Analysing Elizabeth Browning And Lord Tennyson English Literature Essay

Two of the most successful poets of the nineteenth century, peculiarly between 1830 and 1900, were Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Alfred Lord Tennyson. The verse form being studied throughout this essay are Aurora Leigh and ‘The Cry of the Children ‘ by Elizabeth Browning, and ‘The Lady of Shallot ‘ , ‘In Memoriam ‘ and ‘The Lotus-eaters ‘ by Alfred Tennyson. All of these verse forms show how poets of the Victorian epoch dealt with the construct of morality in their ain modern universes. In item, this essay will concentrate on ‘Elizabeth Browning ‘s feminist nature in her verse forms. Browning besides writes about the modern-day issues during her life-time, like the struggles adult females faced as respects their place and work lives. This is shown on ‘Aurora Leigh ‘ in great item. She besides writes about the battle of immature kids and this is apparent in the verse form ‘The Cry of the Children ‘ . This essay will besides discourse Alfred Lord Tennyson and the different subjects that he used throughout his Hagiographas, such as loss, love affair and solitariness. His poesy is based a batch on emotions. It is sometimes suggested that he based his poesy on his ain life and his emotional province at different times in his life. Both of these poets give chances to the reader to see deeper into the life of society back in the nineteenth century.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was one of the most celebrated poets in England in the Victorian epoch for several grounds. Her feminine position aided her verse forms in acquiring noticed and in acquiring read. In most of her verse form she shows an involvement or at least a glance into the universe about at the clip. Her poem ‘Aurora Leigh ‘ ( 1857 ) is written in the signifier of a fresh – verse form. At the clip that she wrote this it was n’t cognize for adult females to compose novel or heroic poem verse forms, if they were to compose it would merely be short poetries, or in some instances like Browning they would besides compose sonnets. The verse form has a modern-day scene and it shows issues of the modern society, particularly in relation to the struggle between gender and genre in poesy. In Victorian society, there was a batch more accent put on the pureness of adult females and besides there was the sense that adult females would be looked down upon if they did n’t continue these ideals. Elizabeth Browning wrote in a manner, against society, so to a point she was a typical Victorian poet. She was, in a sense, feeding into modernism, traveling off from your typical society ways. We can see this excessively in her verse form ‘Aurora Leigh ‘ when she says “ Their exclusive work is to stand for the age, their age, non Charlemagne ‘s, – this unrecorded, throbbing age ” ( ll. 202-203 ) . In an article by Joyce Zanona on Elizabeth Browning there is a batch of treatment around the feminist nature of ‘Aurora Leigh ‘ . She goes through how Aurora negotiations of the intervention of adult females, and hoe adult females to Aurora were being treated as “ offal ” . In The Norton Anthology of English literature it tells us of how there were many modern-day creative persons at this clip, such as Emily Dickinson or John Ruskin that admired her work for her “ moral and emotional ardor and her energetic battle with the issues of her twenty-four hours ” . Her poesy is noted to hold a general sense of morality running through, in both her early plant and her later plant after her matrimony to Robert Browning, in verse forms like ‘The Cry of the Children ‘ and in her sonnets.

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In ‘The Cry of the Children ‘ Elizabeth Browning gives an penetration into gender functions in society in the 1800s, the industrial revolution and besides into the system of morality that some say failed during the Victorian period. In the verse form, Browning describes the life of small kids in the 1800s, during the clip of the Industrial Revolution. In the lower categories they were made to work from a really immature age, whether it was in the workhouses or on farms or anyplace. A batch of Victorian authors wrote for the cause that was the life of these small childs, and the societal life chiefly of the poorer categories and the societal battles. In ‘The Cry of the Children ‘ Browning say “ They are crying bitterly! They are crying in the playday of others, in the state of the free ” ( ll. 10-12 ) . A batch of poets felt like it was the lives of the childs that needed to be protected during the difficult times of the revolution and the nineteenth century in general. Her verse form, even from the first line, suggests the sorrow of the kids in the nineteenth century and they sad times that they were faced with. She paints the image of a nice picturesque topographic point to populate with “ The immature lambs are bleating in the hayfields, the immature birds are peeping in the nest ” ( ll.5-6 ) . She besides wonders if the immature kids wonder why they cry so much. The images of the lifeless trees and deceasing hope besides suggests that at the clip that Browning wrote the verse form there was a batch of problems and adversities in society. The damaged images may stand for the damaged society that was around so, in that they had a batch of regulations and ideals which Browning and other poets felt needed to be forgotten.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, was largely known for his short verse forms, a batch of which had subjects of a fabulous nature, like ‘Ulysses ‘ . Separate to these nevertheless was ‘In Memoriam ‘ , which was written in memory of his fellow poet and best friend Arthur Hallam, written in 1850 and being one of the biggest successes he produced throughout his calling. In his poesy Tennyson can be seen to hold reflected on a common concern that was besides apparent among other poets of that epoch, the struggle that was happening between the enlargement of cognition in the scientific universe and the spiritual religion. In his verse form ‘In Memoriam ‘ he does n’t truly set accent on one manner of thought or a peculiar faith, nevertheless in his verse form ‘Ulysses ‘ Tennyson writes about how it is better to populate in the present than dwell on the yesteryear, how you need to look frontward to the hereafter and travel frontward with cognition and experience. In the verse form he says that the head acts “ to endeavor, to seek, to happen, and non to give ” ( l. 70 ) , so he is tilting towards the side of scientific discipline, that if you have wisdom you can travel frontward and be happy, religion is n’t a necessity. In ‘In Memoriam ‘ Tennyson struggles a small because of his religion, how it started to vanish after the decease of his friend. As the verse form goes on, the tone changes to a brighter, more pleasant feeling because it seems he has come to the decision that his religion can non be destroyed, particularly non by cognition or scientific discipline.

