The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Management Methodology Information Technology Essay

The intent of this treatment paper is to specify a comparative appraisal of the strengths and failings of AGILE undertaking direction methodological analysis. This appraisal explicitly takes into history the rule of AGILE construct along with other undertaking direction methodological analysiss.

As we all cognizant, there are several project direction methodological analysiss that could be carried out while developing a undertaking. AGILE, cleanroom, RUP and waterfall are some of them. But is any of these methods are better than the other? This is the inquiry which tries to discourse throughout this paper.

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As undergraduates we come across several different undertakings to complete up in a given sum of clip. In such a state of affairs pupils need right and best attack to develop their solution. Throughout the treatment paper it tries to foreground the best solution which could utilize in developing a practical undertaking.

In that state of affairs the undergraduate pupils can derive a consecutive benefit from this, since the paper has been written while believing from their point of position. But still anyone who is unknown to AGILE can acquire an thought from this paper.

This paper has been written by analysing the collected information about this topic. The jobs which arrive as an undergraduate while analyzing was besides helped me to compose this paper.

Finally the aims of this survey are to happen out and show the characteristics and benefits of AGILE undertaking direction method while comparing with other methods of undertaking direction.



This paper discuss about the several undertaking direction methodological analysiss used in industry while comparing them with AGILE undertaking direction methodological analysis.

Before comparing other undertaking direction methods with AGILE we should foremost hold to concentrate our attending to the inquiry “ what is AGILE? ”

2.1 History of AGILE

Group of methodologists get to together and discourse about a common set of steering rule in order to hold an efficient package development. This happened in 2001. So they formulated something called “ AGILE pronunciamento. “ The modern definition of AGILE package development invoked in mid 1990 ‘s as a portion of a reaction against the “ heavyweight ” methods. Initially AGILE methods were called as “ lightweight ” methods. It focuses on undertaking prioritization, reacting to alterations, face to confront communicating and speedy bringings.

So we can see AGILE as a conceptual model works on iterative and incremental bringing of working package. In the iterative portion it tells that reiterating a life rhythm for a peculiar undertaking in a short period of clip. Now let ‘s see what are the different types of AGILE methods available to package undertaking direction.

2.2 AGILE Methods

There are so many nimble methods we could utilize. Some of the most popular of them are utmost scheduling ( XP ) , DSDM ( Dynamic Systems Development Method ) , thin package development, crystal, scrum and FDD ( Feature Driven Development ) .IID facet is the most common thing applicable to all these methods. But still there are several methods and rules which are common to the methods. Let ‘s see some of them to each method.


XP- Shows the value of communicating, simpleness, bravery and feedback

Use specific proficient and collaborative patterns like TDD refactoring, brace scheduling, unfastened workspace, automated credence trials and uninterrupted integrating.

DSDM – Allow the undertaking squad to take determination

Promote cooperation and coaction throughout the stakeholders

Integrate proving throughout

Stress on frequent merchandise bringing

Lean – Much closer to the client

Have short rhythms

Empower the squad

Extinguish the waste

Build in unity

Decide every bit tardily as possible

Crystal – Emphasize people

Improve communications

Shrink or turn to suit

Gather techniques from other methods

Scrum – usage retrospective to rectify the procedure

Collaborate through day-to-day standup meetings

Exhibit the merchandise upon loop completion

Pull off a prioritized list of requires on a merchandise backlog

FDD – Center development on the characteristic

Make a sphere theoretical account with sphere experts


Common Features

There are many features of agile undertaking direction method. Most promote development, squad work, coaction and adaptability throughout the life rhythm of the undertaking.

