The Vodafone Group Plc Marketing Essay

Vodafone Group PLC is a BritishA multinationalA telecommunications company holding its central offices inA London. It is so one of the world`s largest Mobile companies runing in over 30 states and besides has partnership with other web operators across over 40 more states. The Companies outright vision is to go a planetary nomadic leader in footings of net income, value and clients. Vodafone has networked economic system bridging three major developed markets ( Europe, US and Japan ) .

Vodafone`s current concern scheme is to develop from Strong Vodafone into more valuable oriented.

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2.0 Porter`s five force Analysis.

The Porter`s five forces analysis is a utile constituent which will be used to find the deepness of competition within the internal environment of the industry. Harmonizing to Porter, M.E ( 1980 ) , the province of competition in an industry depends on five forces which estabish the micro-environment.

Menace of New Entrants

Dickering power of Supplier

Industry Competitors/ Intensity of Exsiting Rivalry

Dickering power of Customer

Menace of Substitutes

Menace of New Entrants.

There are a batch of menaces when your come ining a market. Some of these menaces are as follows.

High Sunk Cost: Cost is one of the most of import factor that has to be considered when come ining a market. It is really diffcicult to come in a market as there is normally a big sum of capital required. For illustration, a batch cost is required for advertisments and publicities for the new trade name come ining the market for people to be cognizant that there is a new trade name in the market. This positively affects Vodafone.

Economies of Scale: It helps cut downing incremental cost of production for the manufacturers. When new Entrants enter the market, they will hold a higher cost of production, because they have smaller economic systems of graduated table. This positively affects Vodafone.

Geographic factors: Vodafone has presence in major states of universe. New entrants will hold to hold a immense market orientation to last in the market as there are already a batch of ruling companies in the sector from before. Thus, positively affects Vodafone.

Dickering power of Customer

Customization: Customisation is the most of import facet of a company. In todays clime where there are so many rivals client service stands outs the most to the clients. If clients are happy with the service that is being provided to them so they would non exchange to another manufacturer or provider. In this instance Vodafone has assorted customised strategies for their clients positively impacting it.

Large Customer Base: As Vodafone is a immense company and is one of the ruling companies in its market which being oligopoly it has really high client base and therefore avoids bargining purchase by any one paticular client.

Merchandise Importance: Merchandise is the key to derive immense sum of clients. Merchandise is the most of import for a client, if a merchandise is good and a good client service is being provided so the client would non mind paying excess for thr merchandise. Furthermore, Vodafone with its client obsessed scheme decidedly have positively affects in footings of its advanced merchandises.

Dickering power of Supplier

Volume: The Suppliers of Vodafone are reliant on its high volume demand therefore Vodafone has a positive consequence by endangering to cut the volumes.

Critical production inputs: In some instances production inputs are similar, in this instance it is easier to blend and fit inputs and this tends to cut down the providers bargining power.

Industry Rivals

Fewer Rivals:

Vodafone tends to supply first-class quality merchandises and an outstanding client service, in these sectors no other rival is able to vie hence, this positively affects Vodafone. As Vodafone has a market construction of an oligopoly this means it is one of the houses that dominates the market. Vodafone rivals will be viing over non-price schemes such as advertisement and publicities. For new entrants this would increase there costs and hence this suggests that there is high barriers to entry in this market.

Statutory ordinances: Government through its assorted policy actions try to restrict the Competition. Example: restricting the licence of Spectrum set. This gives Vodafone the precedence to set up its company moreover to a planetary degree without holding any jobs with other rivals from the aid of authorities ordinances.

Large Industry Size: With the turning population the use of nomadic phone is quickly increasing so as the figure of service suppliers come ining the market. Vodafone is neatly poised to absorb the competition from other service supplier. Furthermore, big industries such a Vodafone sometimes do allow multiple houses prosper without holding to steal market portion from each other.

Menace Of Substitutes:

Switch overing cost: Customer tends to see the cost component before switching to the replacements. However, if the market is oligopoly so the monetary value is stiff and competition is over non-price services such as publicities. Presently there are really few replacements for Vodafone merchandises. This positively affects Vodafone with its current merchandises & A ; client base.

Limited Substitutes: Presently there are really few replacements available in the market. And the general concern tendency is what Vodafone provides. This reduces the hazard for clients of Vodafone to swtich to any other web as they will non have the same kind of service or monetary values in many instance.

3.0 PEST Analysis

Plague analysis is a strategic tool used to analyze external factors impacting the concern and bases for political, economical societal and technological factors ( Lancaster et al, 2002 ) .

In footings of the political factors impacting Vodafone, this includes EU Roaming Regulations that tends to take to diminish charges for nomadic phone uses abroad by 70 % ( Preissl et al, 2009 ) and besides to increase client rights within Europe. This is one of the recent political factors that have had an consequence on Vodafone.

