The Skycity Entertainment Group Limited Information Technology Essay

SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited is the taking amusement and gambling concern with a great trade name and an iconic position as a New Zealand and Australian listed company. It operates monopoly casinos in New Zealand ( Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown ) and Australia ( Adelaide and Darwin ) , aboard a assortment of industry-leading eating houses and bars, luxury hotels and convention Centres.

Entertainment is SKYCITY ‘s nucleus concern. It has a strong and enviable aggregation of assets, including some of the most important urban monopoly casino licenses in New Zealand and Australia. SKYCITY aims to supply the best possible gambling and amusement experiences to its clients, and present healthy long-run returns to its stockholders.

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SKYCITY Entertainment Group conducts its daily concern in conformity with its committedness to corporate and community duty. The company ‘s scope of policies ensures its operations are carried out with the highest unity.

The Code of Business Practice reinforces the company ‘s bing committedness to the SKYCITY community, which includes employees, stockholders and our clients.

SKYCITY ‘s most valued plus is its staff. The company demonstrates its committedness to fair and consistent employment dealingss through employment policies that aim to supply leading that values an sceptered and diverse work force, with the highest criterions of unity, moralss, common trust and single self-respect. Supply staff with preparation chances to guarantee they develop to their full potency. Provide acknowledgment and wages superior person and squad public presentation.

SKYCITY plays an active leading function in developing touristry by advancing the metropoliss and parts where it operates as international visitant finishs.

SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited operates under an Environmental Policy that governs the company ‘s attack to of import environmental considerations. The company ‘s chief environmental parts relate to energy and H2O usage, waste direction, and the handling of natural stuffs.

Host Responsibility

Across SKYCITY Entertainment Group belongingss host 1000s of visitants every hebdomad and take duties as a host really earnestly. All SKYCITY belongingss have comprehensive host duty initiatives to guarantee invitees enjoy an environment that is safe, responsible, and regulated.

Community Contribution

Since SKYCITY Entertainment Group opened its first casino in Auckland in 1996 the company has been determined to non merely supply a good return for its stockholders but to be a responsible corporate citizen and an effectual community leader, wherever it operates. Its community part, while comprehensive, can be categorised under fiscal part, leading and furthering the local manner of life. It besides has SKYCITY Community Trusts which is an independent Trusts aim to assist local and regional administrations carry out community aid and development work, concentrating on undertakings related to wellness, instruction, community public assistance, humanistic disciplines and civilization. The Trusts call for applications one time a twelvemonth with close-off day of the months in March for Auckland, July for Queenstown and September for Hamilton.

Senior Management

SKYCITY runs under the supervising of dedicated senior direction.

NigelA Morrison ( CEO ) is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SKYCITY Entertainment Group Ltd.

AlistairA Ryan ( CFO ) is responsible for all fiscal affairs including fiscal coverage, group exchequer, investor dealingss and internal audit.

Peter Treacy is General Counsel and Company Secretary takes attention of SKYCITY ‘s authorities dealingss, legal, regulative, conformity and company secretarial maps.

Grainne is a General Manager Group Services and Human Resources takes attention of human resources.

MikeA Clarke ( CIO ) was appointed to the function of Chief Information Officer for SKYCITY in July 2008. Mike has broad experience in IT Management holding antecedently held functions such as Regional Director with Lotus IBM Asia Pacific based in Singapore, and Managing Director for 3Com in Australia and New Zealand before traveling into a confer withing calling. Mike is responsible for the planning, execution and direction of SKYCITY Information Technology Systems and is focussed on presenting systems to better concern effectivity and client experience.

David Christian ( Adelaide General Manager )

Ejaaz Dean ( President International Business ) is responsible for the overall direction of SKYCITY ‘s International Business operations for all SKYCITY casinos.

Simon Jamieson ( General Manager ) SKYCITY Hotels Group Auckland took on duty for Facilities Development for the New Zealand sites in February 2010.

Tamsyn Alley is responsible for all selling enterprises for the Auckland belongings and trade name.

Aaron Morrison is responsible for supervising and prosecuting corporate concern development and strategic growing chances on behalf of the SKYCITY Group.

