Identity Cards Represent An Infringement Of Civil Liberties Information Technology Essay

In the wake of the terrorist onslaughts in New York and Washington on September 11 2001, politicians around the universe started suggesting the debut of official individuality cards for their citizens.

Previously, states like USA, Britain and Australia have ne’er swallowed the line that such a strategy was necessary for public safety. Despite the difficult sell by involvement groups, they believed that it represented an violation of civil autonomies. For illustration, the Australia Card proposal in the 1980s would hold created a cosmopolitan figure for Australian citizens and lasting occupants. However, that proposal was abandoned in 1987 due to political force per unit area.

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The universe changed after the 9/11 terrorist onslaughts. The “ War on Terror ” produced unusual political state of affairss. In the USA, the Homeland Security Department was created and with it really rigorous conditions on people come ining the state. The Real ID Act of 2005 was an Act of Congress that modified U.S. federal jurisprudence in relation to security and hallmark. New processs were adopted for publishing province driver ‘s licences, ID cards and in-migration cards. In Britain, the Blair Labour authorities introduced an individuality card in 2005. The National Identity Card is a personal designation papers and European Union travel papers.

On 26 April 2006, the Australian Prime Minister announced that the “ Australian Government has decided to continue in rule with a new entree card for wellness and public assistance services ” . However, the Access Card system was really a proposal for a new national individuality card system, similar to the Australia card of the eightiess. The Access Card undertaking was abandoned by the Labor Government in December 2007.

Presently, there is no cosmopolitan placing figure for Australian citizens. The closest thing we have to a cosmopolitan individuality card is:

The Medicare card for wellness services ;

Tax File Number for revenue enhancement affairs ; and

The province issued Driver ‘s License.

Australian revenue enhancement jurisprudence expressly prevents authorities bureaus from utilizing the Tax File Number as an identifier. However, both Medicare cards and driver ‘s licences are used widely in Australia as de-facto individuality cards.

In this chapter, I will explicate why the Australian authorities was right in rejecting the construct of the national designation card. Further, I will besides reason that utilizing Medicare cards and driver ‘s licences as de-facto individuality cards is a really bad thought that really leads to more individuality larceny. You merely have to look at how the Social Security Number ( SSN ) in the USA became the default national individuality cardaˆ¦ And how it has been misused. Finally, I will reason that the best individuality look intoing system you have is one that uses multiple signifiers of individuality. An illustration of this attack is the “ 100 Point ID Check ” used by Australian Bankss to make client histories.

The Australian authorities was right in rejecting the national individuality cardsaˆ¦

Any authorities that wants to publish a alone designation figure to most of the population and so to roll up and associate information about them utilizing progressively powerful engineering bears a heavy burden to warrant its instance…

‘Nothing to conceal, nil to fear ‘ , directed at each member of the populace, should be turned around and directed at authorities as: ‘No legitimate ground to cognize, no legitimate ground to inquire ‘ . ”

Paul Chadwick, Victorian Privacy Commissioner, “ The Value of Privacy ” , 23rd May 2006.

The alleged Access Card/system is even more unsafe to persons ‘ security and privateness than was the Australia Card of the 1980s. This is due to the planned usage of a multi-purpose “ smart card ” which would be linked to a centralized national individuality database.

There are three evidences for resistance to the debut of national individuality cards:

They provide a false sense of security and are frequently misused ;

Centralized databases become easy marks for hackers ; and

They cost a immense sum of money to present and keep.

First, national individuality cards provide a false sense of security.

Identity cheques may do us experience safer but designation has really small to make with security. Since 9/11, there has been an increased usage of designation cheques as a security step. Airlines demand exposure individuality cards and hotels progressively do so. Identity cards are required for entree into authorities edifices and even infirmaries. Everywhere, person is look intoing your designation.

In the ideal universe the end is to place the few bad cats among the battalion of good guysaˆ¦And have an ID system that denotes a individual ‘s purpose. We ‘d desire all terrorists to transport a card that says “ I am a Bad Guy ” and everyone else to transport a card that said “ I am a Good Guy ” .

