Understanding Child Development through Observation

Introduction: Background

For detecting and measuring the kid development, an on-line site is accessed where a baby’s room picture is available and in the picture the kid that I chose to detect is a four twelvemonth old miss that I will mention to as Amani. She is extremely intelligent and confident kid ; non merely has this she had extraordinary accomplishments to socially travel about independently. I observe Amani in the school schoolroom ; play country and garden country where she has been involved in different activity. This observation has been conducted between 9.23am until 11.09am of all her activities. The aim of this observation is to do the progressive note of the kid ‘s physical, rational, emotional, lingual and societal development. In the following subdivision there is description of observation and followed by the rating and kid ‘s profile.

Observation Description

Amani stands near to postpone on which there are name tickets of pupils, she leans to pick her name ‘s ticket with a small hesitancy and picks the ticket and pastes it on the name board. During the clip she has smiling on her face and looks pleased with this activity. Subsequently on she is in her schoolroom sitting on floor along with her all schoolmates, she is smiling and has her eyes on her instructor, and paying attending to what instructor is stating intently. She is invariably smiling and traveling her organic structure in singing manner. Now, instructor is singing a verse form ‘Mary ‘ and Amani is singing along with the instructor and continuously smiling with pleasance. Teacher is reading the pupils narrative about turning flower workss, teacher speaks of flower planting, that ‘there are some seeds and Maule! You will works them and they will turn into a beautifulaˆ¦flower ‘ Amani says ‘flower ‘ with the instructor. Teacher says ‘Maule! What do you believe that seeds are traveling to needaˆ¦ soilaˆ¦ andaˆ¦ Amani cheerfully speaks wateraˆ¦ wateraˆ¦ doing herself to be heard.

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Teacher says that you can travel and play and Amani raises her manus cheerfully turns back and Forth to her schoolmates and she walks around touching the different objects, she is in painting country and takes out a colour out of jar and compose her name with write manus, she put down green colour and picks another marker. She gets up and walks to garden yard, wears her apron ties the lacings and threads. She is standing by a big dirt pot from where other kids are acquiring the dirt ; she has a dirt pot and attempts to acquire the dirt from one of a kid standing closely. Second male child standing following to her has two scoops she tries to snap the 1 because other male child is non allowing her have the dirt scoop. She snatches a scoop off the male child and cheerfully put some dirt into the pot and says ‘put some dirt and it will do dirt ‘ she picks a scoop and presses the dirt inside the pot and says ‘I am gon na demo my dirt ‘ and sits next to her instructor, she tries to take wax dough and laughs when her instructor refuses to give her the wax dough, teacher parts the dough and gives her half of the dough she smells it pleasingly and work it with her manus. Teacher says to her ‘how does it experience? ‘ she says ‘good ‘ . Teacher says ‘how does it experience like? ‘ she says ‘soft ‘ and cheerfully switch the dough from manus to another. She says ‘where is the stick to set it? ‘ and leaned frontward to acquire the one and crushes an object on the tabular array, the instructor exclaimed ‘Oops! ‘ due sudden motion of Amani, she says she needs sticks and she hold the stick home base and set that near to her and picks the sticks one by one and set them in dough. Teacher says ‘you could sing a vocal? ‘ she says ‘yes ‘ and walks to the garden accompanied her instructor after completing the wax dough, she puts the dough near to bloom pots and Waterss the workss with the aid of H2O shower. Now she is sitting in the garden party tabular array and keeping a spoon with home base and pretense to be eating with them. She gets up and leans frontward to acquire another spoon and uses the spoon for picking ‘sugar ‘ from the pot and pours into a tea cup and picks another pot, a milk pot and pour it into tea cup to do tea. She once more pretends to be eating and her instructor says ‘can you please do me a cup of tea, Maule! ? ‘ she says with a smile ‘yes ‘ , and puts sugar in the cup pleasingly, teacher says once more ‘what are you seting? ‘ she says with a smile ‘I am seting sugar ‘ , and pretends to add more sugar into cup with spoon. She is on the garden party tabular array and eating with spoon and imbibing and says ‘I have made it ‘ and acquire off the chair. Now she is in the category and standing following to her instructor who is sitting and singing a verse form to kids sitting on the floor. She sings the verse form ‘Mary ‘ with her instructor and schoolmates.

