The Working Environment And It Communication Information Technology Essay

Objective 1: To put patient attention at the Centre of our work and concentrate on continually bettering the quality of patient attention and patients ‘ experience

Objective two: To back up and animate future coevalss of health care professionals by transfusing a civilization of accomplishment, instruction, preparation and development

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Objective three: To continuously innovate and strive to take in bettering patient attention, driven by clinical leading, defending research and join forcesing with our patients. ( University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Trust, 2009 ) .

Discuss the importance of information to run intoing the concern aims

It is indispensable for a big administration like UHCW to hold the ability to treat big sums of frequently sensitive information both quickly and accurately. UHCW will necessitate to manage a assortment of different information to accomplish successfully its mission to supply the highest possible quality of health care to the local community.

Demographic information

Community: Size of the population served, features of the population in footings of age, gender and societal position.

1.cIt is of great importance for the infirmary to keep this type of information in order to efficaciously set up what sort of services are likely to be most in demand and to develop a scheme for bringing of those services to the highest possible criterions and in a cost effectual mode.

For illustration, a population with a big per centum of aged citizens is likely to hold a much stronger demand for interventions like hip replacings or arthritis, where as a younger population will hold a stronger demand for pregnancy services or perchance a greater demand for intoxicant related accident and exigency interventions.

If the infirmary were non to see this information carefully, they could really easy stop up with over proviso of some services and under proviso of others, taking to empty pregnancy wards and a deficit of orthopedic sawboness. This would evidently do unacceptable waste and inefficiency within the administration and do it hard to supply a good service.

Personal or single information

UHCW will necessitate to maintain elaborate and accurate records about both service users and persons working within the administration.

Roll uping patient information such as name, reference, day of the month of birth, gender, exigency contact inside informations, medical history and presenting symptoms will all be indispensable to guarantee the safe and effectual intervention of that person.

Without this cognition the infirmary would non be able to place patients ‘ demands and guarantee they are acquiring the right intervention. If two patients with the same family name were admitted it would be indispensable that the right medical records were assigned to each patient, so that for illustration, penicillin was non by chance given to person with an allergic reaction.

Infrastructure and capacity

The infirmary besides needs elaborate and accurate informations about its ‘ edifices, equipment and staff.

1.cThey demand records about the Numberss of staff they have employed, the makings and accomplishment set that each staff member can convey to the administration. Without this information it would be impossible to pull off the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the infirmary or develop a long term scheme for the continued rescue of excellence in health care.

Management sections need up to day of the month information about the handiness of staffing, bed infinite and equipment in order to be after for effectual usage of those staff and resources. For case it is indispensable to guarantee that right mixture of clinical staff are available at all times in order to react to patient demands, I.E: Excess staff may be required in Accident and Emergency sections at the start of the school vacations as accident rates tend to lift at this clip.

In drumhead UHCW must roll up, shop, analyse and utilise information from a broad assortment of beginnings in order to successfully run into the demands of local population whilst adhering to local authorities directives and national marks. As portion of one of the largest administrations and one the biggest employers in the universe the information gathered by UHCW besides contributes to the appraisal, research and proviso of quality health care throughout the state and beyond.

Describe its individuality, logo and why they are of import to the concern

1.dUHCW is portion of the National Health Service as a whole, as such its individuality is inextricably linked to the wider NHS. The blue and white NHS logo is immediately recognizable as a public service trade name and its incorporation in the infirmaries logo distinguishes the infirmary from a private sector company, every bit good as adhering it to all the rules of the NHS. At the same clip this limits the infirmaries pick of design as it has to adhere to NHS guidelines, in the same manner that a franchise concern such as McDonald ‘s or Starbucks are bound to by their parent company Son.

The logo is of import to UHCW because upon seeing this logo a member of the populace will cognize that this administration provides quality health care that is free at the point of usage and provided without bias or respect for, age, gender, nationality, race, faith, gender, etc.

2.aFunctional countries and information flow

Information is of import in the operation of every big administration. Different types of administration will hold varied aims necessitating many different types of information that must flux efficaciously throughout the functional countries in order to run into the overall concern aims.

Examples of different internal and external functional countries within UHCW include:

Patient records section: The patient records section is responsible for all activities associating to patients personal and medical information. It manages unafraid storage for all records and is responsible for guaranting they are delivered to the right sections within the infirmary and returned afterwards. The records section will besides be tasked with updating and file awaying as required and reassigning informations from paper to electronic formats.

Catering: It could be argued that the catering section is one of the most of import countries of the infirmary as it is responsible for doing certain all patients, many of whom are ill and frail, receive first-class nutrition whilst they are remaining in infirmary.