Then security would be so easy. We would merely look at people ‘s IDsaˆ¦and if they were “ bad cats ” we would n’t allow them on the airplane or travel into a edifice. On the other manus, good cats could come and goaˆ¦ and make anything they pleased!

Unfortunately, this security construct is a mythaˆ¦

First, look intoing that person has a exposure individuality card is a wholly useless security step. All the Sept. 11 terrorists had photo designation. In fact, some of the September 11 terrorists had echt individuality cards and passportsaˆ¦ they were going under their ain individualities. How would an individuality card halt them from going? Further, Spain has had individuality cards for 10 old ages but that did n’t halt theA Madrid bombardment of 2004.

Identity cards truly merely impact the life styles of observant citizensaˆ¦not the felons! Unfortunately, it places limitations on the “ good cats ” but allows “ bad cats ” the ability to travel freely utilizing several bogus individualities. This could ne’er be done in a state that requires multiple signifiers of individuality.

Second, designation cards can be easy forged. Some of the 9/11 terrorist ‘s designation cards were “ bogus ” . The terrorists used the inside informations of existent people with false names. The inside informations were purchased from a crooked authorities employee in Virginia for $ 1,000 each.

A former officer of the Israeli undercover agent bureau Mossad has alleged that the undercover agent bureau has its ain “ passport mill ” used to make false passports for usage in intelligence operations.

In January 2010, the top Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh was killed by Mossad agents in Dubai. False passports of Australian, British, Canadian, German and Gallic citizens were allegedly used by the agents.

As I write this book, dealingss between Australia and Israel are under terrible strain. A former Mossad employee, Victor Ostrovsky, says he has no uncertainty Australian passports have been forged or fraudulently used for similar operations in the yesteryear.

“ They need passports because you ca n’t travel around with an Israeli passport, non even a bad one, and acquire off or acquire involved with people from the Arab universe, ” he said. “ If they can obtain clean passports, which they have in the yesteryear from Canada, from England, they do. If non, they merely fabricate them. ”

Fake driver ‘s licences for all 50 U.S. provinces are available for sale on the Internetaˆ¦ And they ‘re good plenty to gull anyone who is n’t paying close attending. So, if individuality felons can easy do false passports and driver ‘s licences, why would n’t they do false individuality cards?

Third, the purpose of profiling is to split people into two classs: people who may be “ bad cats ” and necessitate to be screened more carefully, and people who are “ good cats ” and can be screened less carefully.

The job is that there are “ bad cats ” that look like “ good cats ” and do n’t acquire screened when they should. For illustration, the Sept. 11 highjackers went out of their manner to set up a normal-looking profile. They had frequent-flier Numberss, a history of first-class travel and so on. “ Bad Guys ” can besides prosecute in individuality larceny by stealing the individuality and the profile of a “ Good Guy ” . Profiling gives the “ Bad Guys ” an easy manner to acquire around security.

Another job is that there are “ Good Guys ” that look like “ Bad Guys ” who end up acquiring harassed, when they should n’t. They could be something every bit simple as “ driving while black ” or “ winging while Arab “ . Alternatively, it could be something more complicated like protesting against the authorities. Profiling injuries society because it causes us all to populate in fright… non from the “ Bad Guys ” , but from the constabulary!

Second, individuality cards are bad because of centralised databases, which become a mark of individuality stealers and hackers.

The Access Card was a national individuality card. The card ‘s debut would hold resulted in increased fraud, including individuality fraud and individuality larceny. Why is this so?

The Access card was a bad thought because it centralised personal information of 18 million Australian citizens onto one database. A individual signifier of designation would hold replaced the bing Medicare and Centerlink cards. Citizens would hold used the card to turn out their individuality to obtain authorities benefits and services.

This program is basically flawed because it produces a “ honey pot consequence ” . The centralized database provides a extremely attractive and richly rewarding mark for individuality felons. Alternatively of necessitating to derive entry to a figure of databases incorporating individuality information there is one individual mark. If the felons could chop the database, they could reproduce imitative individuality paperss. Such centralisation would increase individuality larceny and fraud.

