The Technology Management Meaning Information Technology Essay

We all know that engineering makes life much easier or more complex, still engineering figures in your life. But engineering was made and developed chiefly because there is a demand to be fulfilled and you want to do things so much easier.

Technology thereby becomes an important factor that you need to suit in the day-to-day transporting on of your professional lives.

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It is a really of import tool, together with the values that go along with it, invention, creativeness, efficiency etc in the behavior of your concern. And engineering applies to all, from marketing to communications, merchandise developments, procedure inventions, etc

Industry or sector significance

The people or companies involved in a specific sort of concern related activity, the structured action of doing of goods and services for sale. There are many sorts of industries and sector for e.g. finance, insurance, existent estate, Bankss as service industry. An industry that presents services instead than physical objects. Service sector direction is an of import portion for any concern organisation and with the rapid growing of these sector people are keener to construct up the wont of supplying services and engineerings with all the necessary agencies available to them.

Industry is portion of a concatenation from natural stuffs to complete merchandise, finished merchandise to service sector, and service sector to research and development Etc.



The HSBC Group has an planetary history which is exceeding. Many of its most important companies opened for large concern over a century ago and they have a history which is rich in multiplicity and success. The HSBC Group is named after its founding member and the laminitis Sir Thomas Sutherland, The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and a populace limited company, which was established in twelvemonth 1865 to finance the turning trade between China and Europe.

It was started its central offices in hongkong and than until 1992 hongkong served as a universe headquarter when it was forced to travel to London as a circumstance of finishing the purchase of Midland bank..

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Technological revolution:

With development in banking sector and as one of the known bank in the universe, the usage of the information engineering is the lone mean of deliverance and endurance in this competitory universe. Information system plays a critical function in the operations and developing dealingss with the clients by the bank.

HSBC looks at the information security as the elementary to their services.

Through a immense international web linked by advanced engineering, including a quickly developing e-commerce capableness, HSBC provides a broad scope of fiscal services: personal fiscal services ; commercial banking ; corporate, investing banking and markets ; private banking ; and other activities

Now a dayi??s usage of information system is the nucleus of every operations and service provided by the banking sectors. It enhances the viability and better communicating possibilities for the users and service suppliers both in a distinguishable manner to easy the complexness of the process and methods used by the HSBC bank.

Information engineerings and systems have a of import function in the development and growing of the banking sectors and there usage by common adult male or people.

The chief purpose of the HSBC bank is to leverage the trade name and web to make new clients and to supply and offer more new services and engineering to all bing clients and to maximise efficiency by taking advantage of local, to make so HSBC have to trust on the information system nowadays in the group or administration or execution of new 1s. HSBC besides have to trust and depend on the information system to use and develop its extended distributive web.

Information Technology uses in HSBC bank

Management information system

MIS in the current context of high handiness of ample informations on electronic media at varied locations and on diverse platforms, has become more important to HSBC decision-making procedure, thanks to the handiness of new tools of engineering such as informations warehousing, informations excavation

Management Information System would therefore be the terminal point for ingestion of both the procedures data repositing and information excavation.

Though cybernation of HSBC subdivisions has been traveling on at an first-class velocity, MIS necessities have non been accurately addressed to. It is on description of the fact that most of the Total Branch Computerization ( TBC ) package bundles are dealing processing oriented. They have been designed chiefly for daily operations at the subdivision degree and day-end reconciliation of books.

Calculating resources

A package system for derived functions rating and hazard direction, RisKompass enables trade to pull off byproduct trades in a farther controlled mode from the last to first office. Supporting the industry Standard FPML ( Financial Product Markup Language ) protocol, it can manage rating and hazard direction of a wide scope of derivative instruments.

The system will pull off derived functions such as rates of involvement and foreign exchange for HSBC.

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Electronic glade service ( ECS recognition )

HSBC uses ECS recognition, which is an electronic glade system that facilitates paperless dealing through an offline system. HSBC facilitates ECS

Recognition at all ECS designated locations.