The catering section must pass on with dietitians and clinicians to guarantee that patients are provided with appropriate diets. It is besides responsible for telling supplies, fixing and presenting repasts at the right times every bit good as roll uping leftovers. The section must besides pull off its budget and pass on efficaciously with finance sections in order to guarantee prompt payment of bills.

Pharmacy: The pharmaceutics section takes charge of the ordination and supply of drugs throughout the infirmary and they must guarantee that sufficient supplies are ordered in to cover all contingencies. They are responsible for maintaining the wards drug closets replenished and supervising stock every bit good as distributing prescriptions straight to outpatients. Pharmacists within the section may besides be called upon to give advice to both patients and clinicians about drug suitableness and safety.

2.aThe Patient: Patients are one of the chief external influences on a public service administration such as UHCW. Patients are the exclusive users of the services and it is their demands that determine which health care commissariats are provided by the infirmary. Information coming from the patient such as name, reference, day of the month of birth, medical ailments and GP inside informations must flux around many different sections within the infirmary so that effectual attention can be provided.

A big commercial endeavor such as Tesco will hold different functional countries, information demands and flows than a public service administration like University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

Some illustrations of internal and external functional countries within Tesco Direct are provided below:

Gross saless: The gross revenues section will take orders from clients and guarantee that adequate stock is available to carry through the order. They will besides be responsible for taking the clients contact inside informations and set uping bringing day of the months. Once an order has been placed the gross revenues squad will necessitate to go through that order onto the warehouse section who will intercede with finance and despatch squads to guarantee the client receives their points.

Finance: The finance section must publish bills for orders which have been received and process payments. They are besides responsible for paying bills from providers and pull offing a full scope of accounting maps for the company, such as ; purchase leger, gross revenues ledger, capital depreciation, revenue enhancement and VAT.

Warehouse and despatch: The warehouse will have order inside informations from the gross revenues squad which it must so piece and pack ready to be dispatched. The warehouse will besides necessitate to portion the order and client inside informations with the finance section so that and bill can be issued and sent out to the client with the order. If an inadvertence has been made and the points ordered are non available the warehouse will necessitate to reach gross revenues or client service so that the client can be informed.

The Customer: Customers could be considered and external map of a commercial endeavor. When doing an order to a company like Tesco Direct the client must supply information to the gross revenues squad such as ; name, reference demands and bringing penchants. This information will be passed about administration as outlined above and one time the points have been delivered the client will necessitate to reach the finance section and settle the bill.

2.bAs can be seen from the above the information required differs significantly depending on the type of administration. The flow of information around the internal system of administration is besides markedly different depending on the map being performed as illustrated in the flow diagrams provided in the appendices.

Management Information Systems

As already discussed in the subdivisions above information and the flow of information is vitally of import to the efficient operation of any concern or administration. Information is used at all degrees of direction to do a broad scope of determinations which are used for strategic, tactical and operational intents.


3.aStrategic direction refers to direction at the highest degree of an administration and strategic planning determinations by and large decide what it is an administration really hopes to accomplish. In order to put policies aimed at procuring the long term hereafter of the administration top-level directors must develop a good considered concern program based on high quality information and first-class research. Making of import strategic determinations based on inaccurate or uncomplete information could at best lead to inefficiency and waste and at worst lead to entire failure of the concern.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire is a big public sector service supplier and as such its ends are to supply a high quality service instead than do a net income. In order to guarantee that this end is met directors make determinations based on information gathered from a assortment of beginnings and will necessitate to follow with a broad scope authorities imposed marks and directives.

Absence of this information when doing of import strategic determinations could take to hapless proviso of service in some countries and over proviso in others, ensuing in hapless underperformance, inefficiency, waste and danger to patients

Strategic information required by directors is likely to include:

3.bDemographic information: Information about the population base being served and their likely wellness demands. For illustration, if UHCW operated on inaccurate information about the figure of older people in the local population it may non supply plenty geriatric attention installations available to run into demand.

3.bBudgetary restraints: The sum of money available to supply the needed services. Unlike private endeavors UHCW does non hold complete fiscal liberty and can non wholly make up one’s mind its ain disbursement and bear downing policies. Improper fiscal planning could take to an overspend and the demand to restrict services towards the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth.

3.bService demands: Information about the services the infirmary has been commissioned to supply by the primary health care trust or local authorities. Inaccurate information about the services required could take to over proviso of resources ; taking to fresh operating theaters and empty beds.