Arthur Pitcher was appointed General Manager of SKYCITY Hamilton in June 2008.

Michelle Baillie Casino Manager at SKYCITY Queenstown Casino in May 2008.

Brad Morgan is straight responsible for the operations and public presentation of SKYCITY Darwin, every bit good as development programs for the belongings.

2. Strategic Role of IT in Entertainment and Hospitality Industry

The fast paced universe of casino resorts is one of the many specialised Fieldss within the cordial reception and amusement industry. For proprietors or directors of casinos, their end is simple: to be able to seamlessly incorporate the many facets of their belongings and authorise their staff to systematically transcend the clients ‘ outlooks. IT helps raise the saloon by supplying solutions that can assist this industry deliver an outstanding experience to the clients which consequences in client delectation, bring forth new grosss and provably better operational efficiencies. IT can happen right solutions that are unambiguously suited to suit the engineering demands of casinos, hotels, resorts, eating houses etc.

Information system can plan unambiguously suitable solutions to the fast-paced universe of casino direction as it can supply a complete set of tools for invitee direction and history, diversion direction, accounting for multiple guest types or comps and timeshare/condo direction. IT can incorporate figure of operations into a individual system, which can ensue into an exceeding invitee service.

Information Technology at SKYCITY

Mike Clarke, CIO of SKYCITY says ‘IT is cardinal to SKYCITY Entertainment Group ‘s operations ‘ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . SKYCITY is committed to remaining competitory with the engineering that is available and is a high degree IT employer with specializers in a figure of Fieldss. IT squad offers proficient support/assistance to every section within SKYCITY. From implementing new systems to keeping bing systems and back uping engineering users through the IT Service Desk. Their countries of expertness include computing machine equipment, telecommunications, package, concern intelligence, gambling, support services engineering, every bit good as other assorted engineerings.

IT Infrastructure

IT substructure is a composing of seven major constituents of any company or administration. These constituents are Computer Hardware Platform, Operating Systems Platforms, Enterprise Software Applications, Networking/Telecommunications, Consultants and System Integrators, Data Management and Storage and Internet Platform ( ref terbium ) . Platform is hardware and/or package architecture that serves as a foundation or base. The footings “ platform ” and “ environment ” are used interchangeably.

Computer Hardware Platform

Personal computer environment in SKYCITY is composed of HP, Windows, Dell and Mac. Standard hardware systems used are HP 8200E SFF i32120 250G 2.0G 27 Personal computer, HP 8200E SFF i52400 250G 4.0G 27 Personal computer, HP Compaq 8000 Elite SFF Business Personal computer, Dell Laptop, Canon and HP pressmans. Mac is by and large used by marketing studios. Server Environment is formed of HP, Windows, HP-UX, and Mac. There are three chief waiter suites of which handles all the hardware, other one for the applications and one for Mac.

Operating System Platform

An operating system, or OS, is a package plan that enables the computing machine hardware to pass on and run with the computing machine package. When sing a new operating system it is most of import to believe about how you intend to utilize the computing machine. After make up one’s minding your computing machine ‘s primary map, you will necessitate to make up one’s mind what sort of networking and disposals tools you need and the degree of security you desire. SKYCITY uses Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac every bit good.

Enterprise Software Applications

Enterprise packages are the applications which any concern would utilize to help and back up the organisation in work outing endeavor jobs. In most instances, when the word “ endeavor ” is combined with “ application ” , it normally notes a package platform that is excessively big and excessively complex for single orA little businessA usage. Enterprise applicationsA are designed to be deployed across a assortment of corporate webs, intranets or the Internet and besides run into rigorous demands for security and disposal direction. Unlike consumer orA smallA businessA applications, which are used for a specific concern map ( e.g. accounting package or a graphics plan ) , anA endeavor applicationA provides concern logic and supports an full organisation and all its sections, in an attempt to take down costs and better both productiveness and efficiency in theA endeavor ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

In SKYCITY cardinal systems like PeopleSoft, Micros, CRM, Opera, Clarity, and many others are at that place to maintain the concern humming. SKYCITY uses Citrix ( used by bulk of employees ) and VPN ( Virtual Private Network, used particularly by the executives and managers ) . This platform helps the SKYCITY employees to entree SKYCITY applications and waiters from any distant location. Some of the applications and its description are given below:

Avaya – Telephone Supplier

BEIMS – Asset and works direction system used for keeping edifice assets & A ; organizing belongings care.

