The Teenage Childbearing Rates Children And Young People Essay


Expecting a kid is likely the most of import determination a adult female takes in her life. This determination can non be taken lightly, and several factors should be taken into history when expecting. Some factors that should be considered include the duties of holding a babe, your ain degree of adulthood and the forfeits you will hold to do in order to raise your kid. Having kids is non an easy determination to do, it is an all-or-none determination. If you are non certain you are ready to presume all these duties, you should see it exhaustively. For half of the Nicaraguan adult females, this is non an option. One-half of the Nicaraguan adult females give birth before the age of 20, and this rate is extremely affected by different socio-economic factors.

Teenage Childbearing Ratess in the state of Nicaragua have been increasing throughout the last few old ages. We can impute this growing to the several socio-economic factors available in the state. Social-economic factors such as: instruction, income, business, topographic point of abode, civilization and faith contribute to the increasing Teenage Childbearing rates in the state.

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Nicaragua has a Human Development Index[ 1 ]of 0.589 which is below the norm of 0.630 for states ranked in the medium human development group. This below mean rate, places Nicaragua at 129 out of 187 states that belong to the medium human development group. These rates have improved throughout the old ages, but non plenty to better Nicaragua ‘s basic human development accomplishments.

Nicaragua ‘s low Human Development Index, proves how the deficiency of instruction and poorness may forestall the Teenage Childbearing rates from diminishing. It is of import for us to place the socio-economic factors that are responsible for the high Teenage Childbearing rates in order for the authorities and society to take steps against the augmentation of these rates.

In order for us to do a alteration in our state, we need to be acquainted with the different factors that are forestalling our state from bettering. Once we are familiar with these factors, we can show different thoughts and solutions that will better and diminish the lifting Teenage Childbearing rates in Nicaragua. Without placing the socio-economic factors that contribute with the increasing rates, we will non be able to come up with high-quality solutions to this job.

Nicaragua ‘s Teenage Childbirth Ratess

Every twelvemonth, 13 million babes are born to teenage female parents between the ages of 15 and 19, stand foring more than 10 % of entire births worldwide.[ 2 ]The effects of teenage childbearing include higher hazards of gestation complications and maternal mortality, increased rates of infant mortality and malnutrition, and more closely separated births. Teenage female parents have besides an elevated hazard of poorness, downward societal mobility, divorce and separation.

Nicaragua has one of the highest teenage birthrate rates in the universe. Approximately half of Nicaraguan adult females give birth before the age of 20. Harmonizing to Dr. Cardenas, Executive Director of Profamilia[ 3 ], the increasing rate of teenage gestation in Nicaragua is due to the socioeconomic development in the state. Early matrimony, deficiency of sexual instruction, romanticism, machismo, gender dual criterions and spiritual prohibition of contraceptive method have besides been suggested as possible subscribers to the state ‘s high teenage birthrate rate. After research in Nicaragua, the Epidemiological Research Center of Sexual and Reproductive Health of Guatemala registered a 30 % addition of adolescent gestations in Nicaragua, as of May 2011.[ 4 ]

Childbearing during teenage old ages is known as a world-wide factor that deteriorates generative wellness and the public assistance of immature adult females, every bit good as the overall betterment and way of the state ‘s development. In Nicaragua, where economic and political problems have badly affected the state ‘s wellness attention, educational and societal service systems, the attempt of cut downing the high degrees of teenage childbirth is in fact a great challenge.

Since Nicaragua ‘s teenage childbirth rates are closely related to the state ‘s poorness rates, the Desarrollo Del Milenio[ 5 ]has two chief ends to assist the teenage childbearing rates in Nicaragua lessening. Their first end is to turn to sexual and generative wellness instruction, and hence their 2nd end is to significantly cut down the rates of adolescent gestation. With these ends, the Nicaraguan authorities took steps to assist cut down the teenage gestation rates in the state. The authorities has seen the demand to better entree to sexual and generative wellness services, every bit good as entree to sexual and generative instruction. The authorities feels the demand for these resources to be available for all twosomes, but chiefly for those twosomes among the hapless sectors of the Nicaraguan population.

