Violent Video Games Children And Young People Essay

The first and most of import ground why violent picture games have negative impact on kid is it ‘s negative physical effects. Children spend most of their clip in playing violent picture games and they are unable to take their repasts on clip and at the terminal they faced malnutrition and other physical diseases. “ Children and striplings today spend most of their clip traveling to school and devouring media. On norm, kids spend about 40 hours per hebdomad watching telecasting and movies, listening to music, playing picture games, and disbursement clip online. ” ( Jodi & A ; Brad, 2009 ) .if we review our history, there were many researches, arguments and articles traveling on this subject. Harmonizing to ( Gentile, D. 2004 ) .Research has accepted negative effects of video games on kids ‘s physical wellness, including fleshiness ; video-induced ictuss, postural, muscular, skeletal upsets and nervus compaction are common in kids.

The 2nd ground is that violent picture games cause mental perturbation in kids. Harmonizing to observation Violent picture game makes kids accustomed and diverts their concentration from their purposeful school surveies and at the consequence hapless school public presentation is seen in kids. “ The sum of clip spent playing picture games has a negative correlativity with academic public presentation ” ( Gentile, D. 2004 ) .On the other manus kids besides learn obsessional linguistic communication and violent behaviour from these violent picture games which disturb kid ‘s mental position. The content of the picture game plays of import function in the development of kid ‘s head if the content is good it will assist the kid to larn new accomplishments and if the content is non good it will leads to negative mental jobs because both can impact the kid encephalon to much extent. “ Recent content analyses of picture games show that every bit many as 89 % of games contain some violent content, 12 and approximately 50 % of the games include serious violent actions toward other game characters. ” ( Carnagey, A. 2004 ) .

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The 3rd and concluding ground is that violent picture games cause psychosocial jobs. First when kid plays these violent picture games, interaction with household is reduced which makes kid psychosocially stray. Secondly Children take these games as a function theoretical account and behave like the character which leads to aggressive behaviour, obsessional linguistic communication and other behaviour jobs. “ Researches suggest that playing violent picture games show increase aggressive behaviour which leads to aggressive responses in kids. ” ( The parliamentary office of scientific discipline and engineering. 2012 ) .As early childhood is one of the of import portion of every kid ‘s life and during this, whatever child learn that larning will go on in their farther life so the negative impact which child take in early twelvemonth it will besides set impact on their farther life. “ Children are particularly at hazard for sing the long-run psychological effects produced through exposure to violent games due to the age factor. ” ( Jodi & A ; Brad, 2009 )

Some parents argue that these pictures games have positive impact on their kids ‘s life. They become more skilled. Other argue that those kids are good winner at school who are familiar to these pictures games Another counter statement is that parents allow their kids to play video games to live over choler and loosen up their organic structure. Children become independent and confident do them busy and parents besides do their work peacefully. Last people think that in this modern and technological age it ‘s really of import to do their kid cognizant about the engineering and picture games are the best manner to present and do their kid familiar to the engineering.

Undoubtedly, there are many people who are in favour of violent picture games but harmonizing to my personal point of position I counter argue that Firstly there is no sufficient informations available to formalize this clam that kids who are playing picture games are on the rise, but there is huge informations available on the negative effects of violent picture games. The negative impact of picture games is apparent in many home base signifiers. ( Schools, places and friend circles ) . Second Children follow the behaviour of the character which they seen in picture and act like them, and battle with their friends. “ The more the kid pays attending to the ascertained behaviour, the more easy the kid will larn the behaviour ” ( Jodi & A ; Brad, 2009 ) .Thirdly Parents busy in their work and non trouble oneself about the content of picture games which puts kids in more problem. Beside that researches besides prove that violent picture games cause negative effects in kids ‘s life and non merely impact their physical wellness but besides mental and psychosocial.

In decision it is true that violent picture games are harmful for kids in many ways. I want to urge that it is of import to cognizant parents and kids about the negative effects of violent picture games, secondly parents should look into the content of the picture game to forestall kid from different negative effects, and the sum of clip kids spend on playing video games should besides be monitored. Third it is really indispensable to present the engineering to the kids at the appropriate age and with appropriate manner, so it will non harm the kid. So it ‘s the clip to take action and halt the negative effects of violent picture games which are physical, mental and psychosocial.

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