Used Of Dss Software On Companies Information Technology Essay

Microsoft Dynamics is a series of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management Software/applications developed by Microsoft Business Solutions, a division of Microsoft Corporations. These applications are targeted at little and mid-sized organisations. There are several application suites under the umbrella of Microsoft kineticss. These suites include Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, and Microsoft Dynamics SP. However, this paper will merely concentrate on Microsoft Dynamics AX


The nucleus construct behind Microsoft kineticss AX is it to let organisations to derive entree to both common and critical sets of accurate concern information in real-time, needed by all degrees of staffs ( executives, directors and ordinary employees ) to ease precise and fleet determination devising and enhanced concern public presentation. The AX besides provides employees with speedy penetration into predefined positions of informations tailored to their functions in the organisation.

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There are three wide classs of users every bit far as Microsoft Dynamics AX is concerned. These users are differentiated by their degree of mandate in accessing information offered by AX.

Application User: Application users are end-users that interact with the characteristics enabled by Microsoft Dynamics AX to seek information, execute their occupations and do effectual determinations. Most of these users have minimum proficient cognition.

Application Developers: These are personals that implement, extend, and/or customize MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX solutions. They normally have significant cognition on package development.

Administrator: These are largely proficient staffs responsible for deploying, procuring, and keeping production deployments of MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX.

About Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX was ab initio developed as Axapta by a Danish ( Demark ) package company called Damgaard. Its first release in the U.S and Danish Market dated back to March 1998. Darmagaard subsequently merged with another Danish company called Navision to organize Navision A/S in 2000. Navision A/S was subsequently acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2002. Today Microsoft Dynamics AX is available in 45 linguistic communications and available in several states around the universe

3. Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Like most ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX unifies critical concern information from cardinal concern sectors and show them to organisation in real-time. However, these are the elaborate characteristics offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

3.1. Business Intelligence and Reporting Feutures:

The Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s BI and Reporting Framework comprises of legion tools and services that facilitates the integrating, deployment, execution, and usage of concern public presentation prosodies and analytics. Majority of these tools are developed by Microsoft corporations. Some of these tools and services include: SQL Server and SQL Server Analysis Service, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 ( Please mention to the appendix for more information on these engineerings )

The figure below shows how AX ‘s concern intelligence characteristic works with the engineerings mentioned above.

Figure 1: Shows an overview of AX ‘s concern intelligence

3.1.2. Ad-hoc Coverage:

With the aid SQL Report builder and SQL Report Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s allows application users to turn up, choose, filter, kind, group, position, and format concern studies utilizing predefined layout templets. These studies can be present in tabular, matrix ( traverse check ) , and assorted chart layouts.

Figure 2 Starting and utilizing SQL Report Builder from the MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX client

Administrative Users, on the other manus, can curtail entree to application users due security and privateness concerns, by utilizing the MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX User group permissions form to command entree to the Reporting tools.

Figure 3 illustrates the User group permissions form being used to deny the Retail Shops Gross saless Representatives user group entree to the Reporting Servers signifier.

3.1.4. Production Coverage.

Production studies provide concern prosodies for monitoring and planning intents. They provide up-to-date amalgamate information from multiple informations beginnings. They are predefined studies in a concern solution that support limited user interactivity and present informations that has been identified as being utile to multiple users. They are designed and joined into a solution to enable entree to often referenced informations.

3.1.5 Multi-dimensional Reporting and Analytics

The AX ‘s Multidimensional Reporting and Analytics characteristics enable users to efficiently aggregative and analyze concern prosodies across nucleus concern dimensions to derive a deeper concern penetration into concern tendencies and drivers. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a extremely scalable Analytics informations platform and informations visual image characteristics that can come up rolled up aggregative positions of concern prosodies with built in support to bore up, down, and through to related informations. Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with SQL waiter and Microsoft Office to supply a powerful multi-dimensional coverage and analytics

Predefined multidimensional analysis positions are integrated into MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX application faculties such as the General Ledger and Inventory/Warehouse Management.

Figure 4: Exploring MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX regular hexahedrons in MicrosoftA® Office ExcelA®

3.1.6 Business Scorecards and KPIs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a characteristic that provides KPIs ( Key Performance Indicator ) Scorecards and Dashboard positions with drill downs. It undertakings the public presentation of cardinal concern activities or sectors e.g. merchandise gross revenues or market portion ( as illustrated below ) in real-time via graphical representations or splashboards. This characteristic is opt at enabling organisations manage their concern public presentation in order to derive better penetrations of the current province of the organisation ‘s wellness and analyse the concern tendencies and drivers.