Having Iterations

In nimble method it breaks the undertaking into little parts or increases. So it merely have a minimum planning no demand to worry about long term planning. Iteration is like a little frame which may last merely one, two hebdomads where upper limit could be four hebdomads. Each of these frame Acts of the Apostless like a alone undertaking, it acts every bit same as a typical life rhythm with planning, demand assemblage and analysis, planing, coding and proving. This helps to cut down the hazard to the undertaking and a undertaking can cover with any alterations rapidly. Iteration might non carry through the demands to compose the paperss but still it will bring forth a bug free codification in a less sum of clip. By adding several loops together you can hold your concluding merchandise.

Team Work

Team hierarchy of an agile undertaking is much ego organized without sing about the hierarchy of the undertaking squad. Each member will hold to finish a undertaking which will give the functionality of a peculiar loop. So each person will work towards to carry through a undertaking in order to carry through loop. Team will pass on face to face in meetings when they work in a same topographic point but if they non they will utilize installations like picture conferencing, e-mail etc. Most squads who are making agile will work in an unfastened office called bullpen. The squad size will ever little in order to pass on and do their work easier. If a squad work towards a big undertaking several little squads will work together to accomplish several marks of the same undertaking. In here they should hold a good coordination among them.

However every squad will acquire a client representative on behalf of their client. They will be available to reply for the inquiries of developers in the mid loop procedure. They will work in between the squad and client and will set things for the donee of client ends and company ends.



When working with agile there will be day-to-day face to confront meetings with squad members. There will be client representative and some stakeholders as the perceivers and squad members will discourse among themselves what they did and this will assist to cut down the terrible jobs which may happen due to miss comprehensibility among team members. This ever has face to confront communicating which creates a less certification. But the bond that the members can hold from that ca n’t be achieved utilizing paperss.


Literature Review

In this portion of the treatment paper I ‘m seeking to concentrate your attending to what experts think about agile. Several experts in the field of IT has so many different thoughts about agile. So I ‘m seeking to analyse their thoughts in here in order to look at agile in another point of position.

In the article “ Dr. Dobb ‘s Agile Newsletter 11/07 ” written by Scott W.Ambler, A ( Chief Methodologist for Agile and LeanA for IBM Rational ) in 21st of November 2009 he takes into history whether agile is truly successful. In there he truly clear out and quoted that the squads use agile have much success instead than squads who use traditional methods for undertaking direction. In there he besides mentioned that nimble undertakings has 71.5 success rate per centums while traditional undertakings has 62.8 per centum, informations warehouse undertakings has 62.6 per centum and off shoring undertakings 42.7 per centum. In figure1 it shows the undertaking success rate by undertaking type and organisation type.


& lt ; Figure 1 & gt ;


In the book “ Managing nimble undertakings ” by Kevin Aguano he indicates why nimble method is alone and different from other methods. Throughout his book he argue for the ground that agile is truly a good method. In there he clearly indicates that agile method can easy accommodate to the alterations. Actually he tells that agile introduce the alteration to the undertaking that it can easy manage it. In this manner patron can acquire maximal use of his undertaking.

This is the Boehm ‘s cost of alteration curve that I found in the above mentioned book. In there the writer has descriptively Tells that how the cost varies when attempts to do a alteration to the undertaking at a ulterior clip.

A costOfChangeCurve

& lt ; Figure 2 & gt ;

Like this throughout his book he has explained why that agile has become some good undertaking direction method in present universe.


As you can see many experts who are in the field of Information Technology has guaranteed that nimble methodological analysis is truly a good attack to project pull offing. But there will ever be thoughts which go against with this construct, because these are the thoughts that given by personal experience.

Web Technology Director atA IPC Media, Mr. Kelly Waters is person who has specialized in agile undertaking direction. But still he has point out some disadvantages of agile in his web log called “ Agile Software Development made Easy! ”

Harmonizing to him active user interaction and close coaction are chief cardinal factors in agile undertaking direction methodological analysis. It ‘s a basic theory in agile that make certain ends are managed good. Since failure does non run into ends these may be critical factors of a successful undertaking. So the user evidently will hold to perpetrate most of his clip to this until the undertaking finish off.