‘The Lady of Shallot ‘ was originally written in 1832 but it was subsequently revised by Tennyson and eventually it was published a decennary subsequently, in 1842. ‘The Lady of Shallot ‘ can be viewed as being similar to the narrative of the Maid of Astolat, nevertheless Tennyson ever said that it was really based on a personal experience, on an old Italian Romantic brush. In Flavia Alaya ‘s book it says “ Interpretations of ‘The Lady of Shallot ‘ represent it as one of Tennyson ‘s many unsolved looks of his curious quandary: artistic dedication vs. Social duty, neglecting to do an indispensable differentiation between temperament and activity whereby his significance becomes less self-contradictory ” . He struggled with seeking to make up one’s mind whether or non composing about things that mattered to him, like political relations history and general human-centered issues would take away from his poesy what he worked so difficult to set into it, magic.

‘The Lotus-eaters ‘ is a verse form which describes a twosome of seamans who after eating Nelumbo nucifera ‘ are isolated from the universe. In ‘The Lotus-eaters ‘ there is the subject of whether or non a poet should make work to observe the universe, or whether they should merely bask the universe merely by populating in it. The verse form suggests that by giving in to the power that the flower conveys, the seamans are misdirecting themselves. In the verse form Tennyson says “ hayfield, set with slight galangal ; a land where all things ever seemed the same! ” ( ll.23-24 ) . It is about as if by eating the Nelumbo nucifera ‘s that the seamans were go forthing world and they alternatively were come ining a universe where thing seemed to be different than they really were. The verse form ‘The Lotus Eaters ‘ considers the differences between life in a community and life on one ‘s ain in isolation.

Unlike in ‘The Lotus Eaters ‘ , in his verse form ‘The Lady of Shallot ‘ , the adult female is isolated but in a different manner than the seamans. The difference in their isolation being that she does n’t truly hold a pick in the state of affairs, she can non go forth whereas the seamans could go forth the island. She has no pick in her stray province. The Lady is lured off and there is besides a expletive involved. One could do the statement that Tennyson was composing about his ain life, the battle from being isolated and torn between it and the public oculus because of his poesy.

In both Elizabeth Barrett Browning ‘s and Alfred Lord Tennyson ‘s Hagiographas, the issue of adult females ‘s gender and their topographic point in the Victorian epoch is apparent. The social position of adult females in the Victorian epoch showed jobs in the national power of England with shocking societal conditions. Troubles grew more and more for adult females because there was this thought where there was the ‘ideal adult female ‘ . This was at the clip when there was gender inequality in both political relations and society. Womans were seen to hold a domestic intent and to possibly make work in the workhouses if they were hapless, but in the verse form ‘Aurora Leigh ‘ , Elizabeth Browning writes about Aurora ‘s success in both her professional and place lives, and this excessively poses the inquiry of what the function was for adult females in the Victorian epoch was. Browning seems to of set some of her ain experiences as a adult female author in this epoch into Aurora Leigh, about as if she is wholly composing about herself under a cloaked name, her jobs as a adult female.

This essay has shown how in their ain different ways, both of these poets dealt with the issue of morality and society in their ain manner and in their ain lives. It besides showed the different ways that poets and authors in the Victorian epoch tried to cover with societal issues, like Elizabeth Browning and child labor and feminist activity or Alfred Lord Tennyson and the emotions people had to cover with along with jobs et cetera. It showed clearly how there was an atrocious batch of jobs confronting authors in the nineteenth century and it showed the different emotional provinces which they all went through and how they portrayed these in their poesy. It showed their manner of covering with the moral map of poesy in the modern universe.

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