Second, economical factorsA besides affect Vodafone, such as addition in GDP and besides the rising prices rate. For illustration, if there is an addition in rising prices this means that the monetary value of merchandises tends to increase. This addition in monetary value can take to be push rising prices or demand pull rising prices. It normally tends to take to be push rising prices where the excess addition of cost is passed onto the client itself. Furthermore, the recent recession could hold had an consequence on Vodafone as people were salvaging instead than disbursement. This could take to a batch of clients dropping down in their monthly program or even altering to a cheaper web this would hold lead to a bead in gross revenues for Vodafone. However, this all depends on whether the demands for Vodafone merchandises are elastic or inelastic.

Furthermore, there is a scope ofA societal factorsA every bit good that affect Vodafone. For case ; altering work forms that are going really popular brand people work from place progressively trusting in communicating engineerings. In Addition, there is a batch of impact of technological factorsA on Vodafone is due to the nature of the telecommunications industry.

Specifically, a technological invention in communications and outgrowth of alternate agencies of communicating such as on-line chatting, and Yahoo! Messenger are traveling to impact Vodafone scheme in a manner that the company is left with a pick of either to organize strategic confederations with above companies or to perpetrate to considerable sum of research and development in order to present advanced merchandises and services to the market.

4.0 Competitive elements

From the above, the most of import general concern tendencies are the Bargining power of client. This is the cardinal to concern for Vodafone. The clients demands will maintain on altering with the new tendencies that will maintain on happening in the market. To be up to day of the month with the tendencies in the market the company needs to be proactive to hold a competitory age. Another of import consideration is the figure of bing rivals that do be given to alter and supply the company with different challenges each twenty-four hours. The strategic deicison shapers of Vodafone must see the above before doing a base in the current market.


The Vodafone tagline for its web says “ A Network you can depend on ” .

An independent research by YouGov focused that the iphone proprietors who were looking to exchange web when asked they preferred Vodafone over other web. ( See Appendix 3 )

The Order of their penchant in per centum footings was as follows:

Vodafone – 22 %

O2 – 20 %

Orange – 7 %

3-Mobile – 6 %

T-Mobile – 4 %

Besides, merely 9 % ofA Vodafone ‘s iPhone clients said they were traveling to go forth, the same as 3-Mobile, But lower than Orange ( 15 % ) , T-Mobile ( 14 % ) and O2 ( 12 % ) .

In add-on, more Vodafone iPhone users said they were NOT traveling to exchange ( 66 % ) than any other operator ( Orange 61 % , O2 59 % , T-Mobile 55 % and 3Mobile 54 % ) .

This proves Vodafone ‘s competitory advantage on web forepart in comparing to its equals to prolong any beginning of competition.

Advanced Branding Style: Vodafone has one of the most advanced stigmatization manner among its rivals. The illustration of can be taken from its most alone ZOO-ZOO manner of Branding. ( See Appendix 4 ) . The Vodafone manner of Branding is celebrated worldwide. This gives it a competitory age over its equals.

Strong Financial Performance: Vodafone is known as a high public presentation company with a high taking market place. Vodafone is a high public presentation company with a taking market place. It is either figure one or figure two Mobile operators when measured by gross market portion in 14 out of 18 states it operates. It has outperformed its rivals by increasing the market portion in most of its cardinal markets over twelvemonth 2011. ( Annual study 2012 )

This outstanding public presentation gives a more realistic image of its competitory advantage.

The premier plus of the company ; its Network has been awarded with six Best web awards over the last twosome of old ages, and late been voted as the best web by readers of nomadic pick.

To show its new beginning of competitory advantage on invention forepart it has come up with the followers.

To pull clients Vodafone has introduced a new scheme. Its new scheme is to maintain up to day of the month with the 4G engineering service. The client will acquire their free ascent to the new 4G engineering. In this manner Vodafone is able to attarct its bing clients with the high quality service, web and good will.

Competency GAP with Vodafone web in Australia.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia ( VHA ) CEO Bill Morrow has admitted that the company still has a long manner to travel before its web meets the client demands.

The Vodafone CEO admitted that the client demand for the coverage has exceeded the web ensuing in Cal drop-outs & A ; web being plagued. All this happened non long after Vodafone was scored as the top brand-preference among the consumers.

This has cost Vodafone with describing loss of AU $ 260.2 million in first six months of 2012. To add to the expletive company lost 700,000 clients between 2010 and 2012, skiding from 7.5 million to 6.8 million as of June this twelvemonth. But Vodafone Australia expects the state of affairs to better with puting one million millions into the web. The Strategic determination shapers should use SWOT analysis to work out the job. For the market like Australia it is really of import for Vodafone to keep its competitory advantage like other markets.


Global Brand

Customer support/demand

Latest Technology

Competitive advantage


Network job in Australia

Lose of Customers


Investing in web edifice

New Technology in signifier of 4G hitting the market


Lose of Customers due to web job

Opportunity for Rivals for gaining control the market

Long Term Strategy

The long term scheme of Vodafone is influenced by its current values of change overing Strong Vodafone to more value Vodafone.

Vodafone should see the following Strategic options for coming 5-10 old ages.

Duel Branding ( Expansion in Emerging markets )

The chief strength of growing for Vodafone is its planetary presence. Vodafone should continuously aim to spread out its concern in distant portion of the Earth where the people do non hold the entree to the nomadic phones. These countries tends to include which have non been developed in footings of substructure and have a trouble in accomplishing a good land line service. Vodafone should committ to these topographic points in supplying them with its nomadic engineering to develop communicating that in hereafter will assist both the economic system and society.

