Use Case Analysis For Epitomy Solutions Information Technology Essay

This certification is the single study for the Use instance Analysis and for the Epitomy Solutions. Due to Ethical Issues the client ‘s client name and full solution with information is non published. This Use instances helps to Developer to acquire a clear thought about what they traveling to develop.

The papers contains Three parts they are

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1.Personal contemplation

2.Analysis of agile

3.Individual inquiry

“ Try non to go a adult male of success but instead to go a adult male of value. ”

Albert Einstein[ 1 ]


“ Converting from Waterfall to Agile ” for me this was the chief issue that was raised, when we were told that we have to set to a new technique called agile. So my group members were really funny to larn about this technique but I was non that happy for the undermentioned grounds

1. I have learned classical waterfall theoretical account for the last two and half old ages, and what my talks told me was, though the waterfall theoretical account have some drawbacks this was a universe recognize technique and many giants in the package industry use these.

2. For the past few decennaries the industry has been utilizing techniques that are closer to waterfall theoretical account so why should we alter this manner.

3.I have done most undertakings in my 2nd twelvemonth utilizing agile and they were rather successful.

4. Most companies in Srilanka are utilizing classical waterfall theoretical account, so what will go on if I do another theoretical account for my concluding undertaking. will it impact my characteristic.

But eventually after my thoughts and positions of agile has changed after eight hebdomads. Attending talks that were done by professionals in the industry and seeking more about agile made me a small spot cognizant about agile and how transnational companies like Googles are seeking utilizing them and companies like yokel and Microsoft are looking frontward to utilize them in the hereafter. but the undertaking experience we have got working with Epitomy gave me the clearest apprehension of agile, by following the rudimentss of agile with a existent universe client who is one of the taking after gross revenues solution supplying companies in Europe was a great experience for me I have learnt a batch about agile and the techniques that were used in agile. The fail tolerant attack, acceptance for the alterations made me a fan of agile. I hope that this study will steer the readers throw some of import experience that I have gained throw working in a Scrum utilizing an nimble attack.

What I have learned

Covering with a existent universe client

First when we got the description of the undertaking it was really hard for us to read and understand the undertaking. Then for the first clip we visited Epitomy with Chris we were really funny and exited because this was the first clip that we were traveling to work with an existent client, Then we sign an understanding with them which says that information about this undertaking should be non stated to others, this was the first clip that I have signed an understanding with a client.

How letdown turned in to the greatest accomplishment?

I was truly concentrating on a undertaking that will hold more package development so I was disappointed when we were told we have to make a usecase analysis because the image I had about usage instances was different at that clip.

Why usage instances are non useless

“ Read the description identify histrions associations so you have a usecase ”

That was my understanding before this undertaking but things have changed I have understood that the impotent function that use instances play in the procedure of the system development. It requires non lone description but besides needs a good apprehension of the concern procedure in order to finish a usecase right. The following are things that I have learned and the advantages of pulling them

1. The developers get a better thought of the System.

2. The client can see whether the developers have understood the demands and conditions they are traveling to present the right functionality for him. ( acknowledge the functional position ) .

3. The developers can place the user degrees of the system utilizing the usage instances

4. Helps the developers to make a good and an accurate analysis because the apprehension of the system and demands pulling other UML diagrams such as category diagrams and sequence diagrams will be easy

What changed My Ideas about Use instances

In the first four hebdomads we were pulling usecases for the specification without understanding the existent concern the usecases were two low degree and we were unable to make anything about because we were non certain with the proficient words and the concern processes “ So Epitomy organized a one twenty-four hours seminar with their client M LTD.This was the turning point in this undertaking. The seminar contained a talk about usecases organized by Mr Pete Colingwood and it helped our client and client to acquire a good thought about usecases. Representative from MLTD explained their concern procedure of import inquiries were besides raised in this account by Scrum maestro and others and we found out that there are some ill-defined points in the concern procedure.The clients client was really happy about the first usecase that was developed after the seminar.