Another hazard that describes in the web log is requirement emerge and evolve. This could do project creeps and it will hold a hazard of a ne’er stoping undertaking. Apart from that this will make less predictability of a undertaking ; in a concern like state of affairs it may be difficult to declare a monetary value for the undertaking.

Like this experts gives their thoughts to for and against for agile undertaking direction method. All of these are right for their personal experience and how they use it. So we ca n’t precisely state that agile is good or bad. It depends on your point of position.



Traditional development methods like waterfall, RUP, PrinceII etc. are in the field from a certain clip period. Several little and big undertakings had been to the full success filled by utilizing these heavyweight methods but still they had batch of drawbacks. Kent Beck took these drawbacks and found a solution for them and that ‘s how first method in nimble extreme scheduling came out to the industry. The tabular array in below gives you a great thought about the similarities and different of agile and heavyweight methods.

Agile Methods

Heavyweight Methods


Adaptive instead than predictive

Identify demands, prioritise the work and travel on


Merchandise based, work is plan harmonizing to the activities, focal point on concluding out semen

Undertaking size






Management manner



Position to alter

Can accommodate to alterations

Not that much adaptable


Leadership coaction ( every squad member collaborate to the undertaking every bit )

Command control


Peoples oriented ( Members have to believe why we do this before making something )

Procedure oriented

Team size



& lt ; Table 1 & gt ;


There are several failings and strengths for every undertaking direction methodological analysis. So the squad should take what is best for them. This choice can be done harmonizing to three factors.

Undertaking size – There are three elements as budget, continuance and undertaking squad organisation when sing about the undertaking size. The more the budget or continuance is the size of the undertaking is increasing. Harmonizing to Alistair Cockburn one of the laminitiss of nimble confederation Tells that if a fewer people are needed the undertaking size is little of vice-versa. You can see it in the figure below.

& lt ; Figure 3 & gt ;

Peoples factor – This could be considered as the most of import characteristic in agile. As an illustration like loops, client coaction etc. Having experienced and skilled members in a squad is a cardinal factor of agile. At any clip a client can interact with the squad and can give his thoughts. In this state of affairs agile is much popular than heavyweight methods.

Hazard factors – The most of import and risk factors of a undertaking could be criticalness of a undertaking and reacting to a alteration.


Now I would wish to take your attending to the life rhythm of feedback to several methods. In there besides harmonizing to the figure below you can see that the methods of nimble gives the feedbacks rapidly instead than the heavyweight methods. So this could salvage the money for a peculiar undertaking.


& lt ; Figure 4 & gt ;

So harmonizing to my point of position and from my experience I feel agile is much better than a traditional method like waterfall. It ‘s fundamentally because we can make a undertaking in a minimal sum of clip with developing all the functionalities.

But sometimes I feel that less certification is a disadvantage up to a certain extent. Because if we need to mention a undertaking in future we may non able to happen them since we do n’t hold much paperss. Some times because of this loop thought I fell that we are non acquiring a opportunity to visualize a undertaking to the terminal.

Apart from these things I believe that agile is truly a good attack to project managing.



Throughout this treatment paper I try to give you all an thought about the agile undertaking direction methodological analysis while comparing it with heavyweight methods like waterfall, RUP etc. In here I analyzed all the inside informations I found approximately nimble undertaking direction and comparison and contrast them with other methods and I besides have given some thoughts of experts in the field about agile.

Harmonizing to the research I have done I discovered that agile is the most successful undertaking direction methodological analysis you could utilize in a undertaking. There are many experts position which go against and for about this affair. As my point of position I excessively believe that agile undertaking managing is a good method for a undertaking. Though it has some disadvantages as I mentioned in the old subdivision most of the clip the benefit we could derive from this is much powerful than the disadvantages.

Finally I would wish to complete my treatment paper with my decision that agile undertaking direction methodological analysis has a bulk of success while comparing it with other methods in Information Technology field.


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