The Tremendous Developments Of Information Systems Information Technology Essay

universe is sing enormous developments in the field of communications and information engineering, turned to a little small town, gnawing conventional boundaries, changed behaviours and life styles in many societies.

Internet allowed the modern methods of shopping, advertisement, auctions, and do reserves for air hoses, hotels.. etc. All this has become really easy and at your fingertips, and it needs to utilize many of the experts in legal and information engineering both in the preparation of electronic contracts, to give legal cogency to such contracts on the one manus, and to protect the involvements of those companies on the other manus.

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The big figure of differences that have arisen as a consequence of 1000000s of electronic contracts, even were estimated in a few old ages ago to 100s of 1000s of instances and valued at one million millions of dollars ( Lodder & A ; Zeleznikow, 2010 ) . It is hence non sensible to utilize normal judicial proceeding in tribunals, and has become necessary to look for an Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR ) , these include mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

In the absence of the effectivity of normal arbitration for the velocity required in finishing the instances of struggles, it was necessary to exchange to e-arbitration, whether such differences have arisen in an electronic environment, or in the instance of ordinary commercial contracts.

Having created many centres to help in difference declaration by e-arbitration, the universe ‘s most good known and most successful four centres Michigan cybercourt, World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ) , eBay-squaretrade and AAA-cybersettle ( Wang,2008 ) .

1.2 Significance of survey

After the coming of the Internet, the growing of e-commerce was the demand to

decide the struggle through the same electronic environment, intending that the procedure to be arbitration is via peculiar electronic media without the demand for the presence of parties of the struggle, this requires the development of a legal system on the one manus, and the version of package systems to make safe and dependable environment on the other manus.

e-arbitration offers many advantages including, for illustration, reception of instances automatically and quickly, hearings in the arbitration without the physical presence of the difference parties thru video conference between the parties and arbiters, and the issue of the determination by the arbiters in a period of clip.

Problem statement

E-arbitration is confronting many challenges:

– What is the electronic substructure that must be available to put up an e-arbitration centre or change over a traditional arbitration centre to e-arbitration centre? .

– Since the arbiter is one of the of import factors in the arbitration procedure, what are the capablenesss and computing machine accomplishments available to him? , as it frequently jurisprudence backgrounds.

– Torah and ordinances of arbitration when drafted, they did non detect the possibility of utilizing electronic agencies, how is the development of Torahs and ordinances along with the e-arbitration?

– E-commerce service suppliers and consumers are populating in different states, what are the processs and Torahs of e-arbitration, which they must stay by.

– Online websites cross-border business-to-business ( B2B ) or business-to-consumer ( B2C ) stipulate in e-contracts to mention any difference to e-arbitration centres or non?

– How far assurance and credence by consumers themselves about e-arbitration centres.

In general, what is the influence of civilization and assurance of three parties on success of e-arbitration.

Aim of survey

The survey aims to cast visible radiation on the nature and the world of e-arbitration in order to place the grounds for delayed usage and the mechanism for its activation as the best agencies of electronic subsiding differences, and most of import aims of the survey will be as follows:

To place the differences between conventional arbitration procedures and e-arbitration procedures in Saudi Arabian Banking & A ; Finance Industry ( SABFI )

To analyze and analyse the factor that influence the sensed easiness of usage, Perceived utility in e-arbitration for SABFI

To formalize e-arbitration ( if TAM: sensed easiness of usage, Perceived utility ) ( if PTF: Process engineering Fit ) , e-arbitration model for SABFI.

To suggest e-arbitration model for SABFI.

Theoretical Model

This research will use an established theory called Technology Acceptance Model ( TAM ) . TAM posits that perceived usefulness and sensed easiness of usage determine an person ‘s purpose to utilize a system with purpose to utilize functioning as a go-between of existent system usage. Perceived utility is besides seen as being straight impacted by sensed easiness of usage ( Venkatesh et. al. , 2003 ) . Below is the schematic of the theory.

Figure 1-1 Technology Acceptance Model ( TAM )

Perceived Usefulness

Perceived Ease of Use

Behavioral Intention to Use

Actual System Use

IT Use







Process-Technology Fit



There is besides another theory called Process-Technology Fit ( PTF ) . ( Gribbins et. Al 2006 ) .

Figure 2-2 Process-Technology Fit ( PTF )

Scope of survey

The survey will concentrate on the e-arbitration in Saudi Arabia, the world of arbitration centres, the arbiters and contracts of e-commerce and compare all that with a figure of arbitration centres in the states with the undermentioned features:

E-commerce is a aggressive sector.

Have deep histories of trust on arbitration to decide differences.

Centers have started offering online arbitration services.

In add-on to preparation of a questionnaire for the measuring of consciousness, cultural backgrounds and assurance of the three parties of arbitration ; consumer, merchandiser, and the arbiter.

Equally good as carry oning studies of many e-commerce web sites to look into the handiness of arbitration clauses, whether these sites are from Saudi Arabia or other states.

Methodology of Study

The thesis uses descriptive analytical comparative method ; where information is collected relevant facts and the arrangement of research from several beginnings, will be analyzed to accomplish the aims of the research and seek to happen a solution of the job. Adopting this attack is of import in clear uping the advantage and disadvantage of the processs, Torahs and proficient facets of e-arbitration centres ; and make the best manner to take the system optimum and most comprehensive.

Expected Contribution

Expected part from a survey may change into three chief facets ; theoretical, methodological and practical. following are the expected part resulted from this survey based on three facets:

Theoretical: IT e-arbitration model for SABFI difference declaration will be adopted from the choice theories used in information system research. This survey will be use the Technology Acceptance Model ( TAM ) as guideline.

Methodological: This survey will supply e-arbitration model based on information engineering that can help SABFI to automatize dispute declaration. This survey besides will supply guidelines to plan or take engineering solution for SABFI difference declaration.

Practical: The execution of information system that will be aid SABFI in developing their sectors, doing suited determinations and acquiring higher net incomes. In add-on, this survey will give the consumer satisfaction and assurance in event of a difference sing fiscal minutess.


In brief, this chapter discussed about the debut of survey. It consists significance of survey, job statement, range of survey, aims of survey and expected parts.



2.2 Nature and construct of e-arbitration

2.2.1 Definition of e-arbitration

Effectiveness of e-arbitration

2.3 Alternative difference declaration

2.3.1 Mediation

2.3.2 Conciliation

2.4 Scope of e-arbitration

2.4.1 Banking & A ; Finance

2.4.2 Commercial contracts

2.4.3 B2B

2.4.4 B2C

2.4.5 C2C

2.4.6 Domain name differences

2.5 Rules and ordinances of arbitration

2.6 Drumhead

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