Ultra High Frequency And Very High Frequency Information Technology Essay

Frequencies operate many different manner wireless frequences or other this frequences is assign in a particular manner different state. Classically channel map is use in order that operator need non tune equipments to a peculiar frequence except in its topographic point can be utilizing one or more pre-sleeted frequences, easy take a switch or other demands.

Analog conventional systems frequences or else channel service as a physical medium or else associate transporting communicated information. The public presentation of a wireless system is partially dependent on the features of frequence set used. Major two ways for wireless frequence such as-

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UHP ( extremist high frequence ) and VHP ( really high frequence )

Most of import two format for telephone system frequence UHP and VHP. Rate is unconditioned improved than others. A format is effectual ways to connexion with other individuals so the rights radios depend on the applications.

Wavelength of UHF and VHF mark large function for wireless engineering to use. UHF has a small wavelength which complete it is easy for the mark to turn up manner throughout unsmooth topography or else the within of a physique. The longer wavelength of VHF manner it can convey excess under ideal state of affairs. Most application lesser wireless frequences are better for longer scope. Typical VHF state of affairss operate at approximately 100,000 Wattss and have a coverage radius scope of about 60 stat mis. A UHF state of affairs with a 60-mile coverage radius requires transmit at 3,000,000 Wattss.

Applications require work typically outdoorss a VHF wireless is most likely the best choice peculiarly a support station wireless at place is used and an out-of-door sender is add. The high the sender is located, the extra the wireless can air and have. One exclusion to utilize a VHF wireless outdoorss is if it is used it in a batch woody or unsmooth country. Under this status a UHF wireless may good be able to convey better although the terrain.

There is more gettable channel with UHF as a consequence into more inhabited countries UHF may be non as much of possible to hold interfering as of extra systems. Since the scope of UHF is besides non every bit far as VHF underneath the bulk status there is less opportunity of stray wirelesss interferes with the signal.


hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frequency

One-half semidetached house

Half-duplex methods provide communicate in together way although simply one way at a clip. Normally, merely the one time a party Begin having a signal, it must wait for the sender to halt transmit, sooner than answer.

An illustration of a half-duplex system is bipartisan systems for illustration “ walkie-talkie ” manner bipartisan wireless be required to utilize “ Over ” or else any longer previously-designated regulation to mean the terminal of transmittal, and do certain that merely one party transmits at a clip, because both parties transmit on the same frequence.

A good quality analogy for a half-duplex system would be a one-lane route by traffic accountant at every terminal. Traffic knows how to flux in both way, but merely one way at a clip, maintaining up by the traffic accountant. Half-duplex system can be steadfastly controlled by the hardware.


hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/half-duplex


Full semidetached house

Full-duplex is clip to clip double-duplex system allow contact in both waies. Full-duplex allow resulting at the same time. Land-line telephone web is full-duplex, let together companies to speak and be here at the same clip. A good analogy for a full-duplex system would be a two-lane route with one lane for every way.

Ex- Phone, cellular Mobile, and that.

Full-duplex Ethernet associates works with coincident usage of two physical braces of twisted overseas telegram where one brace is usage for having package and one brace is usage for directing package to a directly-connected device. These successfully make the overseas telegram itself a collision-free environment and duplicate the highest information capacity that can be supported by the connexion.

Full-duplex physical medium

Channel entree methods.


Cellular webs.


B. legal demands for ain state

When we want to implement any voice communicating method so necessitate authorities permission so at first really necessary apply for new frequence in president. When frequence allotment application signifier entries ok so the president allow licence demands so now I have described it.

Frequency allotment

Use of wireless frequence sets of the electromagnetic scope is regulated by authoritiess in about all states, in a Spectrum direction procedure known as frequence allotment or spectrum allotment. Radio spread does non halt at national boundaries. Giving proficient and economic grounds, authoritiess have sought to harmonies the allotment of RF sets and their standardisation.

Three types of allotment criterion sets such as-

No 1 may convey: frequences held in modesty for wireless uranology to avoid intervention at wireless telescopes.

Person may convey, every bit long as they respect certain transmittal power and other bounds: unfastened spectrum sets such as the unaccredited ISM sets and the unaccredited ultra-wideband set, and the slightly more regulated amateur wireless frequence allotments. Often users use a “ listen before talk ” contention based protocol.

Merely the licensed user of that set may convey: the licensing organic structure may give the same frequence to several users as a signifier of frequence reuse if they can non interfere because their coverage map countries ne’er overlap.


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.answers.com/topic/radio-propagation

Licensing demands

The applier will subject an application to the president, BTRC in his organizationaa‚¬a„?s Letter Head Pad along with the authenticated transcripts of the undermentioned paperss such as-

Trade licence.

Import enrollment certification ( IRC ) .

Income revenue enhancement certification.

TIN certification.

Bank solvency certification.

Memorandum of association for limited company.

Or Proprietorship certification for personal from notary populace.

Curriculum vitae of a proficient individual working in the organisation.

Every papers should be up to day of the month.



