Three ways to measure stress levels of staff

There are several ways in which emphasis can be measured for illustration by self study, biochemical and physiological methods

Self study methods

Nerve-racking life event scales – steps stress prospectively through the reported life alteration for illustration Holmes and Rahe ‘s Social Readjustment Rating Scale ( SRRS ) . They examined 5000 patient records and made a list of 43 life events that seemed to predate unwellness. About 400 participants were asked to rate each point in footings of the sum of emphasis it produced, and an random value of 500 was assigned to marriage as a mention point. The consequences were averaged and divided by 10 to acquire a step of the single events in footings of life alteration units stand foring the grade of emphasis caused by events. Their research utilizing SRRS suggested that life events were associated with assorted physical unwellnesss.

Self-perception of emphasis – steps subjective feelings of emphasis associated with negative or positive life events for illustration Sarason et Al. ‘s ( 1978 ) Life experiences Survey ( LES ) .

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The SRRS provides a comparatively speedy step of a assortment of stressor stimulations and the LES takes into history the subjective cognitive assessment. This method nevertheless has a restriction in that subjective steps may be undependable, alteration over clip and confound the causes and effects of emphasis.

Biochemical methods

This methods step emphasis through chemical testing for illustration through blood and urine sample proving to mensurate alterations in stress-related endocrines, catecholamines ( such as adrenaline ) and corticoids ( such as hydrocortisone ) . For illustration, Kiecolt-Glaser ( 1984 ) studied human responses to emphasize utilizing scrutinies where research workers took blood samples from 75 1st twelvemonth medical pupils one month before their concluding scrutiny and once more on the first twenty-four hours of their concluding tests after they had completed two of the tests. Kiecolt-Glaser et Al found that natural slayer cell declined between the two samples corroborating that emphasis is associated with a reduced immune response.

These methods provide direct, dependable, nonsubjective and quantitative informations on emphasis responses. There is a restriction nevertheless in that these methods are expensive, require specializer equipment/skill and disregard subjective perceptual experiences ( ‘positive ‘ emphasis produces less hydrocortisone ) . The step can be affected by factors like caffeine or anxiousness.

Physiological methods

There are many physiological responses that can be measured. This is done through monitoring of machinery like bosom proctors and skin conductance polygraphs and emphasis is measured through its associated autonomic nervous system alterations in bosom rate and blood force per unit area.

Change in bosom rate – measures the addition or lessening in the figure of bosom beats per minute. Heart rate can be measured with an EKG ( ECG ) which measures electrical activity across the tegument associated with the electrical activity of the bosom. It increases when a individual is under emphasis and decreases as one relaxes. It is besides affected by the strength of the emotional response ; it increases with place emotions and lessenings with negative emotions. In response to unexpected stimulations, bosom rate lessenings, known as the pointing consequence, and increases with defensive responses, i.e. fight-or-flight response.

Change in skin conductance -measures the alteration in the conduction of a individual ‘s tegument.

As emphasis additions, perspiration additions on the palms hence increased conduction. Higher degrees of tegument conductance have besides been shown during acquisition and have besides been shown to increase with the presentation of an unexpected stimulation. It is measured on the fingertips of the participant.

Change in skin temperature -measures the alteration in temperature on the appendages of the organic structure. As emphasis increases the temperature in the appendages decreases as heat moves to the organic structure ‘s nucleus therefore the temperature measured on the fingertip decreases. Skin temperature reactions can be measured by puting a thermoregulator at the terminal of one of the fingers and keeping it in topographic point with thin porous tape.

Other steps include EEG recordings of cortical activity, electromyogram measurings of facial musculus tensenesss, respiration rate and blood force per unit area.

Physiological steps have an advantage in that they are more nonsubjective than subjective – a uninterrupted step, so time-varying qualities of presence can be observed. They have some restrictions nevertheless, in that several different stimulations could bring forth the same alterations and physiological degrees besides vary widely from individual to individual. Skin temperature is slow to alter and therefore one has to be exposed to the stimulation for several proceedingss. There is besides the cost of the physiological monitoring equipment and trained forces.