3.bGovernment regulations and guidelines: Directors will necessitate guarantee that the services they offer to patients are in full conformity with recommended guidelines such as those issued by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence ( NICE ) . Failing to follow with authorities marks or clinical guidelines has a broad scope of effects, such as, loss of repute for the infirmary, fiscal punishments, judicial proceeding from patients and patient representatives and evidently possible negative impact on patient attention.



The tactical degree of direction refers to directors at the in-between degree of the administration who are tasked with the duty of measuring the suitableness and feasibleness of strategic policies set at higher degrees and happening the best manner to tactically implement them. Poor direction at this degree of an administration could do it really hard for operational staff to transport out their occupations in organizing and running the services to present the coveted consequences.

Information required by directors doing determinations at this degree of the administration may include:

3.bPolicy: Directors at this degree will necessitate to do certain they have a clear apprehension of the advantages and disadvantages of policies made at the higher degrees of direction so that they can

Mission statement: They will necessitate to hold a elaborate cognition of the mission statement in order to measure how it integrates with policy directives and program effectual bringing of services, whilst accounting for both mission and policy.

Feasibility: Directors need to cognize how executable it is to implement policy whilst adhering to the administrations mission statement. Adjustments may necessitate to be made to the operational construction and processs in order to run into tactical direction aims.


3.aOperational direction involves running the day-to-day activities of the administration, make up one’s minding what needs to be done where and how to make it. Directors at this degree are responsible for guaranting the efficient usage of resources and effectual bringing of services to the patients. ( Wikipedia, 2010 )

Information required by direction at this degree is likely to include:

Resources: Directors will necessitate to cognize the resources they have available, failure to hold an accurate consciousness of the available resources at the operational degree is likely to impact straight on patient attention. For illustration, by running short of medical supplies like clean dressings and medicines.

3.bManpower: Directors will necessitate to cognize how many staff they have available at any clip in order to set up staff Rotas and screen for any absences originating out of the blue. Accurate information refering day-to-day activities is besides indispensable when be aftering for staff deployment, so that for illustration wards are non over staffed at dark and understaffed during the twenty-four hours, blowing resources, doing inefficaciousness and seting patient heath at hazard.

Budget: Failure to supervise budgets at this degree may impact instantly on patient attention. For illustration, being unable to pay a provider ensuing in a deficiency of commissariats, which could besides impact at the strategic and tactical degrees by set uping the long term fiscal planning.

Benefits of IT

4.aIT in a broad assortment of constellations plays an indispensable function in a scope of procedures across the UHCW organizational construction. In add-on to widely available and normally used formats the Hospital besides uses bespoke package and IT solutions, specific to the NHS as a whole.

Internet presence ( WWW )

It could be argued that the most publicly discernible usage of IT production and communicating of information within the UHCW administration is their internet web site. The website enables members of the public and wellness attention professionals to entree a broad scope of information about the services offered and provides links to many other external administrations within the health care system. Information is available to download in the signifier of cusps and factsheets, giving speedy entree to reliable, trusty and easy apprehensible counsel on a assortment of topics.

The universe broad web besides provides one manner in which patients and healthcare professionals can entree the choose and book system ; which is an synergistic tool enabling the transportation of information between the infirmary and patient in relation to the engagement and rearranging of infirmary assignments so accommodate the person.

Electronic mail

Use of Email is besides a critical portion of their organizational scheme to supply effectual communicating of information both internally and externally.

Email references published on-line provide a fast and efficient manner for members of the populace to do initial contact with the relevant sections within UHCW and salvage considerable sum of clip and attempt when compared to composing a missive or doing a telephone call.

4.aInternal Electronic mails between sections within the infirmary trust are besides a valuable clip salvaging tool for communicating. Traditional methods of departmental communicating, such as memos or squad meetings could look clip devouring and riotous in comparing to directing an Email message.

Internal IT and Intranet systems

The infirmary intranet system is a cardinal constituent within the organizational information substructure. NHS literature explains it therefore: “ By enabling information to be linked electronically, staff caring for the patient will hold unafraid entree to accurate, up to day of the month patient information twenty four hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad bettering diagnosing and attention. ” ( NHS Connecting For Health, 2006 )

The intranet system is used to make, shop and communicate information of utmost importance environing patient attention, including medical records, staff and installation handiness.

Bespoke systems are extensively used for the monitoring and measurement of intervention results within the infirmary ; IT uses scope from alarming casualty staff and bed directors when a patient is about to transcend authorities imposed waiting clip marks to digital show of X-Ray images to automatize stock care degrees within the Pharmacy.

Electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) & A ; Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale ( EFTPOS )

A public sector service administration such as UHCW may non hold as strong a usage for services like EFTOPOS and EDI but they will utilize other electronic agencies of doing and having payments. Suppliers will be paid by Bankers ‘ Automated Clearing Services ( BACS ) , which is an electronic agencies of reassigning financess between administrations and credits will be received in a similar mode.

