Theories And Practice In Child Development Young People Essay

The Theoretical Argument

After reading the papers produced by Tom Burkard and Tom Clelford, “ Cuting the Children ‘s Plan ” which gives an penetration of why the Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS ) should be scrapped. It states that the Statutory Framework EYFS which was launched in 2007 should be scrapped to salvage ?315 million. However the writers do non province which countries of the EYFS they want scrapped, which causes concern. The EYFS is a big model for pattern and appraisal and is the umbrella under which all the kids aged 0 – 5 old ages who receive attention and instruction. It has been a great impact within the early old ages establishments every bit good as holding influences of assorted theoreticians to back up the kids ‘s acquisition and development. Before thought of trashing the EYFS wholly the writers should see looking through the model and see what the positives and negatives are as some facets of the EYFS do n’t work for some whereas other facets are of great usage. As it mentions in Pugh.G et Al ( 2010:100 ) “ There are besides those who think it goes excessively far and is excessively perspective. ( Open Eye, 2007:2008 ) ” .

Within the papers it is mentioned that the EYFS is an intrusive effort to ‘micro-manage ‘ all 0 – 5 child care constitutions every bit good as ordering ‘best pattern ‘ including parents. Within the EYFS it does non stipulate that the parents should make as they are told neither does it stipulate how practicians should work with the kids. Therefore Pugh.G et Al ( 2010:105 ) , states that “ It requires the practician to distinguish to understand each kid as an person and personalise the course of study content to fit their demands and involvements ” . However practicians should hold an in deepness cognition of their cardinal kids, so that they can utilize the EYFS Framework to back up and assist program chances and activities. These will so heighten kids ‘s acquisition and promote the single kids ‘s development in a manner that will involvement them.

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The EPPE Project ( Sylva et al, 2004: Chapter 4 ) identified the importance of a signifier of interaction between kids and grownups, that they call ‘sustained shared believing ‘ in advancing kids ‘s acquisition and development which is now as portion of the EYFS. On the other manus working in partnership with parents is indispensable as it helps all kids to accomplish their full potency. As stated in The Times ( 2008 ) , “ The EYFS is about reacting to the individualism of each kid, in the context of loving and unafraid relationships and making a stimulating and enabling environment that will advance age – appropriate experiences for larning and development ” . Furthermore, Nurse A.D ( 2007:73 ) provinces that “ Children can be said to prefer to larn through the enactive manner as their ability to stand for images and usage symbols is less good developed ” . In this Bruner agreed with Piaget that active, first – manus experiences are an appropriate manner to show new cognition to immature kids.

The papers besides inquiries whether the EYFS encourages good pattern. Harmonizing to Pugh.G et Al ( 2010:105 ) “ we need to concentrate the course of study on what is of import for the kids, the things that they need to be making at this phase of their development ” . By looking at the research and pattern the most of import things are Bing Social, Being Positive, Bing a Communicator, Being Creative and Being Healthy and Safe ( ECM:2003 ) . By presenting reading and composing at an early phase it could be argued that it can take to complications subsequently on and besides detaining phonic work, therefore the EYFS recommends that practicians use their professional opinion with presenting phonics. On the other manus the writers are claiming that kids who come from a less stimulating deprived environment ‘waste an full twelvemonth ‘ falling further behind their in-between category equals in acquisition ( e.g reading ) , whose parents by and large know better than to detain reading direction. This is non wholly true, Gaunte ( 2010 ) clarifies that “ Parents with the support of the wider household, are kids ‘s primary pedagogues. What parents do at place with immature kids has the most impact on all facets of their development – societal, emotional, rational and physical ” .

However it could be alleged that kids who have strong place acquisition environments are in front socially and intellectually by the age of three, which is continued into schooling. Bronfenbrenner ‘s ecological theoretical account of human development emphasises the function of the wider environment and the kids ‘s interaction within it. Bronfenbrenner and Caci ( 1994 ) proposed that the environment was the chief influence on kids ‘s development. Bronfenbrenner produced systems which included the following ‘Microsystems ‘ , ‘Macrosystems ‘ and ‘Exosystems ‘ . The undermentioned diagram illustrated below shows how these systems are interacted and impact on the kid ‘s acquisition and development. ( Smith et Al: 2003 ) . Bronfenbrenner besides led the ‘Head Start ‘ programme in America which required assisting deprived kids overcome their hapless beginnings.