Picture taken with the client

Working in an Agile manner

“ No adult male will do a great leader who wants to make it all himself, or to acquire all the recognition for making it. ”[ 2 ]

Writer: Andrew Carnegie

Working to an nimble attack was a great experience I was appointed as the Scrum leader by my members so it was a large duty for me So I have referred batch of sites in order to understand the rudimentss of agile, and implement it in to my scrum


Merchandise Backlog

Sprint Backlog

Burndown Chart

Progress Report


Dash Planning

Meeting 3 times a hebdomad

Sprint Review


Merchandise Owner

Scrum Master

Scrum Leader


So every hebdomad the scrum maestro ( Chris ) together with Product proprietor Epitomy gave us a dash ( a set of usage instances that were selected from the backlog ) and we were suppose to finish that within the given clip period, my duty was to make a Sprint backlog and proctor whether the members of my squad were working harmonizing to that.This was achieved in the dally meets organizing them was a challenge to me because sometimes the parts given to members were related so they have jobs so the meetings that were carry on them gives them an chance to finish their work.

Team Work

“ Individual committedness to a group attempt — that is what makes a squad work a company work, a society work, a civilisation work. ”[ 3 ]

Writer: Vince Lombardi

Our squad has six members this was the first clip that they were using agile to a undertaking and it was besides the first clip working with an existent client so everyone was funny and exited.Each member played an of import function in by carry throughing the undertakings that were allocated them, from scrum Master to each member all gave their best committedness and it was the Back bone behind the success of this analysis.

But working as a squad was non walking in a way of roses it was really difficult and we had to travel throw many obstructions. One of the major jobs as I mentioned above was the deficiency of understanding about the concern procedure and drawing usecases for them.

The other major issue was that all members were non good at usecases so the other members helped the 1s who were non good at usecases..ALL THE COMPLTED USECASES WERE UPLOADED TO THE WIKI WHICH IS THE COMMEN BRIDGE BETWEEN US AND EPITOMY.

Analysis of Agile to the undertaking

What is nimble?

Agile Modelling is a practice-based methodological analysis for effectual modeling and certification of software-based systems.

Agile is an iterative and incremental ( evolutionary ) attack to package development

which is performed in a extremely collaborative mode

by self-organizing squads

with “ merely plenty ” ceremonial

that produces high quality package

in a cost effectual and timely mode

which meets the altering demands of its stakeholders. [[ 4 ]]

The Scrum

The scrum is the frame work of agile it is a little group that performs dashs Continues dashs and right tracked Burndowns leads a successful and an accurate Software or analysis design.Software Giants in the industry like Google, Machintosh

Are utilizing nimble and companies like Microsoft and Yahoo besides are looking towards traveling to agile.

Overview of scrum[ 5 ]

The Strengths of agile

These are some strengths I saw in agile, they are the principals and the rudimentss of agile they lay a tough foundation to a success of the project.Some of the most importent principals and my experience on them is listed below.

1 ) The Priority is given on client satisfaction

1. “ Our highest precedence is to fulfill the client

through early and uninterrupted bringing of valuable

package. “ [[ 6 ]]

“ Customer is the King ” Though there are many ways to mensurate the quality of the package the most of import thing is the clients satisfaction. No affair how quality, Standerds your merchandise is or if it dosent make what the client it will be a complete failure.

That was the chief focal point of our undertaking that is to give a rich set of accurate usecases to accomplish though the demand fail and the first few hebdomads was really equivocal but after the seminar and traveling through the given procedure we were able to complete 60-70 % of our Backlog

2 ) Welcoming the Changes in the ulterior portion of S/W development.

“ Business people and developers must work together

Daily throughout the undertaking. ][ 7 ]]

This is one of the chief grounds that our analysis was a successful one because more frequent you meet the client the better you will understand the concern procedure. By run intoing with the client every Wednesday and demoing the dashs completed we have been able to acquire a good thought about the concern procedure and the incorrect and the equivocal things and most significantly we were able to give the correct and accurate usage instances because the designation

3. Adjesting to the alterations

“ Welcome changing demands, even tardily in development. ” [[ 8 ]]

“ The inquiry is non whether we are able to alter but whether we are altering fast adequate ” . Angela Merkel

Business procedures change that ‘s how concerns are the traditional manner of package development is unable to provide the demands of a altering concern universe,

In a traditional development method the analysts will take the demands so go back develop the system within an twelvemonth so after an twelvemonth the developers deliver the merchandise the demands will alter and the client wo n’t necessitate it any more.