Buddy – The Buddy system manages each squad and records all squad alterations which result from the add-on of new employees, displacement transportations, position alterations, publicities and surrenders.

Business Objects – Business Intelligence coverage and analytical tool

Cactis – Group bet oning Complementary and Commission play tracking

Citrix – Application that delivers normal applications like word, excel, power point, mentality and PeopleSoft over the web ( at work ) and remotely i.e. from place linking through cyberspace.

Clarity – Datas warehouse

Cognos Planning Analyst – Analyst is a flexible tool used by fiscal specializers to specify their concern theoretical accounts. These theoretical accounts include the drivers and content required for planning, budgeting, and prediction.

Cognos Planning Contributor – Subscriber streamlines informations aggregation and workflow direction. It eliminates the jobs of mistakes, version control, and seasonableness that are characteristic of a planning system entirely based on spreadsheets.

Dacom – Bet oning machine direction and monitoring system from Aristocrat Leisure Industries – used to supply scrutinizing information and to track machine security.

Datasync – Interface between DacomA & A ; SGM for LM Points and Cash Payments.

DFS – DFS allows decision makers to group shared booklets located on different waiters by transparently linking them to one or more DFS namespaces. A DFS namespace is a practical position of shared booklets in an organisation.

DNS – A database system that translates an IP reference into a sphere name. For illustration, a numeral IP reference like is converted into It is besides referred to as sphere name service and sphere name waiter.

iTrak – iTrak is a security and surveillance system which manages incidents, bad clients and security breaches. It besides shops information about points lost and found on SKYCITY sites and controls visitant badging.

KeyPro – KeyPro is the electronic cardinal direction package installed on decision maker Personal computers. It controls the KeyWatcher cabinets remotely. Each KeyWatcher cabinet has a local SQL database which enables audit-trail coverage and entree control

Loyalty – Action client trueness – Earn points on Gaming and F & A ; B ; redeem points for ware, auto parking and nutrient & A ; drink – across SCEG belongingss

Micros – Point of Sale used in Food & A ; Beverage and retail mercantile establishments. Micros has interfaces to the Hotel, Loyalty and stock control systems ( as appropriate )

Microsoft Exchange – Exchange is a popular Microsoft messaging system that includes a mail waiter, an e-mail plan ( e-mail client ) , and groupware applications.

Opera – Property Management System ( PMS ) that provides multi-sit direction of Hotel, gross revenues and conferencing concern maps

PeopleSoft –

Finance/supply concatenation – general leger, histories collectible, inventory direction, buying

Human Capital Management – Human Resources system utilised to track appliers and employees

Enterprise Learning Management – Training system utilised by HR to track employee preparation

Portal – Front terminal entree & A ; security channel for PeopleSoft

Rapid Roulette – Rapid roulette is merely an electronic version of the normal roulette game.A Meaning that clients place their french friess via a touch screen terminus instead than puting their french friess on a ‘table’.A It besides means that the consequences are automatically displayed on the screens.

ReiverNet – Internet Service Provider for hotels.

Respak – ResPAK is a eating house engagement system presently used in Orbit, The Observatory, dine, Ming Court and Fortuna. The system offers reserve functionality, a invitee history database and a real-time floor program which eating house hosts use during repast periods

Scannet – Car park system used to pull off auto parking minutess, lessees, staff parking etc. It is interfaced with each entry and issue device, entering transactional inside informations and leting capacity direction. Besides interfaces with Loyalty to let earning of action points by cardholders.

TABS – Telephone Accounts Billing System Tracks hotel room telephone calls and calculates the cost to be included on the invitee ‘s measure.

