The Software Measurement And Metrics Information Technology Essay

Measurement permeates mundane life and is an indispensable portion in every scientific and technology subject. Acquisition of information are allowed by the measuring and that can be used for developing theories and theoretical accounts, besides for measuring, and utilizing methods and techniques. In the current age, package dramas truly a vital and of import function in every person every bit good as every organisation. As with the transition of clip user demands and system complexness has increased. Every twenty-four hours a new hardware engineering is introduced, therefore package demand and outlook besides increased. Ultimately there is much force per unit area on the package developing companies.

Now a twenty-four hours package is the about necessary portion of every developed system. Harmonizing to the system public presentation of the system in footings of cost, public presentation, dependability, safety, size and many other related factors. All these factors require a deep accent a measuring and direction of the package development procedure and as a consequence a utile merchandise developed.

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A package prosodies are the different manner in order to mensurate the package. It becomes easy to pull off and manage the package after the successful measuring of the package development procedure. All the initial demands are met by the usage of package prosodies. After the successful execution of the package matrices development procedure of the package go smooth in footings of cost and better clip direction.

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Without the measuring, in the industry practical application of technology would non hold been possible.

Measurement allows and supports,

i‚·iˆ planning for production by maintaining in head the qualitative and quantitative,

i‚·iˆ commanding and supervising the production by maintaining in head the qualitative and quantitative,

i‚·iˆ the procedure of determination devising,

i‚·iˆ analysis of cost/benefit, particularly at that clip when new techniques are introduced,

i‚·iˆ for undertakings analysis,

i‚·iˆ to larn from the experiences.

Every package developing organisation wants to better their package development procedure in such a manner that they use their minimal resources in footings of clip and cost, and at the terminal an improved and dependable package merchandise is expected.In order to accomplish this end, every organisation needs better appraisal of the cost, quality and clip. To accomplish this end package matrices are used.

The word metric is used in footings of measuring, so package metric means mensurating the package. As we know that package is non something physical, so it ‘s truly difficult to mensurate the package. In package prosodies a assortment of ways are used in order to mensurate the package. This may depend on the nature of the package. Basic and nucleus subject of the package is to do certain about the clip and cost of the package, and better the package quality and public presentation and productiveness. Software matrices and quantitative measuring provides a formal agency of for gauging the package quality and complexness. A package metric can be helpful in about three agencies,

Help us to understand and pattern the package technology procedure every bit good as the merchandise quality.

Helps in direction of the package development procedure and undertakings

Helps in an improved package technology procedure.

1.1 History

For the successful package development and care, Measurement is a cardinal engineering. The history of package technology and package prosodies is about from the same epoch. You learn more by pattern or practically as compared to the lone theoretical cognition or by book reading. Similarly the extended research and literature on the measuring and prosodies has had small impact on industrial pattern. Largely prosodies are used to better the procedure of determination devising in the package technology from both managerial and proficient point of position. Industrial prosodies activity is constantly based around prosodies that have been around for about 30 old ages. Not merely at that clip these prosodies really successful and popular, but now a twenty-four hours there popularity is still the same. Isolation is the chief job while utilizing these prosodies. By following a less isolationist attack, it is possible to show improved direction determination support system which is consist of these simple prosodies. These are of import for cause and consequence relationships and uncertainness and combination of grounds.

“ Software development and care started to go major corporate concerns in the last half of the twentieth century. Although most companies could non last or vie successfully without package and computing machines, even in 2008 senior executive direction remains troubled by a set of chronic jobs associated with package applications: long agendas, major cost overproduction, low quality and hapless user satisfaction ” [ 1 ] .

1.2 The Problem

Poor size appraisal is one of the chief grounds in the package technology for the failure of any package plans. Size is the critical factor while finding the attempt, agenda, and cost. One of the complicated activities is the size appraisal, consequences must be updated throughout the life rhythm with the existent counts.

Size steps of the package include the undermentioned,

beginning lines-of-code,

map points,

characteristic points.

Function of size is complex and map of size impacts design mistakes and latent defects and due to this quality job occurs, besides the agenda faux pass, and cost overproductions. So it means complexness must be measured, controlled and tracked continuously during the procedure. Requirements weirdo is another factor taking to size estimation inaccuracies which besides must be base lined and diligently controlled.

Good measuring plan provides quantitative elucidation of critical development issues and besides aid in the early sensing of jobs and it is an investing in success for package technology. Before they surface, Metrics give you the ability to place and/or decide the hazard issues.