But utilizing a mistake tolerant agile technique will assist the developers to set to the demands since their working in dashs and the completed parts are given to the client.

4 ) Deliver working package often

“ Why fail at last it ‘s easy to neglect earlier and detect mystique and construct it more accurately ”

Many traditional methods fail because they deliver the concluding merchandise at the last minute. But by working in an nimble attack makes the advancement an accurate one

We had a really equivocal SRS and it was really hard for development og usecases but the frequent meetings with the calient and the seminar helped us a batch to better our design and do them really accurately.

5 ) Better interaction in between the squad members.

“ The most efficient and effectual method of conveying

information to and within a development squad is

face-to-face conversation. “ [[ 9 ]]

Meeting four times a hebdomad gave the members gave a good thought about the single parts and the other members parts and the jobs, issues, the advancement were reviled in this meetings This helped a batch to do the undertaking success because the coordination between the group members was first-class.

The restrictions of agile that were identified

1. Limited sub catching: If the a company utilizing nimble wants to stand in contract or outsource their work it will be a immense job because to stand in contract work it the ends and the souranding undertakings should be good planed and defined. So when companies take big undertakings that has to be out soured they will hold to see a nether developing technique.

2. ) Can non construct reclaimable package: When we use nimble to compose package there will be no procedures defined so if we built a solution for a normally happening job you wont be able to utilize that same design to another job closer to this.

3. ) Not suited for developing Critical Systems: Developing critical system utilizing an agile is non suited because there are no borders for mistakes, so any mistakes that occur will ensue in a Hazard.

4. ) Not to be used with big systems: Since big systems are complex and should be maintained and integrated agile is a non good attack with a techniques that has good certification is indispensable.

5. ) Inappropriate design leads to failure

Planing a system without making the analysis is danger because there is a high chance of system failure

6 ) Dependences between dashs

Sometimes two separate groups will be given related dashs so confusion will happen

Further Direction of agile ( decision )

The Manifesto is what has gathered the nimble community but it needs to be modified so that agile can progress more farther.But comparing with the other engineerings like waterfall which uses 14 UML diagrams for an accurate design and there is a high chance that the demands will alter before they are draw so following an nimble manner gives you more advantages.

Agile is a method that have created a revolution in the package industry.

The Individual Question

The Individual Question

This subdivision focuses on the Technologies that can be used to make an analysis instead than traveling in the nimble manner I have taken the classical waterfall theoretical account to make the above given analysis. the ground for choosing this technique is because of its simpleness and the cognition that I have utilizing it for the last two and half old ages.

Classical Waterfall theoretical account [[ 10 ]]

The diagram above explains the pases of the classical waterfall theoretical account

The waterfall theoretical account is a consecutive package development theoretical account ( a procedure for the creative activity of package ) in which development is seen as fluxing steadily downwards ( like a waterfall ) through the stages of demands analysis, design, execution, proving ( proof ) , integrating, and care. The beginning of the term “ waterfall ” is frequently cited to be an article published in 1970 by Winston W. Royce ( 1929-1995 ) , [ 1 ] although Royce did non utilize the term “ waterfall ” in this article. Ironically, Royce was showing this theoretical account as an illustration of a flawed, non-working theoretical account ( Royce 1970 ) .

Our undertaking is about making a usecase analysis for the Epitome solutions but since it is a portion of the demands for the apprehension of the readers we have implemented all the base on ballss harmonizing to the waterfall theoretical account.

Work Plan

Feasibility survey – Travel to the clients topographic point and see whether the undertaking can be completed in the given clip

Duration: ( 3 yearss )

Requirements analysis – Meet the client and discourse him about the undertaking

-Divide the specification among all members and inquire them to travel throw it.

-Discuss the Issues with the group members

– Arrange a day of the month with a client and meet him

Duration: ( 1week )

Design -Divide the usage instances among the squad members harmonizing to the right subdivisions that they should be given to the usecase group.

