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This instance survey analyzes the effort at ERP execution of a major independent soft drink bottler under the Coca Cola Bottling Company. This bottler completed the ERP execution and in the procedure suffered immense losingss in footings of functionality both on the human resources involved in the works every bit good as the overall functionality of the system. In malice of a immense investing already made to buy the package, the company tried its manus at a cutoff and besides adopted cost film editing steps during the execution. This was the biggest error which lead to the overall failure of the full undertaking. The direction decided to trust on the company ‘s work force more alternatively of the ERP advisers thereby seting tremendous excess work burden on the already busy employees. In the procedure of minimising the apparatus costs and cut downing the other execution associated disbursals, they overlooked several recommendations which were made by the ERP Project Planning Team ab initio. This resulted in communicating jobs and issues related to high turnover which in bend affected the human resources of the company farther taking to expiration of cardinal employees and animus amongst them. All of the above factors lead to underutilization of the expensive ERP system and became a hinderance instead than a aid to the overall concern.


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The bottler in inquiry is one of the largest independent bottlers under the Coca Cola Bottling Company. Its major operation is to make full up the sirup industries by Coca Cola into bottles and issue for distribution. The company ever kept itself abreast with all new engineerings in the bottling industry. It realized through its early successes that the canning and bottling engineering is really the bottom line for them and therefore they ever invested in and maintained the most advanced equipments in their works. However, information engineering had been something that they had ignored of all time since the origin in 1935.

As concern grew and the company added new districts, the demand for better ways of information direction was seen. The company saw the separate IT section coming up and new computing machine systems were added in the different sections. The company ne’er took attention to guarantee compatibility between the systems and the mismatch became more and more with the addition in the figure of systems bespeaking a desperate demand of an incorporate system to pull off the concern more expeditiously and efficaciously.

The company ‘s focal point had shifted from any farther territorial growing but they could non shy off from the add-on of new merchandises. In add-on to this, the company ‘s direction besides wanted a better system to pull off their fiscal informations and supply informations to assistance in the determination devising because presently, any custom study was sought from multiple beginnings and compiled manually.

Since the company needed a solution that would non merely be compatible companywide but besides facilitate the communicating and other demands of the single sections, ERP emerged to be the manner frontward. This determination was backed by extended research done by employees to warrant outgos. Hence the exective commission maneuvering this research aided by the IT section gave ERP a spell in front.

The new system was anticipated to be capable of the following

Managing company growing

Communicating between sections

Producing customizable and robust studies

SAP was shortlisted as the ERP seller which offered a merchandise with the following alone characteristics to the bottling company:

Fiscal Module that could track net income, calculate gross revenues and pull off hard currency flows

Human Resources Module

Payroll Module

Feature to feed compensation, benefits and labour information to the fiscal faculties to bring forth accurate net income studies

Feature that automatically updated production programming, cost of goods and stock list to the income statement

The ERP Software was purchased and the green light was given for its execution. Inspite of the fact that the ERP package was capable of work outing a bulk of the company ‘s bing jobs, there was work to make with regard to its execution which by no criterions is fiddling. It is at this measure that the company made the biggest error of non engaging independent ERP advisers it had hired in the recommendation and rating stage. They alternatively chose their ain way for the implemnetaion attempt which made it even more ambitious.

The company had really limited staff in the IT section and most of its professional staff was immature and inexperient. Yet they chose to delegate manner excessively much clip devouring execution specific undertakings to the staff who were non ERP experts. They did non even have the proper ERP implemnentation preparation. They were expected to make their regular occupation responsibilities aboard of this excess work inspite of the fact that earlier the independent ERP advisers had recommended that such employees should be given excess aid for their regular responsibilities. The tremendous work load of ERP execution placed a great trade of strain on the employees involved in the undertaking.

Another major issue that the company started confronting on forepart of the human resources was communicating, specially employee motive. There were serious dislocations in the communicating channel. There was deficiency of direction support ensuing in high degrees of abrasion particularly at senior degrees. A bulk of these were nonvoluntary.

