What Are The Advantages Of Podcasting Information Technology Essay

Podcast has created a new universe to communicating and media. Podcast are used in a computing machine or a nomadic device such as iPod. Podcast is a term adapted from the word “ iPod ” and “ broadcast ” . Harmonizing to Wikipedia, podcast can be defined as a series of audio and video files or digital media files that are available on the Internet which is released by the way and frequently being downloaded via web syndication. Meanwhile podcasting is a originative procedure which involves a few different constituents.

The chief intent of podcast is to raise consciousness among people. Messages on the of import issues and subjects can be delivered to people through podcasting or picture blogging. Podcasting is a new manner to gain money. One can gain good income through subscription if their podcast is good plenty and popular. Besides that, podcast enable people to learn others. For case, classs now are available on podcast and picture web logs which was antecedently available on electronic mails and web sites that have unlimited picks. This gives a opportunity to those who has job to read to merely hear and see the class stuffs.

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Podcasting is used in instruction, concern or commercial and amusement. Podcasting map in instruction wise is for linguistic communication acquisition, conferences, seminar and forum besides undertaking presentation and research. Meanwhile in concern, podcast is used for selling and publicities, preparation of staff, intelligence and merchandise or service presentation. Chat wireless and brainsick talk are illustrations of podcasting map for amusement.

The major advantage of podcast is the demographics. Podcasting enables people to make 1000000s of hearers outside who has the opportunity to listen to your plans when they choose. Furthermore, hearers have the privilege to listen once more to the plan that has already aired besides being able to play or hesitate and to rewind or fast frontward. Besides that, podcasting is a new manner to larn new linguistic communications. Alternatively of purchasing books to larn new linguistic communication, listening would be an easy, quicker and better manner to larn and at the same clip better our linguistic communication accomplishments.

Last but non least, although, podcasting is the latest engineering and created audio related plans, it besides has its disadvantages. The list of the disadvantages of podcasting is clip devouring, non searchable, handiness jobs and limited audience. Podcast consumes a batch of clip particularly if the file is larger. It is non normally easy to seek in podcasting. Although several hunt engines can be used, nevertheless, sometimes it is impossible to seek straight within the files. It is a challenge to upload and edit files which has a larger size and higher quality. It needs good and fast broadband connexion. Besides that, the file format should be compatible non merely iPod but besides other devices. Even though, we are in a modern universe now, non everyone owns a nomadic device. Some people prefer to read alternatively of downloading and listening to audio files from the cyberspace.

The universe that we are populating now is traveling frontward with the aid of engineering. Technology plays an of import function in our life which has made our life easier. Technology improvises the creative activity of the devices to a better one and the communicating services such as presenting to the podcasting.

Question 2:

Facebook and Twitter are illustrations of Social Networks and Media Sharing Tools. By utilizing the construct of anytime, anyplace larning, how these tools can be manipulated to take advantage of the passion immature people for larning by tapping into the tools. Discuss in item and supply illustration for each.


Presently societal networking has become a tendency among the immature people in worldwide. What is societal web precisely? Social web is package or besides better known as a web site which connects and allows people around the universe to come together and portion thoughts or subjects of involvement. The societal web is used for communicating and interaction among the people globally. The societal web can be an effectual manner to advance concern and besides for larning procedure. Nevertheless, some parents think that it is a waste of clip [ if it is being misused, yes, it would be waste of clip ] . Facebook and Twitter are among the top and popular societal web around the universe. In July 2010, Facebook was announced as the universe ‘s largest societal web which has 500 million users around the universe. The societal web has introduced to a new manner to pass on at anytime and anyplace. It is a manner to maintain in touch with friends from schools, colleges and the new friends we made via the societal web. However, some parents think that the societal web is a manner their childs waste their clip. [ twice mentioned? ]

Make you cognize that besides sharing involvement, one can utilize the societal web for larning purpose? Therefore, the societal web becomes an advantage to the immature people which indirectly manipulates them for larning. One of the ways to promote immature people to utilize societal web for larning intent is to make an history or group for the schoolroom. Student along with their schoolmates and instructors can portion and exchange sentiments on their acquisition. Furthermore, it installations the pupils and besides the instructors to surf the cyberspace while holding a treatment via the societal web. Students can portion online information such as notes, inquiry and other larning related paperss or stuffs among their friends and schoolmates. Besides that, this allows the instructor to nail the pupil ‘s failing and go forth a remark [ how? ] .

