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The Wife of Bath is representative of a more broad stereotype of adult females in the in-between ages. Unlike most adult females in mediaeval times, the Wife was non afraid to be in the calcium hydroxide visible radiation. She had a voice of her ain, and she was non afraid to demo the universe who she was. She was an sceptered adult female, stand foring the self-confident and proud adult females of the late Middle Ages. The married woman is depicted as an bullying to both work forces and adult females due to the power she acquires. Because of her awful idiosyncrasy, Chaucer describes the married woman as a gap-toothed and visually intimidating adult female. Presumably, she is unattractive. In my sentiment, this shows how Chaucer depicts what work forces do n’t desire. How a adult female looked in the Middle Ages was really of import ; she who was ugly or had a noticeable defect would hold a hard clip happening a hubby. The Prioress, on the other manus, is served as a contrast to the Wife. Chaucer describes her as a tender-hearted lady. She is one who can non bear the sight physical agony or the hurting of any living thing. She will shout at the idea of a Canis familiaris deceasing. Chaucer portrays the Prioress as elegant and graceful. Chaucer describes her table manners as really agile, non a bead of anything would fall from her oral cavity, and she was really polite when taking things at the tabular array. “ At meat her manners were good taught withal ; No morsel from her lips did she allow autumn, nor dipped her fingers in the sauce excessively deep ; But she could transport a morsel up and maintain the smallest bead from falling on her chest. ” ( Lines 131-135 of The Nun ) . Another one of Chaucer ‘s descriptions of the nun is the missive “ A ” around her cervix that stood for “ Amor vincit omnia ” i.e. “ Love conquers all. ” The broach symbolizes love, and it is a common accoutrement for those who have spiritual devotedness. It carries the courtly love anthem of “ love conquers all. ” The symbol that she wears shows that she is a perfect representation of what most work forces of the clip privation, but can non hold. The Wife of Bath proves non to even be a comparing to the Prioress. This differentiation shows the of import stereotype of adult females in mediaeval times ; work forces prefer submissive and elegant adult female than beastly self-conscious adult females.

The nun ‘s prevails over the Wife of Bath yet once more through the presence of scholastic instruction. The Wife of Bath has travelled the universe and is apparently knowing about things of the Earth. She brings up many valid points throughout the prologue but Chaucer disregards her sentiments because of her societal point of view and physical visual aspect ; when in world she is really a really wise and “ street smart ” adult female. The Wife of Bath has a good cognition footing of the universe and knows really good what ‘s traveling on in current events. However, during the mediaeval times, merely academic cognition is recognized ; what the Wife of Bath comprehends and persists was non praise-worthy in the clip. On the contrary, the Prioress was considered “ scholastic ” and of high category due to her superb manners and polite behaviour. In add-on, her competency to talk French ( a baronial linguistic communication of the clip ) besides groups her into a higher category. A adult female with scholarly intelligence was considered more coveted and respected than those with small schooling. When a medieval lady displayed her sharp abilities, particularly because there were non many in the clip, she was given many more chances and attending from the opposite gender. A adult female with small scholastic capableness would amount to no more than a common house married woman.

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The Wife of Bath is extremist in her to relationship with work forces. She is characterized as really knowing and experienced when it comes to love and love devising, which is illustrated by her gap-teeth which purportedly symbolizes sexual achievement. The Wife of Bath crows to others of all of her sexual experiences. She has had five hubbies ( about to get married a 6th ) and has partaken in many personal businesss, non merely interrupting work forces ‘s Black Marias, but their trust every bit good. Her hubby ‘s fell into two classs, the first being full of hubbies who were affluent, but old and unable to carry through her sexually. The other hubbies were sexually aggressive, but hard to rule. None of her five matrimonies were successful because the Wife of Bath was invariably seeking to claim laterality and keep control over them. Chaucer characterizes the Wife of Bath in this visible radiation to portray work forces ‘s frights and what they do non desire in a lady. The Wife of Bath and the Prioress both hold some power over work forces. It is rare that adult females are given such high quality during the in-between ages. It was largely work forces who held the highest rubrics. The significance of Prioress, a caput of the convent of nuns, ( page 146 ) was so of import that three priests were invariably in the nun ‘s presence. This shows her position as the leader, this kind of laterality would be really awful for work forces of the mediaeval times. The old and ugly beldams, whom the Wife of Bath identifies with, was at first granted domination over adult male. This is shown when the beldam offers her hubby an ultimatum: he can hold her, old and ugly but faithful, or immature, beautiful, and perchance impure and likely to rip off on him. He tells her to take ; he grants her the power of pick. Choice was non something many adult females of mediaeval times took for granted, as it is portrayed in non merely Chaucer ‘s work, but many others of work forces being dominant and doing every determination.

The Wife of Bath seems to hold feministic inclinations, yet there are besides some state of affairss in which she does subject to work forces. The Prioress, in contrast, keeps one wondering and seems to be a perfect adult female. However, she is inaccessible ( oath of celibacy ) and she likely really good educated, hence out of most work forces ‘s conference. Chaucer shows the narrative of Wife of Bath as hypocritical, but when reading between the lines, there is some advice for many adult females in today ‘s society. In this manner Chaucer is seeking to educate adult females through the Wife ‘s narrative, and say that there are times one should be a women’s rightist and times one should non. This word picture of her hard-headedness and brawly attitude would hold scared most work forces of the clip. In his comparing with the two ladies, Chaucer shows that both adult females contain what work forces are afraid of. In the Wife of Bath, it ‘s that work forces do n’t desire to be dominated or controlled, and in the nun, it ‘s the fact that she is inaccessible and the fact that she is excessively intelligent for an mean run-of-the-mine type of adult male. These representations, nevertheless, when combined, make a adult female that is apparently perfect for what most work forces want and desire. As depicted in Chaucer ‘s plants, The perfect medieval adult female is portrayed as attractive, educated, and sexually cognizant of herself and her spouse.

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