“ The job with these specialized prosodies that have evolved in tandem with development methods is that many of them have such a narrow focal point that they merely measure one engineering. For illustration, it is non possible to compare two undertakings utilizing usage instance points if one of the undertakings handled design with usage instance and the 2nd handled design with ordinary structured design ” [ 1 ] .

Up till 2008 there were 50 sorts of development methods that the package industry has, and it means that about same measure of measuring attacks, and to utilize and make all 50 sorts of prosodies is non possible.

Software Measurements

There are three basic methods for mensurating package size. Historically,

SLOC ( Source Line-Of-Code ) : Beginning Line-Of-Code is the primary step for the package size. However particularly during the early development phases, it is hard to associate package functional demands to Source Line-Of-Code.

Function Points: Function point method is used as an alternate method of Source Line-Of-Code, and it should be used for the package size estimation. For the direction information systems ( MISs ) map points are used chiefly.

Feature points: Feature points method is similar to work points method and used for the embedded systems or real-time systems.

All these SLOC, map points, and characteristic points are valuable size appraisal techniques.

Degree centigrades: UsersGILLDesktopSQ & A ; PM ( Labs+Assignment ) Assignmentchat_software_metrics.jpg

2.1 Source Lines-of-Code Estimates ( SLOC )

Largely Source Lines-of-Code estimations count all informations declarations and feasible instructions but exclude the continuance lines, spaces and remarks. Source Lines-of-Code Estimates can besides be used for size appraisal through analogy. Source Line-of-Code estimation size by comparing both, the freshly built package ‘s functionality to similar package functionality found in the other applications. For the better comparings of both the functionalities, new package functionalities and the functionalities we already have, is due to SLOC for the better comparing in the procedure.

As the size step, if we look in the past and present so we came to cognize that a large measure of historical informations and the literature available which uses Source Lines-of-Code. It is easy to number the Source lines-of-code and as the key input largely bing package gauging theoretical accounts use Source Lines-of-Codes. Estimating the Source Lines-of-Code is virtually impossible. The ground is that Source Lines-of-Code ‘s are language-specific.

“ From SLOC estimates a set of simple, size-oriented productiveness and quality prosodies can be developed for any given ongoing plan. These prosodies can be farther refined utilizing productiveness and quality equations such as those found in the basic COCOMO theoretical account. ” [ 2 ]

Degree centigrades: UsersGILLDesktopSQ & A ; PM ( Labs+Assignment ) AssignmentMetrics_fig1.gif

2.2 Function Point Size Estimates

By A.J. Albrecht definition, Function Points are the amounts of following five different type of factors:

End products

Input signals


Logic ( or maestro ) files and


First of all what to make is, calculate or number the needed figure of end products, inputs, interfaces, logical files and enquiries. Then by established values you multiply these count. Sum of all these merchandises is adjusted by the complexness grade. “ Complexity judgements are domain specific and include factors such as informations communications, distributed information processing, public presentation, dealing rate, online informations entry, end-user efficiency, reusability, easiness of installing, operation, alteration, or multiple site usage. ” [ 4 ]

2.3 Function Point Advantages and Disadvantages



Standards are established and reviewed often.

Largely a manual procedure.

Resulting prosodies are logical and straightforward.

Accurate numeration requires in-depth cognition of criterions.

Counting resources are available from demands phase and applicable for full life-cycle analysis.

Some fluctuations exist that are non standardized ( Mark II, 3D, full, feature points, object points, etc. ) .

Technology, platform, and linguistic communication independent.

Not every bit much historical information available as SLOC.

Objectively defines package application from the user ‘s position.

Sometimes backfiring, derived from SLOC can be inaccurate and deceptive.

2.4 Feature Point Size Estimates

Feature points, which is a derivative of map points, were developed to gauge or mensurate the high algorithmic complexness with the real-time package.

Algorithms are sets of numerical system uttered to work out major computational problems. For illustration, a square root taking out agenda, or a Julian day of the month exchange agenda, are algorithms. In accretion to the five regular function point parametric quantity, characteristic points comprise on algorithm ( s ) factor which is assign the default value of 3. The characteristic point method decrease the experiential value for rational figures files from a value of 10 to 7 to describe for the lessening significance of rational files in real-time systems.

2.5 Differences between the map point and SLOC methods.





Language independent

Expandable to beginning lines-of-code

Variations a map of numbering conventions.



Language dependant

Convertible to work points

Variations a map of linguistic communications.