Figure 5: Dashboard position in the Balanced Scorecard faculty

Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

With full support for intranet, business-to-consumer, and business-to-business communications, Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Enterprise Portal, provides RoleTailored information and concern procedures in real-time over the Web.

The Web-based Enterprise Portal allows users to entree relevant undertakings, information, and tools they need through the RoleTailored user interface. Application users can personalise their Role Centers harmonizing to their concern demands, such as sing cardinal public presentation indexs ( KPIs ) or altering linguistic communication and currency scenes. While Application developers can custom-make the Enterprise Portals of the Web parts in Role Centers to add extra functionalities with the aid of powerful Web development tools and engineerings like Microsoft ASP.NET, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ( AJAX ) , and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Figure 6: Screening MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX Reports in the MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX Enterprise Portal.

Fiscal Management in MicrosoftA DynamicsA AX

The purpose Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Financial Management and Reporting characteristic is to assist organisation pull off their fiscal operations efficaciously with a comprehensive position of fiscal informations across their organisation and flexible procedures that adapt to the manner their concerns plants.

This characteristic allows designated users to derive entree to real-time fiscal information across their organisation with easy-to-use enquiry tools, and powerful analysis and coverage capablenesss. These capablenesss help organisations to derive penetration into fiscal public presentation, program strategically, and do confident and good informed determinations. Features of AX ‘s Financial Management include:

I. General leger: Features of the general leger allows users to post fiscal information into multiple legers, enabling them to keep separate sets of fiscal books for coverage intents, such as revenue enhancement. It besides allows them to include flexible year-end processs for administering net incomes by fiscal dimensions and configuring multiple and repeating diaries with blessing and workflow capableness. With the General Ledger characteristic, organisations can book minutess across their subordinates and extinguish intercompany minutess to consolidate financials. This means AX can assist organisations make incorporate fiscal inside informations amongst its subordinates and divisions irrespective of their geographical locations. Last it allows companies to make hard currency flow prognosiss to expect hard currency demands and liquidness.

Figure: 7. Showing the General leger map.

two. Histories receivable: Allows puting up of recognition parametric quantities and flexible payment footings, managing prepayments and advanced payments, managing preauthorize and authorise recognition card payments for gross revenues orders and ciphering involvement and bring forthing aggregation letters.

Fixed assets direction: Allows users to implement dealing reversals, add new plus groups and properties, and adjust plus ground codifications. Users can rapidly update and replace cost and insured value for fixed assets. It besides allows users to order and have fixed assets via purchase orders and stock list ; and allow them make a new fixed plus when the wadding faux pas or bill is posted. It allows companies to calculate, proctor, and command the full life rhythm of their fixed assets.

Figure:8 Showing the executing of the history receivable map.

Conformity direction: Allows organisations to supervise and track conformity position and activities. It automates conformity with corporate policies utilizing work flows. This helps to guarantee separation of responsibilities utilizing studies related to entree control and work flow. This characteristic besides shops critical concern procedures utilizing incorporate undertaking recording equipment and papers depositories

Cost accounting: Function cost histories into cost classs. Allocating and distributing costs flexibly, including multiple parallel computation versions. Planing costs based on capacity use and step mark costs against existent costs.

Environmental Sustainability Dashboard

Although this characteristic is an “ add-on ” , Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Environmental Sustainability Dashboard allows Organizations to track their energy ingestion and nursery gas emanations ( or carbon footmark ) to assist place hazards and chances.

Based on the Global Reporting Initiative ( GRI ) , the de facto criterion for environmental coverage, the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard tracks four nucleus Environmental Performance Indicators. Namely:


Direct energy ingestion that is generated onsite, such as heat and power.


Indirect energy ingestion that is generated from another location, such as a public-service corporation.

EN16: The entire direct and indirect nursery gas emanations, which combines EN3 and EN4 and change over them into C dioxide equivalents.

EN17: Other relevant indirect nursery gas emanations, such as those generated from concern travel, employee commutation, and logistics.