4.aEDI may be used to reassign informations between sections within the infirmary and external organic structures such as the Department Of Health or Primary Care Trust. This could be general informations such patient attending statistics or personal informations such as single medical records. This is a much more efficient method of interchanging information than composing letters or studies but does raise informations protection and security concerns in a sensitive environment like wellness attention.

Ocular communicating and picture conferencing

Within a healthcare administration such as UHCW, Video conferencing may non be utilised to the same grade as in other concern state of affairss, nevertheless video conferencing may still be utile to enable clinicians from within the infirmary to discourse peculiarly hard to name instances with their expert equals in distant locations.

Video cameras are routinely used within the operating theater to bring forth, show and record detailed imagination of interventions being performed. This imagination can subsequently be used for informational preparation and diagnostic intents.

In drumhead, IT within the UHCW trust is extensively used and has many benefits. IT applications cut down cost, salvage clip and better efficiency of information direction “ Significant benefits have been identified and measured from the digital engineering which revolutionises the manner the NHS operates ” ( NHS Connecting For Health, 2006 )

4.aThere are nevertheless a figure of possible disadvantages with the usage of IT within a healthcare administration like a infirmary. Information security and information protection is of critical importance to both patients and staff and all electronic media vulnerable to breaches of security, taking to personal informations being accidentally or maliciously placed in the public sphere. Accuracy of information is paramount and great attention needs to be taken to guarantee that informations input is accurate and relevant as the effects of mistake could be both damaging to the corporation and life threatening to the patient.


Explanation and definition

5.aThe term rating basically means reviewing and analyzing something ; such as a service supplier, an administration or a piece of work, in order to organize a opinion about its value and effectivity. ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) .

One of the chief intents of rating is to assist an person or administration reflect on what it is seeking to accomplish, measure how good it is wining and placing any alterations or betterments that could be made. ( Evaluation Trust, 2002 ) . So for illustration a college or higher educational establishment will inquire pupils for feedback on class construction and content every bit good as the acquisition environment, in order to measure its comparative strengths and failings.

In order to measure something at that place must be appropriate and relevant standards to judge it against and a clearly defined outlook of the result required. Therefore, there is small point in merely inquiring a pupil if they have enjoyed their class, as the purpose of the rating is to assist set up whether the class has met specific predefined purposes and aims ; for case a pupil may hold exhaustively enjoyed the class but learnt nil about the subject on which it was based.

By inquiring inquiries such as, how did that work? How could that be improved? Are we accomplishing what we set out to accomplish? We can get down to critically measure something and so to organize new ends and schemes for continued acquisition and development of both the person and administration as a whole. ( Businessballs, 2007 )

5.bEvaluation of my assignment

The assignment brief demands

My response

Evaluation of my ain work

1.1 “ Provide an analysis of the importance of information to the meeting of an administration ‘s, concern aims ”

I described the chief activities, individuality and mission statement of my chosen administration.

I discussed the administrations many aims and the importance of information in run intoing those aims.

I think the standard has been to the full met as I have researched my chosen administration and so explained all the chief activities, aims and information demands.

I have besides discussed the individuality of the administration and provided a mission statement.

1.2 “ Analyse the different types of information required for determination devising at the undermentioned degrees of direction: Strategic, Tactical, Operational ”

I discussed the importance of different types of information required at each degree and gave illustrations of possible effects to patients of moving on bad information.

The standard has been met as I have discussed different types of direction and explained the different functions they play in the operation of the infirmary.

For illustration I have described the branchings of running the infirmary without measuring the demands of the local community, budget, authorities regulations, etc.

1.3 “ Analyse the effectivity of IT in information production and communicating within an administration discoursing the function of e-mail, EDI, WWW, intranets, picture conferencing and EFTPOS ”

I talked about the function that IT plays in the UHCW administration ; in peculiar the importance of both its external cyberspace presence and internal IT / intranet construction.

I think my assignment loosely meets the brief in this country.

However, as I chose to research a public sector service administration it was hard to happen much information on electronic financess transfer or informations interchange because the administration provides a service instead than selling a merchandise.

1.4 “ Draw elaborate information flow diagrams for two different administrations, demoing all functional countries and information interchanges ”

I have drawn 8 flow diagrams demoing information flows within UHCW ( public sector ) and Tesco ( private sector )

I have provided diagrams demoing information flows of both internal and external procedures. Again the brief has been met, but the diagrams might be improved with better labelling of the information flow lines.

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