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Psychology is basically diging into a individuals caput and or head and finding what is ailing them. Although medical specialty has changed over the twelvemonth ‘s psychological science has remained virtually the same with psychologist today still utilizing the techniques of past. There are many schools of idea contained within the universe of psychological science and many psychologists today follow the schools of behaviorism and humanistic psychological science. In this essay both theories will be explored with their differences compared against each other. Second this essay will research and analyze the relationship these two theories have with societal work and how they are and can be used. Last the essay will look at how these two theories relate cross culturally and how they expand beyond environments and genetic sciences in today ‘s society.


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The school of behaviorism came approximately in a clip when there was considered to be merely one chief theory, the psychodynamic theory developed by Dr Freud ( Western, Burton, & A ; Kowalski, 2006 ) . Behaviourism was discovered wholly by accident by a adult male named Ivan Pavlov. This find was made while Ivan was experimenting with how Canis familiariss salivate when they thought that there was nutrient to be had upon hearing a peculiar sound, this lead Ivan to the apprehension that the Canis familiariss were being conditioned which in bend lead Ivan Pavlov to behaviorism ( Hunt, 1993 ) . To many behaviorists animate beings and worlds are non unlike each other as both have ideas and feelings and both can be understood wholly without mention ( Western, Burton, & A ; Kowalski, 2006 ) . This has since allowed behaviorists come to the apprehension that human behavior follows Torahs of behaviorism much as the Torahs of gravitation explains why things autumn ( Western, Burton, & A ; Kowalski, 2006 ) . Many behaviorists have studied this school of idea and thanks to the earlier theorist B.F. Skinner was able to construct upon their work and do his cast of his ain alone pattern. Skinner believed that the behavior of all existences can be shaped and changed by the environment and due to these environmental effects the opportunities of something happening either increase or lessenings ( insert ref ) . B. F. Skinner stated that “ The manner positive support is carried out is more of import than the sum ” ( web, 2012 ) . Behaviorists believed that a individual ‘s personality is in fact a aggregation of civilized behavior forms and that a individual ‘s behavior will alter depending on the state of affairs they are in and their past dealing and experiences ( Lorraine & A ; Michelle, 1993 ) .


Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow are two cardinal figures in field of humanistic psychological survey and they are considered to be co-founders of this theory. Revolutionary philosophers of humanistic thought tended to trust on quantifiable steps of variables ( Anastoos, 2003 ) . The humanistic school is centred on the footing of self-actualisation and that everyone is alone. This line of idea is sometimes referred to as the 3rd force as to put it apart from the other two psychological science thoughts ( Engler, Personality theories, 2006 ) . This theory besides takes on a holistic and religious attack and is really much client cantered based with an apprehension that for there to be a healthy psychological head the single must take duty for themselves ( Heffner media group, 2011 ) . The theory of the humanistic attack encompasses values that gratify the normative duty of one ‘s civilization and societal order. This so in bends creates a manner for the individuals, civilization and societal order to go more involved and lets them transform into what they ought to go ( Adams, 2003. ) . Humanist theory plants in the here and now and does non concentrate on the yesteryear or hereafter. This theory allows the patients to to the full turn to what is go oning to them at the really minute they walk in to the clinician ‘s office as this school of idea is one that is based on beliefs which include continuing the self-respect and reaffirms a individual ‘s value ( Adams, 2003. ) . When speaking about the humanistic school it is merely natural to research positive psychological science. A positive psychologist would emphasize that a individual will come through anything bad and atrocious in their lives and will win in claiming their dreams with the power of positive thought therefore utilizing positive inherent aptitudes to carry through human potency ( Seligman & A ; Csikszentmihalyi, 2000 ) . Positive psychological science is a scientific version of humanistic psychological science. Psychologists utilizing positive psychological science will more frequently than non seek to happen an terminal to intervention and assist supply a bar method ( Seligman & A ; Csikszentmihalyi, 2000 ) .


Behaviorists and the school of behaviorism is profoundly involved in analyzing and larning about the environment a individual has come from and how this has shaped their life past present and future ( insert ref ) . Harmonizing to behaviourists how a individual picks a way in life will depend on experiences and the results from the yesteryear. For behaviorists ; all ecological actions, impact and controls behaviour ( Western, Burton, & A ; Kowalski, 2006 ) . Behaviorists believe that the head of a individual is something that can non be studied by any scientific agencies ( Western, Burton, & A ; Kowalski, 2006 ) . Compare this to the humanistic school of idea where the person ‘s behavior is straight connected to the innermost ego ( McLeod, 2007 ) . Immediately there is a difference, and the difference is that the humanistic school of idea is really much based one one ‘s ego and one ‘s ability to accomplish self-fulfilment whereas behaviorism is determined by negative and positive experiences. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow both considered a basic motivation in all worlds was personal growing, accomplishment and fulfillment ( McLeod, 2007 ) . A behaviorist would reason that behavior is classically conditioned within us by the picks and results of old state of affairss intending that if we do something that provides a negative result the opportunities of us making it once more is greatly reduced and frailty versa for positive results ( insert ref ) . A humanistic theoretician would state that you would be able to lift up and get the better of the negative and seek once more in trusting for a positive result. These are merely a few countries ‘ that highlights the difference between behaviorism and humanistic schools ( insert ref ) ( need to embroider out ) So, many theoreticians, particularly those ordering to the behavioural point of view, discounted humanistic theory due to its reduced capacity for research ( Heffner media group, 2011 )

Social work

Working with people and holding some kind of influence over their life is a potentially life altering duty so a societal worker will necessitate to be clear about how they approach each state of affairs. Understanding these two theories and how they can be included into the client ‘s intervention program and life is a critical accomplishment for any societal worker. If a societal worker decides to utilize the humanistic attack so they would hold to hold an apprehension that humanistic psychological science may non be the best for a client who wants to follow a rigorous intervention program ( insert ref ) . Humanist psychological science is a great tool to utilize for a client who is enduring from low self-pride or a client who has issues with laterality as the humanistic paradigm seeks to take any sense of power between the client and societal worker, by incorporating this into pattern with a non-judgemental mode and empathy the societal worker will be able to set the client at easiness ( Woolfe, Dryden, & A ; Strawbridge, 2003 ) . Using brooding and unfastened ended responses will impel the client into self-understanding, credence and finally self-actualization. If the societal worker does non demo unconditioned positive respect towards his or hers client so they may non be given full revelation to how the client truly feels which in bend may impact on the clients experiences ( Heffner media group, 2011 ) .

When utilizing the behaviorism attack with clients the societal worker would desire to place the job or state of affairs they are wishing to alter.

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