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard provides a cumulative, real-time position of the organisation ‘s environmental informations in easy-to-read studies and graphs, to help organisations take proactive attacks to minimising their impact on the environment. Organizations can print Environment Sustainability splashboard studies to any employee ‘s function centre with the aid of Microsoft SharePoint via Enterprise Portals. This besides allows them to custom-make these studies to include information relevant to the organisation, such as specific sellers, energy preservation plans, or preservation ends. Track direct and indirect energy ingestion by month ; place specific lending factors ; and see the energy costs of each, such as electricity and fuel oil or warming costs. Other characteristics includes: Creating and trailing nursery gas stock list, which automatically calculates the C dioxide transition into easy-to-read graphs

And capturing daily environmental sustainability informations and tracking them over clip utilizing the splashboard, with the aid of SQL Server Reporting Services.

Figure8: Showing the environmental sustainability splashboard.

Human Resource Management characteristics

Allows entree to integrated, real-time information about employees, occupations, and specific accomplishments across the organisation. The characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Human Resource Management faculty include:

Role Centers: HR Director/Manager, Training and Development, Manager/Specialist and Recruiting and Staffing Manager/Specialist

Integrated organisational and workforce direction: Handle employee informations, including place, salary, compensation, accomplishments and occupation.

Advanced organisational direction: Generate occupation templets for new occupations to better procedure efficiencies and cut down informations reentry.

Recruitment: Pull off the enlisting procedure, Improve enrolling runs by mensurating media and applicant response and Capitalizing on integrating with Microsoft Office Outlook to automatize correspondence and transcript interview assignments into employees calendar.

Absence direction: Define multiple absence classs, registry employee single and corporate absences and director self-service, and bring forth statistical and graphical presentations of these absence informations.

Performance direction: Manage assessment interviews and specify development programs. Identify, physique, and proctor employee accomplishments, and define and proctor ends. Interact with day-to-day compensation activities to help pay-for-performance guidelines.

Compensation direction: Implementing a suite of compensation functionality, including tools to specify fixed and variable bundles and making compensation procedures for individual programs, or combined multiple programs into a individual procedure ( for illustration, Stock Options, Merit Increases, fillips, and long-run stock option awards ) .

Integration with Microsoft Office Visio 2007: Create organisational charts and diagrams by exporting informations into Microsoft Office Visio 2007 to let organisation analyze information, information, systems, and procedures.

Employee development: Plan and transport out structured appraisal interviews with employees, Manage integrating with Microsoft Outlook to see employee handiness and schedule meetings.

Competency direction and Course disposal: Keep a accomplishments catalog good to both current and hereafter accomplishment demands and demands, Identify employee accomplishment spreads utilizing in writing tools and manage preparation classs by mark groups, class designation, participants, teacher, location, etc. Pull offing events and proctor plans, paths, and Sessionss. Measuring employee accomplishments and competences by accessing an overview of the employee ‘s completed preparation classs.

Questionnaire capablenesss: Conduct online studies and analysis with the Questionnaire tool.

Supply Chain Management

The aim of Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Supply Chain Management is to enable an efficient flow of goods ( From natural stuffs to concluding consumers ) by streamlining receiving and transportation procedures and easing cross-docking or back-order cargos so that merchandises and information move at maximal velocity.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Supply Chain Management include:

RF/RFID support.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘s Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) supports RF radio devices or RFID systems for legion supply concatenation activities like merchandise reception and put-away, shipment verification and stock list motion.

Integrated transit and Transporting Load direction: The SCM automates several manual conveyance activities such as bringing verifications and bearer assignment and develops bearers to let users to schedule bearers, maintain path of containers and supply one-click verification for multiple orders.

Comprehensive dealing history and Appointment programming: Allows visibleness of distribution procedures and user actions in real-time with the ability to track the system ‘s events by activity, user, day of the month and clip. It besides enables users to pull off having docks for optimum efficiency by scheduling assignments for expected grosss.

Putaway location optimisation: Implementing best pattern schemes, exclusion logic and user-defined put-away standards for steering the choice of put-away locations.

Automated order release: Automate manual activities that do n’t add value to the telling procedure to better order fulfilment and truth. For illustration, picking orders can be automatically released to the warehouse or managed harmonizing to specified fulfillment policies.

Workflow integrating: Let companies to specify multiple order procedure flows to extinguish inefficient procedures while guaranting critical procedures are performed.

Enhanced choice location choice: Implement choice schemes based on preconfigured best patterns or user-defined standards to increase picking productiveness and extinguish human mistakes.