All the above factors rendered the ERP execution off to a rickety start. Another major issue at manus was the choice of a proper ERP implemnetaion squad B ecause merely a choice of right employees would be able to get the better of the communicating barriers and other minor obstructions. However, to add to the company ‘s wretchedness, the choice lead to farther undertaking and forces issues. Not paying any attentiveness to the advisers advice, the company did non take the best campaigners for the occupation with most people holding worked for the company merely for a twosome of months asnd hence were unfamiliar to the elaboratenesss of the fabrication environment. The company adopted the exclusive choice standards to be alumnuss in Management Information Systems which was non appropriate.

This was coupled with developing issues as the campaigners were hardly trained even for their concern as usual and were in no footings experts in the concern patterns of their section. Even if the more experient employees were weaker on the academic making forepart, they would hold been more suited for the occupation. The company should hold chosen the employees who were most familiar with the concern patterns they were reengineering.

When a company selects the best and most knowing employees for ERP execution, it should be willing to make off with their normal parts for a piece alternatively of stretching them to a 90 hr work hebdomad and doing their burnout. A solution may be engaging impermanent workers in their topographic point or delegating extra duties to the work force non involved in ERP execution. If the employees turned ERP advisers are given boring undertakings at cold gait, such a undertaking is bound to neglect.

Another ground for employee dissatisfaction was that the direction ‘s outlook was of all time increasing and they were non acquiring any grasp for their excess attempts. There were no inducement plans upon accomplishment of undertaking mileposts. ERP squad members needed to be pacified by such a strategy to acquire support for a occupation good done. The direction should hold focused on the communicating procedure with the employees to smoothen the execution attempt.

Communication Challenges

A bulk of undertaking leaders could non see the importance of sharing certsin facets of the ERP execution across different faculties and sections. Even the 1s that did did non follow any standard format and the information shared was frequently inconsistent. The major issue here was that alternatively of uncovering minor jobs in execution, information was shared merely when the job became unsurmountable. They frequently put the incrimination on one another for the extra clip and cost involved. Effective communicating required changeless attempt from everyone in order to do this successful.

Employees behaved in this manner as they were faced by deficiency of preparation and felt that the outlooks were excessively high. They were non pacified. To ease them of this anxiousness, a proper communicating channel was required. Employees who are non readily involved in the undertaking should hold been updated with the advancement of the execution and sought for suggestions from them. Ineffective communicating did be important clip and money.

What could hold been done better?

Through this ERP execution failure, a batch of lessons can be learnt. This failure could hold been avoided in the undermentioned ways:

Employee Involvement

For such a immense ERP execution, the company should hold taken attention in making needs appraisal in footings of analysing its employees. Besides it should hold asked the employees about their desire to acquire involved and should hold worked on doing their engagement really fulfilling. The outlooks from those employees should hold been sensible and they should hold been releieved from their full clip responsibilities till the clip the undertaking was traveling on. Separate clip employees should hold been hired to retain their critical employees involved in ERP execution by assisting them in their work.

Recognition and Retention

The employees deserved inducement for traveling out of their manner to implement ERP in the company. A wages policy should hold rewarded employees on accomplishing critical undertaking mileposts. A sense of being valued would hold gone a long manner in employee satisfaction. This would hold proved otherwise than employees sudating it out in the long and dashing ERp execution without having any wages.

Management Support

The company should hold been more supportive of its employees during the ERP execution. They should hold worked towards honoring and valuing the employees by welcoming their suggestions and understanding the issues they faced.


In visible radiation of all above elements, we can reason that the company should hold given importance to communicating, employee engagement and proper planning for the ERP execution. Advisers should hold been hired to help the employees and work closely with them. The employees in bend should hold been relieved of their BaU. Without understanding how the system is implemented and how to keep it, the system was useless to the company. Besides employee preparation would hold been worth the investing.

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