System Management waiter

HSBC is utilizing system direction waiter for the centralised deployment of package updates, which allows or enables the bank to quickly deploy or administer the updates to all computing machines in the common Windowss environment.

With system direction server desktop application are tied to user but non physical computing machines. System direction waiter helps HSBC by guaranting the stableness and security of the desktop environment used within the bank or organisation.

Internet banking and security

HSBC uses vary and varied security steps to protect the history and informationi??s related to clients. There are assorted stairss and immense figure of firewalls for informations protections from different menaces and uses.

Unique logon inside informations

The log on procedure includes three stairss or phases for designation, which are: –

Username, Memorable reply and Password.

Encoding and decoding

Encoding is the transition of informations in a signifier in which people can non read and decoding is the reversal of that procedure.


HSBC systems are protected by sophisticated secure gateways, including strong firewalls and monitoring devices, which prevent unauthorised Internet users from utilizing HSBC sites or web pages.

Time out installation

Time out installation is used by HSBC in web pages by which if the dealing or unafraid page can non be remained unfastened for longer clip or a peculiar clip.

Digital certification

HSBC uses a peculiar digital certification for its web pages to assist client confirm that the HSBC site they are utilizing a legitimate. Digital certification is like an ID card for the web pages.

Note: This is merely for the mention that these are the other engineerings that is used by the HSBC bank.

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New engineering introduced in HSBC bank


Mobile payment continues to be a much discussed subject in the United States and some parts of Japan and South Korea. The briefing study will supply an overview of nomadic payment method adopted by the HSBC bank.

HSBC is in advanced phases of beta and tested a new method of utilizing nomadic phones to do payments in 2005 which was later on in 2006 implemented.HSBC has launched a nomadic phone payments pilot, in partnership with MasterCard. Users can swipe their nomadic phones and have many minutess, which was earlier merely possible utilizing the recognition and debit cards.

New phones characteristics NFC ( near field communicating ) engineering, which is a short-range propinquity engineering that uses wireless frequence ( RF ) to enable secure, contactless communicating between two devices. Contactless payment is merely one of the many data-transfer applications that NFC enables, which makes it an attractive engineering for bearers looking to increase French telephone public-service corporation for consumers.

The new phones feature NFC engineering, which enables users to do contactless purchases at any of the about 36,000 merchandiser locations around the universe that accept PayPass, this is besides now accepted in legion baseball and football bowls as its speedy dealing clip allows athleticss fans to pass less clip in line and more clip basking the game.

i??Putting payment capableness into nomadic phones is our latest attempt to use advanced engineering in our recognition card concern, i?? said Walter Menezes, main executive of HSBC Card Services. HSBC introduced contactless nomadic payment method to its bank employees in late 2005 and contactless clients in 2006i?? .

PayPass offers consumers a convenient option to hard currency that allows for small-ticket purchases to be completed rapidly, firmly and easy. Consumers no longer necessitate to scuffle for hard currency and coins, swipe a card, or subscribe a reception for any PayPass purchase under $ 25. Users merely tap their PayPass-enabled phone, card, or device on the PayPass reader at take parting merchandisers and they are on their manner.

i??MasterCard is excited about the hereafter of nomadic phone payments, peculiarly as todayi??s consumers rely progressively on their nomadic phones for activities other than calls, i?? said Art Kranzley, executive frailty president and group executive, Advanced Payments, MasterCard Worldwide.i??

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This engineering was introduced to replace debit and recognition cards as the on-going scene of technological alterations, all the administration are coming up with new engineering to back up the failing of old engineering which was in used. Today the nomadic phones are human demand and all the work can be done through Mobile so this engineering was introduced so that all the people can be benefited with this engineering as 68 % of the worldi??s population is connected straight or indirectly through nomadic phones. Most of the smart phones are coming up with all concern familiar characteristics like I-phone applications etc.