“ There have been recent suggestions in the media that the Government is traveling to present a national individuality card. I can guarantee you that this is non the instance. We do non back up the attack where all personal information is centralized on one database, and a individual signifier of designation is issued. This could increase the hazard of fraud because merely one papers would necessitate to be counterfeited to set up individuality. Alternatively, we support the usage of a scope of acceptable paperss, with the ability to verify those paperss rapidly and merely. This attack strengthens our cogent evidence of individuality procedure and mitigates the hazard of individuality fraud. ” ( Philip Ruddock, Attorney-General, Opening Keynote Address to Australian Smart Cards Summit 2005, 29 June 2005 )

There is nil incorrect with authorities bureaus publishing smartcardsaˆ¦ they should non be based on a centralised database. Decentralized databases are all right because felons would necessitate to chop a figure of restricted databases to acquire the needed information.

The cost of set uping and keeping centralised registries is immense

Think of the chance cost. Money spent on the Access card could pay for many infirmaries, schools, nurses and constabularies. The money could be used to pay down the national debt. It ‘s irresponsible to go through on intensifying debt to our kids and grandchildren. If terrorist act is the job, so pass the money on more constabulary and Particular Forces. That would do more sense.

Identity cards represent an violation of civil autonomies.

The statement for national individuality cards skews the relationship between citizen and province and destroys personal freedom and privateness. When every citizen is obliged to give up DNA and a finger or retina print to a national database, the province has rights over your personal information and individuality.

The information stored in individuality cards is personal informations such as gender, race, age, residential position and a exposure. The authorities could roll up a dossier on each individual in the state. This is n’t scaremongeringaˆ¦ it ‘s the explicitly declared proposal of the authorities.

You should be treated as an guiltless individual until a good ground emerges to surmise you. Under a national individuality card, every clip a offense is committed, you ‘re DNA and or fingerprints will be checked against those found. In rule, you are a suspect for every offense until discounted.

The individuality card permits the linking of information between all authorities sections. Your information will let the authorities to portion information about you. Do we desire authorities to hold that power? Even if you believe that your authorities will ne’er make anything incorrect, why should we hold the strategy? It has no security benefit and is unfastened to mistreat. The lone safe method of designation is non to hold national individuality cards in the first topographic point.

History shows us that de-facto national individuality cards can be misused.

Presently, there is no cosmopolitan placing figure for Australian citizens. The closest thing we have to a cosmopolitan individuality card is:

The Medicare card for wellness services ; and

The province issued Driver ‘s License.

What is incorrect with utilizing Medicare cards or driver ‘s licences as de-facto national individuality cards?

The experience of the SSN illustrates why our Australian driver ‘s licence or Medicare card should ne’er go a de-facto individuality card. It is a hapless pattern, which is unfastened to abuseaˆ¦’And it encourages individuality larceny!

See the Social Security Number ( SSN ) in the USA. The SSN is a nine-digit figure, which was inaugurated in 1936 with the purpose of fiting citizens to the retirement money.

However, over clip the SSN became indispensable for acquiring recognition and for employment background cheques. Now it has become so profoundly linked to personal informations throughout the U.S.A economic system that it is the de-facto national identifier for all USA citizens.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases where the SSN has been used for individuality larceny intents. Social security Numberss are one of the most powerful pieces of personal information an individuality stealer can possess.

“ For individuality stealers, it ‘s their charming key. . . that gets into every door, ” said Daniel J. Solove, a George Washington University jurisprudence school professor who specializes in privateness jurisprudence. Geting a figure can do it possible for felons to entree bank or recognition card histories, set up recognition to do purchases, or happen person they wish to harm. ”

Data agents undertake light cheques to verify whether a petition is legitimateaˆ¦ or non. In fact, there are several web sites that sell full Social Security Numberss!

The commercial sale of societal security Numberss has contributed to the epidemic of individuality larceny or fraud that has touched about 10 million Americans in 2009. There were a series of privateness breaches affecting big information agents. Unfortunately, they were tricked by individuality stealers who posed as legitimate business communities, into selling personal informations on 175,000 people. So far, these disclosures have non stopped the pattern of selling and re-selling personal informations.

