The Value Chain In Financial Services Marketing Essay

This assignment provides a critical rating, from the literature, of current positions on the integrating of selling, scheme and operations in touristry industry in Singapore context with mention to Value Chain Management. The first portion of this assignment is about touristry value concatenation analysis in Singapore, which includes five stairss: selling, conveyance to Singapore, operation, return conveyance from Singapore and serving. Nowadays, visitants easy travel to Singapore every bit good as leave Singapore by aeroplanes, by coachs, by boats or by trains. At Singapore, they can detect many interesting things from adjustment, booming to attractive forces and shopping. Besides, they besides can bask the good services and publicities from Singapore touristry.

The service industry is an industry that provides services – intangible goods – instead than touchable objects. It includes a broad assortment of industries and occupations. For illustrations, air hose industry, touristry industry, infirmary industry, telecommunications industry, etc. The purpose of the service industry is to seek to understand what the client demand and desire, so to fulfill those demands.

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In this epoch of globalization, service industry has a important function in the universe economic system and the national economic system. For illustrations, it occupies a big market portion of planetary trade, promotes the production of trade goods, helps the usage of the labour resources in the state efficaciously, can make more occupations for people ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Furthermore, service industry besides becomes indispensable for our lives. For case, people can reach easy with everybody on the universe by telephones ; or they can travel rapidly to another state by aeroplanes ; or they can reassign money around the universe merely by one chink.

The touristry industry is one of the most interesting and advanced industries on the universe. It can be considered as an indispensable beginning of income coevals in many states. The touristry industry can impulse the development of the economic system by making more occupations and lending a batch of foreign exchange. Therefore, it has been an of import portion of the international economic system. Furthermore, the touristry industry affects many related industries such as the hotel industry and the air hose industry.

In a competitory economic system at present, to be able to fulfill the progressively higher demands of the clients, every bit good as to pull and retain clients, many states have been seeking non merely to heighten and put in the quality of touring services, but besides to happen many new promotional schemes. For illustrations, now we can be refunded revenue enhancement at the airdromes when we go to shopping ; or we will hold many price reductions if we are tourers.

Singapore is a popular travel finish which makes touristry becomes one of its largest industries. Tourism industry in Singapore is developing rapidly in recent old ages. It plays a major function in Singapore ‘s economic system. In 2007, touristry industry contributed 3 % to Singapore ‘s GDP and earned $ 9.4 billion in touristry grosss ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . In January 2010, Singapore welcomed 908,000 visitants which is a 17, 5 % growing over the same period a twelvemonth ago


At present, Singapore touristry industry has been developed good and achieved many successes. Furthermore, it still faces to many challenges and can better to go better. Consequently, to better the touristry industry in Singapore, I suggest some ways as follow:

Expanding the activities and making selling into the smaller metropoliss in the states. Nowadays, Singapore Tourism Board merely has its offices in the chief metropoliss and forgets many smaller metropoliss which besides can convey for it many net incomes. So, to pull more tourers, Singapore touristry can get down to make selling and advance itself in those metropoliss. For illustrations, in Vietnam, Singapore Tourism Board has one representative office in Hochiminh metropolis, has non expanded into many other states such as Ha Noi capital, Nha Trang metropolis, Da Nang metropolis, etc.

Constructing image as a safest finish. Making the visitants feel safe is really of import ; it can make up one’s mind for the success of touristry industry and pull many tourers. For case, the insecure state of affairs in Thailand and Indonesia has made many international tourers afraid to go to these states, so they decide to go to the other states which are more unafraid. Therefore, besides developing and heightening the quality of touristry service, Singapore authorities should continuously brace the political state of affairs, better the safety for tourers such as cut down the stealer jobs to a lower limit.

Attracting more human resources. Singapore touristry needs a big and powerful work force to accomplish the mark of Tourism 2015 program. So, Singapore authorities should hold some schemes to pull more human resources such as holding good policy and intervention for endowment, bettering proficient preparation, heightening the association between authorities, schools and concerns.

Making conditions for the female visitants to be able to come in Singapore easier. Recently, when female visitants from some developing states travel by themselves to Singapore, they are questioned really detailed by Singapore Customs. If they can non talk English, they will be put into a separate room for question, or even ransacked ; and sometime, they are rejected to come in Singapore. This will do visitants experience inconvenient, and they will non desire to go to Singapore any longer. Therefore, to pull and retain visitants, Singapore authorities should make conditions for female visitant to come in Singapore easier.


In decision, Singapore is known as a cosmopolitan finish in Asia in peculiar and in the universe in general at present. To accomplish this success, Singapore authorities has drawn many schemes to make selling every bit good as better the operations around the universe. Besides holding many successes and chances, Singapore touristry is besides confronting some challenges such as the restriction of the land country and some respects which need to be improved. To lend to develop Singapore touristry, I suggest four ways which are: spread outing the activities and make selling into the smaller metropoliss in the states, constructing image as a safest finish, pulling more human resources, making conditions for the female visitants to be able to come in Singapore easier.

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