merely be reduced at the cost of more standby generators. In a smart grid, the burden decrease by even a little part of the clients may extinguish the job.

Demand response support

Demand response support allows generators and tonss to interact in an machine-controlled manner in existent clip, organizing demand to flatten spikes. Extinguishing the fraction of demand that occurs in these spikes eliminates the cost of adding modesty generators, cuts wear & amp ; tear and extends the life of equipment, and allows users to cut their energy measures by stating low precedence devices to utilize energy merely when it is inexpensive.

Greater resiliency to lading

Although multiple paths are touted as a characteristic of the smart grid, the old grid besides featured multiple paths. Initial power lines in the grid were built utilizing a radial theoretical account, subsequently connectivity was guaranteed via multiple paths, referred to as a web construction. However, this created a new job: if the current flow or related effects across the web exceed the bounds of any peculiar web component, it could neglect, and the current would be shunted to other web elements, which finally may neglect besides, doing a Domino consequence.

Decentralization of power coevals

Another component of mistake tolerance of smart grids is decentralised power coevals. Distributed coevals allows single consumers to bring forth power onsite, utilizing whatever coevals method they find appropriate. This allows single tonss to orient their coevals straight to their burden, doing them independent from grid power failures. Authoritative grids were designed for one-way flow of electricity, but if a local sub-network generates more power than it is devouring, the contrary flow can raise safety and dependability issues. A smart grid can pull off these state of affairss.

off-peak clip the monetary value is reduced significantly, chiefly for heating storage radiators or heat pumps with a high thermic mass, but besides for domestic contraptions. This thought will be farther explored in a smart grid, where the monetary value could be altering in seconds and electric equipment is given methods to respond on that. Besides, personal

Monetary value signaling to consumers

In many states, including Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, the electric public-service corporations have installed dual electricity metre in many places to promote people to utilize their electric power during dark clip or weekends, when the overall demand from industry is really low. During penchants of clients, for illustration to utilize merely green energy, can be incorporated in such a power grid.

Above diagram shows the working difference between Normal Grid and Smart Grid.

The majority of smart grid engineerings are already used in other applications such as


Fabrication and Telecommunications and are being adapted for usage in grid operations. In general, smart grid engineering can be grouped into five cardinal countries:

Integrated communications

Some communications are up to day of the month, but are non unvarying because they have been developed in an incremental manner and non to the full integrated. In most instances, informations is being collected via modem instead than direct web connexion. Areas for betterment include: substation mechanization, demand response, distribution mechanization, supervisory control and informations acquisition.energy direction systems, wireless mesh webs and other engineerings, power-line bearer communications, and fiber-optics. Integrated communications will let for real-time control, information and information exchange to optimise system dependability, plus use, and security.

Feeling and measuring

Core responsibilities are measuring congestion and grid stableness, supervising equipment wellness, energy larceny bar, and control schemes support. Technologies include: advanced microprocessor metres ( smart metre ) and meter reading equipment, wide-area monitoring systems, dynamic line evaluation ( typically based on on-line readings by distributed temperature feeling combined with existent clip thermic evaluation systems ) , electromagnetic signature measurement/analysis, time-of-use and real-time pricing tools, advanced switches and overseas telegrams, backscatter wireless engineering, and digital relays.

Smart metres

A smart grid replaces analog mechanical metres with digital metres that record

Use in existent clip. Smart metres are similar to advanced metres and supply a communicating way widening from coevals workss to electrical mercantile establishments and other smart grid-enabled devices. By client option, such devices can close down during times of peak demand.

High velocity detectors called PMUs distributed throughout their web can be used to supervise

Phasor measurement units

Power quality and in some instances respond automatically to them. Phasors are representations of the wave forms of jumping current, which ideally in real-time, are indistinguishable everyplace on the web and conform to the most desirable form.

Why India needs a Smarter GridA

With such tremendous lacks in basic substructure, why would India desire to see puting in smart grid engineerings? Ultimately for India to go on along its way of aggressive economic growing, it needs to construct a modern, intelligent grid. It is merely with a dependable, financially unafraid Smart Grid that India can supply a stable environment for investings in electric substructure, a requirement to repairing the cardinal jobs with the grid. Without this, India will non be able to maintain gait with the turning electricity demands of its basis industries, and will neglect to make an environment for growing of its high tech and telecommunications sectors.

Recent grid developments

The Indian National Government, in cooperation with the State Energy Board, put forward a route to betterment when it announced the new Electricity Act of 2003, aimed at reforming electricity Torahs and conveying back foreign investing. The act had several of import steps:

Unbundling the State Electricity Board ‘s assets into separate entities for coevals, transmittal, and distribution, with the purpose of eventual denationalization

Adding capacity in support of a jutting energy usage growing rate of A 12 % , co-occuring with a GDP growing rate of approximately 8 %

i‚·A A A A A A A A bettering metering efficiency

i‚·A A A A A A A A scrutinizing to make transparence and answerability at the province degree

i‚·A A A A A A A A Improved charge and aggregation

i‚·A A A A A A A A Mandating minimal sums of electricity from renewable

i‚·A A A A A A A A necessitating discriminatory duty rates for renewable

i‚·A A A A A A A A End usage efficiency to cut down the cost of electricity

There has been a recent push in India to get down labeling contraptions with energy usage to assist consumers find operating costs. There has besides been important attempt to better energy efficiency, for illustration to increase the mean energy efficiency of power workss up from 30 % to 40 % , and forcing major industries to cut down energy ingestion.

. This disregard has accumulated in a assortment of system failures:

i‚·A A A A A A A A ill planned distribution webs

i‚·A A A A A A A A overloading of system constituents

India has jobs non unlike other developing states

India ‘s grid is in demand of major betterments

i‚·A A A A A A A A Lack of reactive power support and ordinance services

i‚·A A A A A A A A Low metering efficiency and measure aggregation

i‚·A A A A A A A A Power larceny while the national authorities ‘s ambitious “ Power for All ” program calls for the add-on of over 1 TW of extra capacity by 2012, it faces the challenge of get the better ofing a history of hapless power quality, capacity deficits and frequent blackouts.

Decisions: –

From the above method discussed, it is high demand for any state to travel for green power like Solar ; Wind Etc. Smart Grid is the right solution for run intoing the rise of power demand.

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