The Theory Of Planned Behaviour

Anorexia is an eating upset where a individual has fright of deriving weight and decides to travel on an utmost diet by restricting their nutrient consumption. Anorexia is frequently linked with weight and diet. Peoples who have anorexia are fundamentally obsessed with being thin. They deem that they are fat eventhough they are scraggy. Peoples enduring from anorexia are ever concerned about the Calories they take in and sum of fats that are in their nutrient. They tend to develop a really rigorous feeding agenda or even exercise obsessively to fire off the Calories from the nutrient they consumed. As a consequence, they become thin, and sickly looking, merely to acquire a slimmer organic structure.

Other factors may include hurtful comments made by household or friends, which can impact their ego esteem doing them to experience incapacitated and highly depressed to the extent that they force themselves non to eating trusting that they can make the outlooks of their societal surrounding. The influence of media which frequently portrays famous persons to be slender is looked upon and can besides be the chief cause that drives a individual to go anorectic. Anorexia can take to serious wellness jobs like famishment, desiccation, infections, bosom failure and finally caused decease.

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In Singapore, out of the entire figure of occupants populating here, it states that 13.4 % of aged between 15 to 24 are more susceptible to this upset. In add-on, a beginning states that 20 % of people who suffer from anorexia will prematurely decease from complications associating to their eating upset.

Definition and Application of Theory of Planned Behaviour

Theory of Planned Behaviours ( TPB ) is a theory which helps us to understand the relationship between behaviour and behavioural purposes. It explains how a individual ‘s behaviour is controlled by behavioural purposes. Behavioral purposes consist three constituents. It is made up of a individual ‘s attitude towards the behavior, the subjective norm that affects the public presentation of the behaviour, and in conclusion how the single perceive that they are able to execute the behavior with no trouble.

Attitude towards the behaviour referred to as how the person ‘s feels about executing a behaviour. It can be either be positive or negative feelings. It can be determined through the rating of one ‘s beliefs sing the effects and results that will originate from the behaviour that they have carried out. For illustration, if a individual has a positive attitude, they by and large have an optimistic position and believe that they can accomplish a positive result from that behaviour. It is more likely that that individual will execute the behaviour. Likewise, if a individual is ever pessimistic and ever believes that they are non able to execute that peculiar behaviour, high opportunities that the individual will non execute that behavior.

Subjective norm, on the other manus, refers to the emphasis and force per unit area received by the person from people, such as their household members or friends, on whether a peculiar behaviour should be performed and how much that single is willing to conform to the want of others to transport out that behaviour.

Last, perceived behavioural control refers to the individual ‘s belief and assurance to whether or non they are able to transport out a peculiar behaviour by converting themselves, or by associating to past behaviour to get by or manage the state of affairs good.

For illustration, for the instance of anorexia, persons tend to see themselves as fat, particularly when they take a expression at their contemplation in the mirror ( Attitude ) . Peoples used to badger me stating that I looked like a couched murphy, and that I was fat, even though I was merely 40kg ( Subjective Norms ) . As a consequence, I would jump breakfast and dinner, and merely eat a spoonful of rice for tiffin, trusting that it would last me the whole twenty-four hours. This manner, I was able to lose weight faster ( Perceived Behavioral Control ) .

In such state of affairss, people tend to follow what others say of them and this indirectly encourages them to lose weight regardless of how thin they may already be. This causes a gradual lessening in appetency, and the affected individual ends up hungering themselves. Finally, resulted in anorexia.

Restrictions of Theory of Planned Behaviour ( TPB )

However, though TPB can be used to alter a individual ‘s behaviour, there are still some restrictions such that some persons are non able to prosecute in this behavioural alteration. Some other grounds are that they do non hold a positive attitude, they do non cognize if what they are making is right or incorrect and they are unsure that this attitude will profit them. Therefore, they refuse to transport out the behaviour. Second, these persons lack encouragement from their loved 1s. As a consequence, they do non hold the motive to alter. Normally, a negative sentiment by others will actuate a individual to execute a peculiar behaviour. Last, they have no assurance in executing that peculiar behaviour. They are afraid that they are unable to run into the outlooks of others and to manage the effects of the behaviour that they performed. Hence, this consequences in the deficiency of motive to alter their behaviours.

High Risk Groups of Behavioural Modification

One of the high hazard groups who suffer from anorexia is female adolescents. Based on what I have mentioned in the first paragraph, due to peer force per unit area, adolescents frequently compare themselves with their equals such that they would vie to be the thinnest among the group. Some would even compare themselves with famous persons and supermodels in advertizements or even magazine which causes them to endure from low ego regard. Due to the increasing force per unit area for adult female to be thin, it has become the “in-thing” for most of the adolescents. As a consequence, they frequently feel fat or ugly easy, and so make up one’s mind to hunger themselves, doing them to go anorectics so that they could suit in and be accepted by their equals.

Another factor that causes person to hold anorectic is when they have merely undergone a major passage in life like stoping of relationship or even decease of their loved 1s. A individual may experience that they have no control over the things that are go oning in their life doing major reverses like emotional hurt which caused them to experience highly depress. As a consequence, they refuse to eat as they have no appetency thereby do a individual to go anorectic.

Measures to promote behavioral alteration in health care puting

In my sentiment, I think that health care practicians can promote behavioral alteration in anorectic patient by educating the individual about the importance of holding a proper and balanced repast. They can besides supply reding to these adolescents and rede them to name the likes and disfavors about their organic structure. Through this, a health care practician can assist them to happen alternate ways to cover with their jobs.

A health care practician could besides inquire their client to look at their contemplation in the mirror and so remind them repeatedly about all the positive things that they have so that they could concentrate on the things that are admirable. By giving them positive comments or congratulationss about their organic structure, can forestall them from believing about the negativeness, therefore doing them experience good about themselves.

Another manner is to demo them images of anorectic sick persons, and inquire inquiries to do them reflect about their feeding wonts and to believe profoundly if they would desire to stop up like the anorexia sick persons in the images. This can assist them to acquire a appreciation on the world of what normal people look. It will besides be able to assist people recover back their ego assurance, self esteem and to be positive about their organic structure.


In decision, anorexia does non merely impact the organic structure. It could besides impact a individual ‘s societal life. When a individual decides to go anorectic, they tend to diminish their nutrient consumption, and overtime, decide non to eat at all. Finally, they lose more weight than intended due to the desire to look slender and perfect. Hence, it consequences in them going anorectic.

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