To accomplish this, Vodafone has adopted duel stigmatization policy with 30 companies to spread out its planetary presence. It includes locally recognized trade names and Vodafone name. The policy is one time the Vodafone name becomes widely accepted it is believed to go the exclusive trade name. The best illustration is its sponsorship trade with Manchester united, the confederation was formed to develop Vodafone trade name in that portion were Manchester united is good trade name and Vodafone has non established.

Comprehensive Service

Vodafone with its professional service spouse Flexility has devised a comprehensive communicating scheme for its clients like NHS Foundation trust to do better usage of office infinite while cut downing administrative clip. The aim was non to look engineering in isolation but to take trust overall concern aim into consideration. This program has helped the trust in making 1000s of excess hours for the staff to pass on service users and work on enterprises to better operational efficiency. Vodafone should look to tap such sort of market for developing it Brand & A ; line concern.

Technological Invention

Vodafone should continuously look for the technological invention in of all time disputing Mobile web environment.

A measure towards this invention of Vodafone is by puting up a New Technology & A ; incubation centre in Tech metropolis of London. Puting up of R & A ; D centre by Vodafone is purpose to pool the Technology Stars of Tomorrow and assist Vodafone to come with new Technology in coming 5-10 old ages.

Mobile Data web

Internet surfing & A ; downloading on Mobile phones is the demand of hr, so company should hold long term scheme for its Mobile information web.

New Servicess

In this of all time altering client market Vodafone needs to hold a scheme in topographic point for new service. Its early entry into 4G good demonstrates its hungriness for new services and the motive to maintain its client base and trueness.

Reaching the Multitudes

Presently Vodafone operates as premium Mobile service supplier. Many people may experience that Vodafone is expensive for them and it may non be low-cost by all. Vodafone should come out with the scheme to making the multitudes to farther spread out its client base.


Out of the above Long term schemes of Vodafone, Duel Branding seems to be the best option as it allows Vodafone the chance to increase its presnece in the topographic points where the trade name is non every bit popular as yet. In add-on, one of the best facets of this scheme is that Vodafone does non necessitate to put on Brand publicity through Television advertizement etc. as it has already sponsored its Brand spouse. Furthermore, puting up of R & A ; D centre may travel to a new epoch of engineering which can assist Vodafone to hold new and advanced engineering in the approaching hereafter.

Cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPI )

The company evaluates its competitory advantage by looking for its Key Financial, operational & A ; commercial public presentation indexs. The strategic determination shapers of Vodafone should look into following Indexs to measure its competitory advantage ;

Fiscal KPI

The strong fiscal place of Vodafone clearly demonstrates its competitory advantage over its rivals. Its increasing Revenue & A ; related organic growing, increasing Operating net income & A ; Capitalized fixed Assets add-on is the best rating for its competitory advantage. ( See Annexure 5 ) . The Gross for fiscal twelvemonth 2011-12 was ?46.4bn & A ; the Operating net income was ?11.5bn.

Free Cash flow

Keeping a high degree of free hard currency is a cardinal index of good public presentation of a company. Vodafone paid dividend out of its free hard currency flow to the melody of ?6.1bn for the twelvemonth 2012 even after important investing in CAPEX. This helps the overall public presentation of the company and increases its trade name value.

Relative market portion public presentation:

It is a tool to track the public presentation by mensurating the alteration in nomadic market portion against the rival. Vodafone gained nomadic service gross market portion in 5 out of 7 of its chief markets. ( Annual study 2012 )

Percentage of European web with 3G ( 14.4 Mbps or better )

Faster, more dependable webs with wider coverage stimulate informations use and make a clear point of difference over other operators. It was found that Vodafone has 82 % of European 3G web up from 56 % in twelvemonth 2011.

Smartphone incursion

It is the key to give client entree to mobile cyberspace ; the more the client use them greater is the chance for Vodafone to supply is data service. European smart phone incursion for twelvemonth 2012 was 27 % up from 19 % for twelvemonth 2011.

Findingss: The company Vodafone is market leader in supplying telecom service around the universe. It strives on making more value than merely supplying service. It has a strong client base of 404 million people in more than 30 states of the universe. The most of import think in constructing a trade name like Vodafone you need the following

Great Coverage

Reliable connexion

Good Value

Passion for bettering the client experience

Company needs to be invention Hungry


The basic Motto of Vodafone is making Value to client ; they place serious consideration to client demand and satisfaction. In the turning competitory universe it is of import for Vodafone to concentrate on multitudes. It can non hold a colored attack of supplying service to Middle & A ; Upper category client. The determination shapers will surely take into history the scheme of concentrating onto the multitudes. The lone ground for non accepting the scheme of making the multitudes might be the determination shaper ‘s policy of lodging to the elect category and supplying them the best possible service at somewhat higher monetary value. But clip is the best justice, allow ‘s delay and watch the ambitious journey of Vodafone. From the analysis of Vodafone group, it is of import that company needs to hold above factors working in their favor to be market leader like Vodafone.

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