C. cost setting-up of operating system and Equipment cost

Licensing cost

Application fee:

Applicant shall subject the application fee of Taka 5, 00,000.00 merely in the signifier of wage order / bank bill of exchange and collectible in favours of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission with the offer/proposal which is non refundable.

The License Acquisition Fee:

The License Acquisition Fee will be Taka 50 ( Fifty ) Crore ( BDT 500 million ) . The licence will be issued after payment of the License Acquisition fee within 30 ( 30 ) yearss after proclamation of award of licence. Failing to pay the License Acquisition fee in due clip will ensue into expiration of the awarding of licence.

Annual License Fee:

A Sum of Taka 25 crore ( BDT 250 Million ) collectible by the Licensee in progress from the 2nd day of remembrance of the day of the month of the License.

Gross Revenue Sharing:

No Revenue ( 0 % ) shall be shared for the first twelvemonth of operation ( from RFCS day of the month ) . The Bidder to offer in the 2nd phase but lower limit is to be 10 % ( Ten per centum ) of the one-year audited gross gross of the Licensee shall be paid on a quarterly footing within the first 10 ( ten ) yearss at the terminal of each one-fourth.

Performance Bank Guarantee

The licensee shall subject Performance Bank Guarantee of Taka 25 ( Twenty Five ) crore ( BDT 250 million ) in favour of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission within 30 ( 30 ) yearss from the day of the month of issue of the licence harmonizing to the format given in SCHEDULE-2.

Security Deposit:

The Applicant ( s ) shall subject Taka 1 ( One ) crore as security sedimentation in the signifier of bank bill of exchange or pay order to the Commission while subjecting the tender/offer/proposal.

Licensing charge


Application Fee

Taka 5,00,000.00


License Acquisition fee

Taka 50 ( Tk. 50 ) crore


Annual License Fee

Taka 25 ( Tk. Twenty five ) crore


Gross Revenue Sharing

The Bidder to offer in the 2nd phase but lower limit is to be 10 %


Performance Bank Guarantee

Taka 25 ( Tk. Twenty five ) crore


Security sedimentation

1 Crore

Equipment cost

In this undertaking we are solve fire section all necessary information. Now we are describe fire section puting up equipment such as-

1. Radio and system conventional/ trunked

A trunked wireless system is a complex type of computer-control wireless system. Trunked system use a few channel and can hold virtually limitless speak groups. The control channel computing machine sends package of informations to let one talk group to speak together, anyhow of frequence. Hauling is use by many authorities entity to provides bipartisan communicate for fire section, control and other public services, who all allocate spectrums to a metropolis, county, or other entity.

Conventional equipment

Monetary value for All Three: AA $ 147.87


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ahazaon.com

2. RF Antennas, Filters, Combiners, Cables

RF refers to radio frequence, the method of communicating for wireless engineering of all sorts, including nomadic phones, radio detection and ranging, jambon wireless, GPS, and wireless.

RF Filters and Combiners

Filters are the indispensable construction blocks in any type of wireless systems and parts thereof.

Price filter device- $ 60.50

Figure-filter device


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ahazaon.com


Each spot of a wireless, a receiving system or a sender, needs an aerial either builds-in or external. user demands call aerial belongingss it for communicating with channel.

Price antennas- $ 88.95



hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ahazaon.com

3. AF Accessories, Control equipment

AF control equipment includes a plurality of movable lens group, each of which is mutable along an optical axis for executing focal point independently, and full rapid climb scope.

Price Agilent DSO6034A oscilloscope- $ 10,193

hypertext transfer protocol: //doc.es.aau.dk/fileadmin/doc.kom.aau.dk/labs_facillities/control/pictures/Agilent/DSO6000_large.jpg


D. restriction of each method

In this phase I describe restriction and each method such as-

1. Hand held

STP8000-limitation and scope

STP8000 is high public presentation and manus aa‚¬ ” portable wireless designed and it is really flexible. STP8000 has been designed to execute in the most physically ambitious environments, offering the reassurance of continued operation irrespective of the knocks and beads of operational usage and hapless conditions or dusty, soiled environments. RF Power is to the full customizable up to 1.8 Watts in TMO, DMO and as a DM Repeater, presenting dependable communications when most needed, widening coverage beyond the range of typical manus held wirelesss.


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sepura.com

2. Tektronix 1241-limition and scope

mhtml: file: //I: Task-3 % 20equipment3.1.mht! hypertext transfer protocol: //doc.es.aau.dk/typo3temp/pics/c5d023bb8c.jpg


* Modular: 9 to 72 channels

* Support for 50 microprocessors

* 100 MHz asynchronous sampling

* 50 MHz synchronal sampling

* Dual clip base triggering, acquisition and show

* 14-level triping

* GPIB, RS-232C, pressman support


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sepura.com/product/100/srb8000

3. Radio board scope

mhtml: file: //I:
rrSepura.mht! hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sepura.com/images/resized/200×125/srb1_2.png

Radio board

The Sapura SRB8000 is a high public presentation, Voice and Data capable Radio Board ideally suited to telemetry, remote control and informations transportation solutions. Based upon the proved design of the Sapura 8000 series manus portable scope, the SRB8000 provides a characteristic rich, stable platform for 3rd party planimeters.

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