Pick/pack operational support Help guarantee order truth, automate manual activities, and let for pick-to-ship container processes when you can predetermine transporting containers based on sophisticated wadding algorithms, so scan and battalion. Easily provide progress ship notice ( ASN ) information and path transportation container contents.

Refilling: Increase storage use, encouragement chooser productiveness, and cut down unneeded chooser or stock list motion with optimum storage and choice location assignments.

Warehouse control centre: Improve work load reconciliation and planning, and enable real-time decision-making through an executive splashboard that offers instant graphical representations of operational informations. Track cardinal public presentation indexs, easy compare existent productiveness with ends, and receive qui vives of floor-level exclusions.

Modular solution: From RF informations aggregation to full warehouse direction, select the solution attack that meets the demands of your concern. Choose to upgrade into more functionality as your dynamic operations require it.

3.7 Production Management

The purpose of the Production characteristic in Microsoft Dynamics AX is to give organisations real-time penetration into their fabrication procedures in order to assist them increase both their production efficiency and profitableness, while assisting to cut down their overall costs.

Creation of production orders

Manual creative activity of production orders, Create production orders through planned production orders in Master planning, Create production orders straight from a gross revenues order line

Production orders

Production groups – supply classification for posting to the general leger

Production pools allow production orders to be grouped for programming, Quick overview of the position of the production order, Tracking existent production costs against estimated, A production order can be split into two or more orders


Purchase of services from subcontractors, Vendor bringing note, Vendor history and warehouse, Link sub-contractor purchase orders to the production order

Production Bill of Materials

Standard BOM is copied to Production order, from where it can be modified, if Needed, Supports Measurement expression to cipher ingestion, Supports negative measure on BOM lines to manage byproducts of production, BOM line type Each point within a BOM can be controlled by a line-type. A given point can be handled as, Sub-production, Phantom BOM, Subcontract, Normal point


Production programming can be done frontward or rearward with different day of the months as get downing points based on lead clip of natural stuff Finite or infinite stuff and capacity programming

Production position

A production order goes through the undermentioned stairss, Created, Estimated Scheduled Released, Started Report as finished Costed

Production position control

The production order can be rolled back and deleted if required until the costed phase

Fiscal integrating

On-line updating of WIP ( points in procedure and work centres in procedure ) and existent cost to the general leger when updated in Production

Production ingestion

All ingestion is reported through diaries. Diaries can be automatically generated and/or posted. Support for pre-deduct and post-deduct of point and resource ingestion, Scrap can be handled either as a invariable or a variable

Multiple path versions

Can apportion more than one path attached to a peculiar point, Approval process of paths, Default path, Routes controlled by day of the month and/or measure scope

Multiple BOM versions

Can apportion more than one BOM attached to a peculiar point

Approval process of BOMs, Default BOM, BOMs controlled by day of the month and/or measure scope

Route complexness

Simple path ( consecutive ) Complex path ( route web ) , Coincident operations in path web, Use of primary and secondary operation in a path, Multiple work centres attached to the same operation, Allocate a work centre as a subcontractor

Route simpleness

Share route information between points belonging to same point group Scheduling Forwards and backwards from assorted day of the months, Finite or infinite programming, Rough cut capacity planning

Production release

Status between scheduled and started, Control print of path card and path occupations

Ledger integrating

Online update of WIP ( points in procedure and work centres in procedure ) in the general leger when posting minutess or cost updating the production

Operation constituents

Queue clip before operation, Set-up clip, Run clip, Transit clip, Queue clip after operation, Overlap measure, Cost classs, Control multiple resources, Capacity load per operation

Scrap computations

Calculate expected waste per operation as a per centum

Shop floor print outs

Route card, Job card, Print occupation list per work centre

Cost trailing

Detailed trailing of cost related to resources and throughput,

Include work centre costs in production cost appraisal, Ability to utilize automatic work centre ingestion when get downing or completing


Gantt chart

Graphic presentation of a production agenda, Enables rescheduling by dragging and dropping

Task group

Use of alternate work centres for an operation in instance of scheduling overloads, Basic regulations for which alternate work centres can be used

Bottleneck programming

Rescheduling can be centered on a known constriction

Job monitoring

Ability to track the apparatus occupation or the procedure occupation per operation, Report resource ingestion based on occupation figure

Scheduling belongingss

Agenda operations that require the same work centre apparatus at the same time

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