3 What are Software prosodies?

Software matrices are the necessary portion of the package technology. Prosodies can be used Software prosodies can be defined as “ The uninterrupted application of measurement-based techniques to the package development procedure and its merchandises to provide meaningful and timely direction information, together with the usage of those techniques to better that procedure and its merchandises ” . [ 6 ]

3.1 Categorization of Software Matrixs:

Software matrices can be divided into three parts

Merchandise Matrixs

Procedure Matrixs

Undertaking Matrixs

Merchandise Matrixs

Describes the exact characteristics and features of the peculiar package object. These characteristics may include the






Procedure Matrixs:

This deals that how to better the quality and maintain the care of the package. These factors may include how effectual is defect remotion during the development of package, certain forms adopted for proving of defect after reaching, and what are the response timing for a fix procedure.

Undertaking Matrixs:

These matrices include the exact undertaking executing and features. It may include

Number of package developers




3.2 Factors required for the execution of Matrixs:

It is truly of import that which matrices we are picking for the peculiar package development procedure and how do they do our demands met. There are certain of import factors which must be kept in our head, before acceptance and execution of any package metric, these factors may include,

Identify the metric clients

Utilize ends and inquiries model to choose a package metric

Tailor the selected prosodies

Show the procedure design

Data aggregation technique acceptance

Deal with the execution issues

Try to avoid human impact on the prosodies

Sing the package prosodies, there are two chief sentiment from different school of idea, First sentiment is to roll up the informations and all the relevant information, and analyze the information to happen a co relation. Second sentiment by the other school of idea describes that collect all the information which is available from any beginning or any agencies in order to bring forth the prosodies. Both the sentiments can be given resemblance to a game called Jeopardy. in this game the contestants know the reply, all they have to happen id the inquiry for the given reply. So this is about to happen the inquiries as per given reply in footings of prosodies.

There are certain stairss which should be kept in head in order to implement an effectual metric, these stairss are as under,

3.3 Set the ends:

In order to accomplish the desire consequences, ever set the ends up the ends. It is necessary to setup on or two measureable ends. We select these ends in our goal/question and prosodies. Basically t organisational degree strategic ends are set to accomplish a low cost, win client satisfaction, and increase net income border etc, if we look down ends at the undertaking level the end are for illustration carefully pull off undertaking direction, and achieve cardinal aims. On this degree the ends leads to accomplish successful completion of the undertaking, in clip bringing to the client, maintain the quality of the package, successful execution of the selected prosodies etc.

Software prosodies must be programmed and implemented in such a manner that they provide the exact and specific information, that is necessary to pull off the whole package undertaking.this all leads to an improved and more managed execution and development of a package.

3.4 Asking the inquiries:

In this subdivision it is necessary to do certain that all those inquiry must be answered in such a manner which leads towards the accomplishment of our end. For illustration if we are looking for a best quality package. than before the package is handed over to the client, we should hold answer these type of inquiry:

Is there being of any known mistake?

Is the package being decently tested?

Are all of them are corrected decently?

How many mistakes are being captured?

All demands of the clients are to the full covered in this peculiar package? Etc

If all inquiries are answered, this leads towards the successful accomplishment of our ends.

3.5 Choice of Prosodies:

While choice of any peculiar metric, we should be clear minded and realistic. Software matrices act like the indexs and provides the information is such a manner that people can do easy and intelligent determinations. A package metric can assist us in the undermentioned ways,

It give a comprehensive rating

It gives us a better understanding about merchandise, services and procedure.

It can assist us to foretell the properties of peculiar package.

It provides information to command the resources and procedures.

3.6 Prosodies Plan

For effectual measuring, in your determination devising procedure Metrics program must go an built-in portion. For effectual measuring, in your determination devising procedure Metrics program must go an built-in portion. Measurement procedure can give a concrete attempt in determination taking stairss alternatively of merely the drawing charts or doing the studies. It is necessary to follow a house metric program which should be based on the complete statistical informations, charts, graphs etc. analysis gives value-added to decision-making, non merely the charts and studies. All of these combine to organize a successful metric program ” .

4 Land regulations for a Metrics Use Plan are that:

“ Prosodies should be apprehensible to be utile.

Prosodies should be economical.

Prosodies should be field tested.

Prosodies should be extremely leveraged.

Prosodies should be seasonably.

Prosodies should give proper inducements for procedure betterment.

Prosodies should be equally spaced throughout all stages of development.

Prosodies should be utile at multiple degrees. ” [ 5 ]

5 Typical Software Measurements and Prosodies

In choosing prosodies, Quality should be the guiding factor, non the measure. Choosing a little and meaningful set of the prosodies is the best that have solid baselines in a similar type of environment.

A typical prosodies set may include:

I ) Quality,

two ) Size,

three ) Complexity,




Cost and agenda,

Scrap and rework, and


6 Software Measurement Life-cycle

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