Zeacom – Call Manager system that controls all incoming/outgoing phone calls for the CISCO phone system. It besides controls all the call queuing, music on clasp and recorded messages on the SKYCITY phone system.


Data and voice communicating webs have become much faster and portable. Harmonizing to Laudon and Laudon, 2010, increasing use of voice and informations communicating every bit good as Internet entree are taking topographic point over broadband radio platforms, such and as cell phones, handheld digital devices, and Personal computers in radio webs.

In big company apparatus at that place big figure of little local-area webs linked to other LANs to tauten broad corporate webs for which figure of powerful waiters support a corporate web site, a corporate intranet and extranet ( Laudon & A ; Laudon, 2010 ) . And these waiters are linked to other big computing machine back uping backend systems. Similarly for networking and telecommunication SKYCITY depends on Windows Server, CISCO, VPN and HP. Database management system: Prophet, SQL.

Advisers and System Integrators

Harmonizing to Laudon and Laudon, 2010, Software integrating means guaranting the new substructure works with the house ‘s older systems and new elements of substructure work with one another. These older systems are by and large older dealing treating systems created for mainframe computing machines that continue to be used to avoid high cost of replacing or redesigning them. It is non necessary to replacing these systems if the older 1s can be good integrated into modern-day 1s.

Leading confer withing houses supplying this expertness to SKYCITY are HP, CISCO, Microsoft. The different constituents of the IT Architecture are used to clearly specify an enterprise-level model of application maps, bundles, solutions and substructure which will guarantee the coveted procedures, information, events and concern construction are implemented efficaciously from a concern position.

Data Management and Storage

In many relevant concern procedures, entities like clients, merchandises, histories, contracts and locations play a cardinal function. A database is an incorporate aggregation of logically related records or files which consolidates records into a common pool of informations records that can easy be accessed, managed, and updated. These entities are known as informations and many companies suffer today from low-quality informations scattered across the endeavor in assorted application silos. Bettering informations quality and pull offing it more expeditiously to optimise concern procedures is portion of Data Management.

SKYCITY operates a big and complex engineering environment back uping a broad scope of concern critical system. Electronic backups are a concern demand to enable the recovery of informations and applications in the instance of events such as natural catastrophes, system disc thrust failures, sabotage, informations entry mistakes, or system operations mistakes. SKYCITY has Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio which is an incorporate environment for accessing, configuring, managing, administrating, and developing all constituents of SQL Server, every bit good as uniting a wide group of graphical tools and rich book editors that provide entree to SQL Server to developers and decision makers of all accomplishment degrees. A Developers get a familiar experience, and database decision makers get a individual comprehensive public-service corporation that combines easy-to-use graphical tools with rich scripting capablenesss ( hypertext transfer protocol: // FamilyID=08e52ac2-1d62-45f6-9a4a-4b76a8564a2b & A ; displaylang=en # Overview ) .

Internet Platforms

Internet platforms overlap with, and must associate to, the house ‘s general networking substructure and hardware and package platforms ( Laudon & A ; Laudon, 2010, p. 206 ) . SKYCITY uses Microsoft waiter which provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensile platform for faithfully hosting Web, sites, services and applications. It controls without giving up dependability or security.

3. Cloud Calculating

Cloud computer science is a engineering which non merely provides the platform but besides a hosting supplier. It is besides an application hosted as a service and provides storage services on the Internet. Cloud computer science is a combination of all the above. Harmonizing to Laudon and Laudon, 2010, Cloud Computing is a theoretical account of calculating where a house or an single obtain calculating power and package applications over the cyberspace, instead than buying their ain hardware or package. The cardinal cloud platform suppliers are:






Hosting, Storage


Public and Private Cloud

Hosting, Storage


Google AppEngine

Hosting, Storage, Platforms, App services


Amazon Web Services

Hosting, Storage, Platforms, App services


Azure Servicess

Hosting, Storage, Platforms, App services,

Hosting, Storage, Platforms, App services,

( hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Computing % 20Primer.pdf )

Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Computing

Simplified Cost and Consumption Model: A Prioritizing activities that align with nucleus concern demands and thrust touchable concern value and top-line gross are top IT concerns. This focal point has driven IT organizations to reevaluate the costs of procurance and care of substructure and non-core applications. Cloud calculating allows companies to better command the capex and opex associated with non-core activities. ( http: // ) .