A simple Internet hunt on Google outputs more than a twelve web sites offering the SSN for sale. Some are run by little informations agents and others by re-sellers. Others are run by private research workers.

Some insurance companies still use the SSN as an person ‘s history figure. They print it on designation cards, go forthing people vulnerable if billfolds are stolen or lost. Medical offices routinely request SSN, frequently when initial assignments are made. Many universities use it as a pupil designation figure.

A figure of provinces in the USA like Alaska have printed the driver ‘s SSN on the existent driver ‘s licence. Can you conceive of what would go on it the driver ‘s billfold was stolen which included the driver ‘s licence, the individual ‘s day of the month of birth, reference and SSN?

Second, the SSN figure can be easy guessed.

Research workers have found that it is possible to think many of the nine figures in an person ‘s Social Security figure utilizing publically available information.

“ Many Numberss could be guessed at by merely cognizing a individual ‘s birth informations ” , the research workers from Carnegie Mellon University said. “ You can easy acquire that from Facebook or MySpace ” .

“ Our work shows that Social Security Numberss are compromised as hallmark devices, because if they are predictable from public informations, so they can non be considered sensitive, ” said Alessandro Acquisti, helper professor of information engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University and a co-author of the survey.

“ We ca n’t feign any longer that SSN ‘s can be kept secret, ” said Peter Swire, a jurisprudence professor at Ohio State University and main counselor for privateness during the Clinton disposal. “ This study puts a nail in that casket. We ‘ll necessitate new attacks, and it will be money for the authorities and the private sector to construct the new attacks. ”

The 100-Point Identity Check utilizing multiple signifiers of individuality is the best methodaˆ¦

The 100-point cheque was an result of the Australian Commonwealth Government ‘s desire to restrict chances for persons and companies to conceal fiscal dealing fraud, enacted by the Financial Transactions Reports Act ( 1988 ) ( FTR Act ) , which gave rise to the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre ( AUSTRAC ) .

The points system applies to people opening new fiscal histories across Australia, such as a bank history or wagering history. In 2009, a jurisprudence was passed saying that purchasers for Subscriber Identity Modules ( SIMS ) require the 100 point cheque. A purchase of a nomadic phone now requires the 100 point cheque.

Points are allocated to the types of documental cogent evidence of individuality that the individual can bring forth, and they must hold at least 100 points of designation to be able to set up the history. The system has become more widespread and is besides applied to the constitution of many functionary records, such as a driver ‘s licence.

In this chapter, I have explained why the Australian authorities was right in rejecting the construct of the national designation card. I have besides put a instance against utilizing Medicare cards and driver ‘s licences as de-facto individuality cards. The Social Security Number ( SSN ) in the USA has become the default national individuality card and has been misused. Australians should ne’er let our driver ‘s licences or Medicare cards be used this manner.

Finally, the Australian “ 100-Point ID Check ” utilizing multiple signifiers of individuality that add up to 100 points is the best method of individuality checking.

What ‘s following?

In this book, we have examined a figure of victims ‘ narratives and have concluded that everyone is a mark of individuality larceny.

If you act heedlessly like Victor in chapter 3, you will do yourself a larger mark and go a higher hazard of individuality larceny. However, some victims like Michelle Brown & A ; Frank illustrate that ordinary people traveling about their concern can besides go victims. Businesss you deal with can leak your personal information. You can merely be in the incorrect topographic point at the incorrect clip. Gillian, Therese & A ; Mary were all victims of Jodie Harris, the “ Catch-me-if-you-can ” stealer. Innocent victims can hold their individualities stolen by other household members, close associates and neighbors!

It would be all day of reckoning and somberness, if that were the terminal of the narrative. This book is here to educate you that you can protect yourself from individuality larceny!

Aureate Rule: You must do yourself a really little targetaˆ¦

Chapter 8 examines how you can do yourself a really little mark for individuality stealers.

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