The Nicaraguan authorities, in order to diminish the adolescent gestation rate has to better the degrees of sexual and generative instruction among the poorest sectors of the population. This is because, rural adult females, which are the 1s with the lowest degrees of sexual and generative instruction are more likely to come in a brotherhood and go teenage female parents than metropolis inhabitants. The adolescent gestation rate is more than twice as high among the hapless sectors than as among those within the high socioeconomic sectors. As mentioned before, the relation between low degrees of sexual and generative instruction and teenage maternity suggests that if educational chances for misss are improved, so cut downing the rate of teenage childbirth in Nicaragua is really promising.

In order for us to eliminate or at least effort to cut down the lifting teenage gestation rates, we must educate our young person. If adolescents do non hold any cognition on the subject, how can we anticipate them non to do errors such as: early sexual activity, teenage gestations, abortions or any sexually transmitted diseases? In order for us to forestall these events, sexual and generative instruction should be available for all the socio-economic groups of our state.

Sexual and generative instruction must teach pupils in the countries of human gender. A proper sexual and generative instruction should turn to different countries such as: the human anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, sexual wellness, contraceptive method methods, sexually transmitted diseases, abstention and abortion. If we make this type of instruction available for all socio-economic groups of the state, the attempt to decrease the lifting teenage gestation rates might be really promising.

The deficiency of sexual and generative instruction is greatly based on the belief that supplying kids and adolescents with this sort of information will merely advance promiscuousness. Parents do non give their kids enough instruction, non merely because they want to avoid promiscuousness among adolescents, but besides because as adolescents, parents did non have adequate sexual and generative instruction every bit good. The deficiency of sexual and generative instruction leads to arouse by “ test and mistake ” . This leads to unwanted teenage gestations, abortions and even sexually transmitted diseases.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Children issued an of import statement to the state of Nicaragua. The United Nations ‘ message to the authorities of Nicaragua was for the authorities to supply entree to safe, legal, and confidential sexual and generative wellness services, including contraceptive method and abortion. Nicaragua ‘s Abortion Ban has non stopped adolescents from ending their gestations. Alternatively of abortion, they go for for unsafe methods that risk the female parent ‘s life ; doing insecure abortion one of the chief causes of maternal deceases in the state.

In Nicaragua, abortion is illegal, with no exclusions, even if the wellness of the female parent is at hazard or if the gestation was caused by colza or incest. Nicaragua has one of the highest maternal decease rates in Latin America, with about 170 deceases per 100,000 births, harmonizing to statistics from the World Health Organization and the Human Rights Watch.[ 6 ]

Most of the teenage gestations and births that occur are non planned, and the teenage childbearing rates may change significantly between the rural and urban inhabitants or countries. Therefore, most sexually active teenage adult females do non be after or make non desire kids until a much later clip in their lives. Since about half of these gestations and births are non planned, most adult females are non utilizing the proper preventive methods, the modern prophylactic methods or non utilizing prophylactic methods at all.

The Nicaraguan authorities is now seeking to do these prophylactic methods available for all sectors of the Nicaraguan population, but as of now, the poorest sectors of the population have limited entree to them, and besides a limited entree to sexual and generative instruction. If these prophylactic methods and sexual and generative instruction are non available for all the socioeconomic sectors, adolescents will non hold the appropriate resources to forestall gestations. Therefore, the teenage birthrate, and teenage childbirth rates will non diminish.

Ending teenage childbirth will non stop poorness, but it is clear how it affects the rhythm of poorness. Having a kid as a adolescent frequently means the terminal of a adult female ‘s instruction, which limits the degree of instruction the adult female will have, hence restricting the occupations available for her in the hereafter. Teenage childbearing fundamentally leads to the female parent or male parent holding had less clip to work and gain money. This creates a more hard fiscal state of affairs for the parents and the kid than if they have had their babe at a much later clip alternatively.


The relationship between academic failure and teenage gestation is really strong. Teenage gestation affects the academic accomplishment of the female parent, every bit good as the hereafter academic accomplishment of the kid. Education about adolescent gestation, should non merely address contraceptive method or preventative methods against unwanted gestations, but it should besides turn to the importance of instruction. Having a kid at a immature age frequently means the terminal of a adult female ‘s instruction, this limits the degree of instruction the adult female will finally have, hence restricting the occupations available for her in the hereafter.