Duration: ( 4days )

Implementation -See and monitor group members planing the Usecases

Duration: ( 3 hebdomads )

Integration – All related usecases are integrated

Duration ; ( 2weeks )

Testing -Discuss the usecases with the other members

-Discuss the issues

-Meet an Expert and inquire him to travel throw them

– Meet the supervisor and demo the usecases to him

– Meet the client and inquire the issues about them

-Correct errors and clear up the issues

Duration: ( 1 hebdomad )

Deliver the usage instances to the client

Role allotment

Feasibility survey

Two members who are good at communicating, and has good topic cognition will be appointed for this

Duty: By a SWOT analysis place the strengths and the failings of the

Meet the client and acquire relevant information and see whether the group can finish the assignment in eight hebdomads

2 ) Requirement analysis:

2.1 ) Meet the client and discourse him about the undertaking:

The whole group will travel to run into the client each member should seek and inquire at least one inquiry about the demands –

2.2 ) Divide the specification among all members and inquire them to travel throw it

Each group member will acquire a set of Descriptions and they will hold to travel

throw them and analyse and observe down the issues sing the specification.

Duty: The leader will hold to split the specification harmonizing to the accomplishment degrees of the other members

2.3 ) discourse the Issues with the group members

Group members should complete there Analyses and state them in the group Discussions and seek to clear up them.

Arrange a day of the month with a client and meet him: All members should go to the meeting and attempt to Clarify the issues that they had and issues they had.

3 ) Design: All group members will hold to travel throw the usecases that they were allocated and they will hold to province that whether they will be able to finish them within the given clip period

Duty: The group leader will hold to see whether any member is unable to make the work that is allocated to him or her and if they are un able to make that they should be allocated to the members that are capable of making them.

4 ) Execution: Monitor the usecases being drawn and if there are some troubles meet the capable specializer and clear up the drouths.

Duty: The group leader will hold to supervise the work in advancement and he will hold to help the members with jobs by assisting them or by inquiring other members help.

5 ) Integration

This is the portion that should be done really carefully because the integrating should be done when all the group member are at that place and by this clip all members should hold a clear thought about what they have done.


All the members should finish all their work at this point because if they do n’t the integrating phase will be impossible because most concern procedures are related in a concern

6 ) Testing

Each group members will hold to interchange their work and discourse the mistakes they see amongst each other.

These were the members should demo their work to a capable specializer and acquire more advice and rectify the mistakes that the specializer identifies.

Meet the supervisor and demo the usecases to him and acquire his blessing if finds any errors so the errors should be clarified before run intoing the client.

Meet the client and present him with the usecases and if the client got any issues clarify it to the client


The group should be good prepared when they go and meet the expert and must be confident about the work when run intoing the client.

Deliver the usage instances to the client

Deliver the analysis to the client along with the concluding papers.

Documents used in waterfall theoretical account

The undertaking proposal: Contains the continuance of the undertaking the deliverables and the undertaking program.

The undertaking log book: Kept with the Leader of the group contains the single work that was assigned and the deadlines.

Strontium: in this instance provided by the client

Advancement studies: Helps the client to cognize the overall advancement.

Concluding papers: Contains all deliverables including the concluding usecase solutions and the male parent alterations

Agile Vs Waterfall

We have done the undertaking utilizing nimble successfully and this will concentrate on the comparing between agile development and the Waterfall theoretical account

If we are utilizing agile techniques we will hold to implement the rudimentss of agile ( Scrum, Backlog, burn down chart etc ) so after those rudimentss are implemented following agile will be easy.

Professionals of agile over Waterfall

In agile development a precedence list will be taken ( Backlog ) and the scrum will hold to complete the undertakings ( Dashs ) that are in the Backlog so these will be shown to the client and the client can show his thoughts about that and the alterations that are needed. but in the waterfall approach the client sees the work in the terminal there is no clip for alteration and there will be a high chance of failure.

There are no estimations the work is done on sprint footing and advancement is measured by the Burn down chart, advancement studies and verbal presentation. In the Waterfall theoretical account a program with unsmooth estimations are made but they largely fail.

The scrum meets four times a hebdomad and discuses their advancement and future programs. but in waterfall theoretical account the developers may run into one time a hebdomad so the coordination will be low.

The scrum will hold a better apprehension with the client so a squad following the Waterfall theoretical account. he will do the design by the scrum more dependable and accurate.

The scrum will hold more favors of the client because it can digest alterations and failures, but in the waterfall theoretical account is unable to alter and is non falt tolerant.

Advantages of the Waterfall

It is good documented and easy to keep


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