Antigone And Noras Immaturity English Literature Essay

A Dolls House, by Henrik Ibsen, and Antigone, by Sophocles, are two dramas which revolve around feminist issues. In both dramas, the supporters are adult females who have jobs in their lives. Antigone ‘s chief struggle is that her two brothers were killed in war, and merely one of them was given proper entombment while the other 1 was left unburied under the male monarch ‘s orders. The male monarch of the clip, Kreon, who is besides Antigone ‘s uncle, decided that anyone who buried Antigone ‘s brother would have the decease punishment. Antigone breaks Kreon ‘s jurisprudence by burying her brother, and so she receives the decease punishment for it. “ A Doll ‘s House ” , on the other manus, focuses more on Nora ‘s matrimony with Torvald. Although both adult females are in different clip periods and state of affairss, they are rather similar since they portion a common feature of immatureness. Neither of the two adult females understands how to manage their relationships logically. Besides, the two supporters have certain defects in their character which are consequences of their immatureness.

Nora has a really large misconception of matrimony, and because of that she acts like Torvald ‘s girl alternatively of his married woman. She even admits that herself when she says, “ I mean that I was merely transferred from Papa ‘s custodies to yours. ” ( page 66 ) . This line shows that up to that point Nora saw Torvald as her male parent and so she did whatever he told her to. She did anything it took to fulfill Torvald. A good illustration of this is when she worked behind Torvald ‘s dorsum to do money for his unwellness. She decided to conceal this from him because she thought that allowing him experience that he owed her something would be against the Torahs of matrimony whereby a married woman must be dependent on her hubby and non the other manner around. This shows that she is excessively immature to truly understand the manner matrimony works. She thinks that the hubby is the male parent who takes attention of and decides for his married woman, who is to be nil other than an obedient girl.

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Antigone besides mishandles her relationship since she does n’t understand the teamwork and committedness that ‘s involved. Antigone makes the major determination of perpetrating self-destruction by deliberately interrupting a jurisprudence that carried the decease punishment. However, she decided to hide her program of burying her brother from her fiance . The fact that she did n’t state her hubby that she was approximately to interrupt a jurisprudence that carried the decease punishment shows a pure deficiency of apprehension of the importance of communicating in a relationship. Antigone besides lacked flexibleness and the ability to do forfeits for her loved 1. This can be seen in the portion of the drama where Antigone gets arrested by Kreon is being threatened with the decease punishment. While this is traveling on, Haimon, who is Antigone ‘s fiance every bit good as Kreon ‘s boy, enters the scene. He so begins to implore his male parent to forgive Antigone and to let go of her. Antigone witnesses Haimon ‘s agony when he is imploring Kreon non to take Antigone ‘s life. At this minute she knew that she had the power to stop Haimon ‘s agony. All it took was for her to apologise to Kreon and so she would be released and Haimon would non hold to endure any longer as the two would acquire married. Nonetheless, she let her stubbornness acquire the better of her and she refused to apologise which was rather an irrational determination sing the fact that she had already gotten what she wanted – she buried her brother. This act of obstinacy comes from immatureness since she does n’t desire to “ give in ” to Kreon ‘s will. She is excessively immature to apologise to her enemy, and that causes her to indirectly bewray her hubby.

In add-on, both adult females have defects in their character that are caused by their immatureness and deficiency of apprehension. The two adult females have a deficiency of apprehension of society and they both handle their jobs in ways that are questionable. Nora, for illustration, does n’t understand the importance of maternity or her duty to her kids. An illustration of her misinterpretation of maternity comes towards the terminal of A Doll ‘s House when Nora is go forthing Torvald and she says, “ I wo n’t see the small 1s. I know they are in better custodies than mine. As I am now, I can be of no usage to them. ” ( page 71, Act 3 ) . If Nora was a good female parent or had a shred of cognition about the importance of maternity, she would cognize that kids can ne’er be in “ better custodies ” than in the custodies of their female parents. She would besides be able to understand that childs that are raised by individual parents can endure enormously. However, she does non hold any cognition of this which is why she leaves them in “ better custodies ” than her ain. Carelessness is yet another defect in Nora ‘s character which is linked to her immatureness. She makes many careless determinations and this can be seen in the manner she treats other people every bit good as the manner she handles her money. Mrs. Linde ‘s conversation with Nora is an illustration that shows Nora ‘s sloppiness when it comes to other people ‘s good being. In this conversation Mrs. Linde informs Nora of her ain hubby ‘s decease. However, alternatively of speaking to Mrs. Linde about her loss and giving her commiserations, Nora decides talk about her ain luck and crow about how good things are traveling for her. Nora is besides highly careless whenever covering with money which is why she calls herself a spend-all. Her bad disbursement wonts are shown at the start of the drama when Nora pays the porter one shilling alternatively of the tanner that she really owes him, and so tells him, “ No, maintain the alteration. ” ( page 1, Act 1 ) . It is true that this phrase is said often, but in order to understand the symbolism in the line the state of affairs needs to be thought of in respects to the drama. There is a ground that Henrik Ibsen put that line on the really first page of the drama ; he put it at that place to demo Nora ‘s sloppiness towards money to the reader. Not merely that, but it comes so early on in the drama because Mr. Ibsen saw it as a good manner of presenting the character Nora Helmer to his audience/readers.

Antigone portions similar defects in her character which are besides a consequence of her immatureness. A large defect in her character, as explained earlier, is stubbornness. Other characters in Sophocles ‘ drama see her as stubborn and Koryphaios put it good when he said, “ Clearly she ‘s her male parent ‘s kid, difficult and natural. He [ Oedipus ] ne’er learned to give, for all his problems. ” ( Page 39, lines 576-577 ) . Antigone besides has the feature of sloppiness. She is careless with her life because she has given up on life and decides to willingly face her decease instead than acquire married and get down a new life.

In decision, it is rather apparent that the two adult females are immature characters who cause jobs for themselves and for other characters because of their inability to move rationally. Antigone and Nora have a deep misunderstand of matrimony and how to manage relationships. They besides have defects in their character which are a consequence of their immatureness. Overall, the chief affect of their immatureness is unlogical determination devising.

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