The EYFS recognises the importance of the wider environment both in working in partnership with parents and the ethos of the EYFS, supplying equality of attention and instruction for all. Research has shown that good quality early instruction and attention has broad – runing benefits for all kids. Bing provided across baby’s rooms, response categories, pre – schools, kids ‘s Centres and childminders, it enhances societal and cognitive accomplishments and is of peculiar benefit to disfavor kids ( N.A: 2010 ) . However other course of studies have besides the quality input that the EYFS has, for illustration the High Scope Curriculum, Montessori etc. It could be argued that kids who have an intellectually and physically stimulating environment will keep a more complex web of synapses in the encephalon ( Bee: 1997 ) . These biological alterations in nature can hold deductions for pattern, the EYFS nevertheless has a assortment of suited activities planned for those at different ages and phases of development. This is a premier illustration of how ‘nurture can act upon nature.

Additionally Bowlby ‘s ( 1907 – 1990 ) research found that babies/children win if they receive attention from one chief health professional which is normally the female parent. They are besides more likely to do secure fond regards and so ab initio turn up into being good – balanced grownups. ( O’Hagan et Al: 1993 ) . Therefore modern research workers have disputed the fact that merely the female parents can execute this undertaking ( Smith et Al: 1993 ) , irrespective the argument of ‘working female parents ‘ , it still remains that the kids ‘s emotional and cognitive development are best when there is that continuity of attention available. When in attention kids under the age of 5 should each be allocated cardinal workers so that kids can organize cardinal fond regards with this individual, this is where secondary fond regards are formed. The cardinal individual is a cardinal to developing relationships with the kids that are assigned to them every bit crestless wave as sharing and roll uping information by working in partnership with parents of the cardinal kids allocated. The EYFS reflects this by saying that “ Each kid with early old ages attention and instruction should be allocated a cardinal individual ” ( EYFS: 2007 ) . By holding a cardinal individual allocated to the kids it enables them to develop an fond regard with the practician on a unafraid footing cognizing that they can trust on the cardinal individual.

Last the writers stipulate that despite the aspirations of the EYFS, childminders have non been able to see the practical consequence of this. It could be argued that there is excessively much paperwork involved for them within the EYFS. However there is grounds that most childminders have developed cognition and apprehension of how to set the EYFS into pattern and utilize it to place, program and supply foe single kids ‘s demands in their attention. On the other manus many childminders have given up their occupations due to this and others who are believing of this. On one forum a childminder writes her positions on the EYFS Curriculum and how she feels about it which can be accessed on

The childminder provinces:

“ I, like many other childminders, gave up an tremendous sum of personal clip merely to fix for my Ofsted.A I spent hebdomads roll uping my Portfolio, A cataloguing my Toys, books, games, mystifiers and equipment ; roll uping cleansing Rotas, seting together eternal policies, parent information brochures, files for preparation, files for resource aggregations, working out a system for entering each kid ‘s development, the list goes on and on. I still cared about and loved the kids, I still provided the lovingness environment, and I still seek to assist each of my small 1s to bloom and boom, to experience loved and cared for, to be cognizant of the demands and feelings of others and to cognize that each one is recognised as being alone and valuable. Yes it should be obligatory for childminders to go to relevant classs and maintain up to day of the month with current thought and processs, in order that they can fix to make the occupation efficaciously, but the load of presenting EYFS in a childminding scene is excessively much for many childminders, and this needs to be reviewed.

Mrs R Richardson, Registered Childminder ”

Therefore it could be argued that the EYFS should non be scrapped but reviewed once more. Purnima Tanuku, main executive of the National Day Nurseries Association argues that “ We are having clear signals about the positives of the EYFS and urge that the Government focuses on refinement and bettering the EYFS instead than presenting extremist alteration ” .

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