On the other manus, instructors can update the group ‘s position by posting some inquiries, portion information, picture or links and web logs to be discussed during category. Through this manner, it encourages the pupils to make some research and be good prepared for the category. Besides that, pupils can direct a speedy message to their instructors sing the category notes, category exercisings, assignments and so on. Furthermore, pupils can inquire their instructor sing their following lesson for the category which enables them to fix earlier.

Following, pupils can make a group which enables pupils from other category, schools and besides pupils in their web friend list that likely from other provinces or states to fall in. This enables assortments of thoughts and information exchanged among pupil locally and besides internationally. One of the advantages of interchanging thoughts internationally is one can larn and pattern new linguistic communication. This besides creates a new environment in the acquisition procedure. Last, the entree to the celebrated online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia can better and increase the pupil ‘s cognition.

Last but non least, the advantage of societal web for larning intent is enables pupils to portion assorted thoughts and information. Social web gives a opportunity to acquire some exposures to assorted and multiple point of position through different people sentiment and experiences. Students can besides derive a opportunity to link and speak to other pupil. They can interchange thoughts and information during the learning procedure. It is a manner to maintain in touch among each other. Among the other advantage is to acquire immediate feedback from the acquisition procedure. Students can inquire inquiries and have the replies or response every bit shortly as possible from instructors. This can develop a good apprehension between the pupil and the instructor.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage of societal web is clip devouring. Some pupils abuse the societal web for different intent such as dating. Therefore, the usage of societal web is a waste of clip. The societal web besides deficiency of namelessness because some pupils provide information on themselves which others should non cognize such as age, gender, location and other personal inside informations. This is because person who has a bad purpose might misapply on the information given. [ There is a hazard of individuality larceny ] .

The societal web is good to everyone no affair the younger or the older coevals every bit long as it is used for a good intent and purpose. It is an alternate manner to maintain in touch with friends, relations and whoever we know via the societal web.


What Are the Advantages of Podcasting?

ByA Jennifer Uhl, A eHow Contributor

updated: March 14, 2010

A· Podcasting is an audio distribution medium that offers legion advantages over traditional broadcast medium and distribution methods both online and away. Making a podcast does non take a batch of expensive equipment and allows content Godheads to potentially make 1000000s of hearers on a planetary footing. The content of a podcast is delivered to endorsers via syndicated provenders, leting users to listen on a Mac or Personal computer every bit good as many types of portable media participants.

Subscribing to a Podcast

A· Two of the benefits of podcasts are their distribution channels and methods of bringing. While users have the ability to download and listen to single episodes of a specific podcast manually, many are automatically delivered to the users via media participant package such as iTunes or Juice ( Mac or Personal computer ) . Most media participant package will besides sync a user ‘s selected podcast with her portable music participant such as an iPod or Zune, necessitating really small attempt on the user ‘s behalf to ever hold the latest most up-to-date content that is available.

Cost Effectiveness

A· Podcasting is good to persons andA businessesA that seek to make big audiences because of its cost effectivity. A podcast requires merely basic sound entering equipment to gaining control, and anA InternetA connexion and agencies of presenting the podcast to hearers. With the basic hardware required, such as a mike andA computing machine, a topographic point to host the podcast files and the necessary package for entering, any single or group can make an effectual podcast recording and portion it on the Web.

Ad Potential

A· Another advantage of podcasting is the advertisement potency that comes with a podcast that has a nice hearer base. A popular podcast with a big listening base can sell publicizing slots to local companies or Internet companies to bring forth gross. This creates extra gross and advertisement potency for any podcast that has a hearer base.

Podcast Demographics

A· A major advantage to podcasting is the benefit of making 1000000s of hearers who have the ability to listen to your programming when they choose. Additionally, hearers can hesitate or play a plan, fast frontward or rewind, and can listen to programming that has already aired. The figure of podcast hearers grows daily as the engineering evolves and becomes more omnipresent on consumer electronics ; the engineering is merely traveling to increase in popularity as podcasting recording and listening devices become more prevailing.

8 Wayss to Use Social Networks in the Classroom

Posted byA M. BamiehA onJanuary 21, 2010

Chirrup in Education

Earlier, we talked about a fewA great resources for pedagogues that are available for free online. These services were more focussed on instruction and providing to their demands for creatingA internal societal networkingA platforms, A open-source blackboardsandA conferencingA applications. They were great resources but they all required some sum of set-up and involved a spot of a larning curve to acquire used to them.

Today we are merely traveling to portion some thoughts that help pedagogues bring societal webs into schoolrooms, using some of the services that we all use. Ranging from Twitter to Skype we will portion 8 ways that they can be used in the schoolroom.