Harmonizing to Sheila Riddall-Leech ( 2005 ) , observation is the most effectual manner to understand about the kid ‘s development phases, and its purpose is to garner observation base information about a kid ‘s advancement. Riddall-Leech ( 2005 ) further expresses that a individual observation is non plenty to find whether or non a kid is come oning and bettering the developmental accomplishments.

Any observation should supply the informations necessary to enable a professional to do balanced and informed determinations, such as the planning of specific activities to run into kids ‘s demands, or whether to seek professional aid. Harmonizing to O’Hagan ( 2001 ) , it is critical that parents are involved in the kid ‘s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities in the school puting. In add-on, the parents ‘ permission for detecting kid development is besides of import in the same respect.


Physical Development

In physical development, Amani is observed for Development of Gross Motor Skills every bit good as Development of Fine Manipulative Skills ( DeRobertis, 2008 ) . Physically Amani is observed and found to be healthy and normal kid since she continues to demo physical action and physical engagement in every activity that a kid of four twelvemonth old is supposed to make such as walking, running, bending, transporting objects, and turn overing. During observation, she is found to be physically comfy of her environment like rolling about without any physical imbalance. She has shown about all features of Development of Gross Motor Skills. However, she has good physical balance yet at one point she shows deficiency of balance and co-ordination and control of organic structure like tilting against the tabular array and oppressing other objects on the tabular array. Another degree of physical development observed is Development of Fine Manipulative Skills ( DeRobertis, 2008 ) . Just like every normal kid of four twelvemonth old Amani is observed to able to utilizing equipment, keeping and gripping and pulling, composing and edifice. She is observed to experience, pouring, make fulling, touching and researching dough and edifice another new object with it. She is observed to utilizing objects like scoop and works shower really expeditiously and utilizing spoon, dressing and utilizing lacings and threads.

Intellectual Development

Amani is intellectually ascertained singular as she shows mind of head and particularly of cognition and apprehension. Both in schoolroom and play country she is observed as attentive, concentrated, understanding and learning kid. The attending and concentration degree is extremely related to her antiphonal attitude. She shows some imagining and creativeness excessively, working with wax dough and doing bar and pudding of it. She is observed to hold cognition such as replying the instructor ‘s inquiries with her cognition and composing her ain name. The most of import intellectuality observed in the Amani is her job work outing inclination such as have oning apron and binding the apron laces herself that shows her intense ability to demo job work outing attitude. The detection and construct formation of Amani is observed in drama country where she makes pudding with wax dough, where she is asked about the wax and she responds right of the inquiry that wax is soft and it shows great understanding and conceptualisation of the miss. She seems to demo good memory like sugar is added in tea and how to utilize the eating objects. Her understanding and acknowledgment of objects and colourss is extraordinary ; she seems to distinguish between a light shadiness of green and frailty versa. Since kids learn linguistic communication and other things by inquiring inquiries such as ‘what, where, why ‘ , there has been deficiency of inquiring inquiries by Amani, and she intends to react to the inquiries instead.

Emotional Development

Emotionally Amani is observed to be independent as she is able to walk around freely without any vacillation. Furthermore, there is no vacillation or trouble in her look. She is expressive and good at showing herself. However, she shows small deficiency of control over her emotions like when she is in her drama country to works a seed in dirt she snatched the scoop from her schoolmate who refuses to manus her that scoop, though there is non any intense state of affairs yet she looks small out of control of her emotions. Besides, she shows a good emotional balance towards her schoolmates, she seems to demo warm towards her schoolmate. Facial look is observed as maturely because she intends to smile all the clip whenever she is amused to demo her pleasance. She continues to react the instructor seemingly cheerily and in expressive manner. She seems to demo good interaction with others but small direct oculus contact is observed. The overall organic structure motion and organic structure position is merely often without any hesitance and usually active and antiphonal. Tone of voice and play attitude is observed as synergistic and sociable engagement. There is such as no sudden alteration in behaviour or linguistic communication tone.