Enterprise Grade Services and Management: A Typically, 70 to 80 per centum of IT budgets are devoted to care of bing substructure – a monolithic operating expense. Cloud calculating offloads this load from the shoulders of companies, liberating nucleus IT resources to concentrate on enterprises that drive gross growing ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Faster Provisioning of Systems and Applications: A Traditional methods to purchase and configure hardware and package are clip devouring. Cloud calculating provides a rapid deployment theoretical account that enables applications to turn rapidly to fit increasing usage demands. It can suit “ peak times ” where a company needs to scale up dramatically, such as a vacation season or particular event ( hypertext transfer protocol: // it/ ) .

Right-Size to Address Business Changes: A Clouds are elastic. They can contract if necessary to run into altering concern demands. In a cloud, an organisation can rapidly and easy right-size its environment if necessary ( http: // ) .

Ease of Integration: A An increasing figure of endeavor applications require integrating with third-party applications that are frequently hosted outside the endeavor firewall. The cloud with its constellation flexibleness, integrated security, and pick of entree mechanisms has a natural advantage to functioning as a nucleus platform and integrating cloth for these emerging applications ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Highly Secure Infrastructure: A By taking a system-based – non point-based – attack, cloud environments can execute security at all degrees ( applications, middleware, runing system, compute/store/network ) . This will safely back up extremely nomadic users that need a assortment of connexion options – coming into the cloud from secure and non-secure webs ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Compliant Facilities and Procedures: A Many midsize companies do n’t hold the resources needed to pull off audit and enfranchisement procedures for internal information Centres. Conformity criterions cut horizontally – like Sarbanes-Oxley – and vertically, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. Cloud installations and processes that reference both countries can assist companies turn to regulative and conformity procedures ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Flexible and Resilient with Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: A Pull offing concern continuity and recovery internally requires a dedicated focal point so companies typically concentrate merely on the most critical applications. Using cloud environments allows organisations to safeguard their full IT substructure because the cloud ‘s built-in scalability integrates disaster recovery capablenesss ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

4. Recommendation of Cloud Computing

Casinos can acquire competitory with SaaS from SAS. SaaS bringing offers velocity and lower up-front capital investing, which is of import to any company. Immediate run direction and analytical capablenesss of secure frequenter informations will let presenting the right run at the right clip to the right people. SAS will straight back up SKYCITY ‘s trueness plan. It will assist place the invitees who react favorably to the runs and will assist turn the market portion. SAS Solutions On-Demand can assist organisations sustain flexibleness while hiking fight.

Cloud environments will let users to entree extra compute resources on-demand in response to increased application tonss. As a shared resource, the cloud will supply flexible, machine-controlled direction to administer the computing resources among the cloud ‘s users. Cloud environments take advantage of the constitutional redundancy of the big Numberss of waiters that make them up by enabling high degrees of handiness and dependability for applications that can take advantage of this. The cloud is a natural place for service-oriented applications, which need a manner to easy scale as services get incorporated into other applications. Users will merely pay for the services they use, either by subscription or transaction-based theoretical accounts. By enabling IT resources to be consolidated, multiple users can portion a common substructure, leting costs to be more efficaciously managed without giving the security of each user ‘s informations. Clouds are managed dynamically based on service-level understandings that define policies like bringing parametric quantities, costs, and other factors.

An online casino can be launched with the aid of cloud computer science in order to better the real-time experience for its end-users. As a consequence, users can now do stakes at much faster velocities in add-on to other betterments. The acceptance of the cloud as a managed IT service will cut down the latency SKYCITY is sing with its systems. The cloud will let the company to supply a changeless watercourse of real-time information in add-on to treating the big sum of informations submitted by users. It can acquire informations from back-office systems to all the connected web sites with every bit low latency as possible. Push system will cut down the latency to two seconds, and can back up upwards of a few million users at the same time.

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