Make a Twitter Account

UsingA Twitter for Teacher – StudentA communicating allows for short and speedy messages exchange. This is utile for pupils and instructors to inquire inquiries and might be a great resource for the instructor in the readying of her category notes leting her to cognize which countries to concentrate on.

Using a Wiki

An illustration of a wiki is the celebrated online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. Wiki, by design, encourages treatment and interactivity, furthering in and out of category treatment. By making an lineation of a Wiki entry and leting the pupils to redact and discourse the topic affair, it will assist present a new and fun component to their prep, while at the same clip encouraging argument. There are many originative ways to useA Wikis in instruction.

Make a Youtube Channel

School stuff might be limited, dull and sometimes outdated. Students tend to voyage Youtube rather of course, and it is one of their beginnings of information. By using this familiar platform, you can make pictures or slideshows that would supply some utile and relevant information, even link some other pictures that are available on Youtube. This will besides promote pupils to answer with their ain pictures.

Share Online Documents

Students sometimes need speedy entree to the course of study, worksheets, or some reappraisal notes.SlideshareA andA ScribdA allow pedagogues to upload all relevant online stuffs to one location. This allows pupils to make those paperss from their computing machines.

Update Facebook ‘s position

Teachers can use FB ‘s Status updates to post a inquiry, portion a piece of information, picture or nexus that would open up the treatment for following category. This would promote pupils to research and fix for the following category, practically spread outing the walls of the schoolroom into internet.

Be In Diigo

Create an history and a group for the schoolroom, pupils and instructors and utilizeA Diigo ‘s great societal bookmarking capablenesss. Diigo allows users to make groups and webs in which they can portion, annotate and collaborate on content all over the web. Further, it will let instructors to augment the course of study ‘s weak points with information and remarks as you see fit. It could besides be used to make an educational hoarded wealth Hunt utilizing notes left on web pages. Check the picture below to larn more about Diigo.

What Are the Advantages of Social Networking?

By: A Dachary Carey

The advantages of societal networking are existent, even though most parents see it as another manner that childs waste clip. Social networking has opened up a new manner to pass on, so while your kid ‘s stations may non be indispensable today, your kid is still larning accomplishments that could be really valuable tomorrow.

Work Connections

One signifier of societal networking that ‘s turning in popularity is corporate societal networking. You can utilize corporate societal networking to organize relationships with other people from your company, or people in other companies in an industry. You can besides acquire mentions and construct a repute utilizing corporate societal networking tools. It ‘s a great manner to acquire yourself known and web in your field or industry.

Keeping in Touch

Social networking provides a great manner for you to remain in touch with people who may hold moved off. Normally, people try to remain in touch with friends via phone calls and the occasional missive or electronic mail, but busy lives make it hard to keep contact. However, societal networking is such a on a regular basis used medium that it ‘s easy to remain in touch with people even when they move off.

Get Feedback

You can utilize societal networking to acquire feedback on thoughts instantly, or to inquire inquiries and acquire replies rapidly. If you ‘re developing a merchandise or even merely an thought, you can resile it off your friends and societal networking contacts and happen out what they think about it. You can besides inquire inquiries and receive replies in near-real-time, if your contacts know the reply or if you ‘re a pupil in touch with instructors.

Share Multiple Points of View

Sheltered persons may non understand how many different points of position that people have, and that it ‘s possible for people to keep drastically different beliefs. Social networking helps you learn about diverseness and acquire exposure to multiple points of position. Ultimately, this exposure can assist you to larn to look at things from different angles, and be more tolerant of other people ‘s sentiments, things that go a long manner in the on the job universe.

Talking to Other Students

Many pupil organisations have specific societal webs designed to assist pupils link. Social networking tools can be a great manner for pupils to acquire in touch with other pupils in the same school, or when they ‘re sing a college or new school. Check with pupil organisations to see if they have a peculiar societal networking tool, or type the school into your favourite societal networking Web site and see what you find.

Stay in Touch Anywhere

Mobile societal networking is going progressively popular as more and more people have cell phones capable of running societal networking applications. Peoples can utilize nomadic societal networking tools to remain in touch with friends, and do programs on the fly. Mobile societal networking tools are besides great if you ‘ve got a long train or subway commute and want to remain in touch with friends and happen out what they ‘re making.

Childs do necessitate to larn to maintain societal networking under control. Some people get hooked on societal networking, to the point that it interferes with acquiring things done. Teach your kid when it is and is n’t appropriate to utilize nomadic societal networking, and set a rigorous clip bound for pass oning at place.

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