Linguistic Development

Amani is observed to hold linguistic communication accomplishments of the degree of four twelvemonth old kid. She seems to show herself instead utilizing linguistic communication. In add-on, she is observed to utilize short sentences and no troubles and vacillation in speech production. Since linguistic communication development of kid depends on its cognitive accomplishments and Amani ‘s cognitive accomplishments is observed as operation and efficient, her linguistic communication eloquence and efficiency is improved and better than other kids in the schoolroom. The choice of words and eloquence in the speech production is extraordinary good with right usage of tense.

Social Development

However, Amani is observed as an active, balanced and synergistic kid yet it has been observed that she has really small double-sided interaction with her schoolmates. She is observed to interact with her instructor but small is observed her interaction with her schoolmates. She seems to look heartily and positively but she does non demo a productive and concerted interaction ; for illustration, at one point, she instead snatches the scoop from her schoolmate instead than doing a polite petition she seems to act a small intense. Since, a kid of 3 or 4 twelvemonth is capable of waiting of his/her bend and in normal state of affairs can portion and cooperate with chaps ( Kail, 2007 ) therefore it was a small surprising facet of her because she seems to act usually so far in other development. In add-on, societal functions and societal behaviour like larning suitably and react to other is observed usually. However, she seems to bask being in schoolroom with other schoolmates and bask the societal visual aspect. In respect to other societal accomplishments like dressing and traveling about without any aid and making different activities she is ascertained making them independently. She seems to demo a parallel societal playing behaviour like playing aboard but non with another kid, non really much interacting and speaking to other kids in her different activities. She has been observed as concerted and with high self-esteem- valuing herself as a individual and confident. She instead seems to look a self-reliance individual in societal development point of position.

Child Profile

I observed the kid exhaustively and assessed her physically, intellectually, emotionally, linguistically, and socially. The overall development of Amani is observed to be normal and healthy. She has shown normal inclination in all degree of development including physical, rational, emotional, lingual and societal. However, physical development means making motion either gross or big motion of limbs or all right manipulative motion of fingers ( Grych & A ; Fincham, 2001 ) . Amani is found to hold big motion of her organic structure and her finger by utilizing pencils and composing. Because physical development chiefly depends on the organic structure growing and nervous system that sends message from the encephalon to personify it demonstrates the musculuss to actuate them to travel. There is great relevancy of physical development with rational development, because if a kid physically non fit or shows jobs like small motion, vacillation, and inactive, all these symptoms show inefficient rational development of kid. Amani has been observed as physically active and antiphonal her rational and mental capacity can be assessed as normal and frequent. The rational development of Amani is found to be mentally active and synergistic along with concluding head. She seems to understand the environment, the instructions taught in the schoolroom and inquiries asked ; she seems to reply them intellectually. She is really attentive and concentrated miss along with ability to react the external environment. She has good imagining, originative ability and job work outing attitude. Furthermore, she possesses an ability to use conceptualisation of her world and creativeness. Emotionally she is a good balanced kid with independent attitude ; she has got normal organic structure position, oculus contact, linguistic communication tone and unchanged behaviour. Furthermore, her organic structure linguistic communication and facial looks are even and warm towards other couples. In lingual development I observed that she has ability to utilize linguistic communication to show her and there is eloquence in the manner of her linguistic communication. Socially she is active, balanced and inter-active kid, she is heartily and positive towards interacting towards her couples. She has good larning accomplishments as a societal functions and societal behaviour like larning in a group suitably. She is socially independent and warm and communicative and antiphonal. She is expressive, societal, concerted and sharing the things. She has got singular cognitive accomplishments and memory power. Different societal activities like feeding, traveling in group and responding ; these are those abilities which are extraordinary brought on in her. Common kid characteristics of inquiring inquiries about the things that they do non cognize or make non understand, in Amani ‘s instance it are bit different in the manner that she does non inquiring inquiry but replying the inquiry instead. Another thing that is of import to reason is her overpowering and strong and intense feeling about her motion. She is intelligent, concerted, chatty, communicative, and moreover, originative and inventive with good ego assurance. Harmonizing to Gambrell ( 1994 ) the kid who is motivated to larn has many grounds to read and it besides includes cognition gaining, on the other manus Amani is non observed for reading, which can turn out her acquisition motive. However, she is motivated to larning and larning in group which is sabotaging portion of her development.

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