Presents, schooling demands are increasing, intending that in order to obtain a well-paying occupation, higher degrees of instruction are now required. Presently, it is indispensable for teens to complete high school, and if possible to obtain a station secondary instruction. But, unluckily adolescent gestation is listed as a taking cause of school bead out among adolescent misss. Education does non merely assist in the consciousness procedure, but school accomplishment, attending, and engagement besides reduces the hazards of teenage gestations.

Adolescent gestation does non merely impact the female parent ‘s instruction procedure, but it besides affects the kid ‘s future instruction procedure. Children of teenage female parents are more likely to drop out of high school ; they do non execute every bit good as kids of older female parents at school. In fact, kids of teenage female parents do non develop high degrees of knowledge, linguistic communication, communicating, interpersonal accomplishments, and early composing abilities.[ 7 ]

Teenage female parents have lower degrees of instruction compared to other adult females. This leads to less occupation chances, and finally leads to economic dependence. Teenage childbearing does non merely impact the female parent ‘s economic development, but besides the kid ‘s economic development. Children of teenage female parents are more likely to turn up in poorness, turn up in a individual parent family, develop hapless school public presentation and are more likely to go adolescent parents themselves.

Education is non merely affected by teenage childbirth, but is besides a factor that leads the rates to increase. In a proper instruction, pupils should besides hold entree to sexual and generative instruction. Without entree to this information, adolescents and pupils will be wholly unmindful to the different dangers and effects of get downing an early sex life.

In many different states the Education and Health Ministries work individually, but it is known that these two organisations have similar ends, and hence the two should work together. Education non merely has the power to better a state ‘s economic development, but it can besides do an betterment in a state ‘s wellness development. If schools offer sexual instruction and the necessary stuffs for contraceptive method, the teenage childbearing rates can easy be reduced. Supplying this type of wellness and sexual instruction besides helps the authoritiess promote wellness in adolescents. This easy improves their instruction and knowledge about the effects of get downing early intercourse.

In order for us to cut down the lifting teenage gestation rates, our chief end should be the instruction of our young person. The instruction provided should non merely include the method of abstention, but should besides include subjects such as: human anatomy, human wellness, sexually transmitted diseases, and specially the usage of the different prophylactic methods available.If the young person is good educated, so they will hold the necessary tools to forestall early gestations. Once our young person is good educated on this subject, diminishing the teenage childbearing rates will be an easier undertaking.

Income and Occupation

A new connexion between income inequality[ 8 ]and teenage childbearing rates has been found. Harmonizing to Phillip Levine ‘s[ 9 ]new research, in order to happen the ground for the big fluctuations in teenage childbearing rates two chief factors have to be analyzed. The chief factor Levine suggests that we examine is the income inequality among our state ‘s geographic zones. In his research[ 10 ], Levine explained that adolescents in a high income inequality country are much more likely to get down their sex life and become teenage parents. Levine attributes this event to the fact that these adolescents do non hold the necessary motive to travel up from the place they are in.

Income inequality combined with teenage childbearing leads to many fiscal jobs for the parents and negative effects for the kid. Teenage parents face several challenges changing from physical to fiscal issues. When most adolescents get pregnant, most of them have non even finished their high school or university surveies, or even had their first occupations. In order for the kid to hold a stable life and family, the parents must carry through several demands. Some of these demands include a stable household, and a stable occupation and income.

Without these demands fulfilled several jobs will originate among the household and the family. Some issues that may come up include: deficiency of medical attention, the demand of kid attention, malnutrition and a load for the full household. When the parents do non hold a stable occupation or income these rudimentss demands will be disregarded. For illustration, with a low income occupation the parents are most likely to miss of medical insurance and without insurance the medical costs for the kid and female parent will non be covered. This means the parents will confront the load of paying all the medical attention that both the female parent and babe demand. This besides happens with kid attention. Since the parents do non hold adequate resources to pay for kid attention, the female parent is forced to remain at place taking attention of her kid, and finally she will non complete her surveies.

Income and business are one the taking socioeconomic factors that affect the turning childbirth rates. To avoid farther effects from these factors adolescents should be motivated by their parents and organisations to go on their surveies. This is because when adolescents finish high school, acquire a full clip occupation, and complete their university surveies they are less likely to stop up in poorness, and hence, teenage kid bearing will be easy prevented.

Topographic point of Residence

Rural countries in a state are normally targeted as countries with lower Selenium[ 11 ], and a lower socio-economic position normally leads to higher teenage childbearing rates. Urban countries have besides high teenage childbearing rates, but non every bit high as the rates from rural countries. The ground why rural countries have higher rates is because in urban countries adolescents receive more information, sexual instruction, and more resources to pattern safe sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, adolescents in rural countries receive small or no sexual instruction at all.

In urban countries some schools provide basic sexual instruction for adolescent pupils. The information adolescents receive is non plenty to wholly avoid teenage gestation but adequate to forestall it. Urban countries non merely have better instruction, sexual instruction but bar resources are wholly available for adolescents. Besides supplying adolescents with information, the society in urban countries motivates adolescents to be more goaded. Motivating adolescents helps to maintain them out of early sexual activities, and more focused on their surveies and their hereafters.

Meanwhile, in the rural countries, the information adolescents receive is below basic. Adolescents can merely larn from the small information their parents give them which is non plenty. This is because parents themselves, were non given adequate information in order to forestall teenage gestations. In add-on, the resources that adolescents could utilize to forestall teenage childbearing are non available. Since the resources for bar are non available what is left for adolescents to make is pattern abstention or sex by trail and mistake, taking to the augmentation of the teenage childbearing rates.


Cultural beliefs besides play a major function in the high teenage childbearing rates of a state. In Latin-american civilizations societies are really steadfast in keeping their civilization and beliefs and sexual instruction is non looked upon. It is non looked upon, because it is believed that if sexual instruction or any type of sexual information is given to a adolescent, promiscuousness is being promoted.

Cultures may besides differ within the same state. In urban countries people have more information available and are exposed to modern information ; this makes them hold an unfastened head. Meanwhile, in rural countries information is non easy available. This limits the information and methods adolescents may utilize to forestall gestations or any sexually transmitted diseases.

In most rural countries kids are raised by their parents and grandparents. Since the grownups did non have sexual instruction, so they can non learn their kids ways of forestalling a gestation or practising safe intercourse. Besides in some civilizations early matrimony is looked upon as a normal thing. This leads to immature twosomes get downing their household at a clip when neither of them are mature, physically nor emotionally stable plenty to back up a family.

Although machismo[ 12 ]and marianismo[ 13 ]are perceived as antique thoughts, they are still present in Latin American and Nicaraguan societies. These two thoughts are besides large subscribers to teenage gestation. This political orientation consists in allowing work forces have power over a adult female ‘s determination, including sexual decision-making. Machismo has a strong point of position about early pregnancy, and hence adolescent gestation is non seen as an unusual affair among these societies. Since work forces are in charge of the sexual determinations, they may or may non take to utilize prophylactic methods, and frequently they choose non to. This non merely increases the opportunities of gestations, but besides the opportunities of undertaking sexually transmitted diseases.

Latin American societies non merely back up the political orientation of machismo, but they besides encourage large households. Therefore, adult females are encouraged to get down a household at an early age. The belief of holding many kids is besides looked upon by some civilizations. Some civilizations believe that it is good to hold many childs. They believe that with more kids their family will be happier and that it is what God commanded them to make. Besides their spiritual beliefs against prophylactic methods contribute to early gestation, get downing early households, and holding big households.

As we know, Latin American societies are non in favour of holding intercourse before matrimony, but when Latin American adolescents are exposed to different types of civilizations, their beliefs will be extremely influenced by the new civilization in which they now live. This socialization could act upon adolescents to prosecute in sexual activities and to comprehend these types of activities as ordinary constructs. Socialization non merely leads adolescents to lose their cultural individuality, but it leads them to the different dangers of prosecuting in early intercourse.

We can non state anyone what to believe, but these beliefs are non assisting those households. Alternatively they lead the household to poorness, teenage childbirth, abortions, and other dangers that teenage childbearing bring. These beliefs are associated with low degrees of instruction, and that is why we should concentrate on supplying information and bar resources to the communities with higher income inequality.


Societies in Latin-America are really spiritual, and this has a great influence in the lifting rates of teenage childbirth. Most schools in these societies are Catholic schools, and sexual instruction is non portion of their course of study. Giving information, sexual instruction or bar methods to adolescents is seen as a negative action. Neither schools nor parents give these adolescents plenty information, non because they do non cognize it, but because their spiritual beliefs do non let them to.

The ground why spiritual groups do non educate adolescents with sexual and generative instruction is because gender is seen as a negative term. When gender is mentioned among a spiritual organisation, the first thing that people think is about sexual Acts of the Apostless, and out actions. Sexuality is non merely this, but every bit mentioned before, when we study sexual and generative instruction we study countries such as: wellness, diseases and anatomy.

The hapless and uncomplete information spiritual organisations give is non the lone job that adolescents among these Catholic societies face. The Catholic Church besides forbids the usage of prophylactic methods, which contribute to the augmentation of adolescent gestation rates. The prohibition of prophylactic methods non merely increases the alterations of gestation, but it besides increases the opportunities of undertaking a sexually familial disease.

Religious organisations should non forbid this type information to their young person. When they ban these types of methods they hurt the adolescents. By non informing them about the negative effects of early sexual activity they will harm their young person, more than if they had provided them with the necessary information. Religious organisations should be in charge of protecting their members, specially the younger 1s, since they are the hereafter of their society. Religion should supply security, credence, and protection. If faiths were to better their sexual and generative instruction techniques, many adolescents would be benefited.


At the minute Nicaragua ‘s Teenage Childbirth rates are one of the highest rates worldwide. Socioeconomic factors are the 1s responsible for the addition of these rates. Socioeconomic factors such as: instruction, income, business, topographic point of abode, civilization and faith have a high part to the augmentation of the Teenage Childbearing rates in the state of Nicaragua. In order for the Nicaraguan authorities and society to diminish these rates, the socioeconomic factors should be evaluated and improved. Once our socioeconomic factors are improved, diminishing the Teenage Childbearing Ratess will be an easier undertaking, than what it is now.

Education is the most of import socioeconomic factor of a state. It does non merely better homo development, but besides helps better the state ‘s wellness development. Nowadays instruction in Nicaragua is non really complete, and hence pupils have small cognition on subjects such as sexual and generative instruction. The sexual and generative instruction degrees have to better in order for the adolescent gestation rates to diminish. We can better these types of instruction by leting schools to learn these topics and besides by leting them to supply pupils with the necessary stuff for the bar of unwanted gestations.

The socioeconomic factor of Income and Occupation can be easy improved by actuating our young person. If we motivate adolescents to remain in school, several issues could be avoided. If we motivate our pupils to carry through school accomplishment, attending, and engagement in school activities, the hazards of teenage gestations will be reduced.

Topographic point of Residence besides affects Adolescent Childbearing rates. This can be improved by giving entree to sexual and generative instruction to the different socioeconomic groups. Since rural countries do non have this sort of instruction, we should prioritise these countries. The authorities should supply rural countries with the necessary sexual instruction and the necessary bar methods.

Culture and Religion are besides socioeconomic factors that need to be improved. Since we can non state anyone what to believe, there is non excessively much alteration that we can transport out. What we can make is to update our values and beliefs. We should supply our young person with existent facts and information. If we do non make this, we are non merely harming our young person, but we are besides harming future coevalss. Therefore accurate and proper instruction demands to be available for all adolescents.

It is really of import for us to happen ways to diminish our high Teenage Childbearing Ratess. This is because ; these high rates affect our state ‘s Human Development Index. One of the grounds why Nicaragua has such a low Human Development Index is because of adolescent gestation.

Reducing teenage gestations will non merely profit the young person, but the whole state. This is because adolescent gestation is known as a world-wide factor that deteriorates generative wellness and the public assistance of immature adult females, every bit good as the overall betterment and way of the state ‘s development. Once we cut down the Teenage Childbearing Ratess, the Human Development Index of Nicaragua is more likely to better.


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