Thematic Apperception Test(TAT), and the Draw a Person (DAP)test


First sentiment in respects to the patient ( 4 twelvemonth old, Clara ) agrees with the parents that she is rather. I can merely swear the parents at this point in respects to her appetency. She has already started preschool but no longer wants to travel. My first possible idea is that, she may be acquiring bullied at school by the other kids. My 2nd idea is that, the parents may be over commanding and she is moving out in order to stand out. Prior to proving I would inquire a series of inquiries. I would inquire them what things are like at place such as their day-to-day agendas, what type of music do the parents listen to, what sort of telecasting do they let her to watch with them. I would besides inquire how she was in school prior to the alteration in behaviour. I would inquire how set is their agenda. My concluding inquiry for the parents would be what activities do they see Clara most enjoy. After having responses for the old inquiries I would analyse them and continue to make two appraisals. These two appraisals would be done ( every bit long as the parents and child consent ) without the presence of the parents in order to take any entree force per unit area that may or may non be coming from them. The two trials I would make would be the Thematic Apperception Test ( TAT ) , and the Draw a Person ( DAP ) trial. The first trial, TAT, would let me to see how Clara where she is standing at the present minute, whether she feels like the victim, or the scoundrel. This would enable me to see if the individual is ever being bullied that it is something to make with her being bullied, depending on the location I would be able to see if it is at place or another location. This would besides let me to see if the individual is invariably being controlled or put down that she is moving out to acquire a different reaction towards her from her parents. The 2nd trial ( DAP ) would let me to see things through her eyes, enabling me to see how she is experiencing about herself in peculiar. These two appraisals would enable me to develop a narrowed decision as to what the job might be, every bit good as a new set of inquiries based on the old consequences.


Prior to get downing intervention I would see the fact that Clara is merely 4 old ages old and that she is adopted. My grounds for these considerations are because ; although Clara is merely 4 some kids have an apprehension about the state of affairs at manus. In general I would urge that she has at least 3 follow up assignments over a period of at least 6 hebdomads so that I would be able to see if her temper is impermanent, or re-occurring. I would construction the Sessionss in a manner that would let for her to speak to me in private first and state me about the occurrences since the last session. Then I would hold a session with the parents. The 3rd part would be where both Clara and her parents are together and discourse jobs that both parties might hold with each other. The concluding part of the session would be where we all discuss the advancement that they have made and where the feel more attending demands to be focused. At the terminal of the 3rd assignment I would come to a diagnosing if one had non already been reached, and discourse it with the Lawsons. I would mention to the DSM after the 2nd assignment so as to guarantee that I have at least a semi-solid appreciation on the symptoms she is demoing every bit good as more of a appreciation on who she is and what her current state of affairs is. At the present minute I would hold to state that naming Clara would be harmful. She is a kid and at this age it is easy for a kid to fall into a “ type ” . This happens when parents or people stereo type the kid and set that in topographic point for them, such as when person says that the kid is a comedian, that kid will make something viewed as amusing that gets a laugh and recognizes that attending and becomes adjusted to that sort of behaviour being expected from them. If the kid is called a problem shaper so they will move out and go accustomed to it being expected from them every bit good as the attending they get from it. This is why I personally feel that naming Clara is harmful at this point. If I were to state that she has depression her parents would get down to handle her that manner and so she would develop false emotions that would take her to go on to move that manner, all because of the diagnosing, merely as if I were to state she has ADD so her parents would anticipate her fits and manage them otherwise merely because of the diagnosing, and so Clara would go adjusted to that behaviour and think of it as normal to move out the manner that she has been.

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Case surveies such as this are interesting to reexamine because there are so many different consequences that one can come to. One thing to retrieve though when reexamining a instance survey is that you do non acquire to see all of the emotion involved and frequently do non acquire all of the facts needed to come to a solid decision. All signifiers of psychological science have their downsides, instance surveies may non hold all the facts, and existent face to confront surveies such as if the one above were conducted in individual may take to a swaying of sentiments from the psychologist because of emotional fond regards that might develop. The terminal consequence though is astonishing when working with people in this field because it enables person to take a individual who is holding a job that they ca n’t travel to a regular physician for, or that no 1 else can repair for them, and allows you to give penetration and assist them through, a opportunity to watch them travel from a cocoon, to a beautiful butterfly, reflecting and full of life and happy.

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