First this engineering was invented by NTT DOCOMO Japan which was later on taken by the R and D section of HSBC and they have done tonss of research and trial and eventually inserted an integrated bit ( IC ) and suggested their top degree direction about the full alteration of the engineering and their benefits of competitory advantage.

Than they have called the meeting and discussed about the new engineering and there was tonss of inquiries raised about the security and safety of the engineering and the engineering can utilize merely smart phones. Smart phones are non cost effectual device and can non be afforded by mean income client, so there was suggestion for all these inquiries by the director and he assured the direction to get the better of on all these jobs.

Than it was approved by the HSBC top degree direction. And they have directed the trough of IT squad to do it more secure and safe after tonss of trial eventually HSBC Credit Card Services, which has placed NFC-enabled phones in the custodies of 200 of its employees, who have used their phones, loaded with MasterCardi??s PayPass, to do purchases. And this was a successful trial and subsequently on it was implemented and bank has given this benefit to many clients in some portion of northern US.


Mobile payment is rapidly going the favourite method of payment. After undergoing a two factor confirmation procedure affecting both PIN and erstwhile watchword confirmation, the customeri??s nomadic history is charged for the purchase. This peculiar type of nomadic payment method gives the undermentioned benefits:


Two factor verification prevents fraud, therefore supplying a unafraid replacement to recognition cards.

Fraud Reduction

Because the payment is made utilizing a nomadic phone, no recognition card information is stored by the bargainer, extinguishing the chance for hackers or employees to give and take card information.


utilizing one clip watchwords, the dealing can be verified to hold originated from the accurate phone registered for an exact user.


it is merely another payment option available at mark out.


Most minutess are completed in less than 10 seconds.


23 % of all merchandises purchased in some parts of US use the direct nomadic payment method with one clip watchwords.


Once a method of payment has achieved widespread usage, it will go the mark of hackers and stealers. See the security quandary associated with one of the most popular methods of payment: recognition cards. With all the security spread inherent in recognition cards, a nomadic platform is even more vulnerable still. Because a nomadic platform has the added exposure of being a i??mini-computeri?? , it can be targeted utilizing techniques that are much less obvious than those associated with recognition cards. For illustration, unlike recognition cards, a breach in nomadic security can non merely be detected within the computing machine substructure in the signifier of viruses, malware, and man-in-the-middle onslaughts. Mobile security onslaughts are much more elusive.


By procuring nomadic payments with NFC enabled nomadic PAYPASS, you will bask the uncompromised security that payment applications demand ; non to advert the proved scalability and dependability that HSBCi??s path record exemplifies. We have supplied the universe with security solutions for more than 15 old ages, so you can be confident you will be able to treat payments whenever your clients want to do them. Our more than 100 million users can certify to that.

Approach ;

By uniting NFC enabled nomadic device PAYPASS hallmark with your current nomadic payment application, you can supply your clients with an easy, convenient and unafraid payment option. HSBCi??s solution can shack seamlessly within your nomadic payments application via direct integrating of the PAYPASS API.


On the completion and traveling through the model of the treatment I come to the undermentioned recommendation or decisions.

i?? HSBC should utilize or increase the usage of nomadic payment method for acknowledgment or designation of their clients card to minimise or avoid fraud or larceny, which are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

i?? HSBC should even develop more secure characteristics while doing minutess.

i?? Use of safety and security steps for nomadic payment method for clients should be increased and given more critical dedication from security professionals.

i?? Increase in the usage of information engineering safety equipments for protection of critical informations and information from acquiring manipulated and stolen from nomadic payment.

i?? Developing cognition among the employees and client about the safety or security of the information system in the bank and their use in nomadic payment.

i?? HSBC should better the pertinence of information system development ( ISD ) methods supported by patterning tools so that they can maintain the client informations confidentially.

i?? HSBC should convey consciousness among their employees and clients about the use and security of the nomadic payment used by them.


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