I would urge the company to utilize the self study method of mensurating emphasis as it would be the most appropriate for a company because it is the least expensive and the staff would non necessitate to take a twenty-four hours off to travel and see a specializer. It would besides take less clip and it is convenient.

Physiological and psychological methods of emphasis direction that the company could present to its staff:

There are many attacks which can be used to cut down emphasis degrees. Psychologists distinguish two wide types of get bying schemes ; psychological and physiological.

Physiological method:

Biofeedback- This is a technique affecting the usage of entering electrodes and proctors to mensurate physiological responses like blood force per unit area and musculus tenseness in the caput and cervix. Signals are amplified and displayed to the client on a screen or through earphones. The client is trained on how to command nonvoluntary musculuss, or voluntary musculuss that are non usually controlled utilizing techniques like relaxation and speculation. This introduces autonomic nervous system activity therefore the bodily esthesiss associated with emphasis and this would cut down the consequent effects of emphasis in footings of unwellness.


Biofeedback has produced important long-run decreases in emphasis in mundane life.

The usage of proctors helps the individual learn effectual techniques to cut down rousing and they can utilize them independently of the engineering ( Holroyd et al. , 1984 )

It does non hold side effects unlike drugs

It is voluntary and non invasive

Harmonizing to Attanasio et Al. ( 1985 ) , it helped adolescents and kids with emphasis related upsets to derive control over symptoms of migraine concerns. They benefited more than grownups perchance because they were more enthusiastic and less doubting.


There is cost of engineering and clip is needed by the trainer and client to larn how to cut down rousing.

There is some uncertainty as to whether the feedback is really necessary as some surveies show that the benefits of biofeedback could be gained from other relaxation methods.

It does non straight concentrate on causes of the stress-related jobs but treats the symptoms.

It is more successful with some people than others ( single differences ) , for illustration with kids instead than grownups.

Psychological methods

Stress vaccination preparation ( SIT ) – Meichenbaum ( 1985 ) proposed a signifier of cognitive therapy to cover with emphasis. His stress vaccination preparation purposes to pull off emphasis utilizing a cognitive-behavioural method of supplying clients with schemes and accomplishments to cover with the peculiar stressors in their lives. He suggested that an person should develop a signifier of get bying before the job arises instead than afterwards. There are three chief stages in stress vaccination preparation:

Conceptualisation – the healer discusses the nature of the job with the person and a relationship is established. The client is educated about the nature and impact of emphasis so that he understands the consequence of their bing get bying mechanism. Self-defeating attitudes and get bying mechanisms are identified through funny inquiries in order to steer the client to understand their knowledges and behavior.

Skills acquisition and consolidation – The single learns assorted techniques for cut downing emphasis, such as relaxation and self-instruction by utilizing get bying self-statements, positive thought, societal accomplishments, methods of attending recreation and clip direction. These are taught and practised in the clinic and so bit by bit rehearsed in existent life.

Application and follow through – clients are given chances to use the freshly learned get bying accomplishments in different state of affairss, which become progressively nerve-racking. Assorted techniques may be used for illustration imagination, patterning and function playing. The exposure to existent stressors is graded and follow- through processs employed to guarantee that any warning marks of backsliding are dealt with.


It is really flexible, it consists of a broad assortment of cognitive and behavioral techniques tailored to the single demands of the client.

It is reasonably effectual in cut downing the emphasis experienced in reasonably nerve-racking state of affairss, the emphasis of chronic hurting, public presentation anxiousness, specific phobic disorder, work related emphasis, competition emphasis and emphasis before surgery.

It deals with causes non symptoms, it offers a joint onslaught ; accomplishments to get by with current jobs, and accomplishments and assurance to get by with future jobs.

The focal point on acquisition of accomplishments provides durable effectivity as they are taught, practiced and followed through and are tailored to the demands of the person.


This method is of less value when handling persons who are extremely stressed or exposed to really nerve-racking state of affairss.

It is clip devouring and requires high motive. The preparation programme requires a batch of clip, attempt, motive, money and the drawn-out therapy would merely accommodate a limited scope of determined persons.

It is unnecessarily complex – it is possible that the scope of activities could